In captivity at the time. Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

In captivity at the time. Yegor on the main things

'Your goal is not just something there to build or improve.
After taking his seat, his intended by the Creator niche perform vocation.
This is an important task. For which you are called as a warrior on the earth.

"We are born for inspiration." To fulfill the purpose, need spiritual freedom.
Non-possession, austerity, unity and purity are our only means towards this release.

There are exemptions for God and not from God.

Here is the difference between the two worlds.


Dedication, up to exploit the death, is possible in such fanatical idolatry of nationalism, fascism...
We are told that their fruits can distinguish the spirit of Light from the spirit of evil and darkness.
Not even for external successes of our country, for example, won a terrible war, and as souls in those years.
Books, songs, movies twenties of the forties evidence on the implementation of high destiny of the people, regardless of the number of churches and outward religiosity.


"Observe your inner compass pointing the way. This is especially important in recent times.
Whether we are talking in the church, "Lord, have mercy "or ask," Far from perfect, do not be cruel to me !" The only important thing from "clean source" is to begin the ascent.


"You're a hostage of eternity in time in captivity." It is remarkably said.
Yes, we are in captivity at the time. We kill time, and it is us. And it always wins in this duel.
The only way is to stop killing time .
It will help us and Izans.

But our options are limited.
We are able to deliver man from the power of evil necessary evil of matter and evil quantitative infinity.

However, this is external release and of itself does not mean anything.

More precisely, we do not release the man himself and his time.
Time of the dead is alive.

But we do not know what to do with our time and freed himself.

While alive, but we are dead.

Now we have to get rid of themselves, from their own dead self and make our time in eternity.
This is the only way to find true freedom.

Three steps lead to the submission of this divine freedom:
1. Submit body to mind.
2. Spirit that won body must comply with the spirit of the mind.
3. Won spirit must obey God. Open to the life-giving grace.
And then dry branch to the vine will grow. And you, the prodigal son, come back to the House of the Father. In the realm of Light there are Truth and Freedom.

And realize at last that freedom, not the dubious opportunity to choose the outer darkness outside the House of the Father, and the great divine right of ownership of the Freedom of the Creator.


The collective unconscious of the people rejected the apostate from Christianity the power of pre-revolutionary past two centuries, has taken the idea of communism is as close to Christianity. And while it was faith in the leaders, the people worked wonders and saved himself.
But power has fallen again by changing the idea.
And so the people turned away from false Communists as once of false Christians.
And then did not accept vampires, rejecting it, preferring to protest the death of dope getting used to the nasty soul life.
The collective unconscious that is the spontaneous movement of the Call following the indications of internal compass.
It allows people to guess the path and move to Voice, despite all kinds of labels, theories, and the temptations of vampires with servicing their false shepherds.

Our main vampire on the throne is a mystical figure, a living corpse, fueled by people's blood.
He sometimes even pity. He is tormented by his immortality and from its evil destructive nature, as in the American horror film.
He is a prisoner of spiritual wickedness in high places that have befallen Russia. rushing into the windows and doors of the Russian church, like the evil spirits in the Gogol Wiy


Sometimes the collective unconscious inscribed in the heart of the Act, the internal compass choices, accurately turns to the Call of the Heavenly Shepherd, points past the temple.
So it was in post-Petrine Russia, as is happening now, when a poor congregation often see pastors in Mercedes, bless the power of a vampire.

Here, first of all, for every thinking worshiper raises the question:
And do not put so pastors themselves and their wealthy flock to the position of evangelical rich? Who will go to hell just for being feasting when sitting down on the steps of the beggar Lazarus?
And do not introduce this patient beggar Lazarus of his brother in the faith of a rich man's temptation, putting humbly and patiently for his vampire teeth his neck and thinking with malice:

"Drink, drink, but I get to heaven. And you, jackal, I will sand away into hell for all eternity!

Not humane would be (at least from the point of view of a believer in the infinite value to God every human soul) does not preach about the evils of vampirism (prophets, as written in the parable, no one listens to), and make possible a bloodless coup?
Thereby forcing the wealthy to live the commandments. Let causing damage to his property, but defended his soul?
In other words, whether correctly understood the Christian doctrine of humility and patience in regard to evil especially not for your personal enemies, but to the child molesters, offenders of the weak and oppressed no not a virtue, and sowing, and multiplication of the evil?
Service is not Christ, but the prince of darkness. Deception and lycanthropy.

For the victim of a vampire is not a saint, but another potential vampire. He is waiting a moment to turn to grab the throat weaker.

In other words, I dipped my patience I enter into temptation.

That is, if I want to kill some hated enemy, I should quietly let him take away my property (as happened in the country 90), allow to put someone in my bed with my wife and daughter to sell on the panel, declaring it "freedom."
A predator is a banker robber "sitting on the throne."
And " to proclaim a hero executioner."

If sin is sickness unto death, then how can we give into the hands of a deranged steering wheel?
This is forgivable unreasonable crowd, but not to us in the so-called "democratic" society. Where rulers are selected and have the opportunity to influence the course of history.

Choosing the "vampires" in the power, we not only introduce the governor to create a temptation to exaggerate the evil, and his subjects is to obey the evil force (for that which is not of God, then the devil), but we act as instruments of offense to the "little ones".
We do not impose hard power of the way it is said that it is "from God" because we sent a punishment, but the power corrupts.
Violating all the commandments, which declare "from God" is sacrilegious.

We act in such a way as those "who would be better not to be born."

There was a fire that consumed the entire era, but the cleansing fire.
It can be argued that after the war (the exception of the Khrushchev era) revival of the church.
But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, despite the appearance "church boom" once again landing, secularization, to say saluting God's to Caesar's. And even outright worship of Caesar.

And if from a pulpit again will talk about patience and humility in the occupied country molesters, predators and thieves, people's unconscious inner compass will point again by the temple.
And the people would reject "such a truth."

Not submission to evil and the world is not a new daring attempt to defeat him by pouring in once the new wine into old wineskins, and out of the midst of evil.

Germination through the thickness of evil to the light - that is the way of Izans.
It is joining together to grow together with the blood vessels of the divine life-giving roots of the Tree of Life.


However, the greatest real revolution will be the Day of Judgment, when come to pass bloody radically mystical universal upheaval is the violent final destruction of evil.
It is Great Harvest.
We are the soldiers, the warriors of the coming of the Great Revolution, about which we pray:
I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life to come.

It will not be the victory of one class over another, the victims of the predator. For each victim is a potential predator waiting in the wings.

It will not win a national, racial, political, for it is idolatry.

It is not just a victory of reason over the flesh, the spirit over the flesh and mind; the devil does not have flesh . Do not eat or sleep or drink, and in the mind of the former all-powerful angel is unlimited.

It would not even be a victory of humility and self-sacrifice of the self and pride. For the idolaters and selflessly and humbly serve their idol.

It will not be the Creator originally defeated a victory over the devil, for the devil.

We can talk only about your personal victory, about your role in the implementation of the Plan of the Creator.

To present in the "image and likeness" of the children to their true happiness of being.

But there is no genuine Being out of the kingdom, outside the home of the Father.
The need to live in the house of the Father.
And there is no true being without freedom.
Voluntary Chosen this lack of freedom, this need to return the prodigal son in the house of the Father.

How to reconcile this tragic incompatibility, which served as the beginning of history since the first disobedience of our first parents to the Creator? And caused so much suffering and sorrow to mankind on the path "to the sun of the worm?"

This question is answered only individually, in each soul. We are signing a death sentence or a path in life .

Everyone to himself personally. That is our freedom.


We have been given great grace of the Father temporary aging body and death, so that we can through sickness and sorrow, through a temporary and perishable longed for a genuine and eternal.

About the moment when death will set us free, and we shall throw suffering mortal body, as worn-out skin.

We are given an inscribed in the heart of the Act. We hear the call when we want to hear it.

But even when we close the door before the Creator, He patiently, humbly awaits our decision.

He gave us reason to separate the real from the imaginary. The lies of decay and dirt.

He gave us a soul, gave the harmony and beauty of the world and the opportunity to evaluate this let the pale, but a shadow of the heavenly world.

He has created for us the space and time - the place and time to think and choose.

He even became one of us, a man who suffered and died for us horrible, painful death. Redeemed us with His precious Blood of the Divine.

Redeemed us from the slaver, the devil, that Blood.

And we are fools, again, we return to the eternal torture chamber and eternal death.

The Creator gave us everything we could. It can not only save us by force, forcibly returned to the kingdom, the House of the Father.
Outside of whom there is no life, only the outer darkness, for the rest of the earth sooner or later crumble to dust.
This is not the cruelty of the Creator; it is the need, the investigation given to us of Freedom. Because without freedom there is the kingdom, and the kingdom is not of Life. There is no life outside of obedience to the Creator, and there is no life outside of Liberty.
That is the "start in life" on a plan freely chosen to walk to the Call to the house of the Father.
Fall, stumble, rise, pick up your neighbor coming next, and then go to the Voice.
Keeping in mind that "he slowly and steadily wins the race".

This is the "Kingdom of God is within us" freely elected by the need to go to the Call.

The plan does not apply to the entire fallen race this would be a violation of Freedom. And only the "elect."

We are "bought with a price." We are given time, health, strength, mind, soul, the beauty of the world, we are redeemed by the Blood of the Divine have kidnapped us slaveholder.

And loving, simple as Father is waiting for us at the threshold of the eternal and perfect Father's House.

And if we then prefer to feast during the plague in the outer darkness who and what we reproach, but their madness.

We ourselves are signing your own death warrant, becoming a historical straw.

The Lord is an owner of the vineyard, and we who have chosen the path of the Call are His gardeners.

That in anticipation of the Great Universal revolution, implement the plan, the Day of Judgment should not dare cut himself seemingly dead branches.

Only the owner knows whether there is life in them.

Our duty, to take care of the vineyard, to protect from thieves, nurtured with patience and love.
Help the vine grow through the stones and thorns wild plant is a native. And do not grumble when wilding pricks our hands or seems hopelessly shrunken.

So we have to live in expectation, in the aspirations of the great revolution of the end times and doomsday incessantly increasing, multiplying the harvest of the Lord.

As for social life, it is always a choice of two evils.

And we are choosing campaigning, voting, always have to fight for the order in which the vineyard, left us at the time of the Master, the best preserved and will bring a larger
crop .
That is, the social structure in which will be fewer predators, murderers, idolaters. They are liars, thieves, perverts, sorcerers. Idleness, vanity, temptations are everything about what so menacingly warns law.

And, of course, to administer the affairs of Mercy are Care vineyard.
Patiently, lovingly, without expecting rewards and earthly glory.

Do we, the infirm, save all of humankind; if he chose, Lord saves only salvation?
Screenings are the essence of the Plan, the essence of the historical process.

We are cultivation and care, the harvest is Lord's.

Do not you see the difference: to be behind a fence and a vampire to be outside the fence of a vampire?

At the time, they called for communism "with a human face".

The purpose of Izans is a society with a "divine-human face."

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