And I will Require my Flock at their Hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 53
The oath of allegiance

Yulia Ivanova

And I will Require my Flock at their Hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 53

* * *
Present: the AG (Angel-Guardian). the AD (Angel-Ddestroyer).
WITNESSES: Romain Rolland, Molotov.
* * *
From the conversations with Romain Rolland:

'Our ultimate goal, goal of Marxists - to liberate people from exploitation and oppression and to make the individual free.

Capitalism, which entangles human exploitation, deprives a person of liberty. Under capitalism, more or less free can only be the individual, the richest person. Most people under capitalism can enjoy personal freedom.'

'It is true, it is true.'

'Once we remove the shackles of exploitation, we are thereby free the person. This is well said in the book of Engels' 'Anti-Duhring'.
It says that the Communists, breaking the chain of exploitation, should make the leap from the realm of necessity into the realm of freedom.

Our task is to free individuality, to develop her skills and develop her love and respect for the work.

Now we have formed an entirely new situation, there is a whole new type of person who respects and loves to work...
Drummers and shock troops are those who loved and respected. It is those who concentrates around our new life now, our new culture.'

'That's right, it isvery good.'

* * *


'... Our ideology is: overthrowing capitalism socialist revolution! Here is our ideology.

If you hold this ideology, then all our morality will be revolutionary for the accomplishment of these tasks.

Our humanity is a Marxist one, he may not seem like a bourgeois humanism.
Their humanism such as to not offend anyone; that is their humanity.

Christian, anti-Christian, but it is a bourgeois humanism. Do not touch the bourgeois system, to educate them. Tolstoy preached so.
Because he was a landowner, he could not understand that without a change order will not change a person.

If we send out morals is to educate a person in good quality, and leave the system, which is bribery, theft, if we leave it, the whole morality will remain rotten.

And if we put the problem revolutionary, break the system, the finish, then you need to adapt to the victory of morality, the struggle for the victory.

It's a different morality. That's all they want to get around. So all this talk about morality, about humanity, they are utterly false.
If not the root, for that fight, where do we go? For peaceful coexistence. Then a morality...

We have not yet socialism. We bribe, we plunder, we have all sorts of ugliness...

* * *

'Trotsky is a swindler, a rogue one hundred percent.
He blames Stalin that the uneven development of capitalism has defined the bourgeois philosophers. Of course, they talked like this, where words and phrases have been near the truth, and the bourgeois philosophers, yet they believed in themselves, they were for revolutionary action.
In a word, tore it to Karl's head in England, destroyed Louis spared when it was necessary.
But this revolution did not end there. Landowners then kicked out - it's a great revolutionary cause. And then something does not suit them. The workers were rather weak. Can we stop here? We cannot.

That's the whole point that we should present revolutionary task to understand what they are not in the words of communism, not in good locations for peaceful coexistence, and the abolition of classes.

No other revolutionary tasks are currently unavailable. And if so, call...

About that now do not say, because it's revolutionary aims. Immediately classes cannot be destroyed, so let's discuss how to do it.

But do not discuss. And do not want to discuss. Is there another way?

Now just to work, if only. For this we need to educate people. Of course, we must pay, but also need education. And it does not.

Everyone thinks it will take money. We have not solved the revolutionary tasks.
We should all do so to prevent World War and, especially, should not take our position, and to strengthen...
How do I do? By struggle. And the struggle is dangerous. Here and choose...

... Stalin says: under communism, there should be no state. But if the capitalist encirclement remain...

'The Army and the unit will be.'

'What is Communism?' said Molotov, Good life, good life, security that, with the narrow-minded point of view, is enough.
If all the poor people will live more or less well, so this is socialism, not capitalism.
It is not yet complete socialism...

Maximum satisfaction will never be. This is a very vain, Stalin used the, that is to say, flirting.
Each will lead his piano, each will lead his car; this is absurd. Hence, no maximum, but the satisfaction of basic needs. Everyone will have, any share the public.

Now, I'm including all the ministers and others enjoy the dining room. Paid 60 rubles a month, and received all of the products.

Marx said everyone will get over worked by their number of days. Worked, worked out the shoes, 100 pairs. Spent 100 days on these shoes, you take a pair of shoes, and the other 99 you get other products and choose what you want.

(Molotov - Chuev).

* * *

'Stop!' the AG waved white handles. 'Here is the deadlock, the edge of the table! No further work on the plane cannot be solved, then only way to Heaven or the collapse...
Again, infusion of new wine into old wineskins, again the petty bourgeoisie criticized, but speaks of material interest.
On the one hand enriched, do as much as possible, on the other rich is bad. Because inequality breeds, and generally corrupt.

It is an Impasse. We approach close to Yegor Zlatov to the Consciousness Revolution.
Not material and spiritual interest!'

'He did not have them Yegors,' spread black handles the AD.

'Antivampiriya was conquered, conquered and rebuilt, it was necessary to continue the ascent. We needed a new one, if not the shepherd, then at least 'conductor'.

And not only 'with a rod of iron', but also with 'hot heart'.
heroes was needed because the new stage of the ascent must be led by Sons of the people.

They are, in fact, have always been needed, but especially after the death of Joseph...
Prometheus, St. John the Divine...

But 'other writers, I do not have to!'.. In the pockets of the priests of Soviet culture hid fees and fig, the priests were cowardly and greedy.

They looked back, like Lot's wife, and turned to stone. Their souls are dead, and the words...
'dead words smell bad' as Gumilev said.

A nomenclature of the eggs hatched more often serpent... In place of Vyacheslav Molotov came the architects of perestroika like Alexander Yakovlev:

'The mole was digging inside. Sometimes you can win the battle, putting his own people instead of the generals of the enemy.'
Soviet ideologist Alexander Yakovlev on their activities.

* * *

'None of the officials, including General-Secretary and, chairman of the CPC and the Council of Ministers, none of the officials should not receive higher than the average worker.
It carried out the Paris Commune. But do we have it? We embellishes unfinished.
But the main thing is that you cannot overcome the bureaucracy, until one gets 100, and another 1000 per month...

... Can only organize the working class, but to the ideology of socialism - science trained people, that is, the intelligentsia.'
Molotov. - Chuyev).

'Ha-ha-ha' as Joseph wrote in the margins of library books the AD began swing the black legs.

'Is it right that intellectuals were called stratum?

'Right. And what is it?'

'For a humiliating tone.'

'Now we have everything: a strong country and the community of socialist states. We fear nothing and nobody, except his own laxity. And with the need to struggle to strengthen the cause of socialism..'
(Molotov - Cuyev).

'Ha-ha-ha,' cheered the AD.

'That the farmer cherish, farmer.'

And it cannot save if you want happiness, this peasant. It should be exempt from these farms. And make it hard worker socialist countryside.

These peasant supporters, democracy, something they just reactionaries, they do this, the peasant, as in what he has to want to freeze.
Dulled in its petty-bourgeois philistinism.

More than once I thought of how Stalin said that being determines consciousness, but consciousness lags behind from Genesis!
And I think, because in fact we have to think a communist. A thought I7 century: how would someone shove!

'Lenin feared the power of money,' says Kvantaliani 'High salaries corrupts people.'

'Under Stalin, too, was given a salary, money, anything but this, as now, who among us could think of. In his thoughts were not.
And now, just took some fast, quick to build a summer residence. Each seize everywhere.

Lenin, I often think about it, saying that no power of the Soviet authorities did not break under other than bureaucracy.
But the bureaucracy, it turns out, gives rise to a series of all other vices.'
(Molotov - Chuyev).

* * *

'Woe [be] to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?'
Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: [but] ye feed not the flock...
Neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more.

And I will require my flock at their hand'.
(Ezekiel 34:2, 3, 10).

* * *

In March, Stalin died, and in June-July, Khrushchev led the same Central Committee. How could it happened so?
Khrushchev, Mikoyan, the people the right attitude, they sat and portrayed themselves as the greatest supporters of Stalin.

Mikoyan said after his 70th birthday, 'Stalin is the Lenin of todaym'
You do not repeat, I will not repeat, but in his article for his 70th anniversary as depicted, so that you was Lenin, and Stalin are now the same. A few months after Stalin's death, he shook from it.

And Khrushchev? He's amassed a group!
Here's a fortress. Here you have everything cleaned up! Here you have all passed!

Nothing has been passed!'
(Molotov - Chuev).

'You have finished the fight,' said Shota Ivanovich.

'We still not finished anything,' is responsible Molotov.

'The interior of the country.'
'And at home we do not yet finished. Basics only built. And when Khrushchev was not finished and is now pending.

On the contrary, an ideology that we have a program of the CPSU is jerk.

'The program is wrong.'

'Not that it is incorrect but it inhibits the building of socialism.
Workers move and move it forward, peasants, farmers slowly, but go ahead. They do not have this guide...

Marx, Engels, Lenin did not wright about such a socialism, where a dominance of money ... Locate. And we have going on...

Collective farms is a transitional form, a transition. And there is no socialism in the two forms of property not complete socialism.
And we say that we have developed socialist society, it calms himself and brakes.
We need to abolish it, and deploy all the forces of the people.

It's all heating up; it will find its way. But our leaders do not understand now, and those that slip of paper to them - just petty-bourgeois ideologists, who can not do anything.

Already constructed the foundations, to turn back cannot, and that: 'This is a developed socialism! Turn to communism!' and so on.

There is nothing we cannot proceed. That's one of those Brezhnev leaders who do not understand this.
Not because I do not want to, but they live in middle-class ideology. Petty bourgeois one.
That's good we have a lot more, and it cannot slow down.

But the interesting thing is that you will not find serious people who are thinking about it.'

To eliminate the collective farms, to enter public property?'

'Yes, yes. To do that we must spend an enormous preparatory work, and we still do not, because if all built, and detain those preparatory work for the elimination and farms, and money.

And I must say that, in addition to Stalin, no one dared to, and did not realize just I have read and discussed with Stalin the case.

And Stalin at first hesitantly said, but in my last letter very definitely twenty years ago he said that the collective is beginning to slow.

Now farm can count on their money, and if the state will invest in this business? Vastly increased pace.

But the essence of something, why do we have now are bad things - mechanization, mechanization. But in America do not need no bread, no cotton, no beets - why? Because the range of the machine. All complex mechanized.

And if we are able to do this, we surpass them...

And if we go to state farm type of construction, when the state will do everything to ensure a comprehensive and integrated mechanization, it would be wonderful.'

* * *


'Thy kingdom come!' We pray to the Heaven.
The state may participate in the construction of the Kingdom, helping anyone who wants to be held in the image and ideas.
That is to build a kingdom in itself, in the transfigured soul. And then the kingdom of heaven will break out in world lying in evil from within, by the grace and light of the 'born again' souls.

UNITY is connection of each to the whole purpose.

At those 'born again' each connection to the Creator, which permeated all life and light of God.

'Holy Spirit every soul animated. This is the world of creative freedom in God, communion in love.
Center of the Church and the Cathedral of consciousness in every individual connected with Christ. This is the 'kingdom within us'.

MIRACLE is a breakthrough spiritual energy in the natural order.

The whole world is inside of me, if I connect to the Son, which won the world.
The world has no power over me if I'm a warrior of the Son, and no longer obey the world.
I own the world when he ceases to be in bondage.

And 'we' can enter the 'ego'.
I can voluntarily join the 'ego' to 'we', and to participate in any 'construction of communism', and be happy, because did GOOD. And the act of God, freely, at their heart, not because of slavery in my totalitarian regime or group. That is to say 'we'.

Collective good works were not in slavery around the world.
The only way of salvation now; leaving the world a slave whore of Babylon.
'Come out of her, my people...'
Here everything is subordinated to materialism, power, Mammon. All bondage to sin and draws.

Public service is not in God is idolatry.
But those who built, planted corn, treated, trained, clothed, protected, planted a 'reasonable, good, eternal', tried by acts of love and mercy - is thus the creative assistant Creator.

'Eternal beginning are values that are implemented in a subjective way.'

* * *

CIVILIZATION conceived in sin.

Masses of the people was once their own culture based on religious faith. Civilization, instead of faith in the truth offered only myths and symbols - national, social, class, etc.

Serving them is idolatry.

Fear of worship are not things that the Creator wants from us. Does not give us a miracle, nor sign. Not even faith is important, because 'even the demons believe and tremble'.

We need to take the way of Christ, to recognize and love the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, that is, to give heart to the Word of Love, who saves the fallen world.
The Lord of the universe not to give, not higher intelligence and sacrifice for the sake of our crucified divine love, share with us all the torments of New Adam nascent for the New Life.

Beauty and the height of the Creator's Plan of the coming kingdom, approved by the bloody seal suffering Son. Only by giving to the Son of the heart, we live in a world where 'everything for everyone'.

Creativity is a rebellion against the objective world, the kingdom of necessity.

* * *

The essence of idolatry is a means into an end. Meanwhile, as everyone in this world, only the means, instruments of Light or Darkness. To save or to destroy it. Including science, culture, and civilization itself.

If Heaven be pleased to extend the historical time to bring a REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. A new civilization must be the means of salvation.

Culture is to become a bridge between a multinational and a rainbow of unchurched people and the sky, acting on the soul thirst for beauty and truth over multicolored paint. In contrast to the Catholic church, awakens spiritually, SPIRIT.

In a deadly battle of light and darkness, especially in recent times, there is no law in the words, 'the commander a Human power' to delight and rest. When the highest ideas adopts lust, collapse begins.

Not a 'moral satisfaction' and 'spiritual satisfaction'.
br>Sense of humility is to become permeable to light.

Pride is a safe locked from inside full of darkness.

* * *

About Stalin's quest for power.

Today's leaders never tire of 'dry out'. Joseph is almost never used the word 'ego' and even spoke about himself in third person: 'Comrade Stalin'.
He was fanatically serving the Cause, completely forgetting about themselves and demanding the same from others.

The power he needed to 'gather wasted things, and current is to snatch a little more for himself and his clan.

* * *

The question of the meaning of life: squander, to pull his life in a casino, a player like mad?
Or 'to soundly snored' your time?
Or to put it in the bank at the expense of the eternal?

When conducting in-depth in your evidence, that could translate into eternity its time, this is the 'The Kkingdom of God within us'.

It happens in hell, about which 'red martyr', Nikolai Ostrovsky said:
'That was excruciatingly painful for the wasted years so as not burning shame for petty and small-minded past.'

If the fallen world comes to something with malice it means it's close to heaven.
All that is dawning and 'rising', causes vampires' hatred.

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