A virus in the computer of Vampiria. Joanna's Page 66

Yulia Ivanova

A virus in the computer of Vampiria. Joanna's Page 66

The next morning she went to the Golden Land.

Varia explained: landmark is from the train station" Znamenka" or "Sovkhoznaya" to them for about four kilometers.
Primarily in those parts have a few advanced economies, supply Moscow and the Moscow Region's milk, meat, roses and potatoes.
The restructuring of the economy safely collapsed unable to compete with the "Bush legs" onions from Turkey and Dutch chrysanthemums. As well as energy prices, gasoline (after 45 km. From Moscow) and taxes.

But most importantly, the temptation to buy a market - resold. Why do something to grow in the area of risk farming when you can simply drag and drop without any problems through the hill of bags of junk and grub? Of course, if health permits.

This was told to John companion Sasha, who voted at the station , complaining that the taxi had just left, and take advantage of the bike (gold landers issued at the station bikes and rode pass) cannot because of a leg injury.

Ordinary bicycles and sidecars. Sasha was not an izan himself was not just working in a sausage shop in the sponsored Golden Land farm.
Sasha said that now all the surrounding farms "went under the Golden Land." No, they are not "blessed." Those farms, though there are but few, and mostly as Sasha agency sponsored.
That is, the contract is made: we to you, you to us.
Built new or renovated farm. At all dairy and sausage shop. Greenhouses, mini bakeries...
Sponsored can use the dining room, kindergarten, nursery and special schools. Sports and health complexes, household services, etc.
Then the amount of services in the "gold coins" (a standard unit of Izans, aligned with the Russian ruble) is deducted from earned, and you can either pay the difference or get your hands on a regular rubles.
In any case, profitable is all found as under communism.
And "lessed" and at communism.
In the shops do not go, Cash only for incidental expenses. All earnings are right on the bill. And earned in Izans, and on the side.
Living expenses are deducted, and the difference, if any, is not on the drinking-spree, and other nonsense, they are pleased to express and on lofty matters.

No, not to the poor. This is not charity, it is really cool. This business, like the recovery of production in the country, investments in science, advanced technology...

Many people make huge profits, go beyond the limit. But the rule is all in the case.

And it is not so, that academic guzzled caviar and bathe in champagne, and the cleaning lady washed in a trough and chewed ordinary fishin tomato sauce. There are no privileges.

"Do not grumble academics?

'So as you can kind of monastery, academics themselves have come up with such a statute,' shrugged
Sasha, 'they are volunteers!'

They are the "blessed." I have a neighbor izan. Fifteen thousand dollars on account of the guy, I know not how it is in rubles or gold coin. Something somewhere is building. Swollen from the money, but for beer with us, as before to sit he is stingy.

'Well, if my wife's birthday, you must buy a gift?'

'If a legitimate reason take off your account. Like, for such a purpose.

But sweetheart coat already cannot buy a pipe. All costs are something to see!

If you break all the time may ask: why did you, in fact, come here, boy?

In general, revolve all his money in the case, multiply... it is worn with all sorts of cool projects and laughs. Like, many millionaires and portrayed all the capital in the case, and he is sitting on soft-boiled egg but his wife's expenses saws .
Well, this is something all ready, no bills. The most popular right now the project "Union". Restoration of relations among the CIS inhabitants.
A bottomless pit, but Kostya, a neighbor that is, this new "Union delusional. He says the people with tears in their encounter with bread and salt.

If their home after the army of occupation.

No, he personally, Sasha, not yet ripe for exploits... I'm used to after work drink or two with mates miss yes and part of a woman's...

And blessed with this strictly.

'The first Christians, the first communists Joanna thought. And now the first Izans...

We drove a field, then the forest. Neutral landscape, but with signs of "great projects" of which Joanna heard a lot a lot.
Often come across on the road trucks with building materials, sand and gravel, cement mixer. He caught glimpses of a building site with tower cranes.
Sasha said that Gold Landers near here excavated pit and began the production of some special building stone.

Joanna, though, and with half an ear, but listened marveled.

Denis is that was raw and sore, like a splinter. Will the carry him to live? It will help if he needed it Yegor's kingdom, which tell these was or not was?

Golden Land itself, the territory of the former sanatorium, was surrounded by a concrete fence since the old times, in some places considerably patched.

We pass the guards were on duty in izan's form. However, without guns, but as it turned out, guns were still.
Fans of raids on Golden Land, scandals and provocation was enough, not to mention ordinary thieves and freeloaders.

Skipping it was ordered. As before, in many Soviet institutions have issued badge, which must be returned in the output.

It seemed to her that she was in the time of Luzhino community. Those laid brick corners of flower beds along the paths strewn with withered leaves slippery, even the same purple phlox later that she had and still growing...

Imprint Yegor's childhood?

Warya was not there is at a construction site emergency happened : two children were injured and Varya was called to the operating room.

This is John said Iris, who is also somewhere in a hurry.

Here forever all somewhere in a hurry, as she later convinced .

Iris on behalf of the Warypassed that Dennis they take - today will contact the clinic in Rome.

Iris was cute, homey, with a snub nose, fluffy eyelashes and charming accent, a la Francesca Gaal as Peter with shaggy hair and boyish overalls.

It was not easy, as it was expressed Varya," computer specialist." She is like a computer, perform thousands of operations.

Mended Motors are cars, tractors, washing machines, sumps, pumps, timing devices.
She sang in concerts with Yegors their "country".
Milking cows and commanded all Violets inkwells and Cesar Golden Land.

Giving orders, angrily throws up his eyelashes:

'Are you still here? Come fly!'

It was her favorite Russian expression.
And she loved to tan. Seizing a free moment, lying under quartz, though Varya and grumbled that it is harmful.
And always look like just that celebrated holiday in Sochi.

Weaknesses and shortcomings Super girl Iris did not exist.

But this Joanna finds out later. Now hurrying somewhere Iris assured her that Denis will be all right. Will ask medical history, find out the exact diagnosis, it is possible to transport and when.
Organize aircraft and emergency vehicles from the airport to the place...
Is this a Golden Land permitting the patient's condition, or one of the clinics in Moscow, where they have their own doctors, will be decided on the spot.

The first sip of the water of life is a miracle... In a situation where every little thing seemed impossible, and there was not a physical nor mental strength to flounder. Yesterday when she skated in the madness of the palm of a blood-red pea for a long time now that will have to repent in the confessional. All of a sudden it seems to be standard and advertising, " we will take care of all your problems."
But it is not hypocritical way, taking advantage of your troubles and confusion, you tear off as much as possible. And it is not an act of charity for someone from friends who feel ashamed to use when there are so many problems and grief...
A natural way of life.
Corny is impossible: " All for one, one for all."

Above that Joanna will also reflect later, when at the behest of his insanely busy virtual economy Iris knocks at the right room.

'Come on, mate. Yes, I know, sit down. Would you like some tea?

Violets and inks...
Guys just called "Caesar" is also because of the purple- ink- purple form.

This, rather, was "Violet" rosy-cheeked, with Russian scythe, but the modern fringe.
Hybrid young parishioners with prayer and with the mandate of the Komsomol...
And the great forgotten "comrade" from which nostalgically stung in the throat.
Truly universal word...
Do not "proud" and "mountain."
"Our word of mountain..."

"There is for us no black or colored..."

So, again, "comrade"?

'This is for the guests, and together we are by name," she smiled. For young people short name for the other complete.
This Iris Varvara such order entered.
Iris has always confused with the patronymic, and Barbara by Christian tradition.

'I mean Olga, and you, Joanna.'

'What a rare name!'

'Once there was Ian. Or Jeanne.'

'It is better Joanna. The girl held out her two hands at once. That was not held grudge!
Not a gun. Not a fig in the pocket. Not a shopping bag.

The heavy burden put on the ground
And clasped his hands to the sky toss!

It's out of our national anthem. Symbolism.

It is wonderful symbolism! Quite sincerely admired Joanna.

Promise to take care of Dennis led her to a state close to euphoria.

And here's our icon. A bit like a pioneer. There languages fire and we have three pairs of hands. Link up and up...

And three mountain peaks like. And as the church dome chirped Violet. Varvara asked you all to tell and show.

In addition to her husband's illness, which still have a problem? Fill out a detailed questionnaire, the data is recorded in the computer...

What you need to start your Izans?

'Wait, this is still far away. The first time will be patronized. After processing the questionnaire and interview the way you like and have a form of cooperation.
If it goes, we will gradually expand contacts, climb stairs.

What will end the probationary period, think of the reception.

The probationary period?

It is sort of. We're in sight. Relax and knock over as commies.

What are you all doing?

One and a half years went to the candidates, and then accepted.

There were five of us here, Zlatov's fans. Two dropped out, newcomers came from. Girls, boys...
Cases have been on the throat the construction site, debris, repair, nothing worked. Water pipe burst, outhouse...

It is now settled down. Allocate duty on every day - someone like that. Who cook, who the purity of inducing those who mess with children...
This is duty. Also, with the study. I, for example, language, computers; we are at the beginning of Lena at Iris.
Others in the institute every day commute, or work. Far away, of course, but where you will get?
Breakfast, dine here. Lunch issue with him. Such a special triple thermos. Easy, convenient, no more loaves.
We have guys sitting on any special know-how under-funded inventions. Journals studies where anything worthwhile. They find an author and implement. First for Golden Land, then for sale.

Our flasks are already selling like hot cakes, do not have time to send...

Decided to engage in sports without fail any to choose from.

Most, of course, rushed into the pool. Classy built, painted by the minute sessions...
The church is almost restored. I'm also the father Cyprian, Aunt Varya. He and my mom were friends.
She and Varia were at the hands worn my mother was sick, she could not lift the weight...

And as the father of Cyprian refers to the Golden Land?

Father Cyprian? Olga paused. It depends.
More often welcomed, but with caution. He is afraid, that we do not fall into pride.
Like, rushes to become "sons" who has not been "slaves."
Like, deliverance from the power of matter must necessarily be accompanied by humility only then will fill the void the power of God, which "made perfect in weakness."
And that" Blessed are the poor in spirit."
Otherwise, a "swept the house will come seven demons instead of one of the former".

Sometimes it seems to me that the church is afraid of our activity is greater than our sins. So relaxed that I.

Maybe it really safer?

"Yegor believes that when you take baptism how to volunteer for the army is recorded, is not it? As in forty-one.
By the way, we come to a lot of members of the Komsomol, the young Communists, who have not changed their ideals.
It is absurd to claim volunteer yourself money and good things of life . He came to fight to the death and win, right? And do not sit in the rear or the trenches.

As we are at the forefront of Izans.

"There is a thrill in battle".

Olga nodded:

You do not think Father Cyprian trying in vain not to ban anything. He really scared for us, is reinsured.
Before, it was just like the church apart, outside the state, and the active Communists outside the church. Almost feud.
Both ideologies: that communism the liberation of the working people from the religious intoxication.

And we, Izans, just say, 'The holy fathers, monks, is not above your achievement. And you're probably closer to God...
But let us, the laity, the opportunity to join the battle.

Well, correct, if it is not so...

'Frequently corrected?'

A Violet sighed.

Yegor all projects is a blessing.
Objections, doubts, not without it.
But in general, Father Cyprian, usually blesses.
The main thing is the results, the fruit, and we are good.

While it is understandable concerns, we are the pioneers.

Fears of some new religion did not hit in ecumenism. Sects, Freemasonry, now all full.
Before you know it to her being dragged.

'I want to volunteer, said Joanna.

Let's take our time.
Young, it is easier. And you've probably been baked onto the old way of life. Things, trinkets, habits.
It is difficult to cut to the quick, let the old skin itself will wither away and get off.
And here and there will not die, let it remain. Even in the fight take with them some amulet or a toy, right?
And into the bargain rheumatism, and from other old sores cannot get away...
So let's start from the beginning, okay?
Now you answer me a few questions here and fill out this profile.

All data is recorded in the computer and start a new life...


Question for those still were.
Your relationship with heaven (high, unknown, secret and sacred). In general terms.

With the Church? With the state?

Your attitude, philosophy, credo.

Why come to Izans?

What do you like it here and do not like it?

Any suggestions for improvement?

Are you happy with yourself? Are currently stand before God?

Or the Court of Conscience, if you do not believe in God?

What would you like to change in your life if you have been given to the Court for a while?

Do you have a cherished dream unfulfilled? Creative or business idea, invention?
What you need help to bring them to life?

What else have a problem? Money, housing, household, family, psychological?

What do you prevent a full-blooded life, oppresses, lies on the conscience?

(Family squabbles, life and bustle. Laziness, indecision. Endless duties, harassment of relatives and friends, passion (the pursuit of money, unnecessary beautiful things and rags, all the "beautiful life", some bad habits) . Problems health, family, neighbors, children and grandchildren).

Emphasize it.

What are the three wishes you would put forth, if I catch a goldfish?

What, in your opinion, do you have shortcomings, from which I would like to get rid of?

What are your general weakness habits?

Remember that to your confession will have access to only the priest and a psychologist.

All this in confidence, and in your best interest to be absolutely sincere and honest answers.

For if you hide sores, sickness and sores from which you would like to recover, then who can help you with?

Your main profession you love it or sick of it?

What else has the talent?

What do you do willingly what if necessary, and what you hate ?

What a pleasure to do and know how to run the house and would prefer to make another?

What material things possess? (Apartments, town houses or cottages, garages, cars, money savings, jewelry, antiques, and other valuables).

From what of your "estate" could be painless for yourself to get rid of? Permanently or for a time by passing on favorable terms in the lease?

We want to help you get rid of the excess, to accomplish what you want to be in time, if Providence has granted you the opportunity.

We take care of all the household, family problems according to our program, "Daily Bread".
Becoming na izan by conviction, you will be able to use the available funds for the strengthening and expansion of our Union, and to act as a publisher, investor and philanthropist .
Participate in any program: the revival of the country , mercy , and ecology. The programs " Our Daily Bread ", " Liberation", "Union", "Temple", "Science", "Culture", "Children".

In person or by combining their capital with others. By combining your bills...

You can reply to any questions now, if you take your time. Or take the questionnaire home and think about it. Aunt Varia available, probably only for dinner, a lot of patients.

Do not worry, I'll wait, take a walk now. So will I take the survey?

Of course, as you prefer.

In the hallway were already three.

Yeah, and here all not without malice barely had time to think of Joanna as Violet immediately ordered:

The two go to the 15th room, where you will mate.


On the street was a rain. Joanna sat in the lobby, buried in a questionnaire, and dreamed.

Favorite thing. You need the most...

Of course, to write a book. Maybe not even an art.
Reflection, doubt, throwing misguided souls groping a narrow trail to the Unknown, calling" is far from perfect."

Soul, who visited the world in the "fateful minutes"...

Once she opened the Bible at random.

"Write what I told you in the book" that she fell.

Then overcame doubts about spiritual struggle - is fasting, prayer. Mercy, the church life...

What place is occupied by vocation, talent, creativity?

Then she remembered," John of Damascus":

Blessed is he who now, Lord, to Thee
And to think, and say a possible!
With intrepid heart and a warm plea
In thy name, he goes into battle
With all that is not right, and false!

"The Book", she had the same answer.

She had long conceived it, wrote in fits and starts - then heavily, then the long delay...

Left on the table unfinished page turned yellow, burnt out in the sun...

At first, the result is something religious and philosophical. Then he burst into politics, with full fury and pain, as the rally, monologues...

And now?

Of flowers and horticultural work... These wacky vigil at the TV-set in a sterile waiting for the desired news when will this madness stop?

Horror when some monster lay eggs inside a living human flesh, ate inside, and then germinated slimy writhing tentacles suffocating everything and everyone...

Scum, scum, tormented homeland from the inside.

Is it just the Ecumenical Armageddon will destroy them? Twister Wrath of God, sweeping away everything in their path?

Let It Storm!

Then Iris busily say:

Izania is a vampire virus in your computer.
We will destroy their program is not going to play by their rules.
Let's create another environment, so that they gradually lost their power.
They will devour themselves until they come to naught.

So I wanted to believe Iris!
Though the Biblical Apocalypse foretold the power of the Beast, complete dissociation of the people in each room on the hand and forehead...
Starvation or exile the inheritance position in capital Beast...

Will Yegor Zlatov slay the dragon?

Yegor the Freedom-bearer...

Yes, of course, she would have finished the book. What does she want? It is nothing like that.
Quiet room, a normal simple food, walks with Anchar, in the evening the news .
To read anything "Mountain" for the soul.

And write, write...
You can live in the Golden Land, as in-house creative as ever in Komarov or Bolshevo...

At the thought of parting with Luzhino heart ache.

Give yourself any part of the house. Olga dispelled her doubts. You are the host, we are tenants, come whenever you want.
Everything will be all right. By agreement with you, where necessary, to correct, repair.

The computer center will select a number of suitable choices of tenants who are working or studying in your region, so as not to lose hours on the road.
In general, this is our principle to settle compactly, so it's easier to adjust the power and life.

The plot can also be used for one hundred; the trees and shrubs will be cut of, fed where necessary replace with the best grades.
Greenhouses repair or build new ones.
Flowers? No, it will no longer do it, too little time is left to her late fifties...
Well, let pass the flower farm to rent, share the experience of making bouquets, implementation.
The cost of the bulbs, roots, wrapping paper all take into account. By the way, excellent Gold Land greenhouse.
And the flowers grow; you should definitely look, you can connect to.
A garage and a car also can rent on favorable terms if necessary Golden Land provide any means of transport.

Our principle - nothing should stand idle, gathering dust in vain.

Now is the extra stuff. Furniture, old refrigerators, televisions, stocks of building materials, clothing, textiles, shoes how many unnecessary and accumulated in the country, and in the Moscow apartment!
Throw out or give away to just anyone, sorry, everything its history, its period of life.
John did not even seem sometimes there are things if you do not have a soul, it is a mystery, especially those with whom survived the years, and to give grateful to the right hands; how great it is!

She only have all too much to prepare and pack .

Will drive car and will take away things in a special warehouse, where they will clean, will sort, repaired if necessary, and Izans no distribute to the needy.
For refugees, settlers such an aid as air.
Across Izans craftsmen workshops organized under the name of fun" Cabbage soup of the ax" useful things out of old and broken.

Luxuries. Anywhere jewelry, coats, evening dress, antiques.

Or will help to realize the money credited to your account, or furniture can be, for example, to attach a luxury rental apartments that Izans leases to foreigners and the new Russian on favorable terms.

We also have special warehose safe and refrigerator for furs and fabrics, where our Gold Land women of fashion was taken to the pile favorite tchotchke and enjoy together.
Change rings, fur coats , earrings, evenin
g dresses ...
There was a need, the devil has beguiled come and choose. Diarrhea, tired, and return.

And there was no loss , theft ?

In a large way, thank God, no. Then, after all the money we have, "gold coins" - as if non-cash, contingent.
Everything is appreciated. Will add value to your bill or deducted and everything.

A steal izan ridiculous to this end, it is better to go back into a vampire.
Here all in the mind, and then we have our security, search...
If you come to us to help you get rid of excess - why climb back into the loop in such a wild way ?
Simply cancel the contract and walk away.

Is it possible?

What a question! Report advance, we will make the necessary recalculations sometimes appoint a transitional period, and goodbye.
Among Izans, however, did not do so. We sponsored and even candidates were.

And the reasons?

There are different ones. Not everyone on the shoulder freedom. Rather than get down to business, which, like, dreaming, start to go crazy without the usual pots, basins and bustle of shopping.

Sometimes we are able to deal with it, sometimes not. Especially non-believers, to beginners.

In the monasteries of novices blessed to clean toilets. The lowest job to afflict, to take flesh and hands toil, mouth constant prayer to renounce his fallen ego.

And we immediately want to fly.
Scared, dizzy, pulling back in the cage...
The main thing to captivate and get carried away, take all the free time
To make it interesting a few favorite things.

We have learned from experience that a talented person is talented in many ways that very incompetent people simply do not.
We only need to help solve these gifts and send a "hot work, good for business.

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