But its idea is not available to them. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 59

Yulia Ivanova

But its idea is not available to them. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 59


"Your father is the devil, and you want the lusts of your father, he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in truth, for there is no truth in him, and when he lies, he speaks from his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies"
(John 8:44).

Prince of Darkness, that is, the 'father of lies' is a great muddle. Russia will arduous walk on a dense maze of 'doors', the Russian ways to Heaven, and notions of heaven, delusions and intuitive revelations from above.

It is necessary to separate the word from the ideology of the ruling power is always interpreted and distorting the word in their favor with the help of the clergy.

It is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. First of all, the spiritual activity, while climbing three steps to comply with Submission:

To subdue the body to the mind.

The mind to spirit.

The Spirit to God. So that from the peak, proud, does not fall to the bottom.

Poor foolish sheep that received the freedom to destroy the fence and trample pastors, to suppress one another. Wander through the mountains without supervision, to fall into the abyss, and serve food to wolves.

The Communists, believers from every Equip (parable of the talents) daily bread to everyone.

The greatest Christian virtue, obedience, is also quite consistent with the essence of Joseph Antivampiria.
Obedience to whom? The answer to this question will determine the fate of Joseph in eternity.


Soviet power was destroyed by the accumulated critical mass of collective sin.


"If you do not engage in politics, then politics will you."


'Revolutions are made to save the rich from the captivity of Babylon whore, and the poor from envy to them.

The fight must be at the class, not national, not a political, not religious and potential GOD-HUMANITY with the prince of darkness.
For the sake of accomplishment of the Plan, the New Adam in the House of the Father.

Believers understand the Kingdom under the House of the Creator. Unbelievers are the bright future of a new transfigured humanity. Or just "remember the debt," which is already very much.

"OUR" are all who believe in the "high calling" of man.
Who never to sell the secret behind "drum jam".
Who would not exchange "birthright for a mess of pottage."

One civilization since biblical times honors "original sin", a disease to death, "the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life." Recover from this is the purpose and meaning of life on earth.

Other honors for the civilization of the meaning and purpose in life the disease with all sorts of serious complications (the more the better).
Fouling of things, buildings, accounts, passions, pood kettle bells, not giving off.

"It is forbidden to forbid!" is a slogan of Satan.

One civilization after the "father of lies", declares a violation of the prohibitions of "human rights".

Another is a doctor prescribed a strict hospital regime. Therapeutic diet for healing. Inscription on the bottle: "Caution, it is Poison". On cigarettes, "Health Ministry warns".

For the cure of one civilization is the emptiness of hell.
For another is true freedom.

That's where the separation line, and not personal data: financial status, nationality, party affiliation, religion, place of residence.
The court will heart condition, because the Lord said:

"Give me, son, your heart".

And no identity card.


The hatred of werewolves to the communist ideology of hatred is akin to Christianity of those who are looking for green streets and justify its right to "sick to death".

"My burden is easy."

Communist ideology was also easy to live. Nation was in obedience to authority, had "daily bread", was released from a bad advertising "quantitative infinity" of desires.

And the confrontation Vampires (Mammon empire) quite consistent with Christianity. As, however, and the other major religions.

Like the "beautiful soul impulses" is in the Civil and Great Patriotic wars, the great construction projects ...

Man longs for the "high states", according to the sacrificial heroism, because in essence it is the royal path of Christ.

This longing for the war years. For the lost purity, when there was peace with himself and with God. Let the "UNKNOWN".

The soul feels badly, see clearly the danger, in spite of the brainwashing advertising and dope, "the needle of the Ostankino".
Previously, people had very different person.

By the way, "Ostankino" - a vivid example of the fact that everything cannot be unambiguously good or bad, including work in television.
The most severe priest would bless the "Blue Spark", but would be horrified waved his arms and disown any "about it."

Your sin, TV reporters and gentlemen, rastirazhirovanny daily in millions of copies - think about the truly terrible weapon in your hands.
Where there is an atomic bomb!
"Do not fear those who kill the body but the soul!" And how many children under your "shells" fall?

Vampires are known to be immortal, they can only drive an aspen stake.
They also fear the light, which in humans is generally not.

Vampires now and then turn the beautiful maiden. Do not defend the magic circle - evil will break even in the church. Coffin flies over your head, cause the Wii, and all the screaming, wanting to kill:

'Where is he? Where?'

Following the gospel of the great Russian literature is taught not to turn on "a wide path of perdition."


REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS is not to take away or to redistribute, and not wanting to have extra.

To evil is unrequited to the kindness is friendly,
Before people and conscience is right.
Ringing of church bells to join the kingdom of heaven in people's hearts - the Gospel - indicates that the Kingdom begins with the land.

Sometimes, Soviet ideologists seemed ridiculous, sometimes, inept, so the swan with its wings clipped becomes like a goose.
At times the whole game (conferences, campaigns, censorship) as something irrational, arbitrary.

But the thought and may, or not? It is impossible without all sorts of bans and restrictions? Maybe it really people will give, give relief to private property or morality all fall apart?

Is the herd, are the pastors.


'But it really all began with Gorbachev's call Sakharov swing hypertensive black legs with white sandals and end.'
'Ha-ha-ha' How Joseph would write in the margins of library books.

'But that certainly was bad, the tragic accumulated - an intolerable hypocrisy, duplicity leaders. The case where the repetition of the truth spoil.'

Who are they - hopeless fools or venal cynics?
What they have zealously defended their in general correct, no doubt the commandments, the greater the distrust caused these dogmas have "scoops".

Shepherds WERE NOT does not conform, they seem.

So he pretended sheep Krylov's wolf climbing the error in the kennel.
More and more suits climbed out of the Kremlin's couture fur, fangs and claws of wild beasts.

The more often they were crucified for the Protection of the sheep, the love of his own flock and of the "orthodoxy", unselfishness, purity, status and thoughts, love and friendship, the more aroused doubts among the people themselves of their "values."

"Bad smell of dead words."

Stanislavsky would have said "I do not believe it!"

That is against what has been hidden a protest by the people against their hypocritical spoiled by the frequent repetition of the "truth" in which people once believed.

Rotten fish from the head, as in the preceding pages of history.
And foolish people once again splashed with water, baby, and then was silent numb from the offense.

The people felt that they graze more and more manifest Werewolves, and the herd rushed in panic into the abyss.

Incorrect to divide people into sheep and wolves. The fact that all are sheep-wolves.

Social Christianity is legalized slavery, all imbued with petty-bourgeois moralism unbearable.
"Socialism" is an era of stagnation and into a petty-bourgeois, devoid of the spirit of society.


You'll be a long time eh fog
Hiding, the Russian star,
Or an optical illusion
You put on forever?

Can it be true towards the greedy gaze,
To you seeking in the night;
Empty and false meteor
Your scatter rays?

All the thick darkness, all of Forest Hill.
All of imminent disaster.
Look whose flag they are killed at sea
Wake up - now or never.
(F. Tyutchev).


Individualism, isolation itself is slavery itself.

Collectivism - and space / Nirvana /, and social elements are dissolved in an impersonal world.

FREEDOM OF THE SPIRIT is coming out of himself, overcome himself, to remain himself is in God.


The slogan of "Lord of the world will work" is idolatry.

Under capitalism, labor is "hostile work" on the exaggerated lust. Their own or others does not matter. The slavery of Pharaoh, serving Mammon.

Generic need to work on the "daily bread" as the Lord appointed duty, the penalty for sin progenitors.

During the Soviet era labor for Antivampiria objectively serve the salvation, the protection of the individual.

Well, for the work of liberation of the spirit is a means to implement God's plan for each.


Fear of intimacy God Fire devours and Light, exposing the darkness.

"Get away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man".


"O my people, your leaders mislead you enter, and the way of thy paths of messed up."
(Isaiah 3:12).

"And pointing with his hand on his disciples and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!
For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. "
(Matthew 12:49-50).

"Let all be one: as thou, 0tche, in Me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us ..."
(John 17:21).


Moving up (climbing) pulls together all in God is at the top.

Could this be the key to the mystical properties of the PYRAMIDS?


In Christianity, must be connected to the truth-truth and the truth-justice.

"To beat a lie of socialism, we must recognize the truth of socialism and to implement it." (Vladimir Soloviev).


Roulette is an instrument of destruction, has invented a righteous man scientist Blaise Pascal. In the monastery, studying the probability of coincidence in the games.


Is it right to hope for the restoration of temples, ignoring the destruction of the "domestic churches"?

Vampiria is hostile to the Creator and His Plan.
Army soldiers of Heaven Children of Light conquers darkness with a false system of values, a false image of life, whispering: "Eat, you will not die"


Hell is waiting for the soul of the Last Judgment, when all earthly things vanished, and to eternity, to the light you're not ready. Fear, for will inevitably be seen thine abominations.
Darkness, fear, emptiness, abandonment by God.


It has long been on the European soil,
Where lies the so luxuriantly grown,
It has long been a science Pharisees
The double truth was created:

For them - the law and equality,
For us - the violence and deception,
And strengthened the ancient
They are, as a legacy of the Slavs.

Who for her always and everywhere
The villain was the best:
They are only our Judas
Honor your kiss.
(Fyodor Tyutchev)


"Democracy is a dictatorship scum!" (lfred Nobel).


"Communism is the Russian phenomenon, despite the Marxist ideology.
Russian Communism is the destiny, the fate of the internal time of the Russian people ...

Communism has to be overcome, but not destroyed. At the highest stage, which will come after communism, and the truth shall enter communism, freed from the lie.

The Russian revolution aroused and relaxed huge forces of the Russian people. This is its main purpose.
The Soviet Constitution of 1936. has created the best laws on the property.

"The Russian religion is catholic in nature.

Western Christians are not aware of such a communitarian, which is characterized by a Russian. All this traits find expression not only in religious trends, but also in social currents.
The main holiday Easter. Christianity is understood primarily as a religion of Resurrection "/ Berdyaev /.


The lie was embodied in the damask;
Some degree of allowance of God
Not the whole world, but a hell of
You threaten the overthrow of the ...

All the blasphemous minds
All nations abominable to God
Erected from the bottom of the kingdom of darkness
In the name of light and freedom!

You cook them captive,
You predict is shamed
You - the best future, since
Verb, and the life and enlightenment!

Oh, this test is strict,
At last, the fatal fight
Not change as you imagine
Is justified before God.
(F. Tyutchev).


"The Russian bear is not soul searching and spiritual.
The Russian people, to his eternal idea, is not fond of this earthly city and looks forward to the City to Come, the New Jerusalem. But the New Jerusalem is not separated from the vast Russian land, it is associated with it, and it will go into it.

For the New Jerusalem, it is necessary kommyunatornost, the brotherhood of man.
And this must have to survive the era of the Holy Spirit, which will be a new revelation about the company.

In Russia it was prepared.'


Joseph's party apparatus was held together by cement Antivampiria.
Remember: You have taken away predators of God!


Christian love in action to see in every image and idea of the Creator and to help implement it.
In this and the Consciousness Revolution.


"Tomorrow will be smaller because there was yesterday."

If the historical evil punished by God through people (revolution, war, disaster), then the world would be swallowed by evil.

Lord permits evil to destroy evil. Steps aside to gangsters in a dark room shoot each other.


Only a break in eternity clarifies the meaning of the historical process.
For the time is the universal sickness unto death, the victory over which is the meaning of human life.

People here are partakers of the Savior, the victorious death.
"Death by death," his godfather feat.

Ownership of Christ is a personal choice of each, the gift freely to decide their own destiny in eternity.
"Stop a moment!" Longing for a really, fullness of life that does not exist in historical time. There is only an illusion of conservatism (past) and the illusion of progress (future).

Creativity is a way out of historical time, a breakthrough in eternity.

"Manuscripts do not burn."

Prophecy is a victory over time.

Infinity existential quality time, rather than quantitative.
As well as the kingdom, and hell - the qualitative state, rather than quantitative.


"Between the two meta-historical events of Christ is the tense historical period in which a person goes through all delusion and subjugation.

The story moves into the realm of freedom of the Spirit.

greatest test of man and the experience of seduction derive elected to the thirst for freedom in God.
Progress is at the mercy of a deadly time.

End of story is the end of historical time. "


The victory over the anthill catholicity.
Lots of human beings in the image and ideas.

Self, ant, collegiality, divine-human nature in the House of the Father.

Such a transition stage from time to eternity.


Wasted effort - no, they did not repent -
The more liberal, so they went
Civilization - fetish for them,
But it is not available to them the idea.
(F. Tyutchev).


Person is experiencing the history of the world as their own.
Takes responsibility for everything that happens, revolts against slavery of the historical process is not for self-isolation, and to take him to his infinite subjectivity.

We are responsible for everything.

Non-eternal things meaningless and must be overcome, says the Consciousness Revolution.

Stop being a slave to a temporary peace, to break into the kingdom of the Free Spirit, voluntarily submitting to the will of the Creator.

We must strive to the external changes in the world to pave the way to inner revolution of the spirit.

FREEDOM is not human rights, and responsibilities to realize their identity in the image and ideas.

As a step towards freedom of every person is a microcosm in a potential state "image and likeness," she controlled the fate of his.

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