Who was nothing will become everything! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 57

Yulia Ivanova

Who was nothing will become everything! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 57


Such ridiculous Soviet features as 'moral character', 'good friend', 'good family man", 'modest in the home', 'conscientious public-spirited', 'truthful, honest'.

And all this meant, in effect, one thing is to respect the commandments?

The Lord said:
'Who loves me will keep my commandments'.
Books, songs, movies were ways to heaven. Of these 'friends' and the heart and mind in knowledge of law and the idea.

Do not renounced their authors, werewolves from the Creator, now changing to 180 degrees on the world? Is unaware that their current 'free creativity' only 'spicy sauce' to the poisonous dish?

A sign of the Antichrist kingdom is service for man as for God.
Joseph never demanded to be served; he served the Cause until his last breath - collective salvation.

Not the deification of the human one, not the worship of race, party, nation, collective anthill, and the motto: 'Man is god only in God'.
That is held in the image and ideas.

'Get everything in life' and 'give up everything for the sake of Life': two civilizations, two worlds.

'My kingdom is not of this world...'
'I'm dying, but soon our sun will rise...'


The arms race is replaced by a race of advanced technologies, ensuring control over the mind and psyche. Enslave the spirit of the devil's power, not to escape from vile passions and unbridled evil desires... Is this good impious prosperity of the state?

As Joseph said,
'Why do oxen pulling a cart from the mud, which transported them to the slaughterhouse?'

The illusion of supposedly free world is in bondage to itself is a model of hell where the soul is also in perpetual captivity in its own self.

In his fallen nature. Have been overcome, conquer death.

Egocentrism and self is original sin, violates the true relationship between the individual and the Creator. World, far and near.

Proud egocentric, eager for self-assertion of the external world, are in his thrall.

There is a loneliness inside of completeness (in God) and the inner emptiness of abandonment by God.

'Seek ye first the kingdom and all else will follow,' said the Lord. People are looking for 'what will follow'.

The Lord suffered along with his children, fallen humanity.

Shepherd, Caesar, going through the Savior, should not feast during the plague, still less to force God's people to serve themselves and their vassals.


The exact quote from Marx:

"Religion is a sigh of oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is a soul of soulless people.
Religion is opium of people.'



Man is conceived and created by the Creator as a single, catholic being, as 'collectivity of souls'.
'After to the image and likeness' of God. Holy Trinity, consubstantial and indivisible.

Collectivity is unity.
But collectivity of man remained as if in a potential state, and before the fall is not realized.
Because there was no need to split a single human soul into many individual souls that made up for many generations, replacing each other.

Even Adam and Eve were one flesh, Eve was made from Adam's rib.

'The two are the same but will be' ... The division into male and female, also formerly in the Thought of as a possibility at first, became a reality due to the need of crushing and reproduction.

Adam knew Eve, just after the fall, and she conceived, because since the fall of Adam and Eve became mortal. Separation due to death, went down in the world.

Death and crushing. The need to breed for the sake of the continuation of life. In the name of the upcoming reunion updates, transformed by human souls in the kingdom to come.

Thus, death in the name of life.
What is life? This world is doomed and sentenced, including the dilapidated humanity.

Space and time is a maze of 'impenetrable doors' or temptations that must be overcome in time to each of the earthly life. To change the Heaven with its decrepit fallen nature, and immortality in the kingdom.
We are talking about a new, transfigured being in God.

In the end, the essence of Christianity is the good news of the kingdom, the coming century transfigured humanity, purified from sin. On the difficult path of sacrifice to Him.
Search for Truth, who is the 'Way, the Truth and the Life'. So Jesus said about himself.

Search for Truth is the acquisition of the Christ, as opposed to acquisition of the earthly kingdom of Mammon.
It is the 'the earthly kingdom' and not the communist idea of a bright future, a dream which is so often accused of true communists.

This is just another substitute, the perfect 'father of lies'; to believe that acquisition of earthly riches, (usually at the expense of short-range), acceptable to God than the selfless search for truth beyond personal existence.

'And as a die in the struggle for it'.

Bewildered and materialism do not believe in the immortality of the 'comrades' were internal management of the kingdom of the coming century and served as his dream, without the need for rewards. Just from the heart.
And this is the beauty of their special achievement.

A single divine-human nature is crushed in the historical process by millions of individuals as a single body composed of many cells.

And each 'cell' or monad, every human ego has its own unique function. Appears in the world at a certain time and place.
With a certain skin color, nationality. With a set of aptitudes, talents, and his destiny.

In each individual, the fate there is God's plan, which defines therein a set of characteristics and qualities. Each has its most important task, a mission, running on a single common Incarnation Catholic soul. On her recovery in a different being in a new, transformed state.
At the Second Adam.

The mission begins on the ground and continue there, below. So about a person, justifying in this life its purpose, it is said 'the kingdom of God is within you'.
And that 'The Kingdom has already come' for the elite.

This is a special state of mind, almost unaware of his death.

SANCTITY is transfigured by the grace of personal feat and a state of mind of Heaven (not only elected, but has elected) begins to see his most important task to perform in a single Overall Incarnation.
The general Catholic (all for one, one for all) with the task of the Transfiguration.
Ascent of the Whole, and each in conjunction with the Whole to the Heaven. Along the way 'to the sun from the worm'.
Need for this ministry to the whole, this climbing all his abilities, capabilities, spirit and time.

Life itself.

This is a high destiny of human sight, and 'the red martyr' Nikolai Ostrovsky,

'To avoid burning shame of vile and petty past...

Do not rot, will not affect the "lying in evil" world, but to overcome it, freeing yourself and others from oppression, from the power of the prince of darkness that is where true freedom, true meaning of life, intuitively conscious 'orthodox' communists.

The need to 'flat out' to burn until the end, becoming, figuratively speaking, the fuel, which will raise the whole to Heaven. Only in this feat and the transformation of personal salvation, the road to the kingdom.
This is the idea of the Creator.

Each part of the whole in the unity, coherence with other parts, must conscientiously and selflessly to fulfill its purpose in the general work on the whole; this is the key to successful operation not only of any mechanism, but, above all, living organisms.

Every cell, providing the necessary-sufficient, with maximum efficiency and integrity whole, receive a reward a truly priceless thing that is LIFE.

On earth are earthly and temporal things.
In eternity there is immortality in God.
Only life-giving ones are getting life.

All that is 'in itself', is opposed to the whole, carrying the disease, death, simply useless - all there warts, tumors, growths are cut, torn away.

Not because of cruelty of the Creator; they just do not work for a living.
Especially for the kingdom, for in his ascent to the Incarnation (without ascent mankind turns into an anthill) should be a qualitative Transfiguration. Individual and conciliar 'born again'.

In contrast to the static socialist 'anthill that has no exit to eternity, and an end in itself, the principle of a unified whole, in conception, is only a tool.

The WAY that helps to ever ascend to the unfathomable truth.

This is a great idea of love, rafted individuality for the sake of life in the interpenetration and mutual assistance. The idea of the Trinity, consubstantial and Indivisible.

Material way is the sun that burns itself in the name of light and heat, that is life. Life-giving all around.
Eternal self-burning for the sake of life-giving is apotheosis of Love, symbolizing the transforming love of the Holy Trinity to the creation of the world.


'It is not in the Convention, not in parliament, not in declarations of human rights, not in the constructions, or utopias all communists and socialists, and the church fathers developed this pattern of an immortal society.

In the representation of persons Trinity 'inseparable', i.e. inalienable, not separated from each other, do not come into the fight, which in itself leads to the destruction of society, and death; in this view is the union of the divine persons indestructible, immortal.

Representation of the Trinity of persons as 'unmerged' eliminated their death, because it means the elimination by one person's absorption of all others.

Which, when it loses its identity, made his unconscious tools and, finally, it is merged with it, turning with him to indifference, to nothing.
N. Fedorov, 'The philosophy of the common cause.'

The intention of the Holy Trinity is a single and undivided trinity in one.
Free sacrificial love of the creature to the Creator and the Creator to the creature, with the result of the reunification of the House of the Father.
In this is the historical meaning of the temporal process.
End of era and the beginning of the next century. If we can speak about 'beginning' in eternity.


'The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God' as it is written.
Soviet power in the eyes 'of this world' was the product of insanity.

The historical function of the Russian people in the Russian Empire and later in the Soviet Union - missionary, cementing, serving smaller ones.

Intuitively, the mission saw the light; Joseph took a course on the great-power Antivampiria. He often followed the general Intention intuitive, but sometimes barbaric methods.

The revolutionary conciliar consciousness. This is the Revolution of Consciousness.
What is the 'new birth', which requires us to the Creator as a prerequisite for entry into the Kingdom.

Each ego is the immortal particle of future God-human fullness of life of the New Adam. Each of the people is only a part, does not possess the fullness of life and talents.

It craves this COMPLETENESS, begins to see her in the coming kingdom, the Creator and the God-manhood.
In the New Adam, incorruptible, free love, obedient to the Creator.

Called to live in the kingdom, where everything is permeated 'with the unfading Light', all merged into one great sacrificial love in the name of Life.

Each person is not ready to accept a free will, to suffer the idea, simply unable to exist in the House of the Father.
For asserting themselves outside of the Plan of 'self' has, as doctors say, 'violations that are incompatible with life'.

It is for 'incompatibility with life' the Creator banished man from Eden, condemning the unity of the passions.
Clambering down the tower of Babel in sin into heaven.

Joseph understood the essence of the Plan that is complementarity, interpenetration, mutual help people, on this basis, creating his own kingdom.

Also, 'not of this world' was hated by the opposing civilization.


'Carry each other's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ'.
(Galatians 6:2).

The mystical meaning of patience: we all are one in Christ.

For a time the people tolerate lawlessness of princes, as if covering them with sin.

But the beggar Lazarus and the rich man suffered feasting, but still a rich man went to hell!
There is, apparently, the degree of acceptability of evil, when the patience of "the good" becomes appeasement.
Then the revolution being accomplished.


People are given a mind to understand.

Heart is free to choose and to love.

Talents are to implement and serve.

Will and time to start climbing. And the time to decide for life on earth.

Because 'now it is later than you think'.



Life Vampires does not correspond to the Plan.

Here, each part is not just herself, but also serve other causes, the forces pulling from the general and expedient, not to mention the transformative and upward.

In vivo such 'mad' cells become cancerous, break the Whole. Which, in the end ruin,

By the way, dying themselves.

They are not suitable for the future, just as having DEATH.
That's the thing, and not in some heavenly 'jurisprudence'.

In vivo, where everything is interconnected, the vital forces of the Whole first try to heal poorly performing cells, and terminally ill tear away and replaced with new ones.

Cancerous tumors have not yet metastasized, the surgeon cuts out the salvation of the Whole.

In the world 'lying in evil', voluntarily selected by the disobedience of the Creator, such operations do not lead, as a rule, to eliminate evil, but only to a temporary improvement. After that, there will inevitably spread.
Separate the 'wheat from the chaff' is the work of the Creator.
Judgment in the end times.

The purpose of life on earth to ESTABLISH ONESELF for the life to come, multiply the Harvest of the Lord, the grace to help reach the hardened souls, choosing the light and taking the priceless gift of Heaven.

Only the thing that you gave is yours, not something that has eaten or spent.

The instructions
given to the Plan will return to you fully transformed to a new quality.
Temporal and corruptible is a living and eternal.

Well, all that is spent on a super-reasonable enough dilapidated, was sown in the ashes, is your loss.

Your killed time is stealing from yourself, from his destiny in eternity.

This is the revolution of consciousness.
All sorts of crazy excess, the game 'in life' are dangerous, because 'what find you, and that will be judged'...

The Revolution of the Spirit is for you.

In contrast to the terrestrial revolutions devour their children, where even collected into barns served as a manure for the happiness of 'future generations'.

The Revolution of the Spirit is for everyone, freely chosen Light and Truth.

For free alloy of Fire, heat and light, giving life, the smallest particle will acquire a full-fledged real existence, possible only in God.

'Who was nothing will become everything! clapped his the AD with his black palms.

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