The Catcher in the Lie. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 61
Stalingrad. Soldiers of the Red Army ward off an attack ot German-fascist army. October 1942.

Yulia Ivanova

The Catcher in the Lie. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 61


Stalin's Antivampiria is immortal as a step to the Plan.

It flowed into eternity becoming Incarnation step ascent to Heaven.


Protection Day "From the Fatherland."
Can there be a unified country from those who devour, those who eats them? At sheep and wolves?


"If there would be no Judas, there would be no salvation." Dialectic.

Would not it be Judas-Trotsky, he had to be invented. He helped get rid of the fifth column, and win the war.

A nomenclature special incubator helped Joseph to distinguish benign eggs from snake ones.

As a post for the believer is not an end in itself but a means to expel demons and overcome the passion (suffering) and Antivampiriya Joseph was a means of protection against demons and passions astray.

'Admit it, AD, you are rarely allowed to Antivampiriya? You see! How is it possible not to start, whether it is your kingdom?'


Stalinist "screws and nails" were a step to the Plan. Only in the small kingdom receives all of the Whole. It is Life with a capital letter. Fullness of life.


If the questions: "Do you believe in God?" "Are you baptized?" man replied in the affirmative, it is believed that he was all right. On the right track, save, even though he lives "like everyone else."

And yet, it just means, "Yes, I enlisted in the army."

But if I do not fight in battle alongside his brothers in arms, though, and should be there, and sit at home, in the rear?

Then your response indicates that you deserve a deserter and the tribunal.

The responsibility for this lies with sorrow or self-soldier or commander (church pastor) as if summing himself and his flock by a negligent Tribunal Judgment.

While a person who is "not awakened", "cold", the demand is much less, because he did not give the oath.
And if such a person is fighting from the heart, sometimes without knowing it, on the side of Christ, he will receive his crown.

From this point of view in a very different light is the relationship of the Church with the revolution.
Joseph, knowing what is to be blood and terror, to separate the church from the state, eliminating the need to bless the hard totalitarian regime or to go with him to the confrontation.

What is the policy regarding Joseph Church was, even indirectly, is aimed at cleansing the Orthodoxy.

Taking responsibility for the sin of bloodshed, he led the nation in the battle for the Great Russia, the unification of God's chosen homeland, continuing the work of Sergius and other saints-unifiers.
In the battle for the right to "get out of it (the Whore of Babylon)" and live differently than "lying in evil" world.

He destroyed the forces of darkness by their hands, sharing, pitting using "unlawful practices." And who is in his obedience to the people indirectly, and then voluntarily served the Savior, His Cause, not calling openly Christian.

Joseph brought them as a commander on the field of battle on the side of Light (for against the prince of darkness) without imposing on them any oath and thus saved.
Moreover, that many in the war felt themselves soldiers for the right cause. Given "the struggle for the liberation of humanity" from the kingdom of Mammon - the heart and life.

Therefore, if you respond to the question of faith in God, yes, but sit on the stove; this judgment for you and the temptation for others.

Creator loves "hot" spares "cold" (not awakened), but rejects the "lukewarm") indifferent).


The song "I love you, life" was vital program "comrades."

They were not allowed to carry it out, destroying the walls of the house and the general social order, the corresponding Christian ethics.

That's windows were lit,
I walk from work tired,
I love you, life,
And I want better you become.

Given me a lot: expanse of fields and depths of the sea,
I have long known of disinterested friendship, men's,
In the ring every day so I am happy that I have no rest,
There is love for me. Life, you know, what it is.

The singing of nightingales,
Silence, a kiss at dawn
And the pinnacle of love
This is a great miracle, children.

Once again, we will go with them
Childhood, youth, train stations, ports,
Grandchildren will be then
Everything will be repeated again.

Oh, how the years pass,
We feel sad, gray hair noticing.
Life, do you remember the soldiers,
That died protecting you?

So rejoice and cheer up
At the sound of the trumpet spring anthem.
I love you, life,
I hope that the feeling is mutual.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." Hero song, a typical "scoop", referring to the Life, professes righteous path and willed by the Creator sees the path of truth.

This song can be translated as:

"Thank you for all the gifts, O Lord, for the opportunity to work in your land, and dress, as bequeathed, Your Garden.

For friends, for which I am prepared to "lay down" for your favorite, this companion thee, which I have to be faithful, as you commanded.
For the children and grandchildren, whom I learned to follow thy ways.

Having created the eternal memory of those who died in battle, defending bequeathed thee life.

Lord, I love You and I trust that you love me and will not leave.



The Antichrist will not be an atheist, it will be for Christ.

We rather got rid atheism, materialism sprouted through the bad, but the temptation kingdom of Mammon. Western "duty" under the guise of "human rights" than for centuries fascinated Russia.

Dividing the country into animal area, we will destroy each other and the world, if again not "grow", this time through the current criminal system.

Wrong those who represent the Lord, the Creator conservative, denying change.

For me, Orthodoxy, the teachings of Christ is the true revolution of the spirit, the preaching of "born-again."
Denial is not just pitch the material world consumption, but also generic parts ("The enemies of man is his own house", "Let the dead bury their dead").

Christ is a spiritual release "from the enemy's works." He condemns not only the Whore of Babylon, and it shall deceive the nations.
You are the flock entrusted to me by the Lord, and I will fight even preaching against such an order.

And vote for him, you will not bless.

From now on, you are responsible for the acts of rulers, which set him on the throne, giving them a voice. For all spilled on the ground because of your complacency blood.

In the West, it is called "democracy" is drawing a lot of people in the "group sex" of various polls, surveys, demonstrations and shooting wars when TV makes accomplices of killing millions of people.

Land we have taken away as punishment, as when the Jewish people, but also Babylon no good. In the last times will be a sea of blood.

The wagon is falling apart, when a bird flies into a triple of the abyss. Whom the Lord "loveth he punishes."
Let's better to find ourselves in a ditch, get bruises, broken arms and legs, but in time to stop and save the soul.
Now we have shown vampirism in all its glory to its senses, realized what a heap history.


There are millions of you. We are innumerous.
Try and take us!
Yes, we are Scythians! Yes, Asians are we,
With slanted and greedy eyes.

Eh, we are guilty when your skeleton cracks
In heavy, tender our legs?
(Alexander Blok).

Not "friends", brought up on the Orthodox Russian and Soviet culture, living the commandments and put life into a bright future generations to come, not revolutionaries, ready to "honestly lay down his head in the struggle for the people's cause," will be the threat of the so-called "civilized world." A young ghouls raised on action movies, porn and lawlessness in post-Soviet reality. On bloodlust, delights in violence and permissiveness - stupid omnipotent entities.

All-powerful, for they have neither internal nor external restrictions. Man-with access to the most terrible of modern weapons, for everything can now be bought for money, which, as you know, "do not smell."

They would get you very soon. Not searchers of God "through the back door," and candid children of the devil, in which after the "swept clean" of the Soviet reserve dwell on the "seven demons":

"Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and of that man is worse than the first last. So it will be with this wicked generation."
(Matthew 12:45).

Demonized "evil race". They are already raping classmates, shoot and gutted "new Russian" pumped drugs, train the Afghan and Chechen veterans.

For them, human life, standing in the way of all-powerful "I want!" Not worth a damn.

"The world will end one who is man-name."

And it is they, the man-, tear the Whore of Babylon, the object of his lust' they breed and destroy.

"We will not rest. We are like grasshoppers, go through all your rich lands, pass and devour. We are used to other people's gold and foreign blood.

We pocketed your banks, your locks, your Cote d'Azur and Monte Carlo.

We are many and we are stronger. "
(Abram Tertz, Odessa).


They have a child to understand: Every power is an enemy. She has claws, fangs and insatiable maw, its purpose to drink your blood, your strength and life.

There is no legal way to deal with the authorities, with the host of well-nourished and smooth in the Mersey and Toyota, with their cell phones, and the girls discharged arrogant swaggering young.

They always win election, and the courts have always cheated, taken away, and will bind flocks. Again stick into neck all together.

You cannot believe a word of it, neither they nor those who sold them.

There is no debris of the Homeland. The Homeland destroyed and become sheep farm.

Residents of the Commonwealth of Independent States they are grown for cutting and for slaughter for food wolves.

In the fragments, have no friends, good neighbors - all the wolves and sheep.

They cannot appeal to the conscience, pity, pacify and satisfy, for their hearts turned to stone, their greed and lust unlimited.

Their fathers and grandfathers are humiliated, slandered, robbed and gnawed.
They bequeathed their hatred and their negative experiences.
Intelligentsia that their durila now helpfully picks from the master's table bloody guts of their readers and viewers.

But we, the fragments, so far alive.

Our fathers and grandfathers worked all my life - do not repeat their mistakes.

They lived honestly so will the robbers!

They shunned debauchery pent who by faith in God, who is in a bright future. Who conscience who Party organization.

They had a sense of duty. They gave their lives for their country, sharing the latest, not chasing junk.
Gagarin met, believed in the people's power and justice.

Sorry for the American Negro and the unemployed and feared imperialist sharks. Believed to newspapers, radio and television.

Then announced that they life is not to do something, not loved, not at the faith, not those feared.
That their homeland, "it is better that no" the evil empire that must destroy as soon as possible "to the ground" and sell it to pieces.

They learned that the man is a log.

The first task of the former Communist Youth newspaper are pimping and promoting sodomy accusations against the Soviet power that she destroyed the temples.

These ones in ecstasy smashed temples inner calling to serve Mammon. They helped builders pyramid schemes to rob unsuspecting, and then another, and laughed at the fools who had little Gaidar's reforms and vouchers.

The world is a liar, hostile and disgusting, terrible - from all cracks climbed some evil.

Declared best friend of foreign countries immediately joined the bloody feast, Lascaux shark jaws and SJSFTC tomogavkami.

On it, and NATO, and the slaughter of sacred.

Hungry childhood. Home is the eternal condemnation of predatory power, and latter-day masters of all kinds, a drunken brawl. Intolerable fasting spectacle elite obzhiralovok screen, seductive advertising, calling also overeat and fuck, stealing, plundering and killing, sometimes just for the buzz.

About serial killers and perverts-sodomy they had never heard before. Their imagination lard pictures of the most sophisticated of sins and passions, while denying opportunities to meet them.
In addition to crimes.

The world has been divided for a long time on the territory, animal area. Fragments here have no chance.

When the offspring of the new Russian and non-Russian study in high schools and colleges, broken washing their cars, to sell gasoline and cigarettes, sniffed and injected, were hanging out in the basement.

They have learned to hate and envy, steal and rape, fight to the death.

Their grandfathers fought "for a better world for the holy freedom." Taken away from predators property to "build and place in a continuous fever weekdays."

Create, selflessly worked hard, erected from the ashes, protect blood, again, built up from the ashes and built ...

Power is Caesar's wife was above suspicion. For it was a winner, and winners are not judged.
The tree gave good results.

Present fragments announced that Caesar's wife was a villain and a whore. Chased her, breaking stones, and made a mess and robbery that never dreamed of any Caesar.

Chubais on both your houses, and Soviet and Post-Soviet was the sentence fragments. Roll with your work, human rights, family and children.

Wife with us at every corner. Work, let's an uncle works for you. Children, in a plastic bag and in the trash.

They will pinch, fuck, blow, burn, kill for evil without limit.

We are good students. In the hands of our portfolios may or string bags, no tools, no plow or a bouquet of flowers.

In the hands of us choke, gun with a silencer and without explosives but aspen stakes.

We are many and increasing.

All residents of independent states these Crank from the former Soviet bloc, all there Iraqis, Albanians, Serbs - blockades strangulation, broken missiles. Oh yes, you see get rich of yellow-faced.

And forward to the Whore of Babylon! The whole world of violence we destroy. Only in this way, to the ground.
And build, let Uncle builds.

You have created us, and we will kill you.

We are fragment do not stick together. And we are oh so much shattered by the light!

We sharp little:

We cut, stab, glycol, shoot up.
We shoot up and shoot
Through expansion and space.

Month came out of the fog, took a knife from his pocket. I will kill, I will beat.

Armor is strong and our tanks are fast.

Tanks, by the way, we are also going to come in handy. Yes, the Asians, we are Scythians.

We also make the missile. Glorious be fireworks!

Lord, because now we have nothing to lose even the chains do not.

We are not ideological, not zombies. Believe only in his sharp angle, you can stab and kill and kill.
In its acute star.
We do not entice capital and real estate, it is not in the tradition of Russia to serve the Golden Calf.

Rejoice, toothy, now you can drink blood!

However, because the more you drink, the more they have your wish. You and your children. That is the law of vampires.
And where are all as donors gain - lambs, it does not remain some jackals.

And everybody wants it luxurious, heady, seductive, filled with the blood of all time.

That's when you begin to miss of scoops derived hated tyrant, and you shudder generated mutants. And understand that knowingly dreamed you nightmares, and horrified his works, whose name is legion.

Woe unto you, having sown the wind. It will spread through the world of ghouls fragments, because "we are no barriers at sea and on land."

You nurtured his death, gentlemen. Both the first and second, final, which cannot be appealed.
They devour you and your offspring have a life on earth, as foretold in the Holy Book. And oblichat your guilt in his death in front of the Sky.


I will let you in a terrible secret. All your vaunted free world with all the constitutions and other human rights safely walking to hell.

"In hell, as the parade," as sung Talkov.

With the possible exception of individual choices, which is much less than the "calling."

But what is the secret? Open your Bible, and on each page that the life that death, how to and how not to what can and what cannot.

We, of course, the wicked bend the human mind not to believe the terrible word:
Eat, you will not die, God lied ... After all, we know what to believe a snake the madness, the case it is whisper, but man lean.

But the broad way to destruction is easier to go than the narrow and cramped.
"Having eyes do not see, who have ears cannot hear."

The restaurant and the restaurant
And then the guitar, and then Roma
And that the soul wants to choose one
And somewhere here begins paradise.

"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."
(1 Peter 5:8).

"Revolutionary keep pace, the irrepressible, the enemy."


'The world loves her and hates Russia, because it is "not of the world.'
The world wants to sin, consume and have fun without any problems, and this one (Russia) always get in the way, calling somewhere and something comes up.
Mad world does not understand that without Russia, as no salt, it finally rots.

They have long tried to whisper, shaking, discrediting. Their goal to drive away the human race to the Whore of Babylon, light lust to her and to drown in sin all the bulk.

Thus, humanity were driven to an end, committing suicide. Army of Darkness with tremendous force pulls all into the black hole of perdition. They combine their legions against Russia and other countries unwilling to join a world government.

Hold it Russia? Runs a story?

Where is the "Whore of Babylon"? It is everywhere.

Within each one there is and the kingdom of God, and the black hole uncontrollable lust.

God's gifts: talents, health, time, life itself all burnt. And ash, sulfur-smelling are drawn into the black hole.

Do you think that he, with the love and wisdom of the Creator of the world, called you out of nothing for the sake of black ashes?

We have different facilities, and each has to collect his master greatest harvest.

Guardian Angel and Angel Slayer. The historical process-separation of light from darkness, because "nothing unclean shall not enter the kingdom."

Separate the wheat from the chaff.

God, of course, stronger.

Light, Truth is the only thing that "is."

What is darkness? It is simply the absence of light. Empty space, the black hole, which is disconnected from God.

Here reigns eternal death.
No, not a lack of awareness and the lack of light and life.
There is neither time nor space, a frozen pitch darkness where you imprinted in the permafrost.
Such is the fate of the servants of darkness, when it will end historic time.

'But can they have hope? - Said John, - Lord have mercy.'

'Not in the mercy business,' intervened the AD.
Yes, we created them free of him.
And we, hating light, loved the lack of light that is darkness.
We know what to expect.
But our hatred of the Light is stronger than fear.

And you, the children of men, do not like us?
God created you without sin, that is obedient to Him. But, once given you freedom, our host also tempt you with disobedience and pride:
'Shall be as gods...'

Since then, and you run the presence of God. And afraid of the Light. And darkness attracts not it?

But you at least have the hope for forgiveness in court, you are redeemed by his blood. And for that we are stronger than you hate.

We are sadists of all time, an infinite evil.

We force you to sin on earth, and then revel in the sight of your suffering from the consequences of sin.
But truly unlimited satisfaction we receive from an anticipation of eternal torment each ruined our souls.

And the devil, who owned them, though, and was afraid of God's punishment, the possession of the human soul, which he made to do all these abominations black at will, just keep him in his evil networks of freedom.

I say, God!
God created one the other took so destroyed, and no I do not take orders!
That's what both experienced.

The destruction of the temple. For both the human body and the soul, and the world as conceived by the Creator.

Body is a temple of a soul, the soul a temple, a receptacle of God.

We, the demons are anti-creators.
God builds, we destroy. God creates harmony, we sow chaos. God unites, we dissect.

Its beauty is in turn ugly, ugliness.

Such sexual sadists, fans break down, a lot more than you people think. You torment each other at all in order. Not without our help, of course, that is spiritual wickedness in high places.

And what are your conversations "on the topic of the day!

And now, after the end of time, when only our immortal consciousness, separation from God, will remain in eternal darkness, inexplicable comfort to think that hundreds, thousands, millions of ruined us God forsaken men also suffer abandonment by God..

Even worse, for they had the chance! Because "you bought with a price".

We do not want forgiveness hatred of the Light is stronger than fear of eternal darkness.

We are fishers of men, we want a good catch!

Fire, Gehenna is in the end times. It will absorb all of our production, and in this Court.

The fire will burn in their empty immortal souls longing for the failed opportunities forever lost the light, heavenly homeland, where his father was waiting for them until the last moment before they burnt through the remnants of life in our arms.

And we did take with him into the darkness of their souls pitch as brides on their wedding bed.

And we'll have them forever, reveling in their wild cries. That no one but us will hear.

Our forever and ever immortal mining.


"Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor re
vilers, nor robbers - do not inherit the kingdom of God."


'The fact is that after the fall of the mind in man was crafty - they are always looking for excuses to his disobedience to the Creator,' chuckled AD. 'Eve repented, and put all the blame on the serpent, Adam to Eve.
A person sins and then finds an excuse to continue in sin.
So, naturally, we snakes small, right there, whispering:
'Can you guys. Eat, do not die, but shall be as gods."

'Crafty mind does not want to see in the Word of God as set down strict guidelines. Not to do them, come up with their pseudo sigh The AG. Europe seduced, old world for all sorts of lewdness, fanaticism.

Now altogether new vocabulary: predators are called businesspersons, moneylenders, bankers, idolaters, politicians.
Thieves are authority, homosexuals are sexual minorities (these priests even in rush).
Adulteress are ladies without complexes. Harlots now not stoned or even chasing the police; they are now "moths" and Intergirls.
But he did not a womanizer "who women and have never seen."

Case devil whisper scribblers that the owner tells him, and only then, they will process the literary with all the force of the God-given talents. And bawl from the stage, on TV to an audience of many millions, corrupt virgins and young men, women, children.

Forgetting that it is "better eye gouge than seduce."
And it is better not to be born than mislead "little ones."

You have them, Negative, one freedom not to obey the Creator and hate everything that stands in the way of the abyss.

Like all sorts of "iron curtain."

'Ha-ha-ha! As Joseph wrote in red pencil in the margin library books.' clapped black her hands the AD. Copy me this song, Positive!'

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