What do we preach now? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 63

Yulia Ivanova

What do we preach now? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 63

In the photo: Joseph and his mother

Present: the AG (Angel-Guardian). The AD (Angel-Destroyer).
WITNESSES: A. Prohanov, V.Chikin, V. Varennikov, V. Ermolaev (a priest). Bim (a former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, Pushkin.


In feudal Catholics was a ban on the accumulation of capital, speculation and usury but they sinned immoderate consumption, ostentatious luxury.

From the 16th century in the Protestant bourgeoisie was already setting on moderate consumption in the interest of primitive accumulation of capital. Hard work, austerity, the enrichment in the name of increasing wealth.

However, even then, and another is a quantitative rather than qualitative infinity (contrary to the Plan).


Russian Revolution of 1917 was largely a religious revolution.

But not against God, but against the devil, master "of this world."
And against the social policy of the church, gave God's to Caesar. Thereby supporting the integrity of the existing evil in the world.

Church blesses a war against a foreign enemy of orthodoxy.

But is the inner less frightening?

Rebellion against the Thought of Heaven was more of a "restructuring" in spite of the opening and built temples.
When the "anything goes", and the media, especially television, massively replicate all mortal sins, armed satanic slogan: "Do not be prohibited."

Maybe this incubator, grow "unfettered" and is designed to destroy the Whore of Babylon, as foretold in "Revelation"?

"Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double to give her to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
"For thy merchants were the great men of land, and thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth."
(Revelation 18:6, 23-24).

This refers to the symbol of Babylon world of sin, the abode of the Whore of Babylon.

Around the ruins. Country without a future and the past, with no memory, it is truly nothing to lose.

Even chains there is freedom! Shouting from the humiliation, pain and anguish.

But there is now an invaluable experience. She knows the true value of hissing "well-wishers" of all sorts of "rights and democracy."

And in this great fishing heaven.


"The victory was the 45th fire focus, in which the alloy in the indissoluble unity of many hitherto disparate phenomena.
He fought in the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army was supported by the emigration of the "white" White Army and the best of which were eager to Russia exploded in the Great Patriotic War.

During the invasion of all the peoples of the Soviet Union have merged into a single nation are the Soviet patriots.
Disappeared and there was a notorious Jewish problem. In a trench under the bombs did not ask you who you are a Jew, Tatar and Russian. There were soldiers with a red star, which covered the enemy breast recess and stopped Hitler's tanks.
The Jews Rosenbergs helped to develop anti-fascist Russian Kurchatov nuclear bomb.

There is a mystique of blood, blood mystery. Blood executed sooner or later boil and destroy the executioners.
Blood, given to the Motherland, for freedom, for faith, for the good and beauty, making them immortal and immutable values; so it was with the victory.
This mysterious shed blood for their country took a victory of the political, military category, from the fact that on 9 May 1945, in fact Russian eternity, in fact infinite Russian history.

This noosphere, Vernadsky was talking about and that the 41-year prayed for victory categories open noosphere.
Evil was overturned world, relegated to half a century.
Welcome to the world, clothed in robes of Russian victories, to reign on the earth until the end of the XX century.
XX century was truly a "Russian Age".
(A. Prokhanov).


"In everyday labor troubles were quietly, but now the older generation is more aware of: Winning the 45th as rocket fuel brought our whole life to super speed and scale.
After a rapid restoration of the destroyed towns and villages by the Soviet people had been given a solid base of complete self-sufficiency. Had accumulated enormous power and technical ability, when large scale construction projects, we formed the infrastructure of the Arctic Ocean to the hot deserts of Central Asia.

Create unique scientific schools and laboratories, where new forms of energy, inventing superdvigateli received amazing results in biology and medicine.
Increasingly sounded triumphant words "First in the World."

In the depths of the traditional Soviet society we have created a new civilization. This civilization was to bring our material resources to an unprecedented high level and give full play to the human spirit and faith.

It is required that the country's leaders truly brilliant insights, intellectual and organizational strength, the greatest responsibility, self-sacrifice.

But just at that moment was handwheels bureaucratic mediocrity, corrupted mirages sweet life. "
(V. Chikin).


"Still have to build this great Russian Faith Victory!

It ages the expected miracle, which the wise men passed from mouth to mouth. Of Kievan Rus in the Grand Duchy of Moscow, from the empire of the czars to the red empire leaders.
This trust in the universal good, to eternal love.
The understanding that the world is ruled not blind forces of matter, and Justice, the Divine truth.
My favorite Russian icon is St. George.

In pagan times, in fairy tales, written by Afanas'ev acts dragon, serpent, who is fighting a beautiful hero, fighting to the death world evil and World Good.
Through the whole of Russian history is racing this rider Victorious.
This, he flew with a gleaming sword on the ice of Lake Peipus at Raven Stones.
This he galloped over the cobblestones of Red Square on a white horse, Zhukovsky."


"We, the participants of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Russia and the Knights of the Order of Glory of three, gave his blood and breath of our great power, on behalf of those who are still alive and keeps sacred Victory Banner, and who rests in numerous graves of the Kremlin wall to Berlin oak, turning to you, our children and grandchildren.

Hurt, anxious for the fate of the country, which is brought to the shoulders of the fires of WWII, was rebuilt on the ashes more beautiful than ever, led to prosperity and power.
And lost overnight on the evil will of traitors in our folly, for gullibility and timidity of spirit.
Today and blind man can see what had been done with the homeland. Today and deaf to hear her plaintive cry, cry for help.

The present rulers, whom Hitler possessed applauds from the world, Great Russia reduced by a third.
About a third of its population.
Cut off from the sea, which made his way Peter.
Surrendered the fortress, which took Suvorov.
Broke down the boundaries that stood Zhukov.

Russian soldier shoved a wooden rocket instead poleaxe.
Russian plowman instead of a tractor is a wooden plow.
All that was common folk, took rootless banker.

All that was built in the great work, grabbed a handful of clever businessmen.
The fruits of our hands flowed abroad. There were a disease, debauchery, and of pestilence."
(The Hero of the Soviet Union, General Valentin Varennikov).


"And what we, the Russian What now preach? Whether or not much different with the cross worn outside of those who have chosen lime carriers faith.
All quiet protest proshmygnuvshey influence in the country and home-grown clock devilry. Christian humility not suppress the anger just, and begin to accept the inevitability of the triumph of the anti-Russian reality.

Enter into dialogue with the forbidden tempter and enemy of the human race, from lack of faith to hire on Judas service for a piece of the host sausage!

Demonic decorations global godless "play" molested our imaginations stirred carnal passions and msheloimstvo, filled the soul of filth and sewage blasphemous western world.

As a result, the spiritual and moral quality of the population period crafty devil reforms can be satisfied ...
Funny and sad society robbed proud.

Already the area and prospects, and forgive me, O Lord! some churches are preparing for the arrival on our most holy Russia Antichrist. Here, in Russia.
He is coming! To assert their power over our pit pathetic little soul and the last New Testament holy land of Jerusalem.

And we're all groping bog hummocks excuse satanizatsii nationwide.

Religious succession of generations is destroyed. Strengthen the spiritual ties between the people who put an insurmountable barrier. Self-destruction of the army continues.

What is this if not a deliberate action oskotinivaniya very high moral standards in the world of the human family?

Constantly screaming for release in Russia and waving the flag of victory over the communist regime, and in fact the only model of moral government, we tried our best free-bastard sources not dependent on the fear of God, to convince of the righteousness. The system of values, where the most important thing for us to be pagan worship of this very liberator.

Worship God without power, authorities with decorative candles near his portrait?

And she looks forward to a wholesale subservience people who have kept the image of the true values and faith in God?
(Vladimir Ermolaev. "Word of the priest").


Moral Code of the Builder of Communism:

"The love of the socialist homeland.
Diligent work in the community.
Everyone's concern about the preservation and growth of the public domain.
High sense of public duty.
Intolerance harmful to the public interest.
Collectivism and comradely mutual assistance.

Humane relations and mutual respect between people.
Honesty and truthfulness.
It is morality.

Simplicity and modesty in public and private life.
Mutual respect in the family, care about the education of children.
Intolerance of injustice, parasitism, dishonesty, careerism, greed. Friendship and brotherhood among all peoples of the USSR, intolerance of ethnic and racial hatred. Fraternal solidarity with the working people of all countries, with all the people ".


Vampires forever, "a divided kingdom," where the components are competing with each other, fight for the "zone of influence", though from time to time have to unite against the Communists, for example.

Yet in fact this enmity "of all against all". The Kingdom, "which will not stand".

"Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity, for it is the time for vengeance of the LORD: he will render unto her a recompence."
(Jeremiah 51:6).


Secret directive to U.S. National Security Council from august 18, 1948:

"Our goal is the overthrow of the Soviet regime.
Our business is to work and to ensure that there is internal events come to pass.
It is mainly about how to make and keep the Soviet Union weak politically, militarily, psychologically.

If successful, it is necessary that the new regime:

a) did not have a great military power,

b) economically heavily dependent on the outside world,

c) has not had power over major national minorities

d) not found anything similar to the Iron Curtain. "


On the "Gulag Archipelago" former U.S. Ambassador to the USSR Beam:

"When my colleagues in Moscow brought me a bunch of unkempt sheets signed by Solzhenitsyn, and at first I did not know what to do with schizophrenic delusions.

When I planted the editing and revision of the "material" dozens of talented and experienced editors, I got the product, "The Gulag Archipelago."
Masterfully produced worldwide advertising this book dealt a powerful blow to the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union."


The Soviet government was fighting on the side of Heaven under the slogan "No Heaven"!

The current government is fighting against heaven under the slogan: "The sky is. So what?"

In general, comrades, what we want freedom?
Freedom from the Creator? If not, would you be kind enough to obey His laws.

Soviet authorities demanded their discharge, leaving freedom to believe or not to believe in the Creator.
This can only be bad from the point of view of the prince of darkness, as the invasion of his realm.

Our task is to awaken the most creative forces in society and to direct them in the right direction.

Awaken a taste for the pleasures of the gifts of Heaven inspired creativity, a breakthrough to the higher values of life, as opposed to the gifts of Satan unrestrained consumption.

And Happines to sculpt, to clear himself in the image of God, cutting off all unnecessary, empty, sinful.

Mold itself to eternity, Light and Love.

Alas! Everywhere you look throw
All whips, all cancer
Laws disastrous shame
Bondage feeble cry.

Everywhere unjust power
In the mist thickened predrassuzhdeny
Seated, slavery formidable genius
And the glory of the fatal passion.

Lord! You crown and throne
The law provides, and not nature,
You stand above the people,
But above you eternal law,

Woe, woe to the tribes,
Where he sleeps in a careless,
Where people il, il kings
Law rule is possible!


"Stalin was more than a man. More than a historical person. More than age.
He is a cosmic phenomenon that appears each time in Russian sky, when it comes to the need to show the world that there is a different world, a different story, "other land and sky." There is Russia.

Russia is the mystical land where among the great rivers and forests, hundreds of languages and peoples struggles to find myself another way to live, to breathe, to communicate with God and man, according to the great commandment and the great dream is a dream of paradise.

Russia of old pregnant Paradise. Reaches out to him, he sees it in historical dreams. Once in a thousand years it takes to build.

Stalin came early in utter century. Of wars, revolutions, the great Satan's lies, the great demonic deception. On the bones of people and on the ruins of the kingdoms of libraries burned and desecrated churches in Russia, when the newly dawned Paradise.
In the womb trembled and quivered wonderful baby. Stalin - a midwife, sent to his birth.

Galaxies and stars are born of catastrophe universe. Paradise is born of the disaster of the "old world." Stalin appeared in the middle of the disaster, it is illuminated by floodlights. Hovered over the world all his life, like a huge banner at the crossroads of the mercury light.

Stalin did not explain the FACTS, events in his personal life, a list of party conventions. Repressed, "Stalin's ten blows" or "Great Soviet Encyclopedia".
All this in a two-dimensional projection of Stalin, knowable reality.

Stalin understands the mystic, able to rise above the two-dimensional reality, the move into the area of metaphysics, where the age-old battle in a terrible fight two angels.
Two knights, two knights, two icons and two stories.

Stalin was there, on a red horse in Red Icon, the battle with the Dark.
If the land is in the dark, if it is in a historical obscurity, Stalin said it "inoistoriyu." He is "not of this world."

In this mystical world of Russian "history" can enter three times, at different times of Stalin's fate.
When Stalin hatless in wolf fur coat, frosty, the wooden mausoleum stood over red coffin.
When Stalin in mi
litary coat in snow accompanied shelves, goes under the Volokolamsk and a wedge.
When Stalin marshal's jacket looked at the standard of Hitler, silk waste blanketed granite mausoleum.

In these three moments of searching mind and believing spirit can rise into the sphere where the true will Stalin.

He tore Russian paradise of rotten disgusting being pulled out of the swamp as a drowning the hair.
The one who rescued screams choked, curses savior.
Where there was stinking swamp there arose University. Like an angel, Gagarin took off.

Today, "Russian Paradise" again plunged into the abyss. Where he was, was sticky rotten bubble, slippery worms, rotten stench. This poisonous rot worn shiny beetles, water bugs and shaggy skaters. Dwarf "leaders" like festering sores.

But listen! Hold the ear to Russian, strewn with ashes continent.
Far, even beyond the world, a little creaking boots.
Look at the star nebula Russian sky. In a subtle growing vortex.
In whistling fiery spiral.
"He who has ears, let him hear Stalin to come."
(Alexander Prokhanov).

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