The Black October. Joanna's Page 60

Yulia Ivanova

The Black October. Joanna's Page 60


The famous confrontation on Vasilevsky descent was memorable.
By happened to be near the center on business Joanna realized the abundance of police that something happens. I left the car in the yard and went to look.

The crowd, divided into two rickety fences, police and a small space, grinned, wall-to-wall, ominously buzzing like a swarm of two on one hive as two clouds with opposite charges.
Closer, carved lightning insults and slogans, curses and again retreated from each other.
White and blue ones and reddish brown, the Democrats and the opposition, the new and the old Russian, "these" and "our." More recently, a single Soviet people, and now irreconcilable enemies.

So it was in Russian, angry, scared, and yet somehow predatory fun, whooping and whistling.
Who's who. Russian roulette, deadly game of chance over the precipice.
The difference was in the color of the flags in the clothes in "our" poorer. In an age in terms of individuals.

"Here I am" evil red old woman" Joanna grinned, forced his way forward, closer to the fence, hiding her face from the ubiquitous television and video cameras.

'Red' grandmother in a jacket and scarf (her face with a scarf wrapped). "Our". Maybe not entirely for this, but certainly against those.
The break with the class or with their "class stratum" as taught in the school

Compressed from all sides elbows, back, sides, she disappeared into the crowd, her wicked, flattened shaky barriers energy spills out from time to time shouting, whistling.

'To Resign! To trial!' All power to the Soviets! The Soviet Union!

She, along with all yell the herd of painful pleasure mingling with the crowd, giving it the boiling element. Thirsty spill over the fence and come down on "those" - "traders", "bastards", "democracy," "corrupt intellectuals."

Somehow detached knowing that if it does happen and the crowd upset barrage, the first series will surely trampled.
So this is - the irrepressible force made her instinct of self-preservation despite wade closer to compiled together barriers, where also stood shoulder to shoulder riot police in camouflage.

Now she could see in the darkness and the enemy - a lot of young people, almost all screwy. There are retirees, as she is.
And also do not fear.

'Commie the dustbin of history! Mummy from the mausoleum!'.

'Lord, we are all sick,' she thought. 'Or demon- possessed. We have scolded, "Peter Graves" on us to read/ Well, at least this one in gray curls - her freedom, then what seduced?'
'Her son ia a businessman? Her grandson is abroad? Just a zombie series?

'Yeltsin! Yeltsin!' chanted white and blue ones.

'Oh, look, Pavel!' Suddenly squealed excitedly beside her aunt, pointing to a group of TV in the aisle. 'Pavel Kolchugin!'
'Pavel, come to us!'

Indeed, nowhere grafted Anton, older, but still recognizable, sporty, elegant, branded packaged, chatting with friends by the operator, puffing on a cigarette.

From what the heavens he fell? Joanna involuntarily turned away. The shadows of the past, why?
Lord, how long ago it was quite a different life.

Some guy from "white and blue ones" climbed over the barrier and hugging, pulled Anton to his own, which waved in greeting some other "cool." He resisted, trying to write something in a notebook.

'To us, Pavel!' Screamed again a woman. The people here it is, here! Those are traitors, Judas!
To us!

'Pavel! Pavel' caught the red-brown.

To them he was "Pavel Kol'chugin" a symbol of strength, honor and truth former life, all at once lost.
He was their Robin Hood, the last defender.
Past, present and future, salvation and hope, support and justification.
Joanna realized it at once, and, holding my breath, watching the scene.

It was a dramatic, stunning and extremely important, including for her.
Exam, a test for the.
Its justification, its long dispute with Dennis, records ordeal for art counsel and shooting. And something very important, which it is not able to articulate.

'Anton Kravchenko is here!' eaved "the white and blue ones."

'Pavel! Pavel! roared "comrades".

Some called actor Kravchenko had arrived a couple of weeks in Moscow.
Others to its former glory, conscience and invincibility grovel now homeland, the key to its future resurrection.
Their immortal Pavel.

Anton, apparently, also vaguely aware of it, and stood bewildered smile, looking to right and to left.

'Pavel! Pavel!' the crowd roared.
It was so in Russian! Same "roulette".

Joanna did not know his current beliefs, never talked to him about it. Neither before nor after, generally about anything like that with him saying.

She just watched with bated breath as Pavel coined it wins actor Kravchenko, puts on both blades.

Spellbound, he slowly moved towards his eager crowd.
Then, to everyone's delight, easy tiger jump, as befits Pavel, jumped over the double fence and ended up in the arms of jubilant "friends."


The crowd swayed, rashed to Anton. Joanna ducked into the breach and went away quite happy.
Hence, not only the manuscripts do not burn, but also TV movies.
For the sake of such moments worth living.

They, its phantoms continue to fight! They fight!


It was clear fabulous fall of 1993.
Joanna traded on the market last Conservatory dahlias and chrysanthemums first, taking care not to cut in the approaching storm the White House. Persuading himself saving, "What can we do?" How to think, and most of its customers.

She was "there." Gave the policeman at the entrance bunch burgundy carnations "for MPs to keep", donated money to the defense, listened broadcast sessions of the Supreme Soviet.

Went continuous rally, registered men with gun rights. Flashed flags - black and yellow monarchist, St. Andrew's, the red hammer and sickle, the Orthodox banners and icons.
Here and there we could hear the song from "Farewell of Slav" and "Arise, great country" to "stagnation" of Soviet perestroika and Bard with a guitar.

Sold and just heard all sorts of opposition newspapers, leaflets, some of them went immediately stick.
It was hysterical general euphoria.
Again the Russian game. So it was in the seventeenth. Or otherwise?

It seemed that all were eager collision hazard nobody thought.
Thirtieth of the "Faith, Hope, Love" was a brisk trade, and then the first of October in the day of the Teacher.
A second Joanna broke down and made her way back to the White House, which has been cordoned off, for which nobody.
She managed to pass through someone from staff all the earned money for the holidays (but did not know what the money could help). One man brought out basket of boiled chicken this thing!
Other handed jar of instant coffee, a packet of tea, canned food, the traditional bottle, which, however, rejected categorically.

Neither communist nor monarchist nor nationalist Joanna never was. Since the White House is "friendly against," as was generally accepted in Russia.

That's it.

Having sorted out, like, a, the next day, Sunday, she went to Bloch, which they brought from the Tretyakov Gallery to appease hostile - the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God.

In the Church of St. Joanna was not hit, was in the crowd, who were waiting on a platform at the main entrance, when the "Vladimir" will put to at least look.
Kiss was not allowed, and generally taken only on prayer. The yellow emergency vehicles on duty immediately.
Only "for making peace."

Political passions seemed to reach its peak. Reported that the Patriarch has threatened anathema to those who dare to shed blood. They got some continuous conferences and negotiations.

And Moscow, in general, lived a normal life.

We had to wait a long time, but here the crowd swayed:
'They bear it! They bear it!

Joanna stood on tiptoe. It was dark, not see.
And suddenly the face at once flashed, flashed in the sun, in black, gold, orange frame, and Joanna gasped internally; so it was perfect!

Joanna imagined ascetic image, expecting some secret sign that was a hint of the coming crazy misguided mercy to his country, waiting for a miracle.

And the miracle happened but not being involved in any earthly showdowns, but just at the revelation of Beauty Heaven, stunning, disarming.
Before that, you just want to get down on his knees, and forget to cry of happiness.

It seemed, and the Virgin herself, and her baby clinging to her have no relation to the alarming words "revolution", "block", "constitutional crisis".

The simply vision of Heavenly Beauty was a moment of frantic Moscow and disappeared in emergency vehicles driving away as the princess behind the shutters embattled towers.

It remains only a short-achingly, unearthly touch, light weeping heart.
I wanted to go home as quickly as possible, in Luzhino, latch, do not include a "box" and did not see or hear, besides imprinted in the soul vision. She persuaded herself that everything will be fine.

Another minute, and the whole
Ethereal immensity
You will hear the bells worldwide
Victory sunlight.

And before the soul, tormented by anguish,
The same look irresistible.

Get up the same, Russ! Already the hour
Stand up for the sake of Christ's life!
So is not it time eh, crossing himself,
Strike the bell in Constantinople?

Seeders, church bells ringing
And he read out the whole of the East!
Calling you and wakes it
Arise, my husband, took up arms!

In the armor of faith chest dress,
And with God, a mighty sovereign!
About Russ, great day ahead,
Ecumenical Orthodox day.
(Fyodor Tyutchev)


And on the next morning a neighbor came running and said that the shooting of the TV show House of Soviets, and she had the wind knocked the antenna, hard to see.

In general, television black and white, so that:
'Turn on if you can. I'll look at you.'

Joanna did not immediately realize what was happening.
I was happening what could never be.

There was universal throughout the world, broadcasting - a demonstration burning remnants of the kingdom of the Antivampiria aging, and may have died in the military or the labor front. Or even in the camp on a false slander scored by now, and then hiding in sheep's clothing vampires.

Children's dreams and his kingdom a mystery and took over bad guys.

No one in this terrible day was not talking about secret - at best, of loyalty to the Constitution, the current impoverishment of the masses, on the rights of the people ...

Was in a worldly sense removal, political show. But it was only the outer layer, which hides this very temporary victory over Secret Barrels.
You were looking for, began to see clearly the core.

For which died elected Holy and Soviet Russia.

Of course, the victory was temporary because it is not just me "birthright" to "soup" and they cried, "Crucify him!" the thirst satiated earthly Jerusalem.

But the secret whenever raised, the fact she and Mystery. And now because of it, the deep, unresolved, intuitive people came to the House of the Soviets, many to their deaths.

It is for her firing from tanks blind servant of Mammon Kantemirovskaya division who were promised for the apartments and grandmother.

Unsolved Mysteries no one opened, "what it is, what it is", but open to others for thousands of years, that it "does not have."

That it "is not" or "drum jam" or a separate apartment, nor the constitution of the "rights and freedoms", as "the law - that pole," coined by the authorities.

"Great, I appreciate the rant" sighed Pushkin.

People knew her through suffering one right not to step back on the rake, which in the Gospel called "ministry of Mammon" and "sowing into dust." "Second death".

That is, Pharaoh's slavery, necrosis of the soul.

Not to return to the path rejected by Russia and washed in the blood of thousands of martyrs. Do not change the birthright is a great gift to become immortal children of God the miserable earthly lust.

Power, which is now seeking revenge which went triumphant bourgeois, though I know not the secret, but she was keeping more or less won the right people (people and not the flock) reject the "broad way that leads to destruction," and go on his way.

House of Soviets was the last snow, an obstacle in the way of the ninth wave suddenly reared dirty, inevitable mudflow ambition, greed, permissive "seven devils." Held back before any Soviet moral codes, censorship, Party meetings, publication of "reincarnation" and "preachers alien bourgeois ideology."

Now poisoning everything in its path with a devilish blow up a nuclear power boiler.

Terrible was not even brave tanks, thrash coolly to fully people building on its own, is not this a ritual for the whole planet, bloody spectacle and the roar of an enthusiastic audience at every volley.

Cuddling on the bridge, smoking, tossing the gag, inflatable bladders on the lips of gum satanic spectacle that makes the whole world accomplices in the massacre/

This gathering on the bridge, not the people, and the "crowd." And everyone sitting now at the screen, excited unusual spectacle seduced by "eye."

This is the first time she saw and felt when broadcast war in Iraq the U.S. "Desert Storm."

"Thou shalt not kill" told us with this, like, the world agree.

But what a great satanic idea; to make all of humanity en masse to commit murder; eye, ear, empathy, a thirst for blood.

And it is said that if looked at a woman to lust is guilty.

And the killer with enthusiasm, with solidarity?

No show, not a computer game is a reality.

"God is betrayed silence."

How quickly we have accustomed to the threshold of hell, to hell with just one-step. And it does not tell where the movie and where earnest.

And all of this is called the "freedom" of which we are so meticulously guarded and humiliating bad censors "evil empire."

And here we sit and get a kick. Yes, a good catch for hell, if multiplied by the number of viewers.
Father Tikhon, so she said, "if you look sinful and pleasure, then you partake in sin."

Joanna invited her neighbor coffee.
'Thank you, with pleasure.'
She poured herself, made sandwiches. Coffee as coffee, cheese as a cheese.

In this routine and lay the worst.
Adapting to hell, deadness of the soul is a consequence of the spiritual gangrene.
That's the same way with mustard and ketchup, soon you will have each other, and in the coffee cup stir the blood.

All of the above raises the bar for what is permitted.
Just yesterday we told you that we have a "no sex", but it is now and we have a group, and children, and AIDS. Today we are "ahead of the rest."

These bad uncle of the evil empire, repeating "Do not eat", but now we allow progressive democratic uncle all:
'Eat, you will not die. Lied to God!'

What should we be allowed to continue?

Joanna as if from the outside look at myself, drinking coffee and a sandwich. Then he was horrified that no, it's not impossible and pushed the cup.

But inside was dead and dull, as in that shot the tank.
She's just not cut, could not in any way cut into what is happening.

Burned in her eyes not real people, including children, were writhing in agony, and, figures from a computer game. Theater, a political show, scary movie ...
The fact that every volley torn to shreds flesh and sky shudders; she could not bear. Blown fuse.

Ignorant are we what we do?

These vampires are gradually preparing us for hell. We elected them, and supported, lured Gehenna's freedom to drink the blood of a fellow, was supported by his "Silence of the Lambs."

Yes, there, outside, hell producers certainly get his "Oscar."

We have generated werewolves silence, and now they're glued to our necks and souls smacked in Gaidar's way. We are dying, also crave blood.

And some coffee and sandwiches.

God, merciful God, vbey a stake in us, just save the soul.

'Well, I'll go,' said neighbor, 'all one and the same. Hurry to shoot each other, tyrants, they have something to fight. Grab, and we are again at the gas increase. How much do you flesh?

When she left, Joanna tried several times to turn off the box, but could not. And inspected to the end, waiting to hear about the "Finish off the viper!" and encouraging about the experience after the "play" with her friends in creative workshop.

She admired the "hard healthy", the president and went for a walk with her dog.

There, in the October Icy forest happened to her hysterical. Cried someone sent curses, riding on someone collected a pile of oak leaves.

The dog jumping around whined uneasily and tried to lick the wet face.

Something again changed either globally in the world, whether it is for Adam and Eve after the Fall.
First she thought: "Fools, pests, slackers."

Now realized the real, not imaginary Voland appeared in Moscow with his entourage. Evil beyond all previous limits, kicked off the mask.

No one is tempted to sell his soul, sellers are also looking for buyers.

"Bought a heavy price," redeemed by the Blood of the Savior precious commodity is no longer scarce.
Any democracy, human rights, the chatter of the evil empire, and freedom of enslaved people's communist regime turned coffin with gold and thingies.

Because of the sea instead of the sun rising terrible Ignatius monster who is "flash, huge, mischievous, and barking."

Which, if given the will, on the forces set the world on fire.
Terrible disaster, then it is end of story.
It, the story began with the fact that we have to distinguish between good and evil, by eating an apple from the tree of knowledge.

The sense of history is in the department choose good from evil chose.
We seem to have stopped again distinguish plus of minus, and the continuation of history soon will not make sense.

The door to the latter-day kingdom of Russian democracy "suddenly opened the window flew out with a bang, and the dreaded swine erysipelas put out, rolling his eyes, as if to ask," What are you doing here, good people?"

"I said, and in a dark forest lamb dragged."

Change the sinful human nature in "the world lies in wickedness" is impossible.
But do not try to do this - the greatest sin, for it makes no sense the Creator's plan, and the role of man in history.

Salvation, including the collective is the purpose of life, God said. Why blame the Communists may be only on the "tools" - thinking of Joanna.

Stalin arranged show trials. But the demonstration shootings, never!

And Stalin processes arranged in the name of national salvation, even sometimes barbaric means, but not in order to tear apart and rob the Orthodox state protected by God and its citizens.

Authorities, following an exponential American bombing of Iraq, not only violated the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" in the name of his far from certain scale of values, but also introduced to the sin of the people. Forcing participate at all in the execution of a sentence, as in the explicit violence.

But "woe to those from whom the temptations" and "to whom much is given, much will be demanded."
Christian love is the love of the light side in a man.

Christian hatred is to the dark underside. For a vampire, a werewolf in each.

Love and hate - two sides of the same coin called "compassion" towards the most important thing is the salvation of the human soul. Redeemed by the Blood of the divine, and therefore priceless.

If we love someone in the darkness, or hate the light, we will still deliver great harm to a person, not caring about his fate in eternity.

Hatred for the enemies of the fatherland must be directed not possible to eliminate them, and the prohibition of their right to influence the destiny of the country. Their removal from office.

Although there are times when you have two evils choose the lesser. Love every enemy a potential ally, to help him escape from the bondage of evil and to win over to their side; here is the Christian attitude to the enemy.

During her life, with all their differences, though in the main God and Soviet power were together.
Now, for the first time in her mind Sky and Caesars were on opposing sides.

Just go and you will find death, right or left; it is unknown.

The power of the whip drove straight to the slaughterhouse, in body and spirit, singing all sorts of false marches marching about freedom and democracy.

Power was an alien, hostile and disgusting.

Joanna did not want her to have anything in common.

Embarrass her and the Patriarch, said nothing after a show shot. And then bro publicly with Caesar-killer, was looking for some reason the church patronage.

While the current is so hated Caesar Joseph, creator and collector of Orthodox Russia's lands, that is, continuing the work of St. Sergius, shielded the church from the inevitable showdown.

Power entered into an agreement with the servants of Mammon and the blessing of her church in terms of Joanna did not help God's work. Explanation of "God is punishing authority" is not asking her.

Yes, God punishes, educates us temptations, offering each time to choose between good and evil, but that does not mean that we should accept and submit to the temptation to tempt the government, to participate in its sin.
Church pastors thus also complicit for Caesar, sharing his sin temptation flock.

Stalin after the process did not ask the blessing of the church, and did not stand in public with a candle in his bloody hand.
He would take the sin upon himself.

Metropolitan Philip refused to shed the blood of the blessing of Ivan the Terrible are great statesmen!

Is it acceptable for the congregation, as the revolution of the 17th joined in the minds of the Church with the unjust and hateful machine of oppression?

Not whether this is a cause of further atrocities against the people of churches?

"Nobody will give us deliverance. Neither God nor the king and no hero."

This does not mean that the Church should participate directly in the political scrum, in a fight at a crossroads. But it must indicate fighting right path.

Charity, mercy for the weak.

Not serve Mammon, not to lend money, do not lie, do not whore, not to file a bad example for his subjects, not covet, thou shalt not kill.
Here are the requirements of God to everyone, but to the government - a thousand, for whom much is given.

Warned the church's anathema if the shedding of blood; why then silence?

After all, the power of evil in Heaven not only itself to create, but also carries with it into the abyss of the flock, over which the church in direct response to the Sky.

"Defenders of the Fatherland" became killers. Engineers and teachers became speculators. Young men became robbers, drug addicts, pimps. girls became prostitutes.

Why is the Church hierarchy that convinced Caesar admit it?

All this said Joanna furiously then after confession Father Tikhon. Deliberately separated the church mystic that "the gates of hell shall not prevail", from social policy of the church hierarchy.
The fact that he could not participate for the Lord of Darkness, because "God is not mocked," and warning of the Lord on this very hard.

The very fact that she, Joanna, for the first time has to be separated from the Church of the Heavenly Church policy - bad.

So, and for others it was a temptation to condemn it, reject, and, God forbid, to deprive themselves of congregational prayer, communion, confession and the other sacraments conventional wisdom under the pretext that "nowhere is no truth."

What can pray at home, for "God is everywhere."

"If the salt have lost his savor, what's good of it?"

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