Let tomorrow never come. Joanna's Page 64

Yulia Ivanova

Let tomorrow never come. Joanna's Page 64

Bloodthirsty pirates seized the ship.
If you're not a predator, the victim. You be forced to live under their laws.
Repairing a ship multiply evil on earth. Going against God and destroy the soul.

Idle, locked in a cabin? Even if we cannot allow a conscience. Do not betrayed God in silence?
Comfort and lull those spiritually and physically killed, deprived of proper food, medical treatment, housing, work?

Those who take the daughters to brothels, and sons - for cannon fodder for their showdown.
Comfort that here, in the next world will rejoice, admiring how the villains are burning in hell?
Be patient and wait for the Court's...

Previously, Joanna seems to be conceptually agreed with the "non-resistance", but now it was complaining.
No, it cannot be on that upward call of Will!
And if the Pirates in their folly and wickedness are waiting terrible torments, she does not want to see either in this life to suffer casualties, no one on flour vampires.

And, of course, and here and there to suffer or to tempt the most. Or be a victim or a predator. Or, as the majority both simultaneously.

No, the body of water in their past, though in many ways absurd, ridiculous, even stale, even close, not because her conscience rebelled.
She lived, not "worried", as it is now.
When sometimes wished that plague the ship exploded, struck the iceberg, but would not suffer daily from this painful shame the silent complicity in a monstrously arrogant and hypocritical feast of evil.

Fight, agitate, as mother's-in-law "reddish brown"?

But they managed to change in the infected greed hold, where many rebels just secretly hoping teeth to gnaw on the upper deck and also to become pirates?

The last effort she clung to a small business, this drug.
Flowers, bouquets. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays. Crumpled bills in his pocket.
She, like other dealers, serving more "pirates."
Ordinary people stopped to buy anything at all, humbly trading, dragged from the shelves, that are bad.

She sat down to play the overall roulette, where the winner is always Beelzebub.
And was afraid to get up from the table, left alone with eternity Russian question: "What do I do?"

It has become a workaholic, like Dennis or Philip. Exchange their life on dubious as Voland's gold coins, money and Novorussky afraid to stop.

Even spend it seemed a sin - seemed to see the traces of tears and blood.


Not a minute free. Today, it is by car, need to catch a lot of cases.
Agreed at the firm about chrysanthemums. Then he enrolled in the clinic with a dentist, bought mineral supplements for Anchar, myself three dozen eggs.

Decided to go home on the way to the apartment - was not long. Just learn how things work. Bought five dozen eggs, for "reddish". Let them eat when there is no ravioli.
Hurry, hurry, in the country Anchar been waiting for, you have to be absent until dark. Hideous bag, nothing in it will never find...
Finally, fumbled the key, unlocked.

- Joanna Arkadievna as well, I really wanted you to search.

Ninel Fedorovna, a friend and comrade-in-law, sadly swaying retreated into the corridor.

- What has happened? Say yes, finally ...

- Do not worry. Your son called the father... Well, your husband is ... In general, the sick, he has a massive heart attack. He was there in a clinic in the intensive care unit. May you urgently called Lisa.

Words Ninel Feodorovna reach her, as if through the water. Words stir-finned fish and silently mouths open wide.
Most come up to breathe...
Ninel F. otpaivala it with something minty. Her terrified face with flakes of pink powder on the nose along comes very close.

- What are you, my friend, is it possible? We need to hold on to. We, broads, now the whole country...
I won the two men had buried, his daughter diabetes grandson in Chechnya meet-in-law does not dry out ... A limp - no, we have no right.
We have yet to take the winter, girlfriend! Keep right.
Maybe also recovered your...

Very little "recovered," she called to Greece. Fortunately, Philip was at home.
Yes, a massive heart attack, his father now in intensive care there in the Roman clinic.
It is impossible to carry anywhere, the state is more or less stabilized, doctors hope.
He has long been the "motor" to play tricks. Stress, vascular crisis amid a general fatigue.

- The pressure shot up, but doctors did not have time. Do the producers of these, you know yourself, the system sweatshops, tough deadlines. Day of downtime - huge losses...
This is not a Soviet sanatorium on Mosfilm.

Philip said that the project's father, in general, is stretched out on all counts seem to be clean. But the very last breath.
And right from the party at the finish line - in the intensive care unit.
Well, Philip was found in the neighborhood of Athens, and not somewhere in the States.

Now my father is better, but you may need surgery.

And most important - and the operation, and every day in the clinic here is crazy grandmother, from whom anyone you Kondraty enough.
Father and so almost broke. More so Nedelka will - he, Philip, also ruined (You know yourself, I do not free attendants, all in the back).
In short, as soon as the doctors allow, the father will have to be transported to Moscow to finish the cure at home, where it is still not quite Aesculapius oborzeli ...

In optimism about the son of Moscow Aesculapius John questioned, but said nothing.

- And it will withstand the road?

- Doctors will give an answer in a couple of days. But there is no escape. Sick here without insurance - it is better to shoot.

Joanna promised to call back and find out everything.

There's someone contacted immediately. The first data confirmed the worst - in Moscow today and stay in the clinic and, especially, the operation is not much cheaper.

- Bastards - said Ninel Fedorovna. - All gains taken away. His whores People bathe in the blood.
Well, no, my friend, try it!

- She was told? - Joanna asked about the in-law.

She said. Glad that Lisa is now back. It is them, in my opinion, confusing, son and grandson - with his head already that. But the appetite - be healthy.
By the way, you'd eaten, my friend, let alone now ...

Lord, where to get the strength?
She tried to imagine the helpless patient Denis - and could not. It was so ridiculous and terrible, like a clock without hands.
Denis, eternal, it seemed, the engine, the workaholic who has a second good reason not to waste ...
No concessions to themselves or others, the eternal steeplechase.

Yes, she got sick husband, with whom she lived for, among other things, more than thirty years. And now it is necessary to define him to the hospital to look for money - take may sell antiques.
Care for Dennis, probably for years, until his death. And around now, yes, a lot of wolves, and the weak skiff.
Even their son thinks in the first place is not the father, and about the business.
Their grandchildren will be even worse, since such a system is now. And we must find the strength to continue living.

Because you have to.

It was quite dark. Zhiguli crawled to Luzhino by lax autumn road, rolling over potholes like a sick animal to the desired den.

Sit tight, lick their wounds.
With barking hysterically happy jumped out of the booth Anchar. She undid him, and he immediately ran away after the cat.
But it was not until the cat and not to Anchar.
Mechanically taxied into the garage, closed the gate ... Rotten leaves slipping beneath his feet, smelled strongly planted along the track still flowering Phlox and in the house...
Only in Luzhino's home was such a unique warm smell ...

But now there is nothing happy.

She is torn off in disgust with his jacket, boots, sweater, jeans and underwear. Wiped with a wet towel in the bathroom - warm up the water was too sick. Dived into old slippers and a bathrobe. Broke two eggs into the pan.

At the door scratched discouraged unprecedented freedom Anchar.
Joanna found him a bowl of soup splashed out of the fridge.
Meanwhile, there was a smell of burnt eggs.

Threw it there, in Anchar's bowl, broke two eggs into the pan. Included "box."
Announcer as always, gleefully and greedily passed vampire news:
All awful. Splits, closed die, dries, stalls, wastes away.
NATO approaches the Garden Ring.
The population is not protesting against the fact that it is made into patties, and not paying and poorly fed before slaughter.

And Denis vampires, of course, will heal before his death.

Paid medicine is nonsense, piece-work out of place here. The more diseases and patient days, the better Aesculapius.
Keep patient half-dead as long as possible to endlessly dripping into his pocket - it's for hypochondriac "cool."
A poor and did swept aside from the doorway as nedoynaya cattle in farm profitability.

According to another program copulated "blue". On the third - Aquatic advertising lady, passing by the elite club of "Up-and-down," doted fish - trout.
Ordered a delicacy on a cell phone and a few seconds later made happy by their appearance "partner," as we now have expressed, flirty:

Where's the fish?

Joanna gloomy thought it would be cool was mounted to the frame of the "Caucasian Captive".
When Yuri Nikulin, pounding the table with domino - "Fish!"

And some spectacular explosion of tough fighter, sweeping away everything and everyone together with the dame.

Everything was so implausible, ridiculous and terrible that it seemed - just wake up.
Try to wake up, laugh at the wild nightmare at home cutworms oven, under the leadership of the party-government.

Let inept and reborn, let the "evil empire" with a phony friendship of peoples. Let no rights to the characteristics of employment, with queues for the sausage at twenty-two and forty oranges on the ruble.
Where Philip and Lisa with the kids would be close, but Dennis would quietly sculpted series at home, "Mosfilm"...

- Let there be snitches, vigilantes, Saturdays and vegetable base, just bring me home, Lord - again and again missed John - in a country where I was born and lived for more than half a century, more or less. And thank you for everything.

And now, there would be no problems with Denis' treatment or with any surgery.
And the soldiers would be alive - in Karabakh, Chechnya, Tajikistan.

And these vampires pitch, the food of hell, would sit quietly on the CB, prisons and institutions would drink in the dining compote of dried fruits and even vodka, but also of human blood!

It is in the hearts cut down in the "box" sound, swallowed fresh rubber eggs even climb over the salt shaker was lazy. Splashed into a glass of homemade juice - such juices, currant, cherry, strawberry she get the hand to prepare for the winter.

After some hesitation, has added to a glass of brandy and climbed to his feet in my wife's uncle's chair, tried to relax.

Brandy did not help - I wanted to screw up your head to the ceiling and howl.

Maybe she's still howled - lies near the door Anchar raised snout and ears, looked puzzled.
Aversion to life - neither the desire nor the energy to do anything.

She felt sorry for Denis speculatively, as well wisely realized that, except for her, he has no one, and something must be done.
But it probably feels a stalled car on the road when running out of gas.
You can exclaim, whip themselves to shame, terrified, twitch - all tank is empty.

We have arrived.

And the house went live. Enable and disable the AGV, refrigerator, ticking clocks, lamps were burning, snoring Anchar.
Birch in the fire seemed to be so and waited for the fire. To break out, snap hot and fun.
"See fireplace" she could watch as some citizens of zombie TV series.
With a book, a manuscript on your lap or just.

But now the fireplace was sickening.

Roulette stopped.

Only yesterday was Sunday, she returned to Mass, then walked with oro on the oak.
Rustling leaves underfoot red was wonderful weather - blue sky, red oaks and cirrus clouds, harbingers of rain.
She thought that it would be necessary to have time to prepare dried leaves for warming beds and well, scored pockets full of honey agaric late-October and represented as Gan, standing on the forests for hundreds of kilometers away from Luzhin, paints the walls of his church. Or also now walks the taiga their fells.

And praying that he, too, remembered her. And completely forget about the sadness, melancholy, on seeing flashes of red foliage turquoise blue bird, which is blissfully pure anguish deduced somewhere on the verge of being of otherworldly melody.

Song thrush is a sure sign that her prayer for Ghana heard.

Everything. Let the tape is, John goes out. No games.

Hated "tomorrow" was rising on the horizon like a monster in one of the earliest paintings Ganin.

Let there be today. That's right, in the chair with his legs and slowly howl.
Let tomorrow never come.

She remembered the exotic sleeping pills in the bedroom, a long time ago he had brought from abroad to their common friend of her mother in law is suffering from insomnia.
Toxic pink balls.

In-law was afraid to take them. It is generally avoided drugs and was afraid that any of their children had swallowed. So John gave the ball to buried some in the country.

But they were so beautiful, these beads, such a sweet package in the shape of a heart...
Lean John could not bear to throw something.

And now ... draw the curtains to let the freedom of Anchar and swallow all at once, washed down with juice and brandy.
And sleep, sleep...
And no "tomorrow."

John went up to the bedroom, go balls do not palm and tossed from the balcony of an autumn night, as once the key.
ne how they redden on withered grass icy beads of blood...
Downstairs in the kitchen almost kettle has boiled away.

She tried to pray as in the void.
That's right, the Lord left.

He is angry because of these tablets. He never gives the test beyond measure.
The cross should be taken with a grateful humility and carry.
And you cannot pray that tomorrow will never come. It is disheartening - a grave sin.

Let me enter into force tomorrow, Lord...

Still silent box showing ownership Yegor Zlatov.
Himself Egorka, Zlatogorskaya girls-izans. Violets, inkwells - who both called.
They are now often shown - the blessed, a relic of the Soviet past.
And even with delight as the "hope of Russia."
Most often just curious as any "out of the ordinary."

Girls on the farm, at the construction site, in a greenhouse, trade with tray... Something clean, planted, play with the kids...

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