Allen Dulles has the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 62

Yulia Ivanova

Allen Dulles has the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 62


Present: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).

Witnesses: Allen Dulles, Pushkin, P.Chaadaev, D. Saks, Marx, Boris Borisov, ViktorKrasnikov, A.Zinovev (scientist and author), Gorky, Zbigniew Brzezinski, T.Drayzer, F. Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Ya. Smelyakov.


Allen Dulles:

'The human brain, consciousness of people are capable of change.
Sowing chaos there, we soon replace them on false values and make them into these false values to believe.
How? We'll find like-minded people. Its allies and supporters in Russia.

Of literature and art, we, for example, gradually root out social nature.

Unlearning artists they engage in hunting image research, whether that of the processes that occur in the deep masses of the people.

Literature, theater, film all will glorify and represent the basest human emotions.

We will do our best to support and raise the so-called artists who will plant and grind into the human consciousness cult of sex, violence, sadism, traitor properties in short, of all immorality.

In government, we will create chaos and confusion.

Honesty and integrity will be mocked, and no one will need to become a relic of the past.

Rudeness and arrogance, lies, deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear each other, shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hatred of the peoples, all of this will be to cultivate, all double flowers bloom.

Only a few, a very few will understand or comprehend what is going on ...

But the people we put in a helpless situation, turn to ridicule, will find a way to slander them and declare the dregs of society.

Episode by episode will play out a grand in scale tragedy of the death of the earth is not the rebellious people.

The final, irreversible extinction of its identity."
(Report of a closed session of the U.S. Senate in 1945.)

The text went on Moscow eighties.
In the nineties, then everywhere all amazingly fulfilled.

Well, flew prophecy, indeed, from the office or Dulles Andropov - what does it matter now?

Citizens do not heed the prophets.

Morality? What a pity!


Pig under an oak: "Only been used acorns as I become fat from them."

Robbing people, they buy with the money press, TV, power, police, to keep the same people in line.

Grinding away the vampires, the people helps them more to enslave themselves, to work on the new world order of the coming Antichrist.

Trap, a vicious circle.

We grow up with their hands serpent, we are working on a snake farm, designed to have the same destroy.


"Do not you understand that Russia never had anything to do with the rest of Europe. Her story requires a different thought."


"We are not the West. And do not say that we are young, we are far behind. We start another civilization. We have no reason to run for the others."


"We put the patient (i.e. Russia) the operating table, opened his chest, but he was a different anatomy."
(Jeffrey Sachs).


"This is a state that even when it reaches the world's success can only be taken for granted and not taken as fact."
(Karl Marx).


No boasting his estate, wealth should, as they fear, to tremble before them; it's your DUTY to the Creator Himself.
How long have included a "counter" and must find time to return everything with interest for life on earth.

Otherwise, the complete bankruptcy of the trial, where "only what gave yours."

Hence preaching non-possession. Hence the words of the Savior, that "easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle."

For by wealth commands us to serve, giving the debt.

Communists were working with each person taking on bail, did not allow the gap to become a parasite, a drunkard, "morally corrupt."

But the masses secretly coveted "drum jam." And very few Secret.

The estate is given to the ministry. It's like a stronger commitment.
Taking, capturing the lion's share of the benefits from the whole, you are obliged to carry out and the most important and dominant function / given more - more supply / demand.

Otherwise breach the Thought of a crime.

OUR notion corresponding to the Plan is inconsistent with the Vampire.

Izanami Yegor Zlatov: my free creative design for our use.

When we raise Joseph. It was a tough instructor, requiring maximum return on the way to the goal.
But there is a slight ascent?

He gave us the joy of victory, though "with tears in his eyes."

"The wolf and the lamb" to NATO's "democracy."


From a letter builder BAM Boris Borisov to his father:

"Making their way through the impenetrable jungle, we went where there was never expensive.

There would never, if we did not go.

We walked in the light of contemporary flare, eternity, warming their bodies by the fires, but not in the bathroom of the seventh floor.

We carried our ideals, overwrought with tension.

There was nothing more painful for all of us than the inability to pass any trouble comrade on his shoulders.

And not run out on the land, people, which is easier to die than to betray!

And not run out on the earth people who can overcome all the temptations!

We did not lose and the main advantages - freedom of thought and action.

No doubt in yourself, faith in yourself. In the faith in the ideals that push the human race forward. "


"Victor Krasnikov is what I have. And tinsmith, and designer, and the Commander of the Order of Lenin, many medals, winner of the Stalin Prize.

My father worked at the Moscow defense plant number 22. When the war started, he brought me back planes were doing there. And he went to the front. I like to leave his place.

In October 1941, the plant was evacuated.

In one night, thirty thousandth team with a piece of equipment as the wind blew. On the conveyor remains uncollected machine. With great difficulty we managed to gather a small group of workers. I had to work all day and night ...

Meanwhile in Moscow, it was decided to organize the production of aircraft. By then it became clear that the Germans would not be in the capital. That is when the new plant was organized number 30. So I began to work on it.

In 1942, I joined the Young Communist League. Worked with redoubled energy. The guys picked me foreman.

And our team went up! We won the competition not only in the factory, but also in the area, according to the aviation industry.

Worked like clockwork. But what is most interesting, I had time to even think about.

During the war, when I handed over a hundred innovations, received dozens of letters and emails from military units, spoke many times in the press and at meetings, transferring the experience.

Join us at the forefront of the war were youth brigades Elena Sukhanova, Vyacheslav Golubkov, Catherine Myasanovoy, Faith Gorshkova, Kolobetskogo Alexander, Victor Schelkalin, many others.

In my current opinion, as were almost all of them children 17-18, few who are 20 years old. And it was mostly girls.

The guys rushed to the front. Worked well in the rear, only those who are age did not come to be a soldier.

And I think: what kind of a remarkable Soviet power!

Is working in the West, was set over the pipeline, has the right to develop this mechanical work?

Yes they are there today in diapers working to even the toilet did not depart from the assembly line, they simply appendages of machines, not people.
This is capitalism.
And we are constantly, even during the war, felt that no ceiling above us that we can and must grow professionally, creatively.

One called me Viktor Rumyantsev, one of the leaders of the factory, and says: "Victor, we have agreed to give you a teacher to prepare you for further study."
I did not quit his job, started and soon entered the Moscow Aviation Technical Instrument.

After the war, I was in the factory built machines Ilyushin, Tupolev and other designers.

How is valued as respected, work Soviet power! .. I still have a telegram sent to me:
"I warmly congratulate you on being awarded the Stalin Prize of the second degree for fundamental improvement of methods of manufacturing. "

Today is my factory is a glorious name.

In the year of Stalin Prize were several young men scientist Vasily Peshkov, engineer Viktor Kuznetsov, Moscow factory foremen Catherine Baryshnikov, Victor Alexeev, Maria Kozhevnikova.

Me in my dreams could not dreamed that I, a simple tinsmith, working in Moscow guy going involved in such wonders and discoveries. What Motherland gave me the highest award for work and inquiring mind.

Thank motherland and Stalin for it. I honestly served his people, myself part of it.

Now I am a retired former national significance, invalid of the first group. We're benefiting.

Damn this whole restructuring "


Scholar and writer A.Zinovev,

'I like romantic communist Soviet society completely satisfied. In particular, I was impressed by the lack of private property. And for me, the biggest hit in the West was private property.

The greatest achievement of communism - to deliver people from the nightmare of private property.

In the USSR, it was done. And I accepted it unconditionally.

However bad I lived in Soviet society, but I was still a Soviet man.

I got a first-class education, no matter what had unlimited access to culture.

We, the Russian people have always, and in the Soviet period, in particular, were razgovorschikami. Such communication, which has been with us, nowhere else was not.

Was in the country, in Moscow, in particular, such intellectual environment that will, perhaps, still a thousand years.

It is incredible, but it was!

Highly educated, cultured people who walked almost in rags, living in small rooms, but they were on the level of the highest culture of modernity.

Were academicians and corresponding member who lived in one-room apartments or even in small rooms under the stairs.

The most perfect, in my opinion, politicians of human history have been, I think, two people: Napoleon and Stalin.

I call the 19th century the century of Napoleon, the 20th century the century of Stalin.

I put up Stalin, Lenin although Lenin as a revolutionary, as the creator and organizer of the Soviet state certainly figure landmark.

But your question is related to the state, to the already established power. So, from this point of view, I think that Stalin as a statesman, even bigger than Napoleon.

The most ideal conditions for the Russian was the Soviet system. It is the pinnacle of history. It tells you I'm a man, who was anti-Stalinist youth who were to be shot back in the fortieth year for attempting terrorist activities against Stalin.

I was anti-Stalinist, and this was the main business of my life until 1953.

Then there were the years of teaching, learning, and that's the end of life; I will soon be 77 years old, this opinion is a man who lived life, I would argue that actually the Soviet system was the most adequate to Russian conditions.

Need to lay her guilt is not what it collapsed. Have to wonder how she survived 70 years of history. And what a story!

No other system would not have survived. No!

You know, because people talk abstractly, in the West is that, while we were not.

But it damn it! In the West, one population was nearly ten times more than we do.
Economically, the West is 50 times superior to Russia.

Even if you take the armed forces, the army after Hitler was significantly larger than ours. Despite that Russia stood.

Say thanks to the Russian heroism. Largely true, but not only that.

I saw the war from the start. Matrosovs were but one Matrosov had ten thousand cowards.
At the beginning of the war, several million surrendered.

So that we have survived?

Due to the Soviet system, and thanks to Stalin.

There would be no Stalin, we would not have been in the forty-first year. There would be no Soviet system - we would not have been in the thirties, to Hitler.

We survived thanks to this system.

I assess the state of all periods, including the U.S., Western, German and Soviet, approximately, for a hundred lines. And I came to the conclusion that the Soviet system was the most perfect, the most economical and most effective.

After all, this system hung all dogs, even the bad weather, climate, conditions in Russia, accused of bureaucracy.

It was not enough red tape, not enough!

I usually cite an example: at the Central Committee of the CPSU was only two thousand workers functionaries. And in one of the IMF, in the same building - eight thousand functionaries.

In the USA state apparatus employ from 17 to 20 percent of the total population, and in the USSR managers were only 12 percent.

And so, if you look at all points, it is quite obvious that the Soviet system collapsed, not because of internal failure.

This is nonsense, it was viable, it could last forever.

It was a grand sabotage operation of the West. I claimed it and insist on it.

I studied this sabotage operation 20 years, I know the technique as it was done.

And the final operation of this diversion was to Gorbachev as general secretary. It was a diversion.

Its not just chosen, namely spent, and all the activities of Gorbachev and then Yeltsin had activities of traitors.

They destroyed the party apparatus, and destroyed the party, destroyed the state apparatus.

That the Communists had 18 million, they could go out, but not out. District Committees have not protected, regional committees have not protected.

Why not come out in August of 1991?
After all, the "White House" and Yeltsin was a bunch of rogues and villains, including Rostropovich scoundrel!

They could throw away! In the 1993 they could trample barefoot. No, you know, it's much more serious. I think it was a collective mass betrayal.

You said that before they were anti-Stalinist, and now think of Stalin's greatest statesman in the history of mankind. What made you change your position? How did you come to that conclusion?

Perhaps over the years wiser, pomudrel. Big is seen at a distance. "


"Murderers you. You see, that only a human patient are you alive? Who are you? Swindlers, robbers. You, Lupe, open house and the hilarious Lupi there guests as sticky.

Then he'll have peeled off, ha ha! With a face like a pious fraud to be good! Who did you kill then the Loop?

Teething! How do you let people around the world? Is it true that you have every liturgy of the church circles ten rubles steal?

You do not have built life; you cesspool did! Mud, stuffiness you divorced their works.

Where's your conscience? Remember God? A dollar is your god!

Bloodsuckers! Alien force live. Proxy work! How many people are crying blood of your great work?
And in hell you bastards have no place on merit your ...

Not in the fire, and cook in boiling mud you will have "...
(M. Gorky "Foma Gordeev").


"Russia continues to suffer its chronic disease - excess of scoundrels, and we commoners, happy to fill up a crowd of them".


"I collected the remains of my tortured soul, and with the blood of the heart would spit in the faces of our intellectuals, black pm damn it!

I would have told them: "Insects, You best juice of my country! Fact of your being paid in blood and tears of many generations of Russian people, O! Nits As you stand your dear country!

What are you doing to her? Allowed to beat you? Let the fun of themselves "(ibid.).


Person a child of God. God created it to make it happy. But the point is that life, happiness, light and immortality - only in God, in the House of the Father.

That is "muted" voluntarily from the divine source of life, we are signing a death sentence.

Slaves obey out of fear, mercenaries anticipating reward, the children from the heart.

The goal of the Christian life birth. That is just bringing up "children", freely chosen path of selfless service to the whole, the great cause of the ascent to the absolute all-conquering love.

Unlike angels, that the Fall occurred irreversible process, our flesh, which became mortal, had the opportunity of transformation.

Throw it like dead skin and be reborn in a new pristine as the immortal and sinless.

Thus the soul determines its own destiny in eternity. She dispenses Judgment Day on their degree of compliance with another kind of being in the Light.

God can not, for all his love to combine light with darkness, including the identity of a vampire psychology cell predator in the spiritual body of the new Adam, the Incarnation of the coming of the Kingdom.
Or "bright future", as they say in the Union.

Fedorov planning a resurrection of ancestors.

Only Christ can separate the sheep from the goats, he was given only keeping secret each. Any cell in the finger of Adam perceived himself Adam.
And do not do the mission is cut, burnt, as being able to destroy the idea.
A mission to others.



"The shopkeeper, who is storming the Bastille, to be ready, that his colleagues at the time rob his shop."


"Your kingdom come as it is in heaven and on earth," is the way of Russia, the Russian idea, mentioned in the Lord's Prayer.


And as you enjoy the prospect of seizing power in the CIS drug lords? Of course, with the bugaboo of nuclear weapons. Then put all the force on the needle. Here you have the seal of Antichrist.


"Sow a reasonable, good and eternal." Anyone who sows tares (weeds) named in the Gospel parable of the Sower enemy. And the answer to the Court.


"Russia is a defeated country.

After 70 years of communism, she lost a titanic struggle. And to say "it was not Russia, and the Soviet Union" means to escape from reality.

It was Russia, called the Soviet Union. She challenged the USA. She defeated.

Now she has a chance in the deep, responsible full reconstruction become a mature democratic European state.

But there is no need to feed the illusion of great power in Russia. Need to discourage that way of thinking. "
(Zb. Brzezinski).


"Whatever may be the victory of the current dictatorship in Russia, Russian victory is most important."
(T. Dreiser).


Stalin left after his death in 1953, 2,300 tons of gold.


You want us to produce product materialist said Joseph writers need cars, tanks and planes.
The souls of men.



"Whatever the jackal said the lamb he thinks only about one thing deceive and eat!"


Stripped of all the pillars of faith fallen away son
Really sees with horror that in the light of it one,
And a powerful hand to him with gifts of peace
Does not extend from outside world.


"Because of my fall clung to land my soul."


"It will not be from Russia, and there was never such haters, envious detractors, and even apparent enemies, all these Slavic tribes, as soon they will release Russia and Europe agree to recognize their release.

They will certainly with that in itself, if not outright declare aloud yourself and convince themselves that they are not obliged to Russia is not the slightest gratitude. On the contrary, that the ambition of Russia, they barely escaped.

They will curry favor with the European countries, they say, that they formed tribes, capable of the highest European culture.

While Russia barbaric country, gloomy northern colossus, a persecutor, and a hater of European civilization. "
(F. Dostoevsky).


"Not chasing acquire. Do not get out to buy things, and then save them more than life. Not chasing outfit. For clothing, embellish monsters and villains.

Not understood and even abandoned her husband, buried six children, but his gregarious nature, alien sisters, sister-in-law, funny, stupid is free to work for others, it is not saved to the death of the property.

Dirty white goat, lame cat, rubber plants.

We all lived with her and did not realize that she is the one righteous man, without which, as the saying goes, is not worth the village. Neither the city. Neither the whole earth is ours. "
(Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "Matryona").


Vlad Listyev symbolic death, a kind of American type of a prosperous entrepreneur lucky eve of the decisive takeoff killed by it generated vermin.


Collectivism in our great common goal administer Work of God on earth.

Our individualism - self-affirmation in each individual's plan, in
the incarnation of God-given talents.

Our collegiality - in mutual aid in translating the concept and talent in life for the Cause.


Freedom is necessary to look for the truth, not that which is bad.

"For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." (Romans 17).

"That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us ..."
(John 17:21).

"Thy will be done".
Now the will of God and the will of man is the opposite.

"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven"
(Matthew 7:21).


The one who is proud of its talent or wealth, is like boasting a purse, according to the Master to buy wine for the feast.
Bring drink bad wine or sneak himself a bottle or two, alone or with friends no matter.
Or lose, God forbid, a purse.
Or spend the money for other purposes - punishment is inevitable.
Worst enemy of the Lord of the feast with the money master.
And please everyone Master - you will receive the right to participate in the feast.

It should be worthy to use this to you - only then it will be yours.

In eternity, because here nothing take.


In the main square of the country,
Not far from the Spassky Tower,
Under the shadow of a stone wall
Lies in the grave leader yesterday.

Over the place where he is buried
Without rituals and sobs,
No banners obliquely
And no mourners sculptures

None of the obelisk or cross,
Neither guard soldier
Only bare plate
And two crucial dates

Yes, someone's hand
With wistful tenderness and strength
Two nameless flower
To put his tombstone.

(Yaroslav Smelyakov).

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