The height has turned into an abyss for us. Joanna's Page 57

Yulia Ivanova

The height has turned into an abyss for us. Joanna's Page 57

'The Union ceased to exist!'
'Union no longer exists!'
Frankly jubilant cries of our and foreign media to remind coven.
This universal mystery, with its homeland disaster seemed so incredible that the mind does not want to believe.
It seemed they were about to come to their senses, something happens, someone will declare an enemy of the people.

Because someone had to stop this madness from which she felt a strange, almost physical pain from a mixture of rage. When he wanted to enlist immediately. And on horseback in armor, as Maid of Orleans, whose name was once called her father to crush the enemy.
But the enemy was everywhere not just those either fools, or werewolves in the Kremlin, not only stunned by the unexpected production zabugornye vultures, but this is the people.

Simple former Soviet people, looking at the unfolding apocalypse, with dull curiosity oligophrenic indifferent, which is spinning at the feet of a grenade.

"My native land, you're crazy!" sung the singer Talkov, until he was killed.

'Fear indifferent!' Warned Bruno Yasensky. 'With their tacit consent of all the evil done on earth.'
But there were not just indifferent, it was a zombie. They watched "Santa Barbara", ate cheeseburgers and sneakers, cheap happy Papuan rags and reading tabloids.

Something to do with them. It was not the people, and dull, disorganized and cowardly herd, or not noticing that a stable burning, or does not want to see.

"And the rest, a great marquis".
All is well, just not for commies. Let all be lost and will burn, but would not commies. Soviet Union, Russia, we, the whole world; let it burn, if only commies did not return.

In this, too, hate to see clearly something mystical, akin to the persecution of Christians.

"I drove, and they will also persecute you".

The world loves her. Do not give sin, forced to work, will be all in all to share.

If the people who live peacefully again offered to share all - certainly begin the war.

If faithful to her husband every day to show naked women, it will inevitably wander.

You have something to say to the world? Speak! But I bet you have nothing to say!

His eyes were glassy owners. The voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Joanna caught myself on the fact that the Soviet Union and protects the government from religious positions. Power, in general, did not allow sin! - Not that there's another reason, which no one spoke/ Hate it?
Return to the stable and paddock Commandments.

'Are you a Communist?' Joanna angrily asked during this debate.

'I am - a Christian,' she replied with a challenge.

The more cracked building, the more clearly stood out ominously mystical meaning.
When God wants to punish, takes the mind.

Red flag lowered stealthily, at night.
Long ago, on the scenic course, they were shown documentary footage of the explosion of Christ the Savior. He was blown up red, but the same cutoff horror she felt, looking at night Luzhino on TV, shots of red banner of the descent. "Their" banner.

No, it was our flag! Its flag, as well as her church. Joanna could not even articulate precisely the notion of "our", but "the earth shook and the curtain torn in half".

As if torn, bleeding hearts of millions of us who lived at one time, a red rag helpless twitched in agony, and hung dead.

Here it is, the sign on the crown of the last Secretary! Prelude bloodshed and disaster.

Our own reaction to what he saw, too stunned. In this state, probably set on fire, blow up, click on the buttons and triggers ...
'What are you, judases, do?' It seemed to be silently screaming frozen as before his execution, December's Red Square.

"Widely you, Russ, in the face of the earth in a regal beauty turned."
"The chains of mountains are giants."
"Wonderful Dnepr in calm weather."
"Tashkent is the city of bread".
"He raises his chest blue sea, mountains and the sea ice goes on." Throbbing in her fierce intolerable pain.

"No, it does not help his efforts underground and seditious forces.
Behold, above you, stretched out its wings, soars Archangel Michael! "

"Or a little us? Or from Perm to Tauris,
From the Finnish hladny rock to fiery Colchis,
From the walls of the Kremlin shocked motionless China
Steel stubble gleaming, snaps Russian land? "

The people remained silent. If there was a great faith, great history, great culture and great blood of the martyrs of the Orthodox civilization thousands of years ...

They looked serisls.

"There is only one country that borders with God - Russia."

The land, where every inch of watered with tears, sweat and blood collected by her.
Defended the integrity and the right not to fatten the great expense of others.
Realized the life of the world lying in wickedness as unworthy, leading to eternal perdition.
The defense seemed to be forever its great expanse.

Where a man is a "friend, comrade and brother," where "bread crust, and the other half" where "all for one, one for all", where "die, but do not let a kiss without love" ...

Where is believed that a person comes into the world not to receive and give, serve others, not to be served.
And that freedom is not in the infinite satisfaction of selfish and carnal desires, and liberation from them in the name of the high destiny of man.

Let your dreams called "Bright Future", "happiness of mankind" - is not to find ways to this very "Fortunately," God has called us?

Let the lost, even more than once mistaken for a light at the end of the tunnel spotlight oncoming train that smashed many of us. Let us were a little faith, or was not at all, though we have not yet found a "narrow path of salvation and the strait gate."

But "a wide path of perdition," where we are now so violently pulled ... country legalized Vampires, lust, avarice, that the Air Force is not for us.
And if you said that you can not simultaneously serve God and Mammon, that we, at least, did not serve the Golden Calf.
We have built cities and factories, tilled the land, taught children, treated the sick, protect the homeland, wrote books and believed in their own way in the sky.

We won predators and oppressors, but did not see them grin at us.

Fallen humanity is permanently pregnant with vampirism. Oh, how we are now well understood, cherished, and when we called to take care of the guards began to devour us also, infecting "Holy Rus" sickness unto death ".

So what now? Bon Appetit them? .. "Vampires of the world unite?"

Most are known to go through extensive destruction. "Democratic" has been sentenced to crucifixion of Jesus was innocent.
The people on the whole prefer the gifts of heaven and earth crucify the Truth.

Inspiration, Abstinence, Ascent. Against vampires, lust, and Bacchanalia.

Something has changed globally in the world, as after the murder of old money-lender for Raskolnikov.
Joanna did not kill his own country, but after the destruction of the Union, without territorial, not as if the soul was taken out from the homeland; something ominous change in the world.
All around was dead, decaying dramatically, all the nasty and smoldering, all smelling carrion. And she was tormented by a terrible guilt complex as, perhaps, their standing idle for some time in the crucifixion.

This God of the earth-mother, the Holy Russia - where your soul? Do resurrected on the third day?
Or so and you'll be on my knees begging for salary, swallow soap operas, and dig his own grave, requiring only that given a witty shovel. Yes fed before jumping back.

Or, the fate of obeying the law,
Everything that could have you already made?
He created a song-like moan,
And spiritually ever slept?

"Be not deceived, brethren: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God."

"Neither predators nor thieves, nor sodomites, nor covetous".

We were given vast heaven, so that the enemy they choked, unable to swallow.

Banner of the color of blood.

Kulikovo field of Borodino, Sevastopol, Prokhorovka, Stalingrad. Dmitry Donskoy and Alexander Nevsky. Susanin, Zoya, Materosov, Gastello. Unknown soldiers and millions of unknowns.

"We whistled our space, promaterili spirit". Where is your soul, Russ?

The Great God's chosen land "on the walls of the Kremlin shocked motionless China" was dying, bleeding to death, becoming just a "territory."
Do not conquered enemies, but crucified their own children.
The country looked serials. And the red-green TV screens millions of vampire eyes were watching the greatest agony of all time.
Remove this was impossible.

Die, the Fatherland, a herd of submissive!
Dump people will burn and rot,
Banner of the Soviet, the national flag,
The leader of our market and sell propet.


Trying to understand what is happening, Joanna is now often went to Ignatius' temple, where the free time in the Sunday school room there were real battles on the Russian cursed questions:
"What do I do?", "Who's to blame?", "Was it a boy?" "Russ, where are you rushing?"

As once in Luzhino discussed endlessly and passionately purely spiritual matters, so now Ignatius' flock together turned to politics.
Ignatius is present, then left to marry, baptize, administer the sacrament of patients left, came back again, allowing arisen in the absence of controversy. Novice gave to drink all the tea and sweets, crackers, and other offerings, the debate flared up with renewed vigor.

Then they were asked to release the children's room, and they continued to argue on the platform in the train, in the car of Joanna, where the crowded five or six people. Joanna was taking them to the nearest metro station, fearing that the fragile metal box saloon burst of emotion. Just and unjust.

Church authorities did not like the politicization of the parish, but Father Andrew argued that if the Orthodox Church will not engage in "accursed questions", the congregation will be engaged and is already involved in our and foreign sects.
But most of all, apparently, an active opposition to the top of the frightened father, Andrew, "a fresh wind of change".
Except, of course, that the advantage of opening up churches, but when the temple opened for each account opened with a dozen taverns, brothels, casinos, and magic points.
And what of the fact that now you can open their mouths shut if this conscience, heart and mind?

It seems that the church was divided, and the bosses, there were all sorts of newfangled priests, supporters of ecumenism, and renovationists conservatives who preach the benefits of enrichment as a congregation and the church itself.
They talked about "human rights", "lack of freedom of conscience," sat in parliament, blessed banks, firms, overseas vehicle.
Attended the various presentations, although the father of Andrew and his followers referred to the decisions of the ecumenical councils, anathema unearned and predatory capital and forbidden to lend money.

Because the dissident Ignatius was "red-brown priest."
Part of the congregation that wants to serve both "God and Mammon" and nod at the same time a valuable American experience, from his father Andrew split.

Ignatius all experienced, talked about the "end times" world government, the present and future disasters and the possible association of churches under the banner of the "father of lies and the werewolf world."
On the precursors of the Antichrist, which is "near at the doors," and other signs of an impending apocalypse, as he told a shrewd old man.

But strangely of father Andrew, and many of his spiritual children were arguing about the coming end with a strange delight.

"And he, the rebel, asks the storm". "Let It Storm!"

Historical time is a disease that leads to an inevitable death. Therefore, it is the end, perhaps, for every believer is liberation.
We yearn for a genuine, real, which in this life does not. Only the past the illusion of conservatism and the future - the illusion of progress.

Stop a moment! We long to meet God at the same time afraid of her.

Especially in the "fateful moment" when everything around is asking for help, for salvation, when the crumbling existence, the blood flows. And the Lord seems to have completely turned away from the mad world.
When the time to return "our debts." And yet his haggard bitter cup to the dregs, and it is necessary to carry his cross. And not only in the face of the Lord will appear, but also to the host of the great, gathering, protecting, and exalted bogohranimoe Orthodox Fatherland, which we allowed to dismember and defile the servants of darkness.

And our ashes to the severity of a judge and civil rights
A descendant of a contemptuous insult verse
Bitter sneer deluded son
Above the ruined father.

Will they do, the descendants of dying from Russia? Whether writing poetry or reading?
Or even be able to read and write?
And will it be, the great Holy Russia?
Or will just a "territory" and become a great nation, "decreasing population"?

"And the spirit rested ever."

Who's to blame? What should I do? To rush?
Do not give the answer.
God save us, as You know.
"Let It Storm!"
The last revolution. Your apocalypse, Lord!

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and first earth had passed away and was no more sea.
And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more crying, no crying, or pain will be gone: for the former things have passed.
And he said to me, it happened! I esm Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of the thirsty I will give the gift of the water of life;
He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be my son;
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters and all liars - the fate of the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, it is - the second death. "
(Revelation 21:1, 4, 6-8).

Do not we have a "cowardly and wrong"?


Which devil tempted us?
And who are we under him?
But its expanses are no more in the world
And its times are gone.

A living being is not able
To understand that it is no more...
The homeland is like mother,
She and we are one.

The cosmic bonfire
Helplessly died out.
We wasted our space
And badmouthed the spirit.

The height has turned into an abyss for us
And God's light is growing dark.
We were born in the homeland,
Which is no more.
Boris Chichibabin, "A Lament for the lost Homeland," 1992).

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