The foundations of the society cracked. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 65
The Magnetic Building. The Komsomol blast furnace 2. The finishing of the blast furnace assembly. October, 1931

Yulia Ivanova

The foundations of the society cracked. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 65


Present: The AG (Guardian Angel), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).

WITNESSES: A. Denikin, F. Dostoevsky, M. Tsvetaeva, N. Berdyaev, St. Gregory of Nyssa, Zbigniew Brzezinski, A. Hitler, B. Primerov, The priest D Dudko, I. Reymers, Franklin Roosevelt, A. Blok, M. Aliger, Z. Gippius, Ed. Radzinsky.


The AG: I am going to ask you a question: do you dare to spend Holy Father on the streets, "put an end to atheism" of Moscow?
The underpass, spectacles, bookstores?
Show movies or TV shows, for example, the Reverend Sergius?
Be ashamed.

And in Stalin's Moscow?
They would have made, in spite of the closed churches.


The fundamental error of fallen humanity: the consumption of drugs are a PURPOSE.
The Confessors of the Heavenly Law is a community of rational consumption.


If the soviet people were "cogs" then Joseph was the engine, the locomotive. He pulled away the whole structure, "maintaining its share of" renouncing personal, if not the same as a private matter.


Inhabitants of the CIS. The post-Soviet era.

They went on wool and came clipped.


"The revolution was inevitable. It is called the nation. This definition is correct only in the fact that the revolution was the result of dissatisfaction with the old regime strongly the general population."
(A. Denikin. "Sketches of Russian Troubles").


A good old brick.

"Cracked the foundations of society a revolution reforms. Muddied sea. Disappeared and erased the definition and boundaries of good and evil. Today honestly cannot survive."


"We made vile, but they knew what they were doing vile, and that there is also good. Now do not believe in good and even need it."


"A ruthless to the lower masses, and a drop of brotherhood, and the operation of the rich to the poor, oh, of course, it was all in the past and always, but not to build on the same level of the supreme truth and science, but also condemned Christianity.
Now, in contrast, is built into a virtue."

"They laugh at the idea of a right to dishonor those who rejoice. Merchant and clerk."

"Our liberal by nature a servant, and just looking at how to clean up what the German boots."

"They love the West, love. And as a last resort as it comes to the point, all go there."

"Our democracy in the end is always near at hand that suppresses the people's power, in the end becomes the lord himself."

"Nowhere in the world, as we may be, there is so much fraud and lackeys thought so much of the lowland selection of people in the so-called class of intellectuals."


"When a society no longer feel sorry for the weak and oppressed, then he himself will be bad: it will harden and wither, become dissolute and futile."


"Russia is now primarily a place in a world where anything can happen without any resistance."

(Fyodor Dostoyevsky selected locations).


M. Tsvetaeva to tsar (Apr.1917 year):

Your judges are storm and the shaft!
Not people - you, God sought.


"Russian monarchy was convicted again, condemned by God"


"High is humiliated, created in the image of the heavenly bacame Earth, delivered reign enslaved, created for immortality bacame filthy death.

Residing in a heavenly pleasure moved into this painful and laborious country.

Brought up in a passionless exchange it for the life of a passionate and short-term.

Timeless and free are now under the rule of such a great and many evils that could not be counted our tormentors."
(St. Gregory of Nyssa).


The more a responsibility you take, the more you become.


Under Soviet rule, destroyed temples outside, but often recovered TEMPLES internally.

Now, on the contrary.

Temptations are inevitable pits, stones, thorns in the ascent. Crafty bandit on the road. Lord, grant to overcome temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Mercantile relations between members of a loving family are ridiculous.

The members of such families know: "good family are all good."

Well, if someone in the family selfish predator? About them and said, "do not enter into the kingdom."

Order and selection is a historical process.
There are kids who love. There are obedient, conscious. Or whip.
Or, if all else fails, then get out of the house.
Cruel, but this is the only way to keep the family together.

Sovereign DIVISION: ME or US relies more than others. On this basis, the "I" or "we" want to separate.

Serving others (his lust, not helping him to serve the Cause), you indirectly serve Mammon.

In other words, I feed, dress composer, and take care of his children, to release it for the music.
And not, say, to play in a casino.

To be saved.
In the word of this is the essence of the Law.

Collective salvation, community, originating from the consubstantial and indivisible Trinity.

Saved the cathedral. If power is sinning, I did with my Paz forgiveness and patience.

As long as Russia was in the popular mind a single entity, the people "silent." But come a limit, when the people began to demand of the gods to give to Caesar, body and soul to vampires.


"From the swamp pull hippo." That was the mission of Joseph.


Satanic ritual slaughter of Union specially adjusted to the date of quatrains of Nostradamus and was accompanied by all kinds of devilry.


Gogol in "The Inspector" and "Dead Souls" there are vampires of old Russia.



"Wolves get into the landlord's fold and eat lambs.
To stop the "innocent suffering" can be hysterical crush fold.
And you can build a stronger fence, to get a gun and shoot the wolves.

The possibility of "wolf" is in the script, but not my carelessness and negligence in regard to the requests I lambs.

The script requires saving the herd.
The best way to to lock up the wolves within and without. Not saved - wine shepherd.

Perhaps the lesser evil to shoot predators when there is no other way to neutralize them?


Byword is Pavlik Morozov.

"Honor thy father and thy mother" is all so generic necessity.

But the country was starving, and individual citizens, apparently, to be Christians, not only did not want to share the last, as Christ commanded, but hid surplus and condemned to death by starvation neighbors.

A "neighbor" is the one who is currently in need of thy mercy.
Therefore, truth was hardly on the side of the kulaks.
And if you choose between the truth and the family clan, he said:

"He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me."
(Mt. 10:37).

"Loves Me", that is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Commanded to share the latest without distinguishing "us" from other people's charitable deeds.

When Joseph was told that his son was in captivity, and to expect any special instructions, he replied:
All of my sons.


Actually came to power, Joseph forbade the killing of children in the womb and canceled adopted in 1917 one of the first decree on freedom of sexual minorities.


"After the collapse of communism, the only enemy of America is left Russian Orthodoxy." (Z. Brzezinski).


"Stalin was pretending it herald the Bolshevik Revolution.
In fact, he identifies himself with Russia and kings, and just revived the tradition of Pan-Slavism.

For him, the Bolsheviks - only a means, but a disguise, which aims - to deceive the German and the Latin nations. "
(Adolf Hitler).


Power tyrants thee crowned,
Russia exploits magnified in abusive ...
Have mercy on us in the bitter days
God, the Soviet Union believed to be accurate,
God, save us the empire.
(B. Primyerov. "The Prayer").


"Sergei and Alex called Stalin God-given leader.

Eminent scientist and theologian Archbishop Luke Voino-Yasenetsky), by the way, who was sitting under Stalin. But this did not prevent him to call it God-given.

Stalin kept Russia showed what it means for the world ... Therefore, I, as an Orthodox Christian and Russian patriot bow down to Stalin."
(The Priest Dmitry Dudko).


"The community is a living organism that changes and grows over time, and which is equally owned by the dead generations and generations yet unborn.

The historic building life must gradually rebuild the.

Even a bad king in terms of "right" worldview is "king" and spitting on the icon, which is still worshiped yesterday, is spitting himself as a man or a nation is in the face."
(I. Reimers).


"We now all say financial situation has improved, that life has become better, happier.
This, of course, true.
But the result is that the population began to multiply much faster than in the old days.
Mortality is less birth more, and the net increase is obtained much more.
This is fine, and we welcome that.

Now we have every year, the net increase in the population receives about three million of souls.

This means that every year we get the increment for the whole Finland. And this leads to the fact that you have to feed more and more people. "
(Joseph Speech on the need to expand grain production, 1935).


"This man knows how to act.

His goal is always before his eyes. Working with him is a pleasure. No beating about the bush.

He poses the question, who wants to talk, and do not deviate. "
(F. Roosevelt about Joseph).


"As far as I know from the foreign press, I have long left this sinful world, and moved to the light.

Since the messages of the foreign press cannot be treated with confidence if you want to be removed from the list of civilized people, then please believe these messages and not break my rest in the silence of the other world."
(Joseph's reply to the correspondent query about the rumors about his serious illness).


Christ! Our users sad!
Sick on the cross!
And Your canoe whether it will be approach
crucified for my height?
(A. Block).


Now is the judgment of history, rehabilitative Joseph.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union threw Vampiria mask and disclosed itself.
Evil broke and exhausted, like a boil.

The current leaders of the "heap" in history.
And our Soviet Motherland, the country of "heroes, dreamers and scientists" passed into eternity.

Now "our" need to join hands and then, above - from the ledge on which you resist, when all flew to hell.

Antivampiria was climbing and climbing is a tough thing. That is down there, "market master" on the bones and ruins.


Joseph first built the "aeronautic apparatus." Ironic, bulky, but we fly it over seventy years of vampires.

By the way, have noticed that the ship that was in the form of the ARK!


Joseph made the wolves feed the sheep!


In every act, every word
I swear to serve him without a time limit
And to the last drop of blood
Be a drop of the flow.
(M. Aliger, March 1953).


And it come all good. FOREVER AND EVERYWHERE.


All in vain: the soul is blind,
We are committed to the worm and aphids,
And not even left the ashes
Russian Law on the earth!
(Z. Gippius).


The darker the night, the brighter the stars.


Today cloying and insipid
In any banana paradise
Only in Russia is interesting,
As the edge of the abyss.



"Lord warned students about the dangers of leaven of the Pharisees, "which is hypocrisy."

"Woe unto you, lawyers, that you took the key of knowledge: they are not logged and entering in ye hindered."
(Lk. 11:52).

The time when the princes of the people are masters, fathers and defenders, and priests are shepherds.

Elapsed time of the first disinterested Christians, Christian communities based on common ownership and mutual love.

The church became legal, the authorities are its parishioners ...

But they were ordinary sinful people - with the baser passions and vices.

Like wealth, power, idle life at the expense of other, weaker.
They are no longer "grazed and ate the" sheep.

But the children of the Church, and were verbally professed Christianity.

We had to be in conflict or emerging from a Vampiria, or trying to get her rights, privileges and protection to adapt Christianity to the Vampiria (perhaps this is true of Islam).

The church, unfortunately, as the prophets foretold it, has chosen the latter.

Giving the Gods Caesar was little attempt to adapt the teaching of Christ to the need to "serve two masters" and preach slavery "non-resistance."

Began with the secularization of the Western church. Then at Holy Rus princes fathers and defenders became gradually princes predators.

The protests of the clergy could fail and virtually destroy (deal only with social sermons, not dogma).

Culture, too, was divided: the serving realm Golden Calf and confront him. Sometimes both in the same author.

In fact, the society has refused to protect the weak and the poor, "the downtrodden." Refused to make any changes in the world order and even disastrous proclaimed him "God has established."

The whole world culture somehow etched abandonment by God. She changed her vocation, renounced Plan.

Post-Christian pagans and Satanists, Spiritualists, the Masons, the ministers of Bacchus, Eros - the name is legion. Materialists of all shades, idolaters "man", "people", "progress."

Inventors' own god."

Attempts to find the truth behind the churchyard continued in Russia for at least two centuries. Gathered bit by bit the Christian doctrine, lost during long walks around the temple, outside the temple.


"The reality in its revolutionary development" are the definition of socialist realism to some extent can be attributed to Christian ethics, aimed at building the future of the kingdom.
Fragments appeared to be assembled and glued.

Soviet culture always rested against "the need of God." Higher meaning of life with access to a private eternity and immortality.
Defeating the vampire appearance; it was necessary to overcome it internally.

Create a new world, preparing a revolution of spirit and consciousness.

And without going into immortality turned out that each generation of builders Bright Future is a vampire to move.

Spiritual and moral impasse, cockroach races.

Worth it to get away from the vampire personality and class to rest against a vampire ideologically generations!

Soviet art was an acute shortage of air, the Endless Sky ... Ideological blinders interfere discern the deeper meaning of life.

Managed to break through in the music, the ballet, and in some lines, frames, images, color.

Amazingly, while the Soviet censorship and fought with Heaven and the Darkness, in any case, with the motto of Prince of Darkness: "It is forbidden to forbid."

Following the resignation of "the militant atheist" Khrushchev there has been a religious revival. Was to instill the branches dry up the communist ideology to the trunk of the Orthodox Church, dubbed the "illegitimate" child.

Abandonment by God filled the void in the temples and icons of Russian tsar, the breakthrough to the Sky of ruined temples of Soviet Russia was to replace Russia Spiritual, prepares the revolution of consciousness.

Fragments found outside the temple of "truth" was something like an ascetic Christian ethics Antivampiria early Christian communities. Only less fertile and more aggressive.

It became the foundation of socialist realism.


Pushkin's brilliant tale of the fisherman and the goldfish story of how the Mystery, Miracle, closeness tried to adjust to Vampiria.

It ended, as we know, "with nothing."

"Do not tell fish. Only the tail on the water splashed and went into the deep sea."

She will be back when we ask her not wealth, not power, not the nobility, and the "one thing necessary" - Grace and the Kingdom.

Heavenly, unearthly.

Greedy old woman is a vampire, blatantly asking at fish "forbidden fruit, and a little more," and an old ascetic, passive, indifferent to the power of the fish and its gifts, to a miracle, no begging, - both are bankrupt.

Still condemned those who ask of truth "wrong" and nothing asking lukewarm to the Truth, lost grace.

Does not it remind lukewarm old social preaching church, sometimes going on about the society of unbridled consumption?

It is amazing how the couple from an old tale symbolizes the post-Soviet society.

Distracted from uncontrolled "I want!" "New Russian" and obedient their dope, uncomplaining and lukewarm people who all "to light."

When the very mystery of trying to adapt "to serve on the premises" in the kingdom of Mammon, Secret for a while condescending to infirmities of human nature, and then silently goes "into the deep sea," and does not give an answer.

And on the sea is black storm.

Again Rus was left with nothing.

The Church must recognize that the state of the world, and Russia - and the revolution, and now nothing more than a collective service to Taurus, who wish to escape from the "must go".

(Blessed is the man that walketh not in the
counsel of the wicked."
(Ps. 1:1)

Church, not from the point of denouncing vampire Christian ethics and warning of the consequences, pushing society to atheism and bloody revolutions.


Edvard Radzinsky:

"Perhaps the only difficulty in recording my gear I have a Stalin.

Usually I write the program in his apartment, in his chair. I do feel the space. A transfer with Stalin decided to record on his former summer residence.

It was monstrous.

I almost died there. The first series could not speak to me like a heavy weight hanging. I do drugs or drink, and then asked for a tablet validola.

There are other strange things happened - the camera goes down, a noise appeared, the computer refused and so. "

"Ha-ha-ha! hissed the AD, as Joseph wrote in the margins of library books."


Aquarium broken, the fish were in the "sea of the everyday."

But the water is poisonous, scurrying around sharks that devour weaker fishes and each other.

You can, of course, take cover under a snag, and watch as misfortune befalls those who cannot resist the one who defenseless and intellectual, in the best sense of the word.

You can see how stupid the victims hope that they, too, fed, not realizing that they are now to be devoured. That they are just food biomass.

Slaves or wastes, which must be more reliable buried, thrust into a plastic bag.

That they will no longer be any cure or teach, or defend.

That greed, hatred, anger, envy, shamelessness, fornication, blood, and death will now run the show in their homeland.

And when they talk about restoring order, strengthen government and strengthen the country, now it will only strengthen the hateful speech of the new order - the omnipotence of ghouls.

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