Khrushchev personally hated Stalin. Threshold 55

Yulia Ivanova

Khrushchev personally hated Stalin. Threshold 55

* * *


Collegiality is a set of personal conscience.

Collectivism is a collective conscience, which is still better than the overcoming of collective or individual conscience.

Not to mention the collective lack of conscience.

Center of conscience is in person.

The concept of "Soviet man" much richer than the "Tartar", "Kazakh" or "Estonian".

Nationalism is of a pagan origin, and communism is of a divine ona.

The great Soviet culture with multicolored different nations and small-town narrow national culture...
Through the idolatry of nationalism is treated with an inferiority complex young man.

But nationalism is a dead end, because the value of a nation can exist on a plan only in the context of the whole. That is, the lungs, liver, or a hand with their unique specific features of the Whole is losing all meaning. Therefore, the "national question" is the only way may be allowed.

Orthodoxy is a religion of universal rather than national, as the actual teachings of Christ.
Neighbor is one who is currently in need of your help, regardless of nationality.
(The Parable of the Good Samaritan).

* * *

Only God can be in the objective world to declare sacred. Therefore, a Utopia sacred monarchy, theocratic state is giving Caesar's to God.
As well as the idea of the deification of the nation, the proletariat, etc.

In Vampiria of predators the strong dominate the weak, and therefore the negation of the need to change the world order is support of evil.

But communism is impossible to construct due to imperfect people.
Hence, it is necessary to seek a third way.

"A truly human, humane society is a fraternal society, it may not be the class of hierarchy. It is different will be determined by the differences of people.
It's best, highest quality will be determined not by the rights and duties, a duty."

* * *

"Greatest among you shall be your servant."
(Matthew 23:11).

"Do not love the world or what in the world who loves the world, is not in the Father's love;
For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life, not of the Father, but from the world (this world).
And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof, but the will of God abideth for ever."
(1 John. 2:15-17).

* * *

"We know love, because He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.
But whoever has this world, but seeing his brother in need, and shuts his heart against him, how dwelleth the love of God?
My children! let us not love in word or speech but in deed and in truth.

And so, by this we know that we are of the truth, and reassured our hearts before him;
For if the heart of (our) condemn us, how much more will God, because God is greater than our hearts and knows everything.

Beloved! if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God."
(1 John. 3:16-21).

Every word of this epistle of the apostle John condemns the Vampires.
Conviction of the heart ...

Best People of Russia shouting shouting over one hundred years in silence the Church of the cruelty and injustice of the world.
That forced them to seek the truth outside the church.

The Soviet people had "confidence toward God" let "unknown" because the heart does not condemn them, standing in the way.

Anyone who lives in voluntary compliance with the law inscribed in the heart / conscience / without making an effort - naturally, as breathing - that is FREE.

Externally, a slavish Soviet state gave internal freedom.

Freedom of the individual into a vampire held to God's plan is limited primarily by the need to "make a fortune."
Then exaggerated consumption - respectively "position in society," an artificially heated advertising, including "marketing sin."

Here is the final authority. Potential slavery "second death."

Truth with respect to free the slaves, they are in obedience. Only the saints is free on earth transformed by the Light.

"Know the Truth, and it will make you free."

The end of the world is the Court. His fear, and the servants, and gentlemen, all but free ...

Personality is prior to existence. The Liberator was the world not as a rule, but as a crucified love.

God is the liberator, not the master. Prince of the kingdom of sleep, done in the mansion of his bride.

But that he could accomplish her awakening and liberation; it should fall in love with the prince. If only want to love and freedom.

"Lord, I believe, help my unbelief..."
What does it mean "I love you, Lord, help my dislike, dead, cold ... "

God longs for love in return enchanted prince of darkness of the human soul, waiting for her spiritual feat that is moving toward ...

* * *

"The kingdom of God is within you" that is the mutual convergence of God and man.

Life in God is the only way to liberation from captivity in an evil world, from their own sleep dense and deadness that St. Gregory of Nyssa called "Dead Life" (nekros bios).
Existence at the biological level.

"The mission failed miserably. In his past life soul snoring soundly."

Just escape from the bustle of the outside world into the inner emptiness and sleep rather, a model of hell, which is gradually filled with the forces of darkness.

God created each person free. Fallen away from him appeared in the "outer darkness."

God is within the soul, not from without, suffering with everyone who calls upon Him. Strengthening and saving.
What does the martyrdom of the saints.

* * *

"The Russian power is to invisibly revive in visible dying, so famous for the resurrection of Christ in us!"
(I Ilyin).

* * *


"Service turned into ministry work into creativity, interest into inspiration.
"Cause" sanctify the spirit.
Cases that raise concerns before the design life to sanctify the idea, or, equivalently, to introduce himself to the subject fabric of the work of God on earth. "
(I Ilyin).

* * *

The murder of old woman money-lender by Raskolnikov is not aimed at the very evil, but in consequence of evil.
Typically, bad people are only a consequence of the disease of society, where the internal virus of original sin, getting in favorable conditions Vampires, begins to proliferate.

The host of heaven cannot undo the original sin, but must fight for the most unfavorable for the expansion of its social fabric. Which would be excluded, and the appearance of these old women and the poor, students, and the presidents and general secretaries-tyrants-werewolves.

Whether or not to forcibly change the world order, old women mushrooming money-lender, and eager to kill them, the poor students? This is a legitimate question to raise.

* * *

The work of Christ is SALVATION.
He is our SAVIOUR.
The descent of highest to lowest, Heaven on earth, the executing Plan.

CLIMBING by Descent. Bigger is smaller.

And obedience to the will of the Father / Intention / to the last breath.
Loyalty Intention is the essence of the teachings of Christ, for it - in his secret identity:
(I am the Way, the Truth and the Life).

Obedience to the Father to the last drop of blood, for God can not err.
And the salvation of the world, climbing to the Father through Descent - serving "small symbol".

* * *

Imagine that every cell in the body in competition with others. With the leg or arm, one eye on others for survival, for the supply of goods?

It is in this distortion of the Plan of a fallen civilization, which must overcome the Consciousness Revolution.

You can not put the sin, he who sows death and separation, the locomotive of the so-called "progress."
Competition leads to disease and death of the Whole, with her every - or potential victim of a vampire.
Or do you, or you.

* * *
The Lord gave the Russian people of this great, vast and beautiful land of their ancestors prayers - Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, pagans ...
All they wanted a decent clean living, and asked Jesus, Allah, Jehovah or simply "Unknown God" to save the body for life on earth and the soul for eternity.

He gave all the nations together, commanded to take care and keep, to live together - as one family under the wing of Orthodox Russia.
Helped overcome the internal and external enemy, and every time rise from the ashes even stronger and more powerful.
Not by chance the country was called "Holy Russia", "The Third Rome."

The poet Rilke said that "Russia is the only country bordering with God."

The people of Great Russia were called God's plan to confront the apocalyptic "Babylon whore."
"Babylon" is a collective image of the world's evil, mercantile, usury, corrupt and extravagant gatherings of all evils, contrary to God and his laws.

"Pampered, carefree living" ..

Society unbridled consumption, irrepressible debauchery, proud of its own ecstasy luxury and wealth.
Despised the commandment of God for all reasonable, decent, virtuous, compassionate for others and grateful to God life.
Being hostile to God and corrupting other people.

"With her lien kings of the earth, and the wine of her fornication reveled in living on the earth."

The whore who is "in the Desert," which in the religious and moral sense, means the complete abandonment by God for its wickedness. Spiritual death.
"Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth."

"My wife is sitting on this Beast," that is a dragon, the devil, who was shackled, beaten by Christ, but once again come out of the abyss in recent times.

"The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples and nations and tongues. Eighth last kingdom - the Antichrist, the last, doomed to perdition."

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast."

This is a a prophecy of world government.

Heaven forbid Russia to become one of the "horns of the beast" ...

* * *

To serve its richness, as well as serve as a stranger, a stranger passions and desires ... Spend this precious gift of life - is not that blasphemy of the Children of Heaven, "dearly bought"?

We repent, confess their excesses and passions, as sins before God, but zealously serve the entire industry, "the dark kingdom" newly minted rich.

For us, even prestigious to work in their printers, which print pornography, to build their palaces and casinos, prostitutes sew their sable furs looted from thousands of "Lazarus" ...
For your own sin to steal a loaf of bread, but not a sin to help plunder the country, life, destiny ...

* * *

The majority of Soviet people got along with the Soviet authorities.
For the government were "guards" who think about national security, on economic and other urgent matters, who took on the material side of life
Sometimes inept, stupid, naive, sometimes thieving, sometimes overly custody, punishing, "spinning nuts."

But they are somehow protected the people from all internal and external troubles, and not "cut and sheared," like the present.

There was also some middle-class stratum of Smerdyakovs, with the first steps of Soviet power, and it was before the revolution in Russia (recall classic) straining the arms of the Babylonian whore.
And while the time pretending to be - the most that on is "the faithful" not to fall away from the feeders.
This "layer" and was the ideological inspiration of vampires, ghouls sit on the throne.

Indifferent to the search for truth aesthetes - emotional, not spiritual. Their interest is not "What?" And "How?"
And of course fee.

The Soviet people are subconsciously aware of a need for some violence by the state. "Hard hands", cementing the company, turning it into a single entity under the plan.

FREEDOM is in the right direction of the spirit of man, - skyward.

The real revolution is the liberation of the Spirit, not the body, not bodily and mental desires.

Domestic slavery is much worse outside - when released disorderly passions captivate the spirit.

* * *

Fear of Life (real life);
fear of death - (oblivion).
And between them - the realm of everyday life.

In "born again" is horror of "commonplace".

* * *

Is a choice of a SAVINGstate, not a SINKING state, is right?
Equipped with at least rescue boats and signs "for the buoys do not swim!"?
Historical patriotism is approved at the same subordination of all social groups of people the idea of the state, as the work of God.

He suggests home-mother, who does not know the differences of the children and stepchildren, and he assumes homeland, family, where all people are brothers, differing only natural talent and personal merit, understood as a duty.

* * *

"Some people still do not realize who they really are, they do not yet clear.
And around Khrushchev joined the entire top. All the tip.

How demanded a revolution in our conditions, a deeper, more active work and overcome many more things that seemed to have clear! And it turns out, but no. Even for people who seemed to have checked, and it is not enough.

The revolution has gone so deep and so she did not immediately show it.

No documents, articles, speeches open.
But Stalin is taken into account and, of course, not without violation of formal democracy, this policy took place the 30-40s, up to the 50s.

Here, of course, was a strong hand and without it we could not stand it.

Because there was such authority with Stalin, he certainly recognized in the party and the people.
Of course, not all the formalities were necessary, they are not always performed, but despite this, the better, is more democratic way it was impossi
ble to choose.
Otherwise we would have been even more difficult conditions.

Thanks to Stalin's authority in this period much was strong even where there were very weak people, where they were unreliable people just because they were afraid of..."

* * *

"Khrushchev in his heart was an opponent of Stalin.

Stalin was anything and everything, but in the soul of another. Personal animosity to any of its steps is pushing. Anger at Stalin for what his son was in such a position that he was shot in fact. After such an affliction, he goes to all, only to dirty the name of Stalin.

Nikita denied his son, right?

"Yes. His son was like a traitor. It also says about him. A fine politician, who has a son and he even ...

Stalin did not want his son's pardon. Khrushchev personally hated Stalin. This added.

But this is not important.
It is not revolutionary. In 1918, only joined the party; so active he was! Ordinary workers were in the party.
What kind of leader we have found!
This is absurd. Absurd."

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