In an assembly shop of an aircraft factory. 1944.

Yulia Ivanova

We have become barbarians in the pitch darkness. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 58

The Revision

Russia is the Sphinx. Rejoicing, grieving,
And, drenching with black blood,
She gazes, gazes at you,
And with hatred and with love.
(A. Block).

The painfully familiar brick:

'In recent years Russian society has provided something of themselves in the manner of the bourgeoisie, that is, a new cultural layer consisting of saloon-keepers, percenters, railway officers, bank dealers and embezzlers and other parasites.

In the short term, this lounging louse managed to entangle our Palestine: in every corner of it sucks, sharpening, ruins, and in addition, it behaves insolently.

This is bastards of serfdom, knocks struggling to recover signified in their favor, at least in the form of plunder, but certainly more than thieves...

I repeat: this is not the bourgeoisie, which was unheard of hard work and close study of the profession (though not without bloodsuckers) conquer a position in society, it's just idle, lazy, ignorant and, moreover, debauchee, who, by blind chance, managed to escape from prison and then gobble up around the impoverished masses 'deadhead', 'Bunglers' and 'fools'.


'A young man with pale eyes burning' eternal questions are no longer concerned.

Who is to blame, he is not interested, and what to do, he knows himself.

Buy cheap and sell at a higher price, so many times and you will become a millionaire.'
(V. Voinovich. Basil Chonkin).


A whirlwind of anger and rage is raging
Above you, the unrequited country,
All living things, all the good looks sideways.
The only sounds on the eternal night,
Among the darkness, spilled thee,
As enemies, triumphant, call together,
As the corpse of a giant dead
Bloodthirsty poultry flock,
Venomous reptiles slide!


Days go by, the air is still sultry,
Decrepit world is on the rock way
A man terribly heartless,
The weak will not find salvation!

Where are you, the singers of love, freedom, peace
And valor? The Age of 'blood and sword'!
On the throne of the earth you put a banker,
Proclaimed an executioner as a hero...


Oh, who's now remind the person
The high calling of him?
(N. Nekrasov).


'Move your Lord, the fear of them, let people know that the person they are.'
(Psalms 9:201).


'Woe unto them seriously believe that a deadly battle of the universal good and evil Lord has called them out of obscurity to entertain at dinner.

They who believe that the Savior was crucified on the ground that they could decades litter, lecher, waste their life and destroy as much as possible about the nature, bodies and souls.

What exactly is the 'right' to the Creator on the cross paid for his blood and the agony of death?

Country of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Sergius and St. Seraphim of Sarov suddenly at the end of the 20th century comes as a revelation, what is the 'Pharaoh's slavery' for hearty grub is the truth!

'Ha-ha-ha!' Joseph wrote in the margins of library books.

You can be a spectator of the game of life or a party.

You can quit the game, go to sleep or shoot himself.

Life on a plan is essentially NOT A GAME!

A dispute between two civilizations is the dispute about the meaning of life.
Does he exist? Or simply 'to live only to live'?

'Soviet people' were by ruined hate chains and lattices, instead of hatred to his own beast-likeness. For 'ordered the one who cannot obey himself.'

In Gogol's friendship with Ivan Ivan Nikiforovich already is the possibility of a quarrel, as well as in the love of Prince Andrei and Natasha - the possibility of betrayal.
In the division of inheritance loving families are sworn enemies.

'Oxen Meadows are mine!' (A. Chekhov).

All against all is the fruit of their 'freedom'.

'All for one and one is for all' is the fruit of the 'prison of peoples'.

Long live the chains, bars and rods of iron, has given us salvation!


For democrats to take a note:

'Thou shalt not follow a multitude to [do] evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest [judgment].'
(Exodus 23:2).

'And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.'
(Exodus 23: 8).

"And Moses returned unto the LORD, and said:
'Oh, this people have sinned a great sin, and made them gods of gold.'

The Lord said to Moses,
'He who hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.'
(Exodus 32:31,33).

"And the LORD passed by before him, and cried,
'Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant and true.

Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but by no punishment, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children unto the third and fourth generation.'
(Exodus 34:6-7).


'The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine and you are strangers and sojourners with me.'
(Leviticus 25:23).


'If thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee, then supported him, he is a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with thee.
Silver shalt not lend to him in height, and bread thou shalt not lend to it for profit.'
(Leviticus 25:35,37).

'Nigh unto me with their mouth the men and honoureth me language, but their heart is separated away from me;

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.'
(Matthew 15:8).


People en masse are always screaming about the righteous, 'Crucify him!'. And Pilate, washing their hands.


The greatness of Russia is not in the attack, while in OPPOSITION.



Every powerful of this world, trying to dominate someone takes responsibility for it before God.
How does the state have used their power over his subjects we learn at the fruit on the Court.


'I fast because I obey out of fear and obedience,' says the servant.
'I fast because they get for this award, says a mercenary.
'I fast because I did not want to eat,' says one who got rid of the passions and desires, is not pleasing to the Creator.
He is son and heir. That is FREE.


'If a man is righteous, and doeth judgment and justice,

His neighbor's wife... does not defile... No one is oppressed, the debtor his pledge, the theft does not make his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with a garment,

In the growth does not give and does not take vengeance, lies off his hand, the court between man and man is correct,

Walked in My statutes and kept My judgments faithfully, he is righteous, he shall surely live, saith the Lord God. "
(Ezekiel 18:5-9).


'They take Bribes you to shed blood; you take growth and more than greed and extortion from thy neighbor, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD.

So, I threw up my hands to your self-interest, which is found in thee, of bloodshed, which takes place among you.'
(Ezekiel. 22: 12.13).


'Her princes are like wolves ravening the prey, shedding blood, destroying the soul, to get dishonest gain.

And her prophets have cover with dirt, seeing vanity, and they predict a false saying, "Thus says the Lord God," while not spoken.

And the people oppress each other, rob and oppress the poor and needy, and oppress the stranger unfairly.

I am looking for a man among them who would put a wall and would in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but never found.

So, I will pour upon them mine indignation, fire of my wrath will destroy them, their behavior will turn their heads, saith the Lord God.'
(Ezekiel 22: 27-31).



If you really Radel about the authorities of the country, the powers that be, after the ascension of prayers for their health, to read every day in front of senior confessors chapter of the rich man and beggar Lazarus and other instructive passages from the Gospel.

Admonishing rulers that 'predators' who enjoy countless benefits on the ground, while sitting at their feet the hungry poor, deprived of the kingdom.

That 'to whom much is given, even more demand.'

With a flock entrusted to them belongs to Master. That is, it must carefully preserve and enhance, rather than to drag myself to the kitchen.

Fish goes out from the head. What is the shepherd and the herd is as follows.
But the transformation, a fortunately reversible, because the law cannot kill the heart.

So the Lord said, "What find you, and that will be judged.'

Much depends on the head, from the pastor. There can be no healthy body, whose head is sick.
Descend on it and above all, the anger of Heaven.
Guillotine is the best treatment for a terminally ill head.


Everything will fall into place when you realize that Antivampiria of Joseph was only a means and not an end in itself.

Communism is the next stage of ascent, it is achievable for the chosen of Heaven. He is closer to the Kingdom, but also a means.

Same purpose is the ascent to the eternal creative elusive truth.


It has become stuffy was in Russia: it smells of dump, sperm and blood...


The people of Great Russia by vocation must obey only the Lord and His priesthood.
Or worldly power, Caesar, if he does not pretend to the gods.
Everything else - chelovekougodiya sins, idolatry, which are serving someone else's lust.

'I would be happy to serve but I feel sick to worm oneself into the favor.


A saint says:
'Take it all.'

Humanists and socialists:
'Take extra.'

'Do not give up. And you devour at the earliest opportunity.


God would be infinitely lonely, if not a Trinity.
The man 'image and likeness' alone, while the human unit will not UNITY one divine-human nature in the House of the Father.


Joseph was a tamer world of evil, and the USSR was a besieged fortress, who lived under martial law.


'And what Russian does not like to drive fast?'
'The one where the ride. For example, Homa Brut under a witch.'


'There is a fantastic phrase from eastern legends, 'I am a servant lamp.'
So, these words I cannot rightly be attributed to him. And just as the genie, I really powerful. I can do everything.'
(Television anchorman Dm. Dibrov, 'a servant of the lamp').

'They are our people,' a black head nodded with his head in a white panama.


What do you do when your eyes first sweet, kind, intelligent and decent people suddenly turn into animals?
Some will freeze of horror, well, too, and some will begin to become brutalized, snap and bite.


For the great Soviet Union!
During the holy brotherhood of the human!
O Lord, all-good Jesus!
Resurrect our earthly happiness.

O Lord, bend me.
We have become barbarians in the pitch darkness.
You have Sprinkle with Palm water,
Of Noisy Autumn.

Do not hold you Almighty Evil
For my shameless Babylon,
That tore me thy dome
What I shredded the icons!

Compass! God forbid! Defend!
Raise the bloody dungeon!
What kind of pus in my old bones,
What's the stench of demons eminent places!

O Lord, all-good Jesus!
Resurrect my happiness earth.
You Raise me a red Union
Prior to his cross, the lectern.

(N. Tryapkin).


The last decade of the century and the millennium - a triumph, a show trial in defense of Joseph.
Who now dares to speak seriously about some trumped-up processes, not existing enemies and Stalin's paranoia?

Where do now, fifty years later, came from, climbed from all cracks, this evil and its name was legion? Who in a moment torn everything to pieces.
This current apocalypse, we could have 80 years ago but for Joseph...

But meanwhile what a shame
Kiev is precipitated?
There, with his eyes on the fields,
The people, depression struck,

It should be on the towers and walls
And in the fear of heavenly punishment awaits;
Groans timid in their homes,
In the streets silence of fear.

And they saw the enemy in the international,
Shining in armor, as in fire,
A wonderful warrior on horseback

Storm sweeps, stabs, cuts,
In the roaring horn, flying, trumpets...
It was Ruslan. As God's thunder,
Our hero fell to the infidels;

He picks with Charles for a saddle
Among the terrified camp.
Where no prosvischet the sword,
Where an angry horse will not rush,
Everywhere head fly from his shoulders
And with a cry in the operation system falls...

Then Ruslan one hand
He took the sword, struck the head
And the beard, grasping the other,
Compartment of her as a handful of grass.

'Know our people!' he said the cruel
What a predator, where is thy beauty,
Where is thy power?' And on the high hat
Knits grey hair.


God's law is stored in the memory of the people of the cathedral, the cathedral in his heart.

And people can destroy all the material and social ecclesiasticism, if they do not correspond to his memory and the
representation of the Supreme Truth.


Revolutionaries of the Spirit.

Rise of the 'hot' against bureaucratic distortion of the image of God clergy, against the wrong ideas about the ethics and legality of Heaven have led to a revolution of the 17th year.

It was not economic and not political, and religious revolution in essence 'for a better world, a holy freedom'.

'Better World' is not meant bourgeois, bad quantitative infinity, the total for the entire trough.
A 'holy freedom' is not right to eat his brother and fornicating.

The religious revolution is not against God and against the distorted, ugly picture of God that came into conflict with the Scripture and the Law of Conscience.

Slave wingless inertia with respect to the world 'lying in wickedness' has nothing to do with true Christianity.
Is a revolutionary, powerful, and sublime in its overarching objective of forming armies of Christ, the Incarnation, the cathedral of his ascension to the Kingdom.

Child of the Revolution of the Spirit is new Adam, called to live in the Kingdom of Light.

The revolutionaries of the Spirit the spirit of the time for the Cause of God.

Freed from the yoke of time, matter, make the time in eternity.

They release matter and convert the most free by a creative act into 'steamers, long lines and other things'

Into Beauty, Good, Light.

Into a reasonable, good and eternal things.

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