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When your partners are tricksters. Joseph Stalin Threshold 66


"But the war was not only a curse.

She was also a great school tests and inspections of all the forces of the people.

The war laid bare all the facts and events in the rear and at the front.
She ruthlessly tore all the veils and cover that hid the true face of state, government, political parties, and put them on stage without masks, without embellishment. With all their advantages and disadvantages.

The war made a sort of test to our Soviet system, our government, our government, our Communist Party and summarized the results of their work.

As if to say to us, here they are, your people and organization, their business and holidays.

Consider them carefully and give them according to their deeds.

This is one of the positives.

Our victory means first of all that we won the Soviet social system.
That the Soviet social system successfully passed the test in the fire of war and proved its full vitality.

As you know, the foreign press has repeatedly expressed approval that the Soviet social system is a "risky experiment doomed to failure."

That the Soviet system is a "house of cards" that has no roots of life and imposed on the people of authorities Checa.

What is quite small push from the outside that this "house of cards" were sold in the dust.

Now the question is that the Soviet social system is more viable and sustainable than the Soviet social system.
That the Soviet social system is the best form of social organization.

As is well known, prominent figures of the foreign press have repeatedly expressed to the effect that the Soviet multinational state is a "non-life and artificial construction." As in the case of any complications collapse of the Soviet Union is inevitable.
That the Soviet Union is waiting for the fate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

These gentlemen did not realize that the analogy with Austria-Hungary is untenable, for our multinational state have grown up on a bourgeois basis, enabling the national feelings of mistrust and ethnic hatred, and on the basis of the Soviet.
Which, on the contrary, cultivate feelings of friendship and fraternal cooperation between the peoples of our country.

The war showed that the Red Army is not a "colossus with feet of clay," and first-class army of our time. Having quite modern weapons, the most experienced commanders and high morale of.

We must not forget that the Red Army is the very army that routed the German army, but yesterday were the terror of the army of the European states.

To take a stab an enemy, let him fight back, and then pay him a total defeat, it was necessary to have, and moreover, in sufficient quantity, such basic things as:
metal for the production of arms, ammunition and equipment to businesses and transport;
cotton for the production of uniforms;
bread to supply the army.

The preparation of this grand affairs took three five-year implementation plans for the development of the national economy.

In any case, the position of our country before World War II, in 1940, was several times better than before World War I, in 1913.

This unprecedented increase in production can not be considered as simple and ordinary development of the country from backwardness to progress.
It was a leap by which our homeland transformed from a backward country into an advanced, from an agrarian - in the industrial one.

If, in addition to take into account the fact that the first five-year plan has been implemented for 4 years, and the implementation of the third five-year plan was interrupted by the war in the fourth year of its implementation, it turns out that the transformation of our country from an agrarian to an industrial took only 13 years old.

The Soviet method of industrialization of the country radically different from the capitalist mode of industrialization.

In capitalist countries, industrialization usually begins with light industry.
Since the light industry require less capital investment and faster turns, and profit is any easier than in the heavy industry, light industry gets there first object of industrialization.

The Party knew that the war is coming. What is to defend our country without heavy industry impossible. Late that in this case - is to lose.

A great help in this matter had nationalized industries and banks, which gave the ability to quickly collect and transport means in heavy industry.

To put an end to our backwardness in agriculture and to give the country more marketable grain, cotton, and more so, it was necessary to move from small-scale peasant farming to large-scale farming.
For only the large-scale farming has the opportunity to apply a new technique to use all the agronomic advances and give more marketable products.

The Communist Party could not get in the way of development of capitalist agriculture, not only because of policy considerations, but also because it involves too long period of development.

Therefore, the Communist Party adopted the policy of collectivisation of agriculture.

Not only retarded people always fended off all new, but many prominent members of the party systematically pulled the party back and tried all sorts of ways to sneak it into a "normal" capitalist path of development.
But the party did not yield any threats to one or the other cries and went ahead with confidence, no matter what. "


Joseph interfere with the ordinary man in the street wingless their sins - they only discredited the idea.
Even the leaders of the living.

He needed legends and symbols. If Lenin - that in a mausoleum.
A living, he often cleaned "for business use."


The darker the night, the brighter the star.


Joseph bleed off the wolf packs with each other and destroyed the fifth column of her own teeth.
The salvation of his flock.


- Extend the NEP for another twenty years. - Joseph was tempted by Beelzebub, - And there indefinitely.

And you will become like us. Enough for you to go against the tide.

Bow to me, and all the wealth of the world will be yours.

And because you'll die in worn-out shoes. And bury you in an old uniform ...

And your guards turn into wolves.

Your writers will become hack writers

And your Orfei will serve as clowns for a sandwich from the master's table...

However, he refused, replying:

"These people will succumb to the desert, and his enemies shall lick the dust.
And all the kings worship him: all nations shall serve him.
For he will deliver the needy, crying, and the oppressed who has no helper.
Shall spare the poor and needy, and will save the souls of the needy.
From oppression and violence he will redeem their soul, and their blood will be precious in his sight. "/ Ps. 71:9, 11-14 /

- You're in your blood, Joseph, - continued to tempt Beelzebub - Think of your soul - it will have to answer ...

- At Krylov fable is: "With the wolves would not otherwise make the world as taking off his sk
in off with them."

- In short, there is no admission against breakage, Besides another scrap - black spat saliva Beelzebub. - I, too, Robin Hood ... Koba found ...

"... The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep;
The hired hand is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them;
The hireling flees because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. "
(John 10:11-13).

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