If I had Golden Mountains. The Chosen One

Yulia Ivanova

If I had Golden Mountains. The Chosen One

Among the first Izans: builders, repairers, growers, retailers; there were many refugees and even released from prison.
People injured, often lost everything: home, family and their status in society.

They agreed to any terms, just to survive, and not cut in Yegor's theory.
They say they hired for food and bed, and the glory of God, what is there to fuss!

Boss behaves in a queer way with any ideas, so it is not a roof now moved out, the time is...
Then, despite the fact that many initially lived in tents and had to really work hard (Yegor said, "You are building housing for themselves"), wound slowly overgrown.

People began to pay attention to it for the first time experienced an unusual feeling "high," and could not understand what was going on.
Until you realize that the reason it is in this release from the seemingly familiar and inevitable trouble and turmoil.
His father's son (Gleb always hated life) Yegor with a fanatical fury planted the first thing any "service life" on the principle of work, bread, freedom, sleep.

The concept of "freedom" was to anything other than any ungodly activities and "dope."
The question of what is "nonsense," replied Yegor famous couplet:
"Living it up, we live in vain"...

In short, the criterion was: imagine yourself in the face of God.

"You say there is no God? And you imagine that there is."

"Freedom" was for Yegor sacred. He jealously guarded these hours Izans against any infringement.

Supervised child care for family, sports, self (by computer "Izan-net" could be a student, to know any information, get advice).

But for most, especially after the work was combined with "freedom." "Freedom" is a continuation of work.

These first Izans, often associated only with physical labor, land and building, at first did not know what to do with an unusual "freedom."
Sometimes even resent it. Roamed the area, overcoming the desire for a drink, play a game of cards."
But purple izan-girls such rapidly caught and took possession of them.

"The revolutionaries of Consciousness" is usually rejected flirting, but showed a keen interest in the biography "catch."
Their inclinations, weaknesses, opportunities unrealized. In short, the pros and cons...

Purple "fishers of men" in the first place, selected and Full Tilt those who agree with their main slogan catch held.
That is all that you incorporated the positive to discover, develop, implement ... A profit again realized.
And until the last breath in time to invest in the "Bank of Heaven."

While the world is mainly concerned with the problem of "time to grab and run through."

Invest in "Bank of Eternity" where "neither moth nor rust does not eat and no thief steals"...

" Time kills,' said Yegor, "And we're killing time, putting our treasures in the earth banks. How did we ever get them, when you have to pay for the eternal account."
"Do not sow the decay. Have time to give back to the Creator, and not squander.

That's the revolution.

Most, of course, is not immediately amenable to agitation. Or do not budge.

Many tried in vain to hit on cajole their young violets-revolutionaries. And, in the end, spit, and we fall to bed early.

However, if you want to drink this was possible, but not to the public eye and without consequences.

As for adultery, the rules of Izania were extremely rigid, austere in church.

But fans of Yegor so earnestly reminded if not Christian, the Komsomol, so fervently and enthusiastically performed by hard rules, so earnestly call you "friend" that tormented by persecution, malice, shooting and porn guy in front sometimes dimmed buying men tears.

I wanted to give "Violet" white lilies and walk down the aisle. That sometimes happens.

It did not use any worldly-Soviet "morals and ethics" or religious "holiness."
It said the "purity" seriously and respectfully.

Clean hands, a clean body, a clear mind, and soul.

It is often said, "Go and wash yourself", implying that we get dirty every hour, every minute. And we should also regularly wash the dirt from the soul, freak image in you, cleaning off the dirt from the body.

Who else might want to: prayer, repentance, confession?

Or just listen to good music, to visit the sick and desperate to do any good...
Each had their own ways of "internal bath".

General are attention and belief in the necessity of this very "clean." Children must obey the Father of Heaven.

Do not want to leave. You're free to fly or crawl...

You want, but it is impossible, not just receiving, you always help.

And if it decided to call the darkness of combat to fight alone.

Just let your sin will not be a stumbling block to others, as menacingly warns "the gospel."
Modern science can do in principle unnecessary quarters for prostitutes, sexual minorities, drug addicts, pedophiles, gluttons, idolaters luxury shocking sight...
Pound the sin underground, stay alone with him, like a patient in the pest house.

This is all for those who do not want to get rid of low blood-sucking habits and passions. As mosquitoes in the early summer of gang up on poor soul, drinking from it, all the sap.
When dying slowly in a poor captive networks and cannot fly.
We can only becoming fat aging body, fit late in life except to eat worms.

Izans believed that the freedom of others from your sin - also the unconditional right of everyone.

"We do not ask Heaven to deliver us from temptation, for in them is our freedom," said Yegor. "It overcoming temptation, as a step, we go up the stairs from the darkness to the light."
"Come out of her, my people!"

"Sin is a disease," says the law of heaven.

And reasonable, not wanting to die should at least block the infected separation, enmity and streptococcal cell dirt, sowing around the infection and decay.

Freedom to man. A leper colony to his sin is.

"When you cough or sneeze cover your mouth and nose with a tissue."

Translate sin "virtual reality" where to fight or not to fight with sin - a purely private matter.


"On your account so much," was declared to an Izan. Less" daily bread" (household expenses) is such and such amount.

After some time, you and your wife, for example, spent an apartment, it will be yours. And if you join the Izasi and will continue to work in our system and to our principles, to your account in Izan-bank will do the clean money.
That can be embedded into any program myself, my wife, or with someone else united.
We now have all the screaming shouting, demanding investment, honest and talented hands of the master.

Not greed and get rich in God, a blessing of a spiritual father.

Or your conscience...

Anything other than cases of darkness. That sufficient funding without us.


That you loved as a child? What are dreamed of in his youth and dream now?

And that you know how you love to do?

And as I thought what is your purpose, idea of you?

Yegor was not afraid of the highest words; a "low-truths" cannot stand.

Failing, knocking with his Violet the souls again and again, taking care of "the barren fig tree," as she did not give fruit.

He had an incredible sense of these seemingly most impenetrable "fig tree" that violet-revolutionary called among themselves, "oak."

But so was happy when "oak" gave first, let sour, but the fruit!

The whole atmosphere Yegor estate Golden Mountings was impregnated cheerful enthusiasm to look for these "talents."
Or many vocations, the main case and the meaning of life.

It took over an avalanche when things went uphill fo Izania and Izan-bank bank began to grow individual accounts, which had to somehow define.

Heard about Izania lone inventors and entire creative teams, who were idle lab shut out important research ...
Sent for slaughter valuable livestock: no money, nothing to feed...

Solid desperate cry: "Give, save"!

Not to respond was simply impossible, and one by one Izania became sponsors.

Izania must provide-sufficient sponsors: the problems of everyday life have been resolved, and investors can or just do not care, "in God prosper."

One of the main goals was to save the "whole world" or "the whole team" as you like.
Salvation, unity, Revival of the Fatherland.

Investments are not taxed, and sometimes started to give a lot of profit.

Problem to do with himself in the hours of "freedom", now itself anymore. Chronically short of time.

And talent would open the windows in the spring, and the goodness and selflessness.

And Heaven gave strength.
And soon, the situation in the once-dilapidated mossy dispensaries began to remind staff of the heroic "week-day great projects."

Yegor's motto was: no one could depend, all possible themselves.

Their mini-plants for the production of low-cost building stone and brick have been allowed quarry nearby, vowing to turn over time in the quarry pond for the surrounding village: swim, fish breeding.
And in regard to fire protection was needed.

Bought a farm near bankrupt farmer.
Funny bicycle-cart Chinese sample transported to outlets greens, milk and vegetables from the farm and Golden Mount's greenhouses.

The remaining products harvested for future use, canned, salted and dried. Made from milk curd, cheese and sour cream.

Much needed for internal use Izania gradually grew. Surplus were on sale.


He seemed never tired of this Yegor.

True, vulcanizers instead and purple guitar work now other Izans, but traditional concerts, sermons Yegor time cut out.
Wrote at night, playing guitar, conquering the hearts of new "revolutionary spirit."

Three motto: "Everyone is the daily bread." "Multiplying talents-harvest." "Sin is in quarantine".

Izanas sang:

When I had the golden mountains
And the river, full of wine,
All gave Zlatov Yegor
There was one song.

Verse Repeat until bored.

So with the light hand of the anonymous author appeared "Golden Mountings" where branches joined farm, youth complexes, individual houses and apartments.

But the movement was called Izania, and it is increasingly go beyond Golden Mountings.

Has emerged the second wave of Izanami. Refugees, spent housing and wishing for whatever reason to "leave the world" could exchange his apartment, temporarily or permanently, with Izans "of conviction."
Of which increased the number of intellectuals - engineers, civil servants, writers, teachers, and doctors. Which is called "got life" or "reach restructuring."
When money on what was missing, the ideals were destroyed.

In general, barely able to balance on the edge of survival.

Golde Mountings seemed to them a paradise.
Any domestic problems, the children settle down. To Moscow, forty minutes by train to the station, Golden Nountings' bus or bike for latecomers (bikes were stored in an empty barn with living near the station grandfather-izan).

The work did not need to throw only money now echoed in Izan-bank

And wages and income for the apartment (some even sell or Izania their apartments, moving to live in Golden Mountings) and other revenue; all in a Izan-bank decent interest. Everything is as it should be.

However, in the hands, having only the bare minimum for small or reasonable contingencies.

Voluntary renunciation of the cash "on dope" strictly enforced.

Reserved dinner given to each in a special thermos with four pull-out compartment (two refrigerated) snack and dessert / and the two hot (soup and the second).

For all sorts of necessary expenses, such as foreign trips, birthday gifts, etc. allowed to withdraw from the account of the required amount, indicating a mandatory target.

Rejection of all luxuries in life, clothes, the expensive shopping, restaurants, casinos took for granted.

Izan-ladies gathered in a special protected area its chic coats, toilets and jewelry. And if someone really wanted to show off at a party "in the world", were asked to choose any item and then return to the shared storage.

Shaped in the Golden Mountings was not accepted, a bad taste. Young people prefer uniforms.

So, to live outside the city, in a clean place, all ready.
Children to settle down after school with special educators engaged "in profile."
Under his hands, gym, swimming pool. Almost all the free time you can give the favorite business, vocation, dream, to which the above does not get around.

"We live under communism," said Golden Mountings inhabitants.

"Hybrid home of creativity in Komarovo with dachas," stated an elderly writer.

Perhaps not as well have all happened in Golden Mountings if not for business sponsors.
In the interview, they joke that because they are workaholics and all their money in circulation, and they are in fact poor and living money never even see, and they spend their once, except to give the nearest relatives, therefore, no special changes Golden Mountings in their lives are not made.
Is that began to drink less, less fearful of attacks and the Communists.

For the one who gives himself for the good of all the people, to take away this most people have nothing.

The first time people came to them, but also among the mafia mob found Izans examining statutes, announced that their business is to shake crazed and paunchy people.

And for the blessed, who plow the gift to Russia, my mother, God will punish you.

Once such a thing to burn with fire,
But we have to pinch Zlatov not go!

But the Yegor's good catch was banker Leon Belsky, a financial genius of all time.

"New Russian Jew," as he called himself.

Equally fanatical steep izans, sunburnt Yegor proposal to create a "Izan-bank" after a night of meditation in the morning wakeup call Yegor:

:Old man, you, of course, are crazy, but here I figured ... You work 25 hours a day, grandmother spinning, zeros multiply, grow...
Days turn in the opposite direction, along with life, and how much do I need?

I'm a player, Yegor, I cannot stop...

I ascetic and do not need the mansion with Canara.
That's somehow wandered through the palace of Count Vorontsov and thought: I bet it was a shame to tears die box: no parquet there with him not to carry off!

Capital turns to profit, life is in decline, and no pockets in a shroud, as you like to repeat.

He withered and straight into the pit road being poor.
For "only that he gave is yours." It is a folk wisdom.

But I give a sharp knife, I'm an old man, accustomed to seize, to win.

That the numbers have grown, and that it was my...
Is it me, old man?

It is an illusion or a chimera. I'm not even a servant of capital, wealth can eat up, squander.
I'm a penny in the wind cannot let... I am a servant of these figures, these accounts and serve zeros; that is the drama, man.
"Just the fact that he gave is your..."

And then it hit me: yes it's our "Izan-bank'.

We will create the first ever bank "reasonable, good and eternal."

For the first time all our bills will go into immortality.

We will build a new Antivampiria. Not "Union Republics and "Union of free individuals of all republics and non-republics."

People free of zeros...

You see, the poems have turned out.

"Bank of Eternity". It sounds good!

This will be a truly personal account; no penny cannot withdraw from it; neither official nor heir, no Satan but only God the investor may be saved.

Not self-interest and the life everlasting.

No hostility, no envy, no bloody showdown will finance and the world.

From Heaven, with each other, with himself who is a new Russian Jew...

Do not worry, I'm not drunk, I'm in zero gravity.

In short, man, I'm yours...

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