Gentlemen, who is the last in the queue for the bones? Yegor about the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Gentlemen, who is the last in the queue for the bones? Yegor about the main things


"Distribute his goods to the poor and to follow Christ - simultaneous dialectic process according to Yegor.

MANOR is all that the Lord has given you in this life. Including time, talents and treasure.

Beggars, needing your gifts in your favor.

Whoever gives NOTHING behalf all his life professed Way and the Truth.


Because of mankind "general circulation" surplus as harmful and bad as the lack (or tumor shrinkage).
Izanami - self-adjusting reasonable allocation of resources.
The principle of reasonable-sufficient, voluntarily adopted by each izan.


It is better to rush to attack without any banner than sit in a trench, covered with a banner.


FREEDOM is not right to dance on his own tombstone or fight for a "place in the sun."

For it is ultimately a place in the cemetery.

Eternal sentence: "On Call did not come."


My God, why have you so infinitely far away?
No I am far from you, and you are far from me. But you'd never looked for me, if I have not found you.


At baptism we give an oath to perform idea of heaven.


Izans are rebels against death.

The second death, which says the Saviour.

The person often feels intuitively that the full-fledged, rooted, consumer life "here" is killing our life "out there." And begins to yearn, to rebel, to languish and beat the mirror.
Earthly cares and riches and passion are the weight. Non-drinking binge.


The Nazis worshiping nation, race.
Capitalists to the three-headed dragon of the self / lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life /.
Socialists to equitable distribution.
The Communists to a brighter future.
We are looking for the Truth, Who is the Way and the Life.

The road by walking. Russ always in motion.

We are unpredictable, we often err.
Do not go that way, but GO!


Cancel the 17th of private property was a boon not only for the poor but for the rich. Are not previously crawled into the kingdom, like the rich man, the Gospel.

"Give flesh - accept the spirit."

Fasting is a medicine.
We offer life-post on the forces, growing as spiritual growth.

Climbing the spiritual ladder.
While the chariot harnessed modern civilization three-headed dragon of human vices, which is the main driver of so-called "progress."

"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not from the Father but from the world (this world)."


The principle of material interest we replace the interest of spirituality. Translate private time on earth to eternity. Put in a fire-proof pot.


We are inviting all those who believe in a supreme end of man, to the limitless possibilities of his spirit.
Who is tired of the endless banality and lifelessness of being present in a humiliating pursuit of a place in the sun.

To the detriment of "the place in the kingdom."

Russia... In this land can only serve to Heaven.

"There's only land borders with God - Russia", - said the German poet Rilke.

And "for fun" it is "poorly equipped".
Here, "all wrong, all wrong, all fragile..."

Faith - the greatest gift of God.
The believer knows that the sun is sure to rise. What it is, though hidden behind the horizon at night.
"I'm dying, but soon our sun will rise"...


The critical mass of accumulated sins and mistakes led to the collapse of the nuclear reaction once united the Soviet Union.
And finally, there was an explosion.
Uncontrolled, more fine crushing, which draws into itself, like a mushroom cloud, all the new people and territory.

Those who sow the seeds of decay, run in fear from the dangerous Russia, but on our ball cannot run away - the collapse is just beginning...
The whole world will overtake blast wave will cover the radioactive ashes, since Russia was the salt and soul.
It is possible that with its collapse began the disintegration of the old BODY humanity. Including the self-destruct mechanism. Unleashing pent totalitarian regime satanic power EVIL.
No more fence, there is no "cosmic idea of" communism.
And flooded demons.

Get out in the wild Spanish cats found in the brain in two times more neurons than in the home. Hardened troubles former Soviet nation is poised to overtake on flooding and Jewish survival.

"The Insulted and Injured," bred for its unique role in the story, plus the unprecedented destructive power of unbelief and looseness.
Plus, nuclear and other warheads, robbery, terror ...

"A clear mind, a staunch character, and patience"...

And all this is slowly but surely spread across the globe.

And the world will pray to Heaven on the new Stalin and the new "prison of nations" ...

"Reward her even as she rewarded you, and give her twice for her, and in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

For your merchants were the princes of the earth, and your sorcery all nations deceived. "


Burning the White House, the blood and agony of living from now on fire in front of our glazamiyu

As well as footage of American bombing of countries that do not fit into the "new world order" ...

Something is wrong with us, with our conscience.
As with Raskolnikov after the murder of the old woman money-lender.

The crime has become common - before the nation was spared the responsibility of ignorance or indoctrination.
Now we "know what they do." We are all intermingled to sin. We are in it up to their ears and we are waiting for retribution.
The soul trembles, conscience condemns, in anticipation of the Court.
And we renounce terror "Herod the king," and his "family ghouls."


Earthly desires - a continuous balancing act between thirst and satiation. Lord only quenches your thirst.


Boris Paramonov with "Radio Liberty" Russia sees the main trouble in stubborn search for Truth.

"Then Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. "
(John 8:31-32).

The truth, as we are assured former comrade Paramonov is "in the fee."

But later in the Gospel the Jews objected to Jesus
"We are Abraham's descendants and have never been slaves to anyone ever, how can you say, 'You will become free'?
Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.
And the servant abideth not in the house forever. A son abides forever. "

Ie no man of Truth-seeking automatically overthrows him into slavery "in fee", sentences him to spiritual death.
It's hard to argue with the former partner Paramonov, who was not convinced by the truth itself.

Paramonov, like most of his fellow citizens today, nor in what one believes.

It is for that and went "over the hill" to freely seek the truth in a certain amount affixed tion to his credit in the bank for all sorts of risky statement.

Risky because if we start from the notorious "Betting on God," Blaise Pascal, who was probably no more stupid than Mr. Paramonov then, if there is one millionth of a chance that God (Truth) does exist, it is necessary to immediately This negligible probability bet.

Because, as the great scientist Pascal figured out, with luck loss is negligible, and the gain is infinitely large.
And in the case of error is a win (whatever killer no fees were) will not go to any comparison with truly universal losing.

And the loser will respond not only for his personal "wrong bet", but for the wrong rate of those simple-minded listeners who are persuaded to exchange the "gift of God to the eggs."

Curiously, Paramonov left of the "evil empire" of the "godless state" to wage the most that neither is a godless propaganda on this "godless" country.

Because his phrase, "the author continues to seek the truth, not knowing that the truth fee" for what would not miss the Soviet censors.

Which is not really imagine "what is the truth."
But the firm knew that she, at least, not in the fee.

Well, soon we will all have to empirically verify whether there is truth, including Mr. Paramonov / give him a long life God in whom he does not believe /.

However, empirical (forced to disappoint expert on the "Russian idea") can be seen only by the existence of God - by the Court.

In his same lack verify empirically impossible, for sure there will be nobody.

Zero and it is a zero.

And you are no fees - with a zero does not carry away ...

I am far from the intention to save the "lost soul" Mr. Paramonov just showed a sample of propaganda "from the evil one" mouth of one of the most gifted representatives foriegn deception.

Myself, I confess, often listened with interest about the "Russian idea."

And then watched on TV as President Clinton earnestly urged Americans that all disputes should be resolved by peaceful means - after being offended by something students have shot their peers, and then committed suicide.

At this point, NATO forces have bombed Yugoslavia for over a month.

Mr. Clinton is no connection here is not beheld.
Truth is truth, and the fee-fee.

And I just wanted to tell the audience Messrs. Clinton and Paramonov: assuming that the great Pascal right after all, the idea of the "Russian idea" is something there.

A rejection of the search for Truth - the satanic revolt. "Nekros bios" (dead life).
"Feast or Famine" at the foot of the mountains...

Weak, sinful, miserable and lonely people.
Gather together, learn to interact with each other...
Two negatives make an affirmative.
Connect to the roots and start a general circulation in accordance with the will of the Creator.

But how to cope with the "weight"?
How to unearth every dunghill pearl grain / and after all it is! /?

Leaders "of God" are born once in a thousand years ...

Now politicians and leaders of the 90 per cent driven by ambition, greed, the desire to snatch a little more for himself and his clan - the name of this clan Legion /.
Society, therefore, moving locomotive prince of darkness. Known where.

Voluntary surrender to the forces hostile to the Creator.

What we want to have, takes us into slavery.

For the Soviet people, the idea of wealth was too destructive temptation, because I was not overcome internally.
Crave slavery to the material world, which requires enormous spiritual victims up to necrosis and death of the soul.

In Nizhny Novgorod milk is poured into a ditch as selling unprofitable.
And the children do not have enough milk.

This is the Russian market.


Supermarkets remind me of the dungeon "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp."
Dazzled, but then becomes stuffy, sickening.

I mean, that was captured, I want to hurry up, go home. You just need to find and capture the magic lamp ...
You look around, look up and it's the no.
One junk.

Discharge the duty bequeathed by God
To me, a sinner. No wonder years
Witness to the Lord delivered me
And book art thou instructed.

Alexander knew that and many years of life, and the "book art" are the Creator in debt, to fulfill a certain mission.

Like all the earthly existence.

Two opposing civilization.
The heavy backpack or wings? ..

Of American film: in hell there is no more room, and the living dead roam the earth restlessly.


From Yegor songs:

We do not want to play the game, which is imposed on us.
We dumped the board and cast off figure.
We still look to the sky, not in the trough. Not on his penis and into his pocket.
We are going crazy and dump the board, if not see Heaven.
We will look into it. And if we see only the emptiness of our souls, furious longing to throw bombs and missiles there. To break the mirror.
We believe the crows, but do not lose the eyes dale.
We are baptized, when the clap of thunder. And toss in heaven stones that fall on the our heads.


"Freedom of Speech" is freedom of lies.

Ability to speak the truth, read the true thoughts and intentions of each other would have made a life together intolerable.

Hell. God's judgment.

Soviet authorities - an attempt to bring God's plan in a single atheist country, no one in this without admitting.
Even to themselves.

Not capitalist is the enemy. Proletariat in the potency of a vampire.

The enemy is fallen human nature.

Freedom is a victory over her, not her rampant, as suggested by the world.

"Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."

Antivampiria experiment demonstrated the need for a permanent increase in the quantity and quality "security guards".
As well as a regular shift "command", which, especially in a hostile environment with all kinds of temptations - is gradually turning into a wolf pack.

Exit Izans free access to the means of production without the right personal gain.

Any property given for rent without the right of inheritance. Except in cases where the child is a creative father's heir to a good cause.


Shepherd / state / can not allow to develop the base instincts, and maybe wake them up.

In this is the trial of the powerful of this world.

The Lord commanded non-possessiveness. You have awakened the greed, theft, envy, hatred, and social inequality.

The Lord has commanded that all men - brothers. You woke up the demons of sovereignty-hatred, division, war, terror, murder, and fighting for the redistribution of land and property.

The Lord commanded chastity, purity, meekness. You woke fornication, adultery, sodomy, drug addiction.

The Lord commanded protect widows, orphans, the elderly and the weak. Especially children. You defenseless cheated, robbed.

The Lord commanded, "Do not bear false witness." You have created a monstrous lie put out by the media. Up until the zombies and witchcraft.

The Lord commanded the people to work. You have deprived the people of factories, businesses, farms.
You're busted, replacing "Bush legs".
The fruits of idleness, unemployment, suicide, theft, drunkenness and all kinds of illegal earnings, up to the drug trade.

For 'idleness is the mother of all vices. "

The Lord has commanded not to lend money, speculation.
You have pushed people to such earnings resale under the threat of starvation.

Books, movies, theater, media especially television, are pushing for a crime, suicide.
Are mushrooming variety of satanic sects, witches, spiritualists.

Everything that has happened and will happen in the terrible ruined your country during the years of your board and, as a consequence, in the world - such as the bombing of Yugoslavia, NATO enlargement, the accession of the New World Order and the coming in connection with the end of the story - will fall on you.

For "destined to come to the temptations of the world, but woe to him through whom they come.
So it is better not to be born."

What good is it if you obtain all riches of the earth and destroy the soul?

On the Whore of Babylon is the blood "of all that were slain upon the earth."

Who fell into her arms and broke for life on earth - will die along with it into the abyss of retaliation.

Sown the seeds of evil and the wind shall reap the whirlwind. Weeping and cursing ruined you will fall on you in the judgment.

"Wicked God says," what do you declare my statutes, and take my covenant in thy mouth?
And you hate my instruction, and my words behind thee?
When you see a thief, you with him, and with adulterers E reported.
Thy mouth to evil, and your tongue frames deceit. "
(Psalm 48:16-20).


The thirst of the storm, disaster, cleaning of God - the instinct of self-preservation of the Incarnation, maturing in decaying, perishing world.

As well as a subconscious desire to escape, escape in American films.

When the soul cries out for an unseen danger.

Work on the master, his lust and sensuality - chelovekougodiya sin, a violation of the Plan.
DEBT God given to someone else's master.

As well as service to the state, defending predation, samougodie, debauchery - serving a vampire.
Such a state is a part of Babylon, which found "the blood of all those killed on the ground."

From such a state is commanded by the Creator "go out" and not to serve him.


What perishability you confess? Why do you need the freedom of speech?

What are we fighting for?
Capitalism, Socialism ... Everything is determined by the words - they are the essence of the moral, spiritual history of Russian thought, protest and, ultimately, the Russian revolt against the existing order until '17.

"Lord" - is now trying to bring back the word, but it sounds like it, mind you, in the current situation terribly immoral.

"Lord"... And who are "slaves"?
Newly appeared nouveaux riches and fleeced the people?
By what right, "gentlemen"?
According to the law of force and brutality?
By right of stuffed purse?
Opportunities to teach siblings to elite schools at the expense of parents Robbed "cooks children"?
Come on, godless, causing every decent person deep inside the protest in the circumstances the word.


As soon as people took advantage of the freedom granted by the Creator and ate the forbidden apple, he began to have terrible trouble.
Is not it better to be asked in anticipation of the Court "in the armored chamber" under the supervision of reliable jailers / a totalitarian regime /.

"I order you to someone who cannot obey himself."


The appeal of socialism is "Dream of Vera."
Problems of everyday life should be given minimal space - it is better to decide collectively (common dining rooms, workshops, food, parenting, etc.) th

"Therefore do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' Or 'What shall we drink?' Or 'What shall we wear?'
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. "
(Matthew 6:31-33).

"You let me out of the basement!" Vera glad that the language of the Scriptures meant, "Get rid of the work of the enemy".


The whole history of humanity revolves around the question: "Is there a meaning to life?"

Go "on the unfading light" or just pass through a guillotine?

Socialist realism, often far from the "art", has successfully performed the role of culture, cult (ideological bridge between heaven and earth). Advocating in the persecution of the church foundations of Christian ethics.

When a person performs his duty for the sake of gain, for a "fee" (doctor, teacher, writer, artist, composer, and representatives of some other professions, vocations, is "God's gift") the person violates idea.

For "Freely you have received, freely give."

The award is the kingdom, the Life.

Do not lose the calling card for the gift of the kingdom as "already received their reward"?
After all, no part does not require payment of the service the whole. Since, in turn, receives from other parts necessary for themselves. And from the Whole - Life.

But this is the ideal

The Lord's words: "My kingdom is not of this world" - can be traced to Russia.

Russia, in fact, alone in their search for the Cathedral of salvation. Kingdom.

"If you were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you."
(Ioan.15 19).

Man is not free to choose the circumstances of life.
This is the apparent freedom because people are not warned about the future, can not go back and change anything there.
It has no options. Freedom is only in the spiritual and moral aspect in the choice of the Will of the Creator, or the prince of darkness. Here we offer even way back, fix the past - through repentance and good deeds.

For eternity evil can be corrected with good - it's the only tangible two categories in the empirical existence, yet others are elusive stream that carries us regardless of our wishes.

Changing the shore eddies, current speed...

We think that his will turned to the right, and it is - embedded in scripts.

Even selecting a tray of cake, we can not be absolutely certain that it is not poisoned.
As well as that minute stop at the newsstand will not change all of our lives.

In our will only obey or not to obey the internal compass readings GOOD-BAD.
There is not eating the forbidden fruit.

As well as bodily pain signals some trouble in the body, informing about the possible consequences of a terrible case of neglect and emotional pain, anguish against a background of external well-being indicative of the dangerous condition of the soul.

As a
rule, that it "is not there wandered" into some "Africa."

But even more dangerous - necrosis of the soul, loss of consciousness, threatening catastrophe, gangrene of the individual.


"God created human beings to animals, was ordered to be God."
(St. Basil the Great).


"The main character of the believer thinking is to try to collect all the separate powers of the soul into a single force.
To find that inner center of being, where the mind and will, and feeling, and conscience, a perfect and true, amazing and desirable, just and merciful, and the entire volume of the mind merge into one living unity.
And thus restore a significant personality in its pristine indivisibility "(Kireevskii).


The Soviet Union - fore-izania.

That it was possible to implant fear, carrot and the stick, seeds, covered with blood, tears and sweat of our fathers and grandfathers should germinate in Izanami.

We are antivampirs in spirit.

We are "bought with a price" and now have a free choice of the heart to continue the work of their fathers.

Rendition of "DEBT, bequests from God."

Reaping Antivampiria are scientists, builders, doctors, teachers. Stakhanovites, pilots, athletes. Pioneers, warriors, heroes...

Your are speculators, usurers, extortioners. Predators, murderers, embezzlers. Whore muzhelozhtsy, drug addicts, pervoprohodimtsy ...


"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves: By their fruits ye shall know them...

Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit:
A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree bear good fruit.

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. "
(Matthew 7:15-19).

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