They were aiming at Communism but struck at Russia. Joanna's Page 56

Yulia Ivanova

They were aiming at Communism but struck at Russia. Joanna's Page 56

On the day when it was announced on the elimination of the USSR and launched a red flag over the Kremlin, Joanna finally believed in the correctness of Ignatius' statements about ominous mystical essence of what is happening.

Her great motherland waa vcrucified by those who only yesterday was shouting 'Hosanna'. And the silent people, and Pilate washed their hands.

The serial nightmare Began, where everything went wrong, everything disintegrated, fragmented. Where any resistance and protest died soon appeared, and the evil was immortal.

It was a Russian horror movie. Soviet grown up boys and girls with nice kind person, thoughts and actions; Jpoanna pricked when a woman said that 'we have no sex'.

And the other in the exhibition and sale of fur waved indifferently, they say, to what we do mischief, it was used more practical and cheaper goods.

And third, barely alive grandmother, refused on humanitarian aid, said a correspondent, to give all the kids, and her old one, nothing else, because everything is.

So, these good people of the Soviet: curly, dark-skinned, fair-haired, narrow-eyed, so different, but relatives of his, ours, such remarkable ones, suddenly, overnight, something spoiled, blackened inside.

Burned bad greedy green eyes began to grow animal fangs, claws, hair, genitals.

And now newly made werewolf dug eagerly and triumphantly snarling, spitting, blood and semen, breathing fumes restaurant stuck into the neck and near each other, the girls in the country, tearing the 'holy, great and mighty' into pieces.

The heart, liver, arms swan, blue eyes, no sorry, just to eat, chew, choking on blood. And everything he touched, these bestial, too, were infected with blood lust, power, money and mating.

All this is called the reorganization and 'fresh wind of changes', then sovereignty and vouchers, then privatization, market reforms.

They pulled one of his great country defenseless crucified body with nutty, not the people, there is already public.

And now it happened: the main vampires fled, dragging his hand who is who his leg, who liver, leaving traces of blood. And other smaller small vampires infected with the deadly epidemic of a sovereign, eagerly pecked eerie remains of the feast.

'Motherland, Great Russia,' sadly mused Joanna, gathered under the motherly wing of his people. For a guarded, protected, for you gave life your children so that their descendants possessed muzzy destroyed overnight were separated to independent corners.

'It is mine, mine!' All separated, people welcome, shouting 'Crucify!'

From these crazy news would hold his ears and beat my head against the wall. 'They were aiming at Communism but struck at Russia'. 'The USSR is no more; the Soviet Union departed this life!'

It brought about an association with the mystery of the apocalypse.

'And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple torn in the middle.'

And while ordinary holders of party cards, except that the perpetrators in their high moral and business qualities, without which the party to some engineer could not get, until they suffered abuse from the 'broken loose' citizens, werewolves solemnly declared that the Soviet Union, the total house of the Russian Empire is no more and no public property.

That all belongs to them now: the land, its minerals, plants and factories, pioneer camp, rest homes and sanatoria, savings bank with deposits, radio and television.

And the vampires themselves, Russian, Jewish, Caucasian, Ukrainian, Baltic and Central Asian ones who impunity began to fill the insatiable own womb.

And while werewolves-scribblers, actors, TV people glorified the freedom of the victims screaming for execution. And some praised evil in the hope that their hour strikes, and cling to one's neck...

'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.'
(Matthew 2:25).

'The Soviet Union is no more'. It is a non-existent state'. 'The Motherland is no more,' The Fatherland, the Motherland is no more.'

We are all earthlings.
You can say, my homeland is the Earth. The Soviet Union is my country.
Then my republic, my city, street, yard, house.
My room, or my corner of the room; all the finer division itself did not in principle.

This is a national, domestic, cultural and religious differences, it is allowing people to live together amicably, side by side.
Individual, national and racial characteristics does not mean hatred confess to God in their own way, perform their rituals, speak their own language, teach children.

Live in the end, in the same house, area as 'Chinatown', for example, a republic in the former Soviet Union.
But why would borders, its own currency, army, thousands of its officials?

This is not from God, it's them, predators, handwriting the administrative division is not for convenience, not for the letters, and wolf-beast mafia, the area of ownership.
Divide and conquer.

Multinational Holy Russia was not united national ideas, but the idea of a single country the blessed.

'The rumor about me will be held across Russia great and everyone calls me who is in her language: and the proud grandson of the Slavs, and Finns, and now a wild Tungus and Kalmyk steppes friend.'

The idea of a common homeland, where the genius of the poet finds his work belongs equally to all peoples inhabiting Russia.

He even says not 'peoples' but 'people'.
Kind 'people', bringing all this love for the 'good feelings'.
That is the law of God in the heart, the glorification of 'freedom' and called for 'mercy for the fallen'.

And by 'freedom' means not mess lust...

In the hours of fun or idle boredom
Sometimes I have my lyre
Entrust pampered sounds
Madness, indolence and passions.
(To Philaret)

'I want to sing the praises of freedom of the world, hit the vice on thrones.'

Vampire vice neutrons, corrupting and ruining everyone - here is the slavery of the world lying in wickedness.

'Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.'

Why do we doubt the validity of God's desire to create order in this life as opposed to the world 'lying in wickedness'? Is it not thus fulfilling the will of Heaven?

Yes, the first attempt was not very successful, 'the builders rejected the stone, which lies at the core.'
However, only in words.
But do we not obliged, even sometimes at the cost of blood and violence, to build a fair, pleasing to God, the world?
Or should the price of even more blood and violence to give him to his kingdom of the beast?

When you do good, the Lord comes. And goes away when you are doing evil things. Regardless of whether you're an atheist or a believer.


A person commanded to produce by the sweat of their bread. Nowhere are not allowed to eat and the life forces of others, without giving anything in return. Here, Satan will rule their prey, fed the blood of other sins.
Did you not in idleness and luxury bredesh, get on his whip to the underworld?

Part of God's plan for you. A peculiar case is designed for you who cannot by itself holy or sinful.
Serve darkness, allegedly for the sake of the Motherland is idolatry. Sacrifice for the sake of the heavenly fatherland of the earth, an eternity for the sake of temporary.

SERVICE WHAT was life scoops?

Sloth and lust of nomenclature? It is a small degree.

Own lusts? Also there is, perhaps, for she was a kind of 'censorship lusts'.

State machine? Homeland?

Yes, most likely. This ministry was largely positive, as possible to protect against vampires Orthodox Fatherland, giving people a chance to serve as a good neighbor selfless deeds.

That is life 'in God', despite the state atheism.

'It is a lie that the most productive work for themselves.' Joanna argued with visible and invisible opponents. 'That somewhere in the north building in the city of incredible conditions, which must soon come to settle his men. Rail, hollow permafrost. These people have done wonders.

Work for them is gone.

On the master, greedy owner is humiliating, it is generally with the church in terms of servility to man.

For the benefit of the fatherland, if it does not belong to predators.

Progress with a plus (science, technology, culture). But it is very easy to get lost with the signs.

In the case of goodness and mercy, because it is serving Heaven.

And the Caesar?

This well-known formula, 'God's to God and Caesar's to Caesar.'

Soldiers went into battle, 'For the Motherland, for Stalin!'
But if Caesar is a vampire, a traitor interests of the fatherland, tyrant and a drunkard, to spit on the higher its mission, he is ruining his flock, rather than to save and save.

It is no accident the word 'save' from the 'mouth'...

Serve this to Caesar is not only idolatry, but also saluting gods.
We share with them the sins of the people and heaven, for we ourselves put him on the throne.



Formula Dostoevsky 'If there is no immortality, then everything is permitted' has been refuted by the historical life of the 'friends' over seventy years of Soviet power.

In the sense that the soul was originally knows that it is immortal, and live spontaneously, according to this their secret knowledge.

Some frantically gather wealth, like Pushkin's Miserly Knight, forgetting that it will have to leave, that is, transferring their belief in personal immortality in earthly life.

Others instinctively find the right path and be heard by the Light of the case just as the need of the soul to fly.

Instinct in ETERNITY times stronger than sin, since all earthly strong incentives, servility to oneself, reproduction, proud conceit, perverse ill effects inherent in the soul of the completeness of existence.

God grows in people's souls.


In the spring 1998 the new prime minister Kiriyenko said, he was a staunch member of the Komsomol, a Communist, and now convinced that this is the best and most fair idea.

But since it is not feasible, he became a banker and capitalist.

He seemed to be intelligent, charming young man.
That is, the ship sailed to the Promised Land, then the captain went mad and turned to the permafrost, mate and boatswain blows from the treasury ship, the sailors drank themselves to leak in the hold.
In general, there is plague on the ship.

But part of the team healthy, reasonable, rather than to take the wheel in their hands, to arrest traitors, seal the leak, cure, or isolate the plague, and try to sober up drunks still be saved, to reach the coast, says,

'As it is bad on the ship, let's sail to icebergs.

Several centuries Revelation of Heaven called for the best minds and conscience of Russia 'burn the hearts of people with a Word', flatly rejected 'the broad way to destruction', which you are now gathered to follow.

Opening, repairing, restoring temples, donating to the church and the words were reconciled to God, you reject the most important thing is a course in which one thing is certain is that he points out, 'Away!'

You cannot very well know, 'Where?' Hesitate to go with the sine wave, wander; the Lord forgive you.
But we know exactly where it is 'wrong', we have suffered.

Read the Gospel and think about the passengers on the ship, with the ruined souls whom Heaven will ask from you, with the team.

We started to practice the words of God, but His was less in our lives, despite the opening of the church.
Feral false freedom enslaved country, and now we are reaping the bitter fruits of disastrous.

The current troubles we are for our admonition, for heaven need a different Russia, the keeper of the Orthodox traditions that keeps the world from falling into the abyss.

If we do not realize what happens if we connect in evil with the outside world, with vampires, then gone.
The world will not 'holding' and we pull all in a pit.


'Woe to the city is filthy and polluted, to the oppressing city!

Do not listen to voice, does not accept the teachings, the Lord does not trusts to her God is not coming.

Its princes within him are roaring lions, its judges are evening wolves that leave in the morning before any of the bones.

Its prophets are light and treacherous persons: its priests defiles the sanctuary, violate the law.

I cut off the nations: their towers are destroyed, empty streets made them, so that no one walks on them, destroyed their cities: there is no man, no inhabitants.

So wait for me, saith the Lord, until the day when I rise up to the prey: for my determination to gather the nations, assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for the fire of my jealousy all the earth shall be devoured. "
(Zephaniah 3:1-4, 6, 8).

'Jealousy' is so clear to the human heart!' thought Joanna, 'this is treason to God and His cause, His plan for you.'


'Woe to those who enrich themselves beyond measure is not his own, for how long? And liens encumber yourself!'

Do not rise suddenly those that will torment you, and do not rise up against you if robbers, and you will get at them for a spoil?

Because you robbed many people, then you rob all the other peoples of the shedding of human blood, for the ruin of the country, city, and all that dwell therein.

Woe to him who thirsts for the unjust acquisitions to his house to arrange his nest on high, and in order to protect themselves from the hand of misfortune!

Shame you invented for your house by cutting off many peoples, and have sinned against your soul.
The stones will cry out from the walls and the beam of wood will answer them.

Woe to the one building the city on blood and shaping the fortress iniquity!
Woe to you who you serve your neighbor drink with a touch of malice, and thy do it drunk, shame to see it!
Are you fed up with shame instead of glory, and you drink the same show, and shame - and turn your cup right hand of the Lord and to the shame of thy glory.'
(Habakkuk 2:6-12, 15-16).

'And in the day of the Lord's sacrifice I will punish the princes and the king's sons, and all clothed with strange apparel;

Will be visiting that day all who leap on the threshold, which fill their masters' houses violence and deceit.

Howl, ye inhabitants of the lower part of the city, for all the merchant people disappear, and be cut off laden with silver.
r>And turn them into the production of wealth, and their houses a desolation: they shall build houses and live in them will not be planted a vineyard, a wine of them will not drink.

The great day of the Lord is near, and it hastens: have heard the voice of the Lord's day. Bitter cry, and then the bravest!

The Day of Wrath. This day, the day of trouble and distress, a day of devastation and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and haze.

And I will bring distress upon men, and they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD, and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh - as the dung.

Neither their silver nor their gold can deliver them in the Lord's day of wrath and fire of his jealousy shall be devoured with the whole land.

For destruction, and, moreover, a sudden, he accomplish all of the inhabitants of the earth.
(Zephaniah 1:8-9, 11, 13-15, 17-18).

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