A crucifix and a knife in one hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 60

Yulia Ivanova

A crucifix and a knife in one hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 60


PRESENT: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).
WITNESSES: A.Vertinsky. E.Mikulina. A.Frans. Fyodor Tyutchev.


A little gray, like a silver poplar,
He is taking the parade.
How much it cost him Sevastopol?
How much it cost him Stalingrad?

And in the gray, cold nights
When the front swept out by blizzard
His clear, bright eyes,
Made out to the end of the enemy.

In these black hard years
All hope was for him.
Which breed almighty
Nature created it?

Winning in military science,
Enemy's blood staining the snow
He's in the mighty hands of the people
Insolent enemy took.

And when approached vandals
To our ancient capital of the fathers,
Where he found these generals
And such legendary fighters?

He nurtured them. Over their upbringing
Long thought it night and day.
Oh, how fatal to the test of
Prepared were they!

And in the battle for the Motherland harsh
Went fearlessly to the death for him,
For its fair word,
For the great truth of it.

As he lifted high powers,
The power of the Soviet people-friends.
And what a great honor
He created for his homeland.

The same look, the same simple question,
As wise and simple words.
Above torn map of Russia
His head turned gray.

(Alexander Vertinsky).


From the conversation of V.Kozhemyako with E.Mikulina:

'A conversation with Stalin than remember the most?'

'Respect with which he treated me very green journalist. And trust. His offer to go to the farms, grain mills, which were created in the Volga, in fact testified that he trusts me!'

Much later, after the war, the Agricultural Worker old "Truth" told me that Stalin then called to the office, interested, writes Mikulin from a trip.'

'I agree, it was all related to the theme, which immediately became the most to you - with the theme of labor and man-worker.
That sought to adopt the Communist Party at that time? New attitude to work. Conscious and interested. Not as a curse but as something very high in life and elevating man.

Hence the heroes of labor and honoring these heroes. Hence the interest in socialist competition, which differs from capitalist competition Stalin defined very succinctly:

'The principle of competition: the defeat and death of one, the victory and domination of others.
The principle of socialist competition: friendly help keep up with the best hand, in order to achieve a general improvement.'


'Five years ago, the Soviet Republic was born in poverty.
Invincible, she was the bearer of a new spirit, which threatens all governments of injustice and oppression, which share the land.

The old world was right to be worried. Its leaders immediately guessed it your enemy.
They moved against the Soviet Republic slander, wealth, power. They wanted to strangle her, and they were sent against them a band of robbers.
Soviet republic closed ranks Red fighters and bandits were defeated.

While Europe is still friends of justice, they should respectfully bow to this revolution, which for the first time in human history, tried to establish a people's government, acting in the interests of the people.

Born in the privation of increased hunger and war, the Soviet government had not yet completed the design of its huge, not implemented yet kingdom of justice.
But she, at least, has laid its foundations.'
(Anatole France).


'I believe that the unique phenomenon of our age, a phenomenon which has never existed in previous times and gone now, was the great labor enthusiasm, a real enthusiasm for the Soviet people in the late twenties and early thirties of this century.
Remembering that time, could not help thinking how right was Stalin who said that great energy is born only for the great goal.'
(E. Mikulina).


The expression "socialist anthill" is based only on the resemblance.
Perfect dispensation of society, where each member, content-wise enough, performs fair / and in case of need and sacrifice / service, its function in the name of the exemplary life of the whole.

Ant programmed by the Creator to this ministry in the name of preservation of species, and for the people - this is the best way to realize the plan of each and whole.
Submitting to free his will need to implement it - a person with gratitude the efforts of the society to help it in its implementation.

People like to scramble together an impregnable mountain where the treasure is hidden. Climb in tandem, with each dependent on the other and all and the only hope 'in the hands of each other, and strength of hands'. And 'pray that the insurance did not disappoint'.

It is important that everyone was in place. Important teamwork, cooperation movements.
And, of course, help from above.
Nothing extra with them, the total coherent upward movement, awareness of the "right way."
For, going uphill, you cannot get lost just paths are shorter and longer, more dangerous and arduous, but the top is one!

Climbing sometimes replaces any plan and theory.

This so-called 'bottom-ant' is just the first step, which gives freedom from the earthly world and its vanities, its passions and desires.
Here begins the path to Father's House, the movement of the Spirit to the expiring of the Kingdom, where the execution of the Plan of each, as liberated from the pounds of weights vampire, becomes a reality.

Meaningful exercise of the call beginning, destination, filial place in the House of the Father is in a single loving family of God's children.
Where everyone, free will has chosen light, is the Father, infinitely ascends to the Father.
And everyone is in its place, according to the plan, and infinite freedom in the House of the Father.

Always selected the light is not free in one to live out the Father, for the Father is not the end of life of historical time.
Collective flight, climbing from a vampire is first outside, then inside, catholic, and finally reunification transformed into the Kingdom of God-manhood.

Reunion 'of all things'.

The path from slavery to the world, his own evil freedom and labor necessary to the collective ascent / anthill Antivampiriya.

Then climb the conciliar (union of love, based on figures by the same absolute values) the gradual convergence of the Incarnation of the Creator and the cathedral up to the meeting in the House of the Father in the end times.

Ideal harmony between all parts of the whole is a means, at ungodly purposes is evil.
For what? In this subject matter.

Communism has overcome class idolatry is the universal attitude, very similar ideas.

'How?' (Climbing in tandem) gradually, as the release of the "world" goes to the question, 'Why?', Which already has access to eternity.
Here believers and unbelievers as if by chance, but in reality God's fishing, converge on the way up, where sometimes there is a meeting with Christ.

Asceticism (getting rid of the external fuss and Evil), combined with humility puts on the Way.
Asceticism without humble admiration of the Creator - could turn demonism.

Collectively attempt to get to heaven in sin is the Tower of Babel. Rallying in sin strengthens sin before Heaven does not need an immortal evil.

Man 'in the image and likeness' is here and there for the creation and creativity. The eternal search for truth, eternal truth comprehension is the meaning of each individual life.

If any religion creates a false image of the truth, it contradicts the law inscribed in the heart, the person seeking the truth outside the church.

'Do not love the world or the things in the world who loves the world, the love of the Father is not;
For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not from the Father but from the world (this world).
And the world passeth away, and the lust of it, and the will of God abideth forever.'
(1 John 2:15-17).

Rapacious consumer society is pounds of weight on the feet of humanity.
Overcoming the vampire would win over 'crawling on his belly', the serpent, the lot 'from dust to dust'.

Deceptive tawdry image 'of this world' is Gogol witch. Golden rod, pulled out with blood inside.

Overcome the predator afford a saint, but it is necessary again and again to drive a stake through self-restraint, to overcome the attraction of the abyss.
This is the meaning of the Revolution of Consciousness.

'Give flesh is take the spirit.'
Now, metaphorically speaking, a car named 'Homo Sapiens' overeat gasoline instead uses alcohol and cologne, smoke, chadit. Chasing loose and fly into the abyss.
At best, stand still.

As to the 'socialist anthill'.
Anthill (Integer) should not be an end in itself (anthill prosperity, welfare ants).

This question has a solution only from a religious perspective, to facilitate 'access to the Sky', in eternity. In the overwordly goal involving everyone, provided the principle of voluntariness.

Socialist system of society is a means for maximizing each Image and design, the transformation (the revolution of consciousness) in the name of a single subsequent reunification of the kingdom of God-manhood.

Fortress, defended by a vampire.
People, as opposed to having no free will ant - the whole world, a potential god (in the image), endowed with the freedom granted by the Creator.

At the maximum reasonably sufficient organizations 'external', corresponding to the application creator instructions facilitated 'the road to the sun from the worm', the figurative expression Gumilev.
That is not free outside (kind of military discipline) turns inner freedom.


'Woe to him who strives with his Maker crock of pieces of earth! Shall the clay say the potter, 'What are you doing?' And your business will tell you about you, 'He has no hands'?

I have made the earth, and created man upon it: My hands have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have law of EGO

I have raised him up in righteousness, and all the way to equalize it. He shall build my city, and let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the Lord of hosts.'
(Isaiah 45:9,12-13).

It explicitly states that the man on the ground is the warrior-liberator, obliged to obey the law of war. 'Captive' are slaves kingdom of Mammon, whom the soldiers called for the release of the Sky 'not for price nor reward.'


As each ant stays in its place, and each choice of Heaven, the God-man, remains in place, a certain God - in accordance with fate, time and place of birth and talent (not only the ability, but also health, material well-being, even the ability to steadfastly endure suffering: all are his talents).

The first phase of the liberation of the Spirit is an escape from the vampires, the freedom of the world, which the Creator has commanded firmly, 'No Love' and which 'do not serve.'

Consciousness Revolution involves a radical transformation of the concept of 'freedom'.

Free at home father, not 'away from home'.

The sin of fallen humanity 'freedom from Home' has already been redeemed by the Blood of the Son of God. Those who wish to return home, and the Son is at the door, and a loving father met on the doorstep.

FREEDOM in ownership to the Creator, in His sonship, co-creation in the Heaven in the implementation of the Plan. The rights of the legitimate heir to use the service of all the wealth of House of the Father.
And not in a proud branch of the Creator, in the care of the Father's House!

It is the reluctance of the Creator program slavishly person to serve in the House of the Father, faith and hope for a FREE reciprocal love of man to his Creator, the voluntary return of the prodigal son is the meaning of the historical process.

'In the witnesses before you call heaven and earth to life and death I tell you, the blessing and the curse. Therefore choose life, that you have lived and your offspring.'
(Deuteronomy 30: 19).

Therefore, to ensure freedom of the Creator of the division of society into a vampire and Antivampiriya desirable and inevitable for everyone to make their choice.


Pride is self-assertion outside of God.

Self-esteem, and to protect a design in themselves and others is self-assertion in God.

That is, I can affirm and respect as a warrior of Heaven. And despise rejects all unnecessary, ungodly in themselves and others, preventing the image restoration and the implementation of the Plan.

It should be possible right of free choice; it is unlikely to be feasible in the land, as evidenced by the prophecy.

The final division will make the last revolution is the Court of Heaven over slaves Whore of Babylon and the Antichrist. Their punishment handed themselves seduced and plunged into destruction of nations.

But what you cannot completely defeat the e
nemy army during historical time, does not mean that we should not fight with her secretly and openly. And, of course, a great sin to go to it to work.


Nightmare too heavy on us.
Horrible, ugly dream:
The blood-to-toe, we wrestle with the dead,
Resurrected for new burials.

Eighth month so these last battle
Heroic fervor, betrayal and lies,
Stash robber in the house of prayer,
In one hand a crucifix and a knife.

And the whole world is intoxicated by lies,
All kinds of evil, all the tricks of evil! ..
No, not so boldly God's truth
A human falsehood did not call for a fight! ..

And the cry of sympathy blind
World Cry for a frantic struggle,
Depravity of mind and distorted words -
All rose and all the faces you.

Oh, motherland! Such a militia
The world has not seen since the initial days ...
Large, to know about, Russ, your values!
Be brave, wait, hold on and overcame!
(Fyodor Tyutchev).

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