Let's talk about Eternity to you. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 54

Yulia Ivanova

Let's talk about Eternity to you. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 54

* * *
(Dzhugashvili's poem found in his archive 1949)

Let's talk about eternity to you:
Certainly, I am guilty in many respects!
But someone corrected mine fate too,
I felt that ubiquitous sight.

He did not give any dream to me and any rest,
He lived in me and ruled me from above.
And I, as the slave to the universal Spirit,
Ruled the country by iron will

Who was my secret higher master?
What did he want by ruling me?
I as a slave, a judge and an executor was
all over this beggarly country.

Also there was all then incomprehensibly:
Whence strengths, will and power came from.
My soul, as a machine's wheel
Pressed passion of millions.

And only then in spring of the 45th,
He has whispered to me silently on my ear:

'You were mine the novice, the soldier,
And your rest is already nearby!'

* * *


Possessions of everyone are gifts of God. To force someone to serve you as these gifts is theft not only at the person, but also at The Creator.

* * *

Soul is a goer, mind is a driver, passions are horses, a body is a cart.

Body and passions are to subordinate to Reason.
Reason to Spirit.
Spirit to God.

* * *

Freedom is necessary for God.
Means, the concept of FREEDOM does not exclude NECESSITY.
FREEDOM is realized necessity of freedom IN GOD, instead of FROM GOD.

* * *

The communism is constructed on the COMMUNITY, social democracy on the SOCIETY.
Social is public. Communistic is communal.

Socialism is more or less fair rules of joint hotel accommodation.

Communism are unwritten laws loving and an united family, Whole, based on the Plan. Native home organization.

Joseph aspired to make unwritten laws of a community, a family laws of the society and rejected everything stirring, inappropriate to this purpose.
'Past vestiges', 'alien elements', 'parasites and bloodsuckers.

* * *

You want to be convinced of true presence, start to live under Its Laws after all even salt presence in soup is defined by test!

Life not on True is insipid and sickening, what valuable components would not enter into it.

Receiving from True and Life the life, each separate soul should bear in itself, return Whole too life.

WARTS and malignant NEW GROWTHS are not necessary to the WHOLE.

The creator speaks: dare to live on Truth, and you will receive Life.
Life from capital letter in exchange for the terrestrial.
Life Eternal in Kingdom in exchange for time in the world 'lying in harm'.
Whether is it possible to refuse?

The belief in the human person 'after image and likeness' means, 'I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High'.

* * *

Human ego is am unconditional in possibility and insignificant actually.

In this contradiction unfreedom, angrily and the suffering, CONSCIOUSNESSES are resolved only by REVOLUTION. Learn True, and the True will make you free.

In the childhood are in slavery at parents.
In a youth are at own flesh.
In a maturity are at Mammon.
In an old age are at an infirmity and illnesses.
And in completion of all are at eternal death.

Whether madness to be reconciled with such destiny?

* * *

The religious Truth has numerous branches and leaves, but a uniform root.

Eternal values remain.
All previous generations of Russia and the Union, all 'brothers, friends, companions' now have again risen in a system and battle against Vampiria with their last life, works, word, thought together with those now living.

They soldiers, sowers.
Let the seed will ascend through some generations, but will be cast in the weapon of spirit and will battle again.

* * *

The church should be separated from the state. Orthodoxy is free choice, its basis is FREEDOM.
Compulsory confession of the WAY, TRUE And LIFE, no less than infringement on this basis of the civil rights of adherents of a different faith is blasphemy.

However the Caesar, wishing to execute the mission in the scenario of the Divine Plan, should care of all entrusted to it the Sky of citizens.
Anyway, about their protection 'from the evil one'.

* * *

There was an epoch when ideology of ruling classes, including and the social church sermon, has presented the Christ if not the defender and patron of the Vampiria, anyway, an advocate of non-resistance.

As proof the word give usually, 'Do not resist evil'. Though they concern a pardon everyone 'an evil person', the personal enemy and the offender.
However not to protect the weak from the offender is absence of mercy and a sin:

'None calleth for justice, nor [any] pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity'.

Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, [but] we walk in darkness.

We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if [we had] no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night; [we are] in desolate places as dead [men].
(Isaiah 59:4, 9-10).

* * *

Nonresistance of the Christ during execution is not nonresistance to harm, and a victory over harm. Expiation of the guilty fallen world by the Divine Victim.
Obedience to the Will of the Father and the Plan.

'By silence God is betrayed.'
Substituting necks to vampires both tempting simultaneously and a victim, and a predator went a Christ's way Matrosovs, instead of adherents of Tolstoy.
Multiplying evil on the earth.

For this distortion of the Plan the Russian elite searching for True, and then and the people were tempted with atheism.

Caesar's was inadmissibly given to Church.

Role of the Caesar to pasture ALL people of the multinational state.
The clergy thus has appeared depending on the Caesar and the ruling classes using authority of Church as means of pressure upon the people and the justifications of violence over it and lawlessness.

And God's was given to Caesar.

* * *

Vampiria devours the children, plunges them in 'the second and definitive death'.

It is a false scale of values, a false way of life, instead of any concrete state, the country, a society, taking from time to time or constantly Vampiria on arms.
'Eat, God told lies...'b It is forbidden to FORBID' is the taboo of a Satan ruining the people, generations, the nations and separate persons.
Using God's gifts, inheritances of the Father on service of Vampiria...

* * *

The credo of the majority 'Live to live', 'live to eat, 'live,to promot' etc.
Instead of 'live, eat, work to TAKE place In IMAGE And the PLAN, to EXECUTE the MISSION, having increased a harvest of God'.

* * *

Where, at what stage 'companions' all have lost?
'Narrow-minded life is more horrible than Vrangel' Mayakovsky wrote.
Antivampiria was eaten by slogans of inhabitants, their views, their game rules.
More truly, games without rules.

'To catch up and overtake America'... why to overtake 'the Kingdom of Mammony', impetuous consumption?.
Clumsy attempts to find new stimulus of labor productivity of type socialist emulation, the vanity based on a sin incompatible with new morals.
Well and any direct ideological diversions.

Making of a way to spirituality, to the Heaven should become historical mission of new culture.
'To remind the person its high calling'.
Returning of wings without which all gradually plunged into an ordinary bog.

* * *

FREEDOM is all-permissiveness and dissoluteness,.
LOVE is sex.
СОБОРНОСТЬ is a gregarious instinct.
TRUTH is a topic of the day.

* * *

Private property is a chimera.
In this world there is only a hire, rent.
Rejecting petty-bourgeois, unruliness, vanity, egoism; we start to distinguish Call from the Heaven.

The world chokes in an iron vice of madmen-vampires carrying is impudent-illusive magic of "the Babylon loose woman".
The purpose they be to force all to live under harm and darkness laws from which not to escape, as from a nightmare of American 'horror films'.

Tired out to death any bestial a monster the little man rushes about among a triumphing pernicious kingdom of matter are heaps of steel designs, pipelines, coppers, tunnels, boxes, counters, warehouses...

* * *

'An ideal is in you. An obstacle to its achievement is in you too".
'T. Carlisle, an English historian

'Rescue will come from the updated cathedral spirit'.
(Vyacheslav Ivanov).

'With a cathedral and line we will overcome'.
(A proverb).

* * *

There was 'prison of peoples'.
Then the people have been 'freed, and bloody showdown have began between them.
Former 'companions, friends and brothers' have turned to conflicting animal flights.

For awakening in the person of an animal of a fall of man the certain conditions named in language spiritual 'temptations' are necessary.
In this case freedom has turned back 'all-permissiveness.

Apostle Paul warned early Christians:

'For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only [use] not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another'.
(Galatians. 5:13).

These words are turned to believers. Even for them the apostle sees certain danger in freedom. What to speak about all other...

The united family lives in a good multiroom apartment.
Then, as a result of divorce and section, at everyone it appears on a room.
Also the communal flat of 'sovereignties' conflicting with each other with eternal quarrels because of places of the general using turns out.

* * *

It is important not only professionalism of a driver, whether but also in necessary it goes a direction.

Body is not only 'a dungeon as a hobby' but also a protective chamber from the fallen spirits penetrating all space.
But fallen mind, soul and body, as a matter of fact deprived life-giving, mobilizing and ennobling SPIRIT, any more do not make Whole.
Do not obey each other and in general remind the house with open doors and the broken glasses.

'Come, a passer-by, bitterns with us too, has commented the AD, having nodded with his black head in the white panamas.

* * *

And to the suffering world great curing force of God's Love is necessary to the patient.
But the world free will 'lies in evil' and is betrayed to the prince of darkness who runs the show.

The Creator works, influences the world through 'sons of light', sacred, managed a monastic feat to overcome the fallen nature and become nontight for the Divine good fortune, its conductors in the world.

For these obedient to the Creator of elects the Kingdom who 'in us is' has already come. They already live under laws of other world.

* * *

On an illness bed it is necessary to represent itself crucified near to the Savior, but, unlike It, suffering deservedly and asking, similarly to 'the reasonable robber':
'Remember me, my God in Your Kingdom!'

* * *


'Want, want! Plunder but receive! Rape but receive! Kill but receive! Blow up the whole world, but receive!
Ruin soul, but receive!

Credits, advertising...
From everywhere is a lewd smile of magnificently dressed up Babylon loose woman promising inconceivable pleasures to a body, the maximum satisfaction of the most refined lusts.

You have received today, tomorrow again desire, once we live! Even more, is even more refined or more dissolute, what difference...

Moreover we declare that God has a kind feeling equally for all and welcomes any pleasure, any indecency.
As if have not heard about the Sodom and Gomorrah!

Even a word to 'love' here have adapted...
To love God and near.
To love blondes, to love shrimps - all common.

Throw our neighbor to your soup.
God is an errand boy; icons are an interior part.

The impetuous 'want' is mother to all crimes, murders and wars on the earth. Why someone has, and I not?

It not simply trouble of this or that country, is darkness installation.
There is an installation is cheerfully to meet new year...
Also there is an installation all time to induce citizens to impetuously increasing desire of perishable earthly blessings.

To make moral and criminal offences and on it to make profit. To spend for a sin the best forces of soul, talents, precious time of life; such thing is possible to do, only ignoring God and Its revelation.

Vicious devilish installation of a modern civilization is, in widespread opinion, stimulus of certain mythical 'progress'.

Zorbing, seduction, advertising magic... Every possible 'rights', 'freedom' and 'democracies' serve and protect this installation is right not to obey God.

Joseph's Antivampiria if to distract from beautiful was for construction of 'the Light Future', self-denying work for the common good.

Understood not as surpluses and as installation to feed the hungry.
To dress, give a roof over the head, to learn, treat and bring up in a framework of precepts.

To tighten a belt and to be 'eady to work and defense' in the conditions of internal and external Vampiria.

To battle in word and deed to 'past vestiges', that is with sins and passions human.
It is better to say: against the power of the prince of darkness in which Bolsheviks, by the way, did not trust.
Also made starry-eyed long-term plans as if it is not present.

Not God, namely is not present a devil!

They abolished private property, condemned materialism, narrow-mindedness, egoism, debauchery.
High ranking double-dealers from time to time branded the press, them subjected to reprisals.
Communists sharply did not have the Heaven, Its secret and sacraments without which the Soviet collectivism got gradually external character, turning not in Conciliarism, and to a socialist ant hill.

Someone from the sacred has told that the greatest cunning of a Satan was that it managed to force to forget people about its existence.

The mankind more and more rolled down in a chasm.
The world lying in harm swallowed great spiritual culture.

Last attempt to keep this process it is artificial was Joseph's Antivampiria, Soviet Union.

But the Soviet cultural elite has fallen, without having managed to resist to temptations of Mammon and without having executed the mission.

'To see Paris and to die', they dreamt and died in Paris. In direct and figurative sense.

'We are responsible not only that we do, but also that we do not do,' Moliere told.

* * *

'The culture has a religious basis. In it there is a sacred symbolism.

The civilization is a kingdom from this world. It is a celebration of 'bourgeois' spirit, spirit of bourgeoisies.
Also it is absolutely indifferent, whether there will be a civilization capitalist or socialist, it equally godless petty-bourgeois civilization'.
(N. Berdyaev).

'Not only Russian remarkable people, but also the most sensitive and thin western people with melancholy felt that the great and sacred culture of the West perishes.
That on change to it there is a civilization alien to them, a world city non-religious and international.

That there is a new person, the parvenu 'an upstart', afflicted with will to world power.

Faust on ways of external infinity of aspirations has settled the forces, has exhausted the spiritual energy. And it still has movement to internal infinity'.
(N. Berdyaev).

* * *

'All of that began long before Faust,' sighed the AG, 'the crowd shouted to the Christ 'Hosanna!', wishing from It quantitative, external infinity of gifts.
And the next day, when He has offered her the Way to 'Kingdom, which is not of this world', that is infinity internal, immortality in the light of, they shouted:
'Crucify Him!'

* * *

'Revolutions become the average person and for the average person who at all does not want to change consciousness structure.
Does not want new spirit, does not want to become the new person, does not want a real victory over slavery.

(N.. Berdyaev).

* * *

'Khruschev's role was very bad. It has given vent to those moods with which he lives... It could not make it if there were no people.
He has not created any special theory, unlike Trotsky, but it has given the chance to escape outside to such animal which now, of course, works great mischief to a society. So, not simply Khruschev...

But this beast is called democracy.

They call it humanism,' speaks Molotov, 'and in practice it is narrow-mindedness...

Khruschev has asked the former chairman of the KGB Seven-private to find to it all documents, its concerning stay in Ukraine. And it
was at the height of campaign against Stalin.

Probably, has taken measures to destroy the documents signed by it on reprisals in Ukraine,' speaks Molotov.

' How Khruschev was put forward? From below.'
How did she get to the Central Committee? There it had many allies, many such people who can search for more reliable for itself the leader, and Khruschev has promised quieter easy life above, and at once many have grasped it. Also has below promised.

It very much was pleasant, but it was the deceit. And this deceit much has given the chance to live more easy. Very dangerous business.
Stalin in this respect was the uneasy person...

Stalin and Khruschev... But Khruschev of Stalin's nail is not necessary! And Stalin, despite everything, has made enormous business.
He is great converter. Has not held on in some questions, and it brakes, it against it. Now repeat its errors, its lacks on a country question repeat.
And that he has done enormous business, they try to cover.

Khruschev and Mikoyan in due time send in addition that tried to prove, as if Stalin was the agent imperial охранки. But documents such to fabricate it it was not possible...

There are a lot of such critics. What do you want, if there were people among former subjected to repression which tried to prove, what Stalin - the agent of the international imperialism?

Here such hatred, on all are ready...'

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