Why do walk by wings? Yegor's Interview

Yulia Ivanova

Why do walk by wings? Yegor's Interview

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- Admit, Yegor when a few years ago you were "the violet boy", preached and sang on clubs about any laws heavenly and very few people took you seriously, admit, you and itself did not guess, did not think to realise the songs?

- Both thought, and guessed. Moreover, I also have started singing, because so listen better.
The audience gathers more, it is possible to sell tickets. It is not accepted to take money for sermons, and means were extremely necessary.

Songs are better remembered. Them pick up, sing at entrances. Write down, copyю

- That is a way to take root into masses?

- It is possible and so. Search of sponsors and adherents.

- "Izania" is something alien. Now, when you have reached the notable successes, many, including your obedient servant, still do not understandю

What it is sect? Any world religion?

- It is onsense. Especially about "the world religion".

Experience of the Babel tower already was. Having united in arrogance, to get on the sky.
The tower has failed. Builders have started talking in different languages, having ceased to understand each other.

The nations, the people were formedю

It should be found again the way up.

I, for example, am an orthodox. I consider the belief only correct.
But there are still Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Catholics, Protestants etc.

Everyone, as well as I, am convinced of correctness of the belief.

Whether it means, what I should turn or connect violently someone the unjoinable?

How many already was religious disputes and wars!

The way of the person to God is unique, as well as his face. Probably, and people way.

Therefore each church goes to Truth the road. Not business of laymen to judge, butt in.

But nevertheless there is the general.

We are climbers. Let in different sheaves, or alone. Falling, being broken, but we go, we clamber to top.

One trust: there is happiness.

Others go on call.

The third especially do not reflect - simply catch a high from an ascension.

And the other mankind has quietly settled down at this time below, in a valley.

Who builds cottage with the pool, who drinks and has a snack, who simply basks in the sun...
But all of them profess that "clever uphill will not go".

Here a difference between us...
Izans look up. They are under feet.

- Falcons and Uzhi?.
- Give without labels.
We are not revolutionaries and we are not going to dethrone anybody.

"The Kingdom is in us".

It begins, when cease to live under world laws. Which, as we know, "in the evil lies".
It does not mean that we are not legislative. Simply our Law is above...

At izans much in common, as well as at our religions...

To top it is necessary to go with light baggage - therefore a non-possession.

Ascension not a place for an epikureystvo. Means, aspiration to purity, moral.

Instead of the competition - mutual aid in a close sheaf.

As to democracy...

Democratic vote has sent on execution God instead of the criminal Barabbas.
So the crowd has solved.
"Democracy in a hell, and in the sky - the Kingdom", - John Kronshtadtsky has told.

The sky will suffice on all. Therefore we do not push away each other, and we close hands...
- From here these badges?
- Three figures symbolise different races. With the closed hands lifted up as though surrounding the earth. An ascension in a sheaf.
Reminds also three tongues of flame. And church domes, by the way, too symbolising burning candles...
"I give light, burning down".

- Your song about a candle became something like Izaniya's anthem, truly.
"Only heat and light incorporate to the sky, and cold wax remains on the earth", something like it. And a refrain "I give light burning down"...

So, not religion, not sect, not party, not commune...
Who are you, Yegor Zlatov?

- Personally I am an orthodox. But round me there are a lot of people of other belief. And materialists pagans of all colors. Which too do not accept the world with false constitutions, to codes and every law has a loophole".
Protecting, more often, the rights and freedoms not to obey the Creator.

The world law is to take. The sky is to give.

God has Truth, Eternity, Love.

At the world is publicity and idle talk. Pastime, sex.

At God "the bigger serve smaller", in the world is on the contrary.

To the evil nothing prevents to unite. We as it is paradoxical, are interfered by various beliefs.
Not in forces them to reconcile, we are separated and exhausted in the face of the evil.

Unless such division is necessary for the Creator?

Whether because of it to the communists, aspiring to unite the people in opposition to a kingdom of the Taurus, were come to mind by unsuccessful thought in general to do without God?

Because of religions "one troubles and controversies", one ideological worker has told to me.
On it, actually, these ideologists also have lost.

Why the only way to live in the world in a godly way there was a complete isolation from the world? Withdrawal from it, is similar to a monkhood?

Therefore, we also have decided to unite.

The Laws of the Heaven are entered in heart by the Creator and practically coincide in all religions.

These laws admired the Edging.

They were professed by communists rejecting the Creator, having called "conscience".

- Freedom, equality and brotherhood?

- "Brotherhood" with known reservations.

As to "freedom" and "equality", at unequal possibilities from the birth almost unlimited possibility of the consumption proclaimed modern society, leads to a mutual exception of these two concepts.

One has unlimited freedom to eat another.

It is absurd to speak about equality of the cannibal who has eaten of the captain Cook, and the gentleman revolted with this fact.
On the ground that the gentleman too can eat in reply any of cannibals...

Freedom granted from above except narrow concept "is free not to obey the Creator" includes infinitely high concept of freedom of God.
Not freedom to carry out a sin and freedom from a sin, from passions unworthy the person.

In Lives there is a fine parable about two monks. One overcomes temptations "gold, the woman, the personal enemy" improbable efforts, another simply does not distinguish gold from a stone, the beauty from the old woman and the worst offender from the benefactor...

The second monk has overcome terrestrial gravitation, the passions.

It is truly divinely free. If, of course, it is not caught on pride.

Pride is the most artful and terrible not freedom. Devilish, it is possible to tell.

Freedom from God.

That is slavery at a devil. At decay and death.

Will be judged not blind, instead of wishing to see Light.

There is a deadly fight of two worlds.

The people still the day before enthusiastically throwing under feet to the Savior palm branches and shouting: "Hosanna!", suddenly chorus proclaims: "Crucify him!"

And it is the same people.
What is the matter?

Glories thirsting from the Messiah, money, the authorities have suddenly seen it humiliated, is obedient to the suffering. Giving everything, including life.

Also have not understood divine greatness of this victim.

To them have presented the GOD'S KINGDOM, a primogeniture, and they demanded "a lentil soup".

Temporary terrestrial wellbeing.

Primogeniture and lentil soup. So since we started...

We profess laws of PRIMOGENITURE.

The Lord has sent us to the world to REPAY DEBTS.
"Gift have received, for nothing give". On service to the dominical harvest.

The train has left, the luggage has left together with it.
Around there is darkness, ahead is the Court, and behind soul one debts.

The slaves who have increased data by Mister talents, have been rewarded. And buried the talent and returned it with words: "here to you yours", has been punished, thrown out, as it is told, in darkness external, where "crying and a gnashing of teeth".

Notice, this slave has repaid a debt to Mister!

What waits for us spending talents on, on the lusts - that is on another's mister?
On the prince of darkness?

We, Izans, want not to fatten, to be made heavier, grow, and to be released, fly up.

We preach the Ascension.

Let different ways, but up.

We are it brothers, friends, companions to whom as it would be desirable.

But not misters, not enemies and not competitors.

We are soldiers of one Sky, in one army, we go to one top.

We have been given the huge fine earth, one on all.

Bequeathed to live in peace and friendship, a family.

Therefore we reject everything that us divides.

But in hands at us different guidebooks.

And, while there is no soil for association of religions, attempts to make it can artificially lead only to even bigger division.

Exit is again to close hands round the mountain and - up!

The above, the close friend to the friend and to the Sky.

So already was more than once for our thousand-year history both during wars, and in days of the Soviet power. When we wandered blindly on the mountain, being heroically torn through thickets of prickles and a horde of snakes in search of bright future for the future generations.

"Light", but mortal!.

Yes, we have gone astray, or us have brought down - not very well.

Only it is vain to return our names are to a foot, to confess and "to live, as all".

Let "others are not present, and those far". Let the chain has thinned and we should clamber long above and above again to reach hands of each other...

All of us equally profess only up.

The higher, the more closely to each other and to the Sky.

- For what I love Zlatov because he speaks in songs.
If I am not mistaken, it after all from your new song, and, Yegor? Romantic you ours.

- From the old. New we with you have just composed. Only while without music.

Well, well.

Why do you speak songs?

Why go wings?.

Why take cover leaves?

Why escape clouds?

Why keep flights?.

Because we are called birds.
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