By Lips of Yegor Zlatov. Joanna's Page 63

Yulia Ivanova

By Lips of Yegor Zlatov. Joanna's Page 63

We, the residents of the great millennial powers called before Russia, Russia, Soviet Union, and all who wish to join us regardless of nationality, country, religion and social status, declare the establishment of a new community. Incorporating the spiritual heritage of centuries of human civilization.

We are going to practice the priority of the Heavenly Law evil of the human mind.

This law is inscribed in the hearts of everyone.

"The moral law within us" is admired Kant.


We confess:

Bequeathed to our spiritual teachers belief in the divine origin and destiny of man.

We believe:

In the immortality of the human soul. In fact, that life on earth is a step in the endless ascent of man.

In every sense of the earth's human life, which is to implement the idea, calling, laid there by the Creator.

In that world, according to his plan, it is an endless creative ascent in unity and mutual love.

Where "all for one, one for all." "One flock and one shepherd."

We reject the philosophy of individualism, self-centeredness, self at the expense of others, when more conscientious is weaker.

Alien to us barbaric consumer attitude towards the world.

Native Russian collegiality, community, even the so-called Soviet socialist system left a wealth of experience in this life, at the very least seeking exercise plan.


Despite the loss the faith, and later to state atheism, Russia could long withstand the onslaught of "lying in evil" world.

And when sin, selfishness and hatred still won; prostrate Russia with the help of God always resurrected.

But here we are again on the ashes. And reaches out to everyone who is ready to believe again, to build, to share the last piece of bread and sleep under a coat.

Comrades and brothers of all nations, religions, socio-economic status - all who believe in the priority of the Plan of Heaven above us and the moral law within.


"Give flesh and take the Spirit." Creator's plan requires individuals to self-restraint, moderation in food, drink, clothing, and in everyday life. Hard work on himself.

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven."

Climbing light. In conjunction.

On the principle of each is life, Life to everyone.


This means, first, "from each according to his ability, to each their daily bread." That is reasonably necessary.

Any member of the public that seeks to live by design, must to the best of his God-given talents of these "serve" the Cause.

Implementing and multiplying these talents, and not losing them, not "burying in the ground."

And, especially, not to serve their enemy - the prince of darkness.


High true art; it is a conversation of the soul with God. That is the credo of our allies from the art.

Of course, should not be understood vulgar primitive, as is sometimes the last act pharisaical censorship.

"And tore my sinful tongue and talkative, and the evil" ...
We - for censorship of domestic law.

"Verb burn the hearts of men."

Blasphemous "heart burn" for a fee.


Moreover, we feel cynical when a doctor treats patients, teacher is teaching and raising children, the architect is building houses and farmer to grow wheat at half strength, with full force or the fourth force depending on the reward.

You must implement the data Creator talents in good faith, in God. Always at full capacity.
It is order of the Heaven, your mission on earth, from the implementation of which depends on your destiny in eternity.


But our society thus be obliged to each of its members to ensure that all reasonably necessary for the realization of this mission.
Of course, the composer should have a grand piano, the writer has a separate room, and a scientist has the ability to travel to the symposium.
But neither the writer nor the Academy, much less official, should not eat or dress better miner, carpenter or combiner.

The head should receive all necessary for normal functioning, as well as the little finger. For if from malnutrition pinky ill, DEAD and head.

The same as if the power of the superabundance of dizzy could fall all the body along with the little finger and the other fingers.

Of course, we do not tend to bring this principle to the absurd. There will be willing to have your house on the nature, visit the gourmet restaurant, distraction, fun; man is weak. Please, but within reasonable limits.

The Soviet government has accumulated a lot of experience here.


The idea of putting the Sky at the heart of our community, we should not rely on the evil, sinful human instincts. To our fallen nature is greed, selfishness and pride.

On relating to money luxury, debauchery are sources of continuous chain of crimes, hostility and temptations.

"Woe to him who come from the temptations".


We are not against private property, if it is the implementation of the Plan.

We are against the use of property in sin. Against the destructive idea, conceited and unwise use of one part of the Whole that is for everyone.

Consumption due to "all" and the whole.

Any noticeable, irrational economic inequality arouses base instincts - envy, desire to have a "like this", to get beyond a reasonable opportunity and necessity.

Hence, bribery, theft, corruption, for a fee, murder. A whole bunch of crimes.

Surely must be a reasonable personal property, but we believe that the community should take the food, consumer services, childcare and other daily chores.

In short, I repeat, you must help each PLACE, implemented in the plan.


What we spend precious time of life?

Each morning rolls to work in his box.

Every woman spends a lot of time every day for shopping, cooking, washing dishes, and her husband to get money to buy food.

Then each mother with her pram walking in the park, then every wipes dozens of unnecessary things, removes unnecessary extra meters.

How many victims of rampant advertising at all buy mountains of junk!

We are going to free our fellow comrades from the madness, based on the positive experience of the Soviets, which decries the greed, the pursuit of things that enslave people.

How much precious time as spiritual energy would free mankind, free from humiliating bondage to matter!


The person should be held in the Image of God, and the Thought of giving their talents to the Cause of the Creator on the earth. Take pleasure in creative work, free from greed and vanity.

The aim of our community is to give everyone not wealth / that does not conform to the Plan / and reasonably self-sufficient life. Except in cases when the wealth necessary for the implementation of various projects and good success on it is spent.

But inequality is itself condemned by the Creator. Gospel rich go to hell and the beggar Lazarus is in paradise. Only for the social gulf between them.

Surely, it is not clear that when a doctor has a patient assistance for the money, when the poor are denied an expensive operation, as well as to the rest, and his children - tuition - a society contrary to God!

And our "shovels" was a hundred times more humane, though, and professed atheism on stupidity. But in fact, living in many respects by the laws of Heaven.


No, we do not plan to "socialist anthill."

Save people from bad materiality and related bad passions, we will release at every opportunity for the creative and spiritual abilities.

We dream of the Revolution of the Spirit.


However, the change of power of Mammon can come and satanic temptation of pride, the freedom of the Creator.

Therefore, we will be with the mother's milk to inspire the children that freedom is "the Light" means slavery of darkness and death.

Rid prodigal "freedom" is House of the Father, wraps slavery to "lying in evil" world.

Return to the Father, and in His house to find true freedom. As His successor and co-creator.

For only connecting with God, we deify going up "to the sun from the worm."


So, the meaning of the Law of Heaven in human life is to administer the Cause of God on earth. Exercise is not a bad idea by the Creator.

Facilitate the implementation of the Plan of the unity of the world where the "all for one, one for all."

"May they all be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us."

These words of the Savior, relating to the early Christians, we take as a blessing to all who have taken the path.
Who is the Truth and the Life.


Everyone has their own path to God. There are a variety of faith, superstition, atheism and direct against God.

Go to the top alone, or in conjunction with fellow believers; it is deeply personal. This is a miracle, mystery creature relationship with his Creator. Difficult ascent by overcoming their own mistakes and fallen nature, are separated from the Heaven.


"World Religion" as the "state" is not just a utopia, but a sin.
Construction of the Tower of Babel, the attempt to unite in sin of pride. "The whole company" to get to heaven.

The Lord has brought down the Tower of Babel. Divided the nations, giving each a distinct language, special way, a special vocation in the overall design.

God is contrary to any separatist if the nation asserting itself is intended, regardless of the Whole (nationalism).

Every part of the living organism is unique and priceless, because bears its specific functions.

But the arrogance of the nation outside the whole becomes totally meaningless and harmful, idolatry, fetish.

Hand cut off nobody needs, as well as hand, claiming that the head, legs and everything else served it as the whole.

A kind of Gogol's "The Nose".


Oh, and, of course, is totally unacceptable to the unity of Heaven in sin, condemnation of the law of course; any drug traffickers, sexual minorities, supporters of abortion, etc.

The majority of mankind had pitched camp, is located at the foot of a picnic and proclaimed motto is "to live, to live!"

And yet, by design, life on earth is Optimistic Tragedy (for those who climbed or even "Sunrise").

"What find you, and judge in the will."

And just a tragedy for those who, in the words of recognizing the Creator, suggest that called from nothingness to a picnic feast in time of plague with one hundred percent fatal.


Man is so imperfect (not in their capabilities, and to implement them) so suffers from its own imperfection, that it would be absurd to assume that the good Lord sent him to the ground "to live and enjoy."

Few people can rejoice; heavy fighting for a place under the sun, anxiety, endless bustle, disappointment, betrayal, illness.

As a child slavery to parents in their youth the passion, then the society, the need for labor (family) for progressive weakness and, finally, the all-consuming and all-conquering death.

Joy, you see, a little, and if anyone can enjoy, and then by the suffering of others, which is hardly acceptable to God, if he is good.

And the assumption that God is "not good" would be contrary to all religions of the world.


Preacher, the son of David, king of Jerusalem, who built me houses, I made me gardens and orchards, made me pools of water, got me servants gathered me also silver and gold, came to the conclusion that the Lord "sinner gives care to gather and to heap up, to give the following good before God "
(Ekkl.2: 26).

Therefore, can only assume that the good God for our good wishes for something different from us, to refer to this sad earth.

Of course, keeping the commandments.

Of course, good works, according to the Scriptures.


Also, again, in every human being lies some particular idea, God's plan, for which we have the gift or the GIFTS (that is given free).

It is not only the time allotted to us, health, mind, our life itself, but also the talents / gifts /.

The Gospel is the parable of the talents / monetary unit, a piece of silver in ancient times /. Mr. leaving, gives his servants different amounts of talents and returned to praise and reward those who returned the talents multiplied many times.

One who dug his talent into the ground and return to the same number punishing, leaving gift.

Note that the slave does not propyl talent, not spent it on himself, did not give the enemy the Lord, that is, the devil, that we often do.

Simply put, saved and returned as it is.

And the Lord, how to understand this parable, deprived of a careless servant of His kingdom. That is salvation in eternity.

What we, the poor, waiting for? What we spend our talents?

Learn, have a career, to make money.

Acquire property, usually for ninety percent unnecessary.

Make money on food, buy food, cook, eat, wash dishes, make again ... And again.

In the interval is to talk about food. "A sturgeon was still a bit too strong."

We pay food, clothes, things, games and toys for adults, all the problems of the waist a lot of time.

I am not talking about the bloody showdown games, and wars.


Do you remember the Soviet debates about love and friendship: about whether you can give your doctor candy and flowers, giving the taxi driver a tip?

Now, the doctor finds the propertied nonexistent pricelist sores, to the poor does not close.

A taxi driver is often target the passengers, taking the car and rescue ...

Oh, and the press while rummaging in his underwear actresses.

Freedom, we have arrived!


But the last thing I want to read morals and rend the air.
I appeal to those who are sick, as well as me on these "human rights."
Rights to hell.

Yes, you are burning bright fire, though you and sorry, but we, who are well aware what is happening and shudder?

Orthodox Christians, Muslims and followers of other religions, including atheists, who believe in the moral law of conscience ... All who recognize themselves as children of heaven, not lustful monkeys in Darwin, Freud ...

Do we not have the right to live differently?


We understand that those who will not hear will not hear us. We appeal to those who, like us, embarrassed, scared and sick of this "new" Russia.

And not only in Russia.

Feasting live among the poor and the poor among the revelers.

Shame and hate to be hated.

Afraid and ashamed to see the agony of the Fatherland, especially the spiritual and moral.

It is terrible to be killed and to kill, because for every death we are responsible.

We, feasting or inactive during the plague.


We appeal to the poor, violates the laws of Heaven out of envy and hatred of the rich.

And the rich, trying to keep the price of the fate of his own soul a burden unrighteous wealth.

Some people in the pursuit of surpluses, others - in the pursuit of those who are in pursuit.

Third - just in the pursuit of a piece of bread.

Private property, "for my age" - even a chimera, an illusion.

In Savannah their pockets. With him nothing to carry, everything is given for rent.

A "heat of the soul" goes out to save, multiply. That like Pushkin sparingly, to appear before the Creator and naked beggar.

And bathed in tears and blood of the coins in the chest will be your verdict in Eternity.


Sky law teaches that it is not in the property, and in its use. Here is where sin and all our troubles.

We proclaim instead is given by the Creator right "daily bread" (must-sufficient to fulfill their vocation).

That is the right of each of our associates is took place, implement, establish themselves in the images, and ideas, the right to spiritual ascent will stimulate us proclaimed revolution of spirit and consciousness.

But not the right to sin, is the stimulus and the motor so-called "progress" of modern civilization.


Competition, rivalry divided the land into large and small rival wolf packs with a "right of the strongest." Lead to war, "all against all" in the spiritual and moral impasse, the removal of people from the Creator.

The property must unite to serve the plan, rather than separate, recalling banal "swan, cancer and pike" in which "there is no agreement."

Blessed be a property used for the common good. To implement and affirmation of each person and of images and ideas.

This removes the constant contradictions between haves classes and have-nots. Between labor and capital, capitalism and socialism.


Again, we call our ranks all who do not want to live under the laws of the wolf pack or the monkey.

Who does not mean by "freedom" own disheveled "Give!"

Who puts above all the sacred right to realize their most important task "to serve the Creator?"


We call on all but the Satanists, the enemies of the Plan, even though they sometimes appeal to Heaven.

There, in the kingdom of light, there is no Satan; Lucifer was cast out into the earth, where he "runs the show."
The rule of "lying in evil" world.

We are aware of this evil force, and do not dare to declare restructuring of the world. But believe in the Revelation of the Creator of the ultimate victory of light over darkness.


Darkness cannot be undone but it must overcome.

Not to participate in the affairs of her, and, hand in hand, to begin the ascent:

"Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."
(Lk.12: 32).


"Do you think that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay;
From henceforth five in one house divided, three against two and two against three " (Lk.12:51-52).

"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord, 'will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven. "


We call ourselves Performers of the Heavenly Law.

Performers of the Heavenly Law is not some, God forbid, a new unified religion, as we believe, again, that the way to God for each individual.

We bring together those who have given and not taken. For in the way you have to be light.

Those who want to rise to the call, to the explicit or "unknown" God. And do not run out in the insane and proud of fruitless attempts to alter radically the world, repair his rotten bricks.

We are not going to drag "lies in evil" to Heaven, repeating the bitter experience of the Tower of Babel.

Only one that is give "reasonable, good and eternal" are steps to Heaven.

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