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It girls of twelve to twenty-five, were the most zealous Yegor's funk, refuting dire predictions about the general and associated degeneration of the gene pool.

The girls were marvelous where only those were taken? With such good parties the impossible hybrid of St. Agnes and "Girl with a paddle."

Jacket with a skirt or trousers of purple jeans of all colors, lengths and cut, except shocking. Blouse and shoes to taste.
Pumps, sandals with lacing sneakers...

Purple is the fusion of blue, scarlet and white.
Sky, blood and purity.
Climbing, sacrifice, transformation.

Izans-Violets (ink) and the guys, "Caesar's" going to the people of the cities and villages, confessing idea of Heaven, the Revolution of Consciousness and Divine Freedom.

They hardly knew.
Called "blessed", laughed, marveled at their youthful fervor.

But they immediately grabbed the bull by the horns. Found a dozen or so students who sympathize. Who I am sick of life over pots and troughs. Who was torn soul "into the distance light?" Who "devoured environment" and who "felt in his heart immense strength.'

'We will solve all your problems.

We will free you from the spell as a sleeping kingdom.

We have an ice hole overgrown with weeds and thorns of the trail and will bother you, shake your shoulders...

Let's dig into each treasure the gifts of Heaven.

We will help them discover, develop, and implement.

We will clear your life of vanity, spleen and dope.

We can help you find one, only your place in life...

Who can and those who love to cook. Messing around with the kids. Those who know foreign languages or music education. Holders of a piano or a car. Doctors are retired or unemployed. Carpenters, joiners, painters, plumbers - all find a deal!

All works good choose the flavor...

We are one... Single organism! Rallied aliens. Each sleeps Pushkin, Tsiolkovsky, Michuryn, Rembrandt.
Bach, Blaise Pascal and Galina Ulanova ...
Pasha Angelina, Ilya Muromets, Stakhanov and Shakespeare.

What are you wasting your time and energy to stay afloat? Damn you fed burgers before you have breakfast?

We'll teach you all do without them, without stuck if they were not. And then they die out by itself, as unnecessary.

Fie on them!

Army militia we feed our people boasted Violet. But useless ones wither away...

We organize our canteens, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, pranks...

Who has the transport will deliver lunches and kids.
Who has a hand to repair homes and shoes?
Everyone will do what can and loves. Difficult and unpleasant in turn.

We substitute each other's shoulders and got out of this hole.

Since you will no longer pay irons and plates.

Your husband will not stand for hours at the counter instead of the Department of dank, sell pot or bras we'll buy them from you.

And in return, bring everything you need to your family...

You will now miss the pensions from the same liberated and brought "to the mind of" internal reserves.
There will be plenty of time and thought and read - we will deliver any book on request.
Listen to good music; get down to business for the soul. According to our computer network "Izans no" to order any learning educational program...

We can help restore your village church or build a new one.
Let the chapel, but it will be operational.

Many husbands and sons are alcoholics and drug addicts. Of boredom, lack of spirituality, promiscuity. From hopelessness and lawlessness.
Fighting, cursing, the killing. All fed up with each other, children suffer and nowhere to run...

We'll handle it, temporarily resettled children. Or children with women.

Ripped off will render quality medical and psychological assistance. We can help you find a deal to their liking.

And do not get...

Well, if he was so pleasant: stab, drink and go to bed...
We live and such. Only separated from the family by mutual consent.
We will slowly heal them, we help you find the self-confidence, work meaning.
We have such a sobering, put in order. Sometimes even give you the opportunity to make a row, running out in a special room on mannequins and devices.

It's still better than my wife and kids!

If you are a soul with us and find like-minded people in their own environment - we will help you leave the addresses where you will live among friends.
Equip, give work and will make sure that your native home, where you are free to return at any moment, was empty and revenue.

We'll fix your health; we have a computer remote diagnostics, hospital, all kinds of local experts.

We are everywhere on your own.

We will save you from the bondage of disunity, meaninglessness of existence.

So that one day you could hear in the silence Call.

Understand what you calls this Call.

To know His will and it is too late, returned to life.

To get rid of the vampire plague, and not go bankrupt in the face of eternity.

This is an executive idea of heaven!

Izans are the army of liberators.

Our possibilities are endless, because we are one and God is with us.

We are streams and rivers flowing into the ocean, which has no end...

Fellow citizens! Enough to die out, to cry, to substitute the neck and back vampires!

That's enough to give them your sons and daughters to participate in their own crimes and become brutish.

They say there are only two ways to neutralize them light and a wooden stake.

But so far there is no light in us, and the amount we have been through.
Lasted seventy years, while in the nomenclature incubator hatched serpent again.
Separate them from our neck...
Let us remember we are - Holy Russia. The Soviet people!
Let devour each other.
Bon appetit!

We will no longer allow them to rob. But also do not want to grow fat at the expense of others.

Taken away from you the other on the ground, taken away from you in the very eternity.

And now the most important thing - the revival of our torn, impoverished and blood-soaked ground.

We have to become rich and powerful to protect themselves from the onslaught of ghouls...


Among inspired by Cesar and Fialochka prepare lists of citizens, conducted detailed questionnaires: your problems and opportunities, wishes and dreams.

It was suggested that a lot of homework.
For example, who knows how to cook some and loving Baba Anna, which has mains gas, imported the necessary products. She is a huge pressure cooker cooking a meal that took away a special bus-dining room.
You could have lunch or on the bus, or to order a dinner at the house.

Those who want to pass any surplus products (meat, milk, vegetables, pickles, poultry, eggs, etc.) could do it at average prices. They, too, came and took away.

Agreed with the sellers at the nearest market, and just from private owners directly on the ground, buying wholesale products for lunch and regularly.

That is, of course, cheaper. Or in exchange for reciprocal services Izans.

Also, things were taken to their homes in the laundry, dry cleaning, repairs.

Equipped with the permission of the home of a barn under the laundry, washing machines were brought there. Linen or transported for processing in an existing item.

From repairing shoes, clothes and other household services even easier domestic reserves are usually always.
For the amateur handyman retiree who wants to fit in Izans, for a week or settles izanin-professional. Shoemaker, for example. Imported the necessary equipment and announced appointment.

Having trained amateur, professional serving in a different place.

Just a hairdressing, hand and machine knitting from sheep, goat and dog fur home. Embroidered linen from the cuts, which are often issued salary.

Conducted classes for children of all ages. Music, foreign languages.
All kinds of crafts, home crafts, have a good demand in the market.

Conjuncture carefully studied, Izans never worked for nothing.

You could also get the services do not have a membership card for cash.

Those who wish to leave their city, town, village with a purpose (to study, work, relatives) helped to sell their home as Izans.
Or rent, for example, under dining-room.A a new place to select suitable housing, assisted with the arrangement.
In short, really, "solved all problems."

If you saw someone being cunning, take time off, do not want to part with the "foolishness" warned. Then they were excluded.
Actively helped wishing to heal. Not only on the bad habits, but also on other sores.

And doctors to organize a study on the possibility of seeing his patients right at home.

Was a preparation for the next stage for those wishing to join the Bank of Izans and profitably invest their pensions, wages and benefits to the revival of the country.

'The richer we are, the more abandoned and neglected farms, businesses and research institutions will be able to take control' Yegor preached. 'Where people are satisfied with reasonably-sufficient, which is a system of "single organism", where every detail is used efficiently and there is no downtime, there is tremendous creative energy is released. '

It nourishes the mind of accuracy and fairness of our new life, freedom from the yoke of confusion and material oppression.

Energy, capable of moving mountains.

"God is with us" ...

And finally the membership of Izans.

The advance party of enthusiasts who joined the army of new fighters "for the liberation of mankind" and boldly storming towns and villages.
They would sometimes persecuted, even tried to beat.

However, in the training of Cesar and Voilets were tough and self-defense techniques.

The authorities, central and local, at first graciously tolerate "blessed", began to snarl and bite. Understand the danger looming over the Vampires.

And away we go to threatening calls, assaults. Especially on Yegor.

Werewolves are not immediate, but realized all of their power rests on ailments of society, madness that they encouraged, justified and defended.

With aces, "second oldest".

Pitiful impression made party untethered soviet intellectuals - dance before Herod, Herodias elderly to get on a platter the head of the former "restraint."


Where a person overcomes the animal, for it sharply raises the question: "Why should I?".

"The work is hot, things are good," as the logs for spiritual cleansing fire lighted the fire in the hearts of supernatural

However, it is the primary task self-sustenance.

Create close to the cities and towns of special vegetables, livestock and poultry farms, farms and greenhouses.
Advanced cultivation of potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, green.

Typically, waste-free processing of milk and meat (sausage, canning workshops, dairies, creameries, etc.).
Here are the main jobs for immigrants: rent of vacant land to the original settlement in private homes, trailers, even tents.
Immediately began construction of houses (too busy).

Abandoned house on the ground also centrally sold by local Izansi or populated by "our."

Izans supplied to its farm machinery, fertilizer, fuel for greenhouses, at the same time using the internal resources of private traders.
Helping them in cultivating the land, building greenhouses, tools, advanced technology, etc.
Or renting land contract under horticulture, berries, livestock farms, poultry houses, rabbit hutches.
Izans sponsored group came with their families or without, settled in the village in private homes under the guarantee of order and security.

Made the necessary repairs to housing, built barns. Treated plots for planting, implemented harvest / participation at home or on your own /.

The main advantage of Izans was teamwork, cooperation at all levels - production, processing, sale, which reduces the losses to a minimum.

Also, if possible, excluded interference with foreign forces, accidents, alien mismanagement, theft, etc.

In Izans was and its security: a believer of "friends", veterans of the Afghan and Chechen.

There were, of course, unforeseen failures and obstacles: natural disasters, fighting, assaults, public and private. But punctures were the exception rather than the rule.

Izans tried to do everything within the law and that trumps once knocked out of the hands of their enemies, for the glory and for the benefit of the Fatherland.

Izans just flowed vampires, slipping away from her, not swallowing as that used to hanging around the hooks of the "golden rod".

She lived her independent life, even in the same river as the other fish.

Izans just swallowed the bait! They sailed to their feeders, shelters and spawning.

And it turned out that it is infinitely important.
Overall lofty goal. The consciousness of his being wanted. Peace of mind. The refusal of the excess. Coherence on the basis of a single family.
Relating to "fool" as a contagious disease.

You do not have any violent revolutions, terrorist attacks and bloody wars.
"Come out of her, my people."
There is no need for any artificial communities, associations, uninhabited islands - just do not swallow their bait.
Izans could not just shake off the land, for they have already penetrated her all over, nurtured...

They were removed farther from the vampires as the men from Shchedrin's generals...

Izania, Yegor's dream, became the very Promised Land, where call me - do not call, do not we arrange-arrange the rods, children swam Heaven.
Color of Heaven, blue color,
I fell in love at an early age.
Since childhood, he meant to me
The blue of the other began.

It is the color of my dreams,
This image of the height,
It's an easy transition
In Obscurity of worries

And of weeping relatives
At the funeral of mine/

It was sung by young Izans at their get-togethers.
(The words of Boris Pasternak, music Zlatova).

Failure... all suffering,
Life is giving away to friends and roads...

If the problem happens to me,
Sad land is not paced.
Know that in my heart
You are with me always
There, behind the clouds...


"Oh, of course, Yegor! Struck John - That's who will help with Denis."

She recalled that the last phone call three months ago Cooking excitedly told me about Gold Mount's medical complex, called some famous names of the "new Russian" willing to help them in very different form businessmen to luminaries of medicine.
Purchase of equipment, consultation, medication and physical therapy. Even simple operations on their own.
In severe cases, patients were operated consultants in hospitals, where they worked, instead of sending in their zlatogor'e lighter patients for follow-up care.

More Cooking with other Golden Mount's doctors and nurses were on duty free for it in Moscow hospitals.
The youngest son, Oleg, a dental technician and it hooked. And the daughter Svyeta who has long been on duty with her Varya in a pair.

'You know, if I did not watch these Moscow, we have here in the apartment, did not appear at all, said Varya as I have time to do it! Help on the site.
The church in the nearby village of restoration services have already been consecrated, sent a priest... Olga sings in the choir, she was so excited - you know, her voice cut through...

After construction go to the pool do not laugh, this pool, twenty-five meters. And sauna, all as it should.
And most importantly, close by you and no kitchen, dishes, laundry, shopping and all this every day's life...
God, when I remember how much life on it you throw it away...

I am here for free as a bird. The dining room is tasty, clean, .. simple but versatile. Order it what you like, girls love to cook.
Again zlatogortsy pickles, brought jams. Who is rich with cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, sauerkraut...
And what about the clothes - there is coin laundry...

Aad time to read. We get the latest medical journals and on the Internet ... So many exciting research!
We have it on good envy, children, they all come.
Lord, how we lived it all wrong!

Breaking through on the phone in the ever-busy Moscow and, finally, carefully picking Varya's room, John was praying - though to catch!
And the miracle happened. I cook her call was intercepted on the threshold.

'Tomorrow, I'll be there, come. Well, yes, of course, in the Golden Land. Here in Moscow, we now have a bit of Staff. Computer center. '
But you can spend the night. Drink tea.

'And we headquarters,' Joanna grinned, leaflets with dumplings.'

In general, the "fateful minutes'. How to get there okay? Let's talk.

Yegor? No, he's at our place is not sitting, flits across Esengovii. But Iris is always in place.

'Who is it?'

Iris Yegor's wife. What, do not you know? Mossy there for themselves... Iris-Toffee, an American. They've both got married two months.
Now she is the first Yegor deputy. That is suede. Runs the show in his absence.

'The American? The real?'

'Has Orthodoxy, Father Cyprian has married. A pretty girl. Very strict rules.

Do not laugh, I'm serious admired.
And anyway, we have a completely wrong idea...
Can you imagine a cocktail of Pasha Angelina, Marie Curie and Dina Durbin? Plus Margaret Thatcher instead of lemon.

'With difficulty.'

'And another plus youth, pepper, a good Russian and freckles on his nose.'
It is a programmer, an expert on computers, oddly enough. Wove The Golden Mount's computer network now connects all Izans. By analogy with the Internet, all of our all. It's awesome.
And the tractor rides.
Farmer's Daughter, can you imagine?

Is she a feminist?

'No, I'm talking about Thatcher because of the nature of the iron and energy.'

Generally speaking, Iris soon businesswoman than a politician. Enthusiast of healthy lifestyles. Almost does not eat meat, sports and all that. On TV looks just the news, natural furs is not, necessarily on Sundays to church, all of us wakes up.

Just stand in the service was not used - stand up and sit down. They've got, you know yourself ...

In general, you will meet tomorrow...

Lord, how many times you saved...

Fifteen minutes ago, life seemed bleak dead end. Of course, Varya and Egorka help.
Denis, we all do.

In the end, they enter into the this Izans...

It is not really sorted out Yegor's utopia - not the commune, not the kibbutz...

Successes like the impressive, all the way.
But can you create something whether it is possible optimistic that we're all at the mercy of the forces of hell?

Joanna knew that his wrong side, too dark "blood hungry." Storms and destruction.
Or maybe not so dark as these dreams because they are present in the sacrificial and pure sound of the trumpet, calling for the death battle.
Knowingly mother's in law reddish radical began to see clearly in her own.

Listen, comrade, the war has begun...

But too much has accumulated in the heart of hatred, predatory whistle. Sin or are commanded by the holy fathers righteous hatred of the enemies of the Fatherland?

"Thou shalt not kill," "Blessed are the peacemakers."

And then "not peace, but a sword I brought to the ground" as to combine?

Has Yegor it?

Of course, she would go, she would do. The Lord Himself pointed out to her when she threw deadly blood pea...

Denis disease she sent for humility, too, it sank recently in the "topic of the day." In hatred of werewolves and sheep, allowing over a bully.

A mixture of pity, contempt, and hatred...

Here, the most that neither is a neighbor - her husband took her assistance and participation. And as soon as she shamefully overawed!
How afraid of the cross. Was ready to hide under any bench.
Even if the "outer darkness", designed for deserters.

No matter what it is suitable - she was personally demonstrated.
Love does not have is a penny you price.

'To what came!' Joanna shuddered, ' Running, throwing wounded. And her husband. '

Well, if not her husband? Just a wounded ...

Absolutely I think I was crazy.
Forgive me, Lord.
The next morning she went to the Golden Land.

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