A Good War. Joanna's Page 67

Julia Ivanova

A Good War. Joanna's Page 67


'You can keep a literary group.' suggested Violet,' we try many pen, and students, and adults .
We need to teach the 'good feelings awaken lyre'...

Do I say something wrong?

'All right,' Joanna hid a smile,' So after all the good or the war?

It is a Good War.

Is it Good with its fists?

Welcome to shield from evil.

Choose what you prefer more, businesses have bulk. Here is a list of vacancies only Izans.
Moderate physical work is also good for a change. They say psychotherapy.

After all, you now stress from her husband...

By the way, here is a medical questionnaire, while preliminary. Then pass the full examination.


Why, she does all he can.
Maybe glue wallpaper, doors and windows, paint, and cope with linoleum; grandfather taught her everything.

If only the cost of Denis.
O Lord, heal it.
She knows that as a mother and wife is no good.

He's going all out, dying , and it was not there.

She's always been a 'cat itself' and there is nothing you can do about it.

But now she is ready from morning to morning, in any capacity to work hard in the fifth dream Vera.

Only cure it.

The thought that Dennis could die was completely unbearable, causing her to complete confusion.
In this horror was something mystical.

Just do it in a panic she prayed but not this.

The questionnaire and questions about the family.
John told the pro -law and staff, 'reddish' in their apartment.

Surprisingly, that of some of the fellow member in-law Olga knows. They say that the Communists in Izans abound, both old and new all branches.

You could even say that Izans were united as a kind of neutrally super political space .
Disagreements political, religious, social retreat here before rallying the entire common enemy i.e. Vampira.

Joanna still thought it would be nice to captivate izans Lisa, she a firefly.

And there, and Philip would use their bucks on something worthwhile.

And not shaking him to Lisa, and children, and her work here was found. Lisa, too, on all hands.

And Artem and Katya would not have grown Vampire kids and Cesar da Violet.

So dreaming of Joanna, talking about Olga, waiting until the iris was associated with the Roman clinic at the Denis home delivery.
And then continued to reside in the euphoria of what 'stable condition' and transportation likely to be allowed.
And lo! Even after talking with Dennis a couple of minutes on the mobile phone (for the first time in my life), and having received the consent of the voice was very close, quiet, with shortness of breath, but still it, Dennis voice has decided, come what Varya was no wait and have dinner together.

In the meantime, went to get acquainted with the Golden Land.

Yegor is a heart.
Iris is a brain, a computer center .
Leo is a pocket or a, bank.
And legs, fingers, muscles, blood vessels are the rank and file of Izans.

Young, adults, seniors. Each has its own function, or a lot of appointments.

And all live together, seething, moving.

A new, unfamiliar world.

Yegor Zlatov's kingdom.

'I do not care, just to go home. Whether alive, dead,' said Denis.

Thanks to God and somehow confident that everything will be fine, Joanna walked into euphoria GOLD LAND, smiling everywhere hurrying to the dining inkwell violets mixed with Caesar in bedraggled solution jackets.

Nearby guys built a district Golden Land on youth model project Izans.
One is bedroom hotel rooms with bath (WC, shower), but no kitchen.

However, all was installed compact stove in case
It is necessary to heat the ordered meal in the dining room, boil the kettle, make coffee.

There was also a fridge, a washing machine, baby and a minimum set of dishes.

I learned that the holidays and birthdays are usually noted in the evenings in the lobby, ordering a takeaway.
Or in the dining room, quickly converted for the triumph of a ballroom.

In the rooms of the main furniture was only the most necessary. But the situation of standard parts can be constructed by the residents.

If tenants have changed new could easily change the interior to your liking.

Instead of wallpaper easily fastened and filmed the band of eco-friendly material any design.
Shook her video wallpapers specially equipped with a screen up to the varied scenery of primitive forests, jungles with snakes hissing , snarling lions expanses central Russia and the sea with the sound of the surf .

A video wall can be installed in your room for a fee (deducted from the account) and select any landscape by simply pressing a button.

It was shaped Gold Land's guys on special know-how.
Video wallpapers has quietly sold abroad and the new Russian for a fantastic price (izan-wallpaper.
All proceeds go to the expansion and improvement of production.
On the 'sea', for example, you could arrange at will the storm.
Or to a forest near Moscow were replaced by the seasons, so in June smelled lime, etc.

All sorts of stuff for the interior (carpets, curtains, bedspreads, knickknacks) settlers chose the same general stock, which dumped all unnecessary. Me when you get bored.
Just toys.
The children spent the whole day at school, nursery or kindergarten. Home of their parents usually took away the evenings on the weekend.

For adults and older standard interior was based on age .

Walking the Golden Land, Joanna with joy did not resist and bought a ticket to the pool (on the same basis as there was an izan).
Received rent bathing suit and with pleasure splash on the blue carpet with children and some of the new Russian ladies recreational groups.

'Anything that can pay off, pay off,' proclaimed Izania.

Active charity was also encouraged.

Do you want to swim in the pool or enjoy other benefits Join Izans, and we'll help you find your place in our Union. Pay with chores, things are not to their detriment.

You do not want to join, then pay.

Problems with Izania, as Gold Land's residents told to Joanna was through the roof.
Vampires resisted, showed his teeth, comes over. Sometimes biting.

And that happened and the present bickering.

Izania was running along the rocky mountain course. Foaming, shivering and shaking, breaking the sharp thresholds and going again. Seeping between piled driftwood and stones, bushes Truth and creeks with crocodiles.

Becoming broader, stronger, pushing her to the coveted Ocean.

But perhaps the biggest problem was the one from which John came back and caught sobbing Olga in the arms of comforting Varya.

Only that her fianc?, a Kabarbadian, received a letter from home with a strict prohibition not to marry an adherent of a different faith.
The boy was not very religious, had already agreed to accept Orthodoxy and married.
But how to disobey your parents?

'If you love me, live according to our customs, because God is one,' said the boy. A Christian or a Muslim, does it matter?

Will I deny the Christ?

She sent him away, and now sobbing on the shoulder of the Warya, who did not know how to help.

And no one knew.

Such problems arise in a multinational Izans often.

Joanna recalled, 'Pig and the Shepherd'. The Soviet government somehow brushed aside these age-old obstacles.
'If you become friends in Moscow,'

Varya said she was afraid that the same problem will arise and Yegor with Iris, educated orthodox Catholic.
Yegor himself, Father Cyprian, they Gleb; they have nothing curtailed.

And then how to be with their grandchildren; it is a continuous darkness.
On the other hand... And if this is love?

But he overlaid Iris Russian theological literature, from Homyakov and 'Sermon on Law and Grace' to the fathers of St. Sergius Bulgakov and Pavel Florensky.
Some days he studied and sat down to write a letter to parents in some kind of American town of some southern state.
What she wrote is unknown.
The letter was long; with exclamation marks and quotations from the Gospels and Homyakov (Iris ga
ve Varya to verify quotes).
And soon, a telegram arrived with the blessing and congratulations.

And then Mom and Dad arrived. Such simple, nice, hard-handed.

Mother so generally on peasant Rokotov looked like, except that a kokoshnik instead of a hat.

All this does not fit into the idea of Varya's noisy, cheeky and spoiled Americans.
That's only the Communists, they were afraid .

Communists and Siberia.

'And Iris, as you know, introduced them to the guys, the Siberians and the communists and showed 'The Tale of the Siberian land.' A complete delight. Were asked to tour Siberia.

But will we will show them dead plants? Or beggarly teachers?

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