He must be terrified to himself. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 64
On the guard over native Moscow

Yulia Ivanova

He must be terrified to himself. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 64


Present: The AG (Angel Guardian). The AD (Angel-Destroyer).
Witnesses: George Bush, Bill Clinton. John (Metropolitan Ladoga and by the St. Petersburg), Karl Marx, V. Mayakovsky, Joseph Goebbels. Father Vladimir Yermolaev.


George Bush, the accounting report to XXXV Congress of the Republican Party:

"The Soviet Union can only be found in textbooks.

Do not be mislead: the collapse of communism was not the absolute phenomenon.
This required strong leadership by the president in both parties.
Without their vision and support of the American people, the Soviet Union, and today would have been a strong superpower. "


Bill Clinton, the meeting of Chiefs of Staff:

"The last ten years, the policy toward the Soviet Unio ... has convincingly proved the correctness of the course taken by the removal of one of the strongest countries in the world...

We have ensured that President Truman was going to do by the atomic bomb.

However, with one significant difference: we got a raw material appendage... The current leadership of the country we are satisfied in all respects.

Therefore, you cannot skimp on costs... Yes, we spent this many billions of dollars and is now close to the point that the Russian is called breakeven...

In the next decade will have the following objectives: the dismemberment of Russia into small states by inter-wars, such as those that have been organized by us in Yugoslavia, the final collapse of the military-industrial complex and the military, we need to establish the mode detached from Russian republics. "


"Look around you: what more proof do we need to understand that against Russia; against the Russian people is despicable, dirty war, well-paid, well-planned, continuous and relentless.

This struggle is a life-and-death, for in the plan of its evil masterminds of destruction to be the country as a whole, the people as such, for the faithful to its historical vocation and religious service.

For the fact that through the ages, full of unrest, riots and wars, he carried and preserved relics of religious morality, intimate understanding of God in Christ make sense of the universe, a strong belief in the ultimate triumph of good. "
(John, Metropolitan of Ladoga and by the St. Petersburg).


"To the people, as a man, was able to do something great, he must be horrified to himself."
(Karl Marx).


"The General Staff has sent me a book with biographies and photographs of the Soviet generals and marshals. From this book, you can deduct many things that we missed to do in previous years.
The marshals and generals on average very young, almost no one older than 50. Behind them a rich political and revolutionary activity, they all convinced communists, very energetic people on the face of them show that they are cut from a good natural wood.
In most cases, we are talking about the sons of workers, shoemakers, small farmers, etc.

In short, you come to the annoying conclusion that the military elite of the Soviet Union formed the class better than our own...

I told the Fuehrer of the scanned book I of the General Staff of the Soviet marshals and generals, and added:
- I have the impression that with the selection of personnel, we cannot compete.

Fuhrer completely agreed with me. "
(Joseph Goebbels).


The AG: "Stolen history page tells about the events of the nineties, could happen as early as the thirties, not liquidated Joseph fifth column."

"A mole digging inside" as Alexander Yakovlev admitted.

A process was triggered by the 37th does not matter. It anyway "should invent" and catch up on fear.

As shown by the future is the slightest relief and vampires bite into his neck.
Only a stake!
Had to swim against the current, grasp at any shark floating in "our" direction.
Joseph again made real or imaginary enemies to work at Case. The process is a "collective party confession", that is why they "repented" and not protected, in contrast to the processes of Hitler.
Joseph would not let them go "heroes."


"I sing my country".

The family. Everything in common, and therefore is MINE!

It was perfect. "My address is the Soviet Union"! Not a "no-man" and "our" - that is the idea that it could not bring...
After all, does not cry as the heel, elbow or eyes, the whole body "not mine"!

And the residents of high-rise building - the house - not them, because they live in apartments...

And the Earth is not for them, because they live in different countries.

"Relic of the past". In the word "comrades" there is a lot of sense.

"The Past" is "an enemy's work," slavery to Pharaoh.

Where you are eaten - not your homeland.


'Do not translate word poet era in eternity, in immortality? How beautifully said this "atheist" V. Mayakovsky:

Word poet is your resurrection,
Your immortality, Mr. Clerk.


"Competition has led to the first murder in human history - Cain killed his brother Abel.

How can an evil greedy competition organized around the so-called "progress"?

Sergius of Radonezh, according to his biographer Epiphanius founded Trinity Monastery to "outlook on the Trinity hateful spirit conquers hatred of this world."


"Caesar put their trust in the Lord, where the most valuable are human souls, which should save.

Caesar is Ruler posed Lord but in what the sense in which it is necessary to understand "All power is from God."

"Do not kill, but to neutralize the vampires. Snatch them claws, fangs cut down.

A priest is a confessor responsible for his flock. Question savings "internal resources".

"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and truth."
(John 4:24).

"For the majority of the concept of "God" is narrowly associated with the term "church."

But the church is a clinic, the sacraments are medicines, the priests are doctors.

People come there for help, knowing that the sick and the doctor frankly showing sores and ulcers.
They come in different hospitals, wanting to be healed, and believing that it is here to heal. This is - the belief.

However, not everything depends on the doctors (priests). But many of the Mystery of Providence, the Spirit which gives life to the body and soul.
It is this mystery must "worship in spirit and in truth" - without it the best doctor cannot do anything.
Most healthy and perfect body remains motionless and lifeless without the Holy Spirit.

"Your brother is dead, and he is alive."
"Let the dead bury their dead."
We are talking about the "necrosis of the soul". On the "dead souls", which in Russia saw the light so brilliantly with the filing of Pushkin, Gogol.

That is the mystery, wonder, and people are turning to the Spirit for healing in temples or elsewhere. It is in truth they should believe.

Orthodox believe in Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life, worship Him "in spirit and truth."
A church is praying for them with us. Gives them the drugs, mystery, calling the truth to come and heal them in the Spirit, to breathe into their bodies and souls of life...

Which is the "new birth." Second birth after a womb.

Healing the soul, unlike earthly body healing.


"When Christ proclaimed the establishment of the Church, which is "the gates of hell shall not prevail" - meant the mystical body of the Incarnation, the Atonement of the Savior Cross feat.

When the "goldfish" are trying to adapt to serve "on the premises" in greed "lying in evil" world, have Mammon, and social church preaching against it does not rise up, become secure, the Church understands the tragedy of abandonment by God.


Conscience is ownership of the good Gospel message, the joint management of the catholic God's plan.


"If the government does not feel the approach of the Last Judgment in strengthening national groan born reforms of Russian consciousness and the spiritual world, we will lose all hope of home (?) Power and a piece of heavenly bread population at no cost to step inside, and outside the fence. Concrete example Walls that urgently twine white houses in active provinces, as if something can isolate themselves from the people's wrath.

Etching of vital essence of the people with weakened immune to lies and humiliation by the vanguard of the capitalist has led us to unacceptably dangerous line, which lost for the high ability of a person to subordinate their will to the will of the people and, as a result of selfish-market rebirth, the ability to search and follow together or separately Will of God.

Protection of the Russian spiritual gap, non-creative setting for the implementation of the best people in it, the divine, and certainly for a great purpose for which only able to Antioch.

Treason messianic purpose in life as a form of worship, loss spiritual capacity in the huge moral and aesthetic space of a mystical form a coherent whole is, without a doubt, the general purpose of redrawing the country that they are not sorry.

After achieving her democratic old man with misters and other incomparable sirs can cook it on the achievement until the end of the world earth demonic paradise.

It is time to be complacent and absurd reality disturbances deserved to go fight in the end in the firing line, where "two gods serve as possible."

Where the Lord wants you to give the victorious banner, if you have "hated life" a mine.

We have the advantage! We do not need to look for the truth in the teachings and philosophies and false religions: our God - the Most Holy Trinity, our truth is the Orthodox faith, our shield is the Cross of Calvary with the holy martyrs, our strength - in the Holy Spirit!

And our wealth is not earthly. Therefore, we are invincible!

Russian people pecked west chaff and stuck to it until the soul and stomach disorders, have forgotten how to live as a Christian and as soldiers of Christ, to die...

What a great! We have no moral force sympathize neighbor, and not to stand up for all the people of the Orthodox.

But let's pray for chewing celebrating brothel's day plague mercantile Russia, to reach to the heart of the eternal Russia "...
(Father Vladimir Yermolaev, the Word of the Priest).

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