One Day of Joanna Arkadievna. Joanna's Page 52

Yulia Ivanova

One Day of Joanna Arkadievna. Joanna's Page 52

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* * *

She was at one of the painful, vain, troublesome days, when typing a lot of cases, had to go to Moscow and at once all the scrolling.
Their last series was delayed, the soul does not lie to her, and again it was necessary to procure at least a few days and avoid a rollover scandal.

But first, Joanna called "the apartment."
She now called Luzhino "her house". They all belonged to her, just her, it all things patiently waiting for her in the order or disorder, as she left them, and the dog Anchar met her with enthusiastic squeal.

It could latch on to all the locks, pull out of the socket body and all radio plugs even cut down all the electricity and dive into timeless silence.
Or ignite the fireplace and listen to the crackling of the wood...

And at the apartment since he was born paralyzed mother in law Temka was madhouse.

Lisa was tried to do ten different jobs, Philip boozed. We had to call back, buy groceries, take clothes from the laundry, make the necessary calls and more, more - a huge to-do list on the typed page single-spaced.
She had to live.

And Joanna, standing in line at the grocery store, a bakery, trading in the market due to garnet Temka, and even checking the change from a quarter, watched with curiosity as if from side how long is it enough?
Denis went abroad, now everything on it, cannot escape it.

From the booth first got called to the apartment, Lisa came up.
Lisa was in a panic: Philip spent the night at home and it haunted by all sorts of horrors. If for the first time!

In such a situation is useless to talk to her. Joanna, how can soothe her, but the tube has a continuous roar.

And she went to the studio.

Laundry, savings bank, flat ...

As soon as Joanna comes out of the elevator, Lisa comes out to meet; she was on duty at the door.

Phillip is still there. Lisa does not even try to hide the disappointment at the sight of her mother in law, if you can call a disappointment print universal catastrophe on her little face is classically correct white marble.
Neither give nor take Galatea come to life. Barely alive, and then end of the world.

With such good looks decent sit somewhere under glass in the office next to the standards of the meter, kilogram, and a statue of Venus de Milo.
Venus without arms, and Lisa with his hands. Her hands are fine, though in the flour.

Lisa did not go crazy stuck because of a wino and dunce, to spend the night, apparently from another owner of television and video.
Cannot call a nerd... Lisa expecting her second child, and Artem has not taken away from the chest is not an example of this modern mom.
For that kind of "doomsday" Philip have to tear your head.

Joanna totally devoid of tribal instincts: in her son's conflict with school friends, girls, and now with Lisa, Joanna has always been the objectivity of the arbitration, as opposed to Denis' mother, who divided the world into Gradov's and Okounkovs (her mother's maiden name) and for other riffraff.

Joanna was the "a riffraff."
Upholstered with a spouse mostly abroad, Madame Gradova-Okounkova initially had no physical possibility to interfere in their family life with Dennis, but after the sudden death of her father played at the whole education of Philip.

She spoiled him, and indulged with such diabolical sequence, as if set out to crown the family tree-Okounkov hail the greatest monster of all time.
Violent clashes in-law Joan led by Philip only to mutual hatred, Philip huzhel day by day, deftly playing on the battles of adults. Denis everything was up to the lantern, except CASES.

In the end, Joanna retreated. Family Gradova-Okounkova with its intractable problems gradually receded into the background and then completely migrated to somewhere in the frame of its existence.
"Philip interrupted with a deuce in the top three," "Philip truant", "Philip rude to teachers," "Philip hooligan"; these signals are out of school, and later from the police with a malevolent Joanna tranquility redirected in-law:
"Spoil the child, and it will frighten you" ... "Kids need to indulge, then grow out of them real bandits."

And she ran to the parent meetings, police stations, just to hurt the citizens.

"What do you want a boy growing up without a mother. You ever it is seen in the school? No? She spit on her son. And my father that my father was very busy. Directed Gradov heard?"

In the course there were also tears, foreign souvenirs.
Joanna did not take offense at her mother in-law, knowing deep down that that law. Son she gave up, moved on. Mother in law gave her the opportunity.
And freedom is desirable and gnawing conscience, and now someone else's boyfriend at the meeting indifferently applied to her cheek, mustache:

"Hi, Mom."

"Phillip and so obsessed with their drives, and his grandmother buys a Japanese system. The house is not working..."

"It is your mother, here and tell me."

"This figure is going to leave school, and she, you know, welcomes. Suppose, they say, goes to college, the boy's talent. He repairs radio sets for his neighbors like Einstein."
"Recently in "Uzbekistan" have seen the girls fed the mantle. And I beg for radio components. Most do not give a penny" Dennis grumbled.

'His mother will- Joanna grinned.

But she afraid of a catastrophe.
However, neither the super villain or a gangster from Philly did not work, and destructive passion for radio really turned into a positive side.

Mother in law was right. Philip began to work in television repair service very quickly made himself, going from black and white TV to color, and then to overseas, then to the video.

The clientele grew and became solid. Philip is not begging for parents ten rubles, and he could provide for the case a hundred or two, got 'Lada' in the export performance.
And finally, my family.

Denis invited Lisa to the role of an English lady in an episode of 'The Black Mark'.
He had always been scrupulous in such episodes, panic fearing accusations of "kettle of fish" and wanted to look very lady that neither is present.
Two of these ladies with a pedigree, which he managed to get either at the embassy, or among foreign students, look at the background of her pooch.

Denis had an original criterion, when it comes in; I even though should not have to slap her ass.

Apparently, for the lady with certificates that claim to aristocratic looks, it is the desire to have arisen by Dennis; it is all swept away.
In vain did Joanna say that of the aristocrats and the offspring is that the criterion of Dennis very controversial the search continued?
While one of the friends-directors did not tell him that is such a "terrific pedigree" girl. What is it and there was a "rock" and it has already successfully co-starred in two or three episodes.

When the samples in the frame there was Lisa, a kind of splendid marble statue with a cold glitter in the reference bare shoulders, fake diamonds on the swan-neck, with the same icy indifference shine staring somewhere beyond the horizon of beautiful eyes, Dennis rubbed his eyes.
Abandon hope all ... Galatea, though not yet revived. Breed! What here spanking on the behind!

Joanna was forced to admit that he's right; Lisa produced this impression.

How did this provincial Kursk girls to be? This could just tell Lisa's late mother, which she does not like, as, indeed, and her father. Lisa's picture hangs in the room.
However, lysine aunt, who came to Moscow for some shopping, made vague allusions to some kind of a family exiled from the blue-blooded tricky name.

Lisa was angry for some reason.

Lisa was quiet, kept to themselves - whether in nature, its beauty is the perfect frightening fans and friends...
Being with her was risky; immediately caught the eye the slightest flaws of its own appearance, dress and behavior.
It was like walking naked through the Tsarskoye Selo Palace.

And then all surprised Philip.
Lisa at the request of the editor Denis brought some papers.
Tasteless Iraqi sheepskin, worn-out boots and worn ear flaps fox looked at her as Princess Volkonskaya when she met her husband-Decembrists in Siberia.
Lisa looked beautiful and elusive as ever, her face adorned with frost was afraid to look.

'What's the girl?'

And before Joanna had time to respond to Dennis, Philip grabbed his coat and crying, 'Wait, where you are?' ran after him, leaving behind the elevator.

Lisa was waiting at the bottom of the machine.

'Oh!' said Joanna.

'Who will take away the body,' said Denis.

But fans did not follow. The body of Philip has left in the car with Lisa and the midnight phone call:

'Tell grandmother that I/' overnighting at the guys, and it will be hysterical (he was confident that parents will not get nervous). And tomorrow, right on the call.

'But you have no hat!' Dennis roared into a parallel phone.
But the son had already hung up.

'Nothing, fox wear it,' said Joanna.

However, Dennis did not give up; it would be for him to some extent, the collapse of illusions.
He believed only a week later, when Lisa moved to Philippi room, cluttered with magicians, telecom and video machine all sorts of prices and companies.

In the house there were encouraging change; Lisa was a wonderful hostess and wife.

First of all, it was quiet.

And this has made it painless and simplest way - forced Philip to use headphones. For some reason, it is a beautiful solution to anyone's head did not occur.

Was not only quiet, but clean and comfortable.
Instead of sandwiches and canned appeared normal home cooking.
Not that culinary symphony, but the soup, meatballs, curd, a variety of fruit drinks instead of eternal coffee fast, good and tasty...
Joanna had already fled to Luzhino, mother in law was paralyzed after a stroke, and presence in the house was a real woman could not be more helpful.

Neither Joanna nor in-law has never been so full wives, homemakers.
Admiring Lisa and Joanna went over to the memory of all his relatives and friends and came to the conclusion that such "keepers," it is time to put them in the red book.

In addition, Lisa managed to give birth at the same time, to continue his studies, to act even in small, but quite decent roles, and generally remain the standard of physical and moral perfection.

The most ardent and refined compliments on it acted as a drill buzz in the dental office. It looks like Lisa is really disgusted the entire male race except for their offspring with Denis.
Philip was a very cute boy; he liked his women "mystery," as Joanna once confided one of his girlfriends.

According to Joanna, this "mystery" was just a poor upbringing in-law, promiscuity and unpredictable behavior. For Philip made his left leg, wants, and he could during the lesson, meeting, anniversary speech, silence suddenly get up and go away.

The explanation he had the same type: "Tired."

'Are you sick of me too!' shouted Joanna, 'What am I now leave you and run away?'

Ultimately, it will do so.

It is also unpredictable and unexpected, Philip left the lives of their friends, so that later, for no apparent reason once again to appear or disappear forever.

But not his rudeness as he won a perfect creation as Lisa!
Lisa - that's what this was for Joan mystery.
She is a mother, already hated Philip for those suffering, which he delivered to Lisa.
And that is not just tolerated; many women are suffering, but with a rolling pin, scandals, or in silence, tears, or prudently pretended to know nothing.

Lisa knew everything. She was suffering, forgiving.

Technology was moving forward. Receivers and magicians Philip, as a rule, repairing homes, apartments directly on the TV, let alone a foreign company systems and say nothing; who else will return as the judges in the television repair service or somewhere else.

A separate apartment, well, my husband, of course, at work or abroad, and takes a handsome young master mistress of Philip in her robe.
The lady, as a rule, imported who visited by all sorts of Singapore.

And the robe, and perfumes, and cosmetics in her "best" in a home bar whiskey in the fridge caviar.
Service is not particularly burdened by a lady; a year or two back across the border, and there is a strict adultery, her husband's career can fly.
It's better here at home, where walls and help...

And the morality of the ladies are also imported, naglyadelis any porn ... Master do not come for fifteen minutes and an hour or two, maybe more. One can not treat, do not talk about that, about this...

Video machines was the era of general disaster. Ponavezli any questionable consumer goods, for us - exotic, each family can find something of such things, but it's for a few hours.
Sometimes, up in the morning, sometimes in the eyebrows. And currently there is no social inequality: Wizard - Son of the most "black heirs" ...

What was worst of all is that Philip began to slowly ruin oneself by drink. And Lisa was suffering, suffered and justified. To explain it meant to justify.

'This is the emptiness,' said Lisa, 'and he drinks from the void, and the women are ... And they with him from the emptiness. Poor them, all bad, as you do not understand.'

'That's it! raged Joanna, 'all crimes in the world, my dear, from the void... Sorry cat mouse. And you who is sorry?'

'You will do,' Lisa said, and suddenly buried her face in her shoulder.

Joanna felt in the neck of her frequent warm breath, the smell of fresh baby for the next shooting lightening hair / Lisa use only baby soap (and suddenly realized that it seems like it.
Loves his blockhead Philipp with its mystery, rudeness and all-explaining emptiness.

And now, when Joanna saw the daughter on the landing, and blubbered poor, it is really a pity it into the story, and not missing Gradova-Okounkova medium.
Though he does fail, the cat-a-bitch!

That's what Lisa is afraid. Panic fear of all sorts of accidents and natural disasters, perhaps, the only lysine deficiency. Everywhere she imagined a car accident, fires, Serial Killer, sudden cardiac arrest and fatal coincidence.

It gleamed white in the form of a telegram from the screech of brakes outside and the thunderclap. Morbid imagination immediately slipped her dozens of options for possible accidents.

And here with Lisa it was impossible to do - she rushed, crying, all she had dropped from the hands until it received information that at this time, thank God, had passed.
All attempts to convince Lisa that her state of abnormal and should be treated nerves, crashed on its irrefutable argument:

'But is it does not happen?'

'Yes, it happens, but it is very rare, usually people do not think about it...'

'Rare!' Lisa was crying, And in the "fast" does not call...

And it had nothing to object.
Fatal mystic abyss, where you can fall at any time, really existed, but the majority of mankind wisely preferred to ignore.

The pressure relief valve, for some reason absent from Lisa.

But Lisa, exhausted the prospects of global disasters, did not respond to conventional sources of human suffering such as adultery, trouble at work, financial difficulties and the queues for the deficit.

That's why Lisa was called to the acting community, "King-Fish". B they are now looked at this fish!

Joanna knew that it was useless to talk to Lisa, and kissed her wet cheek, began looking for his slippers. Slippers were also lysine innovation even before the Temka.
Temka screaming in the living room as cutting, burning something in the kitchen, Lisa sobbed into the phone. And on top of heart-rending pictures periodically emitted cries mother's in law cat in March, claiming the cat.

Joanna found the shoes, turned off the kitchen burnt cheese cakes, whacked the cat with a broom and went to her grandson.

Temka was lying on his back in the arena fell and could not get up. Bellowed, kicking his feet around in the same position lay clockwork machines, animals, and rovers.

Joanna picked him up; he was dry and feeding, still warm with the remnants of a cup of porridge stood on the table.
Temka roared from humiliation and loneliness in his arms, he immediately fell silent. Joanna sat him down on his knees and shaking her, she began to look at.
Ha ahs grown. And like was, perhaps, Denis.

Lisa called again to someone. She should not have - all right with our invaluable Philip, at least on the theory of probability. However, Lisa in this respect certainly has precedents in the stock...
She collected these misfortunes as icons.

Temka also scrutinized the "woman". I wonder what he thinks about it?
Joanna smiled and so did he. This response childlike smile...
Warm crawled to the foot; let Temka made a puddle. Joanna changed his sliders and went to the bathroom.
She became a little easier.


This is a mother in law. We'll have to go.
Madame Gradova-Okounkova reclining on pillows in his cluttered with things to the limit of the room, reminiscent of a sci-fi museum storeroom of all time.

What is there just was not there! And Pavlovian mahogany bookcase next to the brother of karelki, and a desk late Gradova the Elder with the Swedish shutter.

And Pushkin's office, a secretary with bronze, and white, like lace, French table with the same lace highchair...

Modern furniture in-law, fortunately, did not like. But played at little things; lanterns, vases, trinkets and masks hung on the walls between the fairly decent "Dutch" and Russian "academics" at the time bought on the cheap in Leningrad and the Arbat.

When Philip grew up, my grandmother has generously gave him his second room.
But with things and did not want to leave squeezed nineteen feet and a happy past with its foreign land Gradov-Senior, and running around on the commission shops during short visits home / bought there the plywood in exchange for tutoshny antiques, while we still have not figured out what's what.

And even the foreign land his habits, starting with orange juice and toast in the morning and ending with a game of bridge, to which she is addicted to boredom, along with other ambassadorial ladies somewhere in abroad.

Even two of his mates managed to keep it since ancient times.
And now they all have the grandmother and widow, gathered on the bridge on Thursdays and Sundays at mother's in law room, regretting the fourth partner, native-Russian-born chemist named Natasha, who taught them this intellectual game.

Present their fourth partner had to endure hurtful remarks like: "Natasha would have you for such a move ...", from which she sometimes cried and threw a game.
But every time the ladies put up, because in Moscow bridgers do not grow on trees.

Mother in law was reclining on cushions in a cloak of some kind of long-fur, with cosmetics and hair; this meant that today she is waiting for guests.

Probably in the same outfit she was getting used to the veranda of the embassy mansion, where her friend were waiting.
And sat down at the white lace table, and smoked long cigarettes, wrapped in a cape monkey that protects against the wind from the Mediterranean Sea.

And on his passing thought: "Stop a moment!"

The wind was blowing from the bustling streets of Moscow, bringing the smell of gasoline and cabbage from a nearby cafeteria.

But the door to the balcony had to be kept open, because the ladies ruthlessly smoked; the same long, thin cigarettes bought in the "Birch".
And drank coffee, and even a gin and tonic from the same "Birches."

Mother in law looked great.
And if not stretched out his legs motionless, covered with a Scottish plaid, so ingrained smell of urine, which could not drown out any spirits, it might have been an activist of the district of "Health".
This was due to the very same Lisa.

And anyway, if not for Lisa, antique-house of cards would collapse mother's in law life when turned up unusually favorable trade-off of the old apartment.
But the favorite grandson, Philip refused to take to her grandmother. And with Dennis bribes smooth: at home, he almost did not happen - photography, festivals, art houses, and the mother needs constant care.

Joanna is the time to constantly live in Luzhino. In addition, it was "strange", so that her conscience was clear.
And it is not no secret gloating watched as Dennis and Philip, two pure-bred offspring of a family tree Gradovs-Okounkovs masterly kicked in-law to each other.
And then, exhausted, reminded of the pension for the elderly.

But this idea of saving them develop failed. Lisa silently in the corner stroking underwear out of the room with a pile of shirts and, soon after returning, declared:

'I called, that we refuse to share. Let's have tea.'

Nobody appreciated the feat of Lisa, least of all in-law herself. Joanna heard the angry shouting, Philip's wife:

'Who needs your sacrifice? Do you know what she thinks? What are you due to its junk you do not want to move. May you fucking got this antique. Suppose, say, does not expect to fool me. I will make great-grandchildren after the coming of age ... Suppose, they say, is changing - both her and tell...

'It is with pride' Lisa said, 'and the insult. She loves you and does not believe that you could throw it.'

The last trump Philip did not work; Lisa was not offended by his grandmother, and favorable exchange never took place.

'Of course, leave it!' srumbled Gradova senior. And in fact has issued will not know to whom, inviting a notary.
But Lisa, as if nothing had happened continued to give her a vessel to wash and massage.

It seems to be offended do not know how to Lisa.
"She's old," "She's sick," "She behaves oddly ..." That's all.

Diagnosis and regret.

Lisa was for Joanna proof that there is a category of people who unquestioningly and happily go to the Call, often not knowing whose it was.
And there are sure to save the Lord, even if they do not "churching"; they are just from the birth of the "right".

Not sinless, of course, but in the main healthy - in the scale of values.
And what is the Gospel, "I am the door", which indicates that only the court and the decision of Christ can go there, means that the sheep, who came to the Call to the door, not knowing the name of Shepherd, may be let into the kingdom of Shepherd were more likely than knowing whose it Call.
Hearing him, but the remaining graze somewhere in blighted place.
Or even running in the opposite direction ...

'What do you have it forever screaming? You cannot calm the child, two women in the house,' mother in-law grumbled.

Joanna was living then in Luzhino, the House of creativity, but in all home accidents was provided in her eyes was originally convicted.

'And there you have the kitchen on fire?'

'It has already burned.'

'Has Philip called?'

'No. Lisa sits on the wall, he did finish off, blockhead. Brought up here, be proud.'

'Yes, from the kind of life anyone run away! She did, you see you at the hands taught to abandon defenses, Temko, and that's screaming... A cat a cat should be, I agreed. You ran something! '

'You only cat is missing,' Joanna stepped to the door.


Mother in-law cried, wiping her cheeks black with mascara tears.

'Jeanne, something must be done. I'm so afraid of Philip: he becomes an inveterate drunkard. Here's the other day, at night ... I woke up, he's here. And the drinks. At night, straight from the bottle. Secret from her...

Jeanne, you and Denis should arrange it in the hospital. I'm so afraid ... What if the baby is born sick - now about that convey such horrors...

'Yes, yes, I'll do anything...'

Quickly hide in the bathroom.
She stands under a shower in a daze, his eyes closed and felt neither the time nor the beating on her shoulders too hot water.
She lost the habit of problems, it simply can not ...

'Mom, you soon? We sit down to dinner; there was a cheerful voice behind the door of Lisa.
This meant that Philip returned.

When Joanna came out of the bathroom, the apartment seemed to magically transformed. Shone all around comfort and cleanliness of the kitchen smelled delicious, Temka slept, slept in a chair next to a cat.
Sam "wizard" was sitting at the table, frowning stirring in the sour borscht. He looked rumpled.

'Hi, Mom.'

'What are you, half-baked, your phone number forgotten?'

'He was out of town, feeding Lisa came to the defense - there is no phone. In the evening the lights went out, in the country are often the light goes out, you know ... Do not come on as a new one. I had to tinker with the system in the morning, carried, and the phone no.'
He had a nervous strained...

Joanna started a soup, soup was excellent. She remembered that the day did not eat anything.

In the doorbell rang - came bridgers. Lisa kindly twittered in the hallway, helping guests to get undressed.

'Take care of it...'

'Since it is impossible, exploded Philip, 'Tell me, is this normal? These children, old women; they will eat it.

The best years, it is necessary to act, play, and she ... Pots, diapers... He spoke, get rid of the second, not the time - stared his eyes - he is man! .. And if you will be their twenty such men?
And is she not a man?

And the old woman a hundred years proscription; what now, my life under the cat's tail? In a boarding house physicians, nursing ...
Just think, the bridge is not there ... There will be a "fool" who cares?

'It is big.' Lisa interjected, appearing in the doorway Doctor says, for such patients is very important to keep the stereotype. And she loves Temko. I have them always with breakfast feed cleaned plate. But apart capricious.

'Capricious,' mimicked Philip. 'Because of this, to destroy life...'

'Why ruin,' Lisa calmly laying out the plates are hot - once it happened... Since there is no other way...
Mom, explain it to him...

To Joanna, to her gift of words Lisa treated with reverence.
That's it, not Dennis.

Joanna was her "own" not by kinship, but in spirit, although attempts to "votserkovit" Lisa did not bring much success.
Lisa was not a woman, "earth" and in anything otherworldly not believe it. Just walked in the direction of the internal compass, without hesitation, who laid it to her in the depths of my soul.

The only thing Joanna has been achieved it and Artem was baptized. The very same Lisa, and her Philip, were unbaptized. And she insisted Father Tikhon told forbidden and generally does not involve the family in religious discussions, so as not to tempt.

Yet Lisa belonged to Joanna as if only she knew, and could put into words some of their common secret that she does not know how to say, Lisa.

These her "Mom, tell them" whether a dispute with Philip, Dennis, grandmother or someone in the general company, always hath Joanna in a panic.
As if Lisa was waiting for her argument is not a sense of duty, selfishness, and that "he'll be old," and some other "magic" words, once all of which everyone will understand, smiled, and became kind go hand in hand, toward a brighter future.

'Lisa is right,' Joanna said.

'You see!' Lisa was glad.
Philip immediately took advantage of the situation.
'Does it have a drink, for the love of humanity.'

'No way.'

'As it is, for mankind does not want? And for the mother? At once, my mother has arrived!'

Liza with a sigh took half a bottle of vodka from a mirror.

'Liza not. And you, ma?'

'I'm at the wheel. And you no good.'

'Mother, I'm tired.'

Philip drank, earned a fork. Luckily that he bites.

The phone rang.

'You,' said Lisa.

'Disconnect. There is no peace.'

'You have to change professions. Or else you will become a drunkard.

'And without me they will become a drunkard.'

'Who are 'they'?'

'Citizens,' Philip nodded toward the disabled phone. People. That's when the twist at least your "black mark" you know how many statistics emptying beer, entrances and gateways? The people of sober people at the blue screen.

But here's the box was broken. People come home from work, and the master was not there.
The people do not know what to do with myself; it increases blood pressure, adrenaline and cholesterol. Rising labor productivity, the people yelling at his wife, he develops any bad ideas ...

People go to the street, kicking, and is in the police. Yes, yes, Mom, it's statistics, but against the statistics, as we know, no arguing.

'More will be read,' said Lisa, 'we come to the theater...'

'Yeah, run to the conservatory on the Bach... A lot of you saw it at the theater, people? He disputes this production at work bored. And do not switch. Sit, it was paid for

Philip poured another. He was flushed, his eyes sparkled.

Joanna took away his bottle.

'You know how it will end?'

'All will end late, Mommy, fly or crawl. A glass or two, and not so sickening. "Normally, Constantine. Great, Gregory!"
'What you return, you can offer, experts in souls?

"I need a coach, coach!"? "To Moscow, to Moscow" huh? Well, the theater was over, I was in Moscow, so what? Now "the mist" Lawless go?

I know your spiritual life, I saw enough of it. As "not necessary" you know, master. No, you tell me how to, so no 40-degree vodka... That your soul would sing, eh?

What are the mother, something worthwhile ... Just about the priests did not whip me, I have seen enough of them.

A similar conversation was on the bench in front of Isaac. Many years ago...

'You're out of luck. Those who know me at all "box" do not look.

'Yes, plenty of standing' Lisa stepped in, 'to sow grain, raise children, build houses, plant apple trees ...

'And the pears. What children? That's my grandmother raised. And I have it in the poorhouse just did not give...
Well, the people had eaten your bread, ate an apple, got an apartment, put his teeth...
Well, so what? Well, appendicitis cut...
And then? Way?

I came home from work and I stared into the box, while in another box will not play. Then his son sit in front of the box and kick the bucket too.

But why? Space to learn? Well, we construct high-rises on Mars, they sit in front of the box, it will play in a box...

'Mom, tell him...'

'When you sober. Compote delicious. How do you cook?'

' Yes, it's yours, canned, yesterday opened a bank... Or maybe the point is to simply live and enjoy life?'

'Do you hear me, mother, the voice of the people? Give me the bottle, I'll be happy - "In vini veritas" ... Joy, Liza, is a subjective concept. Who is America reveals who the laws, who are bottle...'

And some even rejoice when a crocodile eats man alive - these tapes like hot cakes.
They eat, and they are looking...'

'Stop it!' Lisa waved her hands. In the next room crying Temka awaked and Lisa left the room.

'You just became too choosy,' said Joanna 'We had no such issues.'
'Loaf of bread is happiness, sweet is joy. Rag doll, a ball all the happiness...'

'Stop, we have arrived.'
It means happiness is when war, famine, hospital, communal, right? Why, then, to make life better? If we can be happy only when something "that" few or no?

A week may live in a new apartment' already an old woman scolding: begged, they say, fool apartment ... The result - a broken trough, and again the box.

'Do you hear me, Mom, Lisa is calling you...'

Lisa is not her calling. And when Joanna returned to the dining room, a bottle on the table was, of course, is empty and thickly Phil has continued to serve on the phone.

Lisa with Temka came at the hands of her conduct.
Joanna hugged them both and immediately felt a cloth spacious dressing gown unusual thinness Lysine - just skin and bones ... It was not so.

'Take you're an academic, not so overstrain.'

'It is necessary to obtain a diploma, then it will be even harder.'

' And what about Temka?'

'From Grandma agreed with the second entrance. I called when necessary, she comes. Grandma has a strong, and for our supervision, if that. We would hold out until the summer...'

Mom, would you talk to him - Lisa nodded at the door of the dining room, from whence came the snorting of Philip, - That he lied about the joy he know then how bad it is! Probe pulse, the dark is afraid of ... In light sleep.

Once he cried,'Lisa, save me!'

He's a nice, mom, very good. But for some reason and the actors we have very good drink...

'Du,' said Temka.

'It's his grandmother who taught him in French, "adieu" means...

The shrill cries of uterine again hit the apartment. This woke up the cat.

' Here's a cat must go, and Philip was asleep...'

'Are you her with a broom...'

'It is not to blame,' said Lisa. She is suffering, it's time to come.

Joanna is on the way I remembered that it is necessary to call the clinic, where Dennis was examined.
At the door of Bella Abramovna sitting place.

'Sorry, I just know,' she slipped into the office.
Bella Abramovna rummaged in pieces of paper and said that Dennis' something bad with blood'.

Once the company had been brought from abroad, fun roulette. Green cloth, bouncing ball, a red-black, even-odd, flickering of the eyes of guests, too jumping in a fever after the ball.

Then slow down, stop, victory or defeat, the short-lived joy or disappointment, and again all over again, again, the race for the ball.

Life is Roulette. Trite... Game. Today you, tomorrow I am.

Life is divided into a busy period of rotation, flashing, when you see just in front of goal - the ball.
Then stop, defeat or triumph, won, lost, and already the new rates.
Again, jumping ball, eagerly watching him eye the guests, you can say "at this celebration of life", not noticing anything around.

Joanna then thought that the most remarkable thing here a break when the tape is. Some worry the result, others are trying to understand the reason, the third in a hurry to make new bets.
A fourth...

Fourth suddenly begin to see clearly in these short stops a strange unearthly breath of a life tragically rich silence.

Ask and answer, accuse and forgive, frightening and alluring, promising at the same time flying and falling, as the edge of the abyss.

What is this? The end of all long interesting work, undertaking, hobbies ... Even at the time of accomplishment and victory of a sudden acute awareness that true being is not in this victory and not in your resume the game, but this stop ...

When you begin to differentiate around the face, objects, when you see that the curtain is already dusk and hear how the clock strikes ...

And now, later than you think.

And sometimes suddenly some invisible hand imperiously, and suddenly stops traffic, then squealing brakes, beating dishes are flying off the shelves of sleeping passengers who fly the train derailed.

Or rush a few meters from your life.

Joanna looked at Bella Abramovna that she was explaining something, and the arrow roulette inevitably slowed, stalled the usual maelstrom of life.

And not to jump or run away from it was not.

Denis urgently needs to come and get directions to the clinic for examination, will now go to him at Bolshevo.
Oh, Lord, what will happen now with the "business"? ..
What is already here "thing"!

All the way it is with sadness to think what to say to Denis, who had never been ill, the need to go to hospital...
And now that all the work will fall on her.
And then there's Philip, Lisa, mother in law ...

In their craven panic she does not notice that the transfer is closed.
Or rather, and most will not notice it moving, just slip by, slowing down, some rails, sees in the mirror behind the wildly waving his arms a woman.

And then the back two meters from the car zagrohochet of one-track train.

We had to get away.

Zhiguli, roaring, rushed, scattered mud puddle, splashed glass and jumped on the asphalt mounds to a saving turn.

From the car, they fled - from the traffic police or bony, who missed a scythe on some few moments?
Would not be good for both. A pile of scrap metal, bone...

And there is no problem.

It was a machine, was Roulette. It is necessary to promote it again, to come to, to figure out how to tell Denis...

And read the Guardian Angel prayer...

And in Bolshevo Denis says, not looking up from the table:

'Yes, I know, she recently called Bella. Lisa called and Lisa, come here. Analyses of normal and left some confusion...
These check-ups all the way to it.

You really sorry that you had such a hook...

Want some coffee?'

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