Who are you? Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Who are you? Yegor on the main things

"Try to do the commandments and say what you think. And you will shudder to learn the true value of yourself.
Understand that all of you are lies, greed and hypocrisy. What image of God in you, the original idea of you distorted beyond recognition.
This is a fall, illness, consequences of original sin.
We act openly badly. Or hypocritically pretending "good."
Or are proud to ascend when we create a rare good.
Symptoms of recovery of the soul is the Supreme Law of the execution with joy. Natural as breathing.
Truth does not tolerate hypocrisy.
"Not to sound and BE."


Define who you are.

1. There are theomachists Satanists, heart and mind reject the truth.
Who "know what they do."
Do not reject the existence of the Creator, namely his concept (unity of love for God).
Know what they do.
Satan knew that God exists; he rebelled against the plan. It is very important to understand!

2. Lukewarm Pharisees. "It seemed not to be."
Know what is truth and the plan.
Enrolled in the army and holed up in a trench.
Proud indifferent hypocrites.

3.Ateisty by convenience.
It is not profitable to recognize the Light, for their deeds are evil. Subconsciously afraid of light, so they are not exposed perpetrated evil.
About such said : "The world loves her." (Peace, "lying in evil").

4. Atheists cold unawaken.
Not wishing to own or imposed worship false idea of the Creator. God "in the image to the likeness of a human".
Invented himself and rejected, or someone slipped a ridiculous, inappropriate inscribed in the heart of the concept of law does not matter.
The unawaken will alive. They should just open your eyes. Their trump card is the most common: "God does not exist because there is evil."
Lord prefers "cold", "lukewarm" Pharisees.

5. Slaves of Mammon and Prince of Darkness.
Know that there is sky, drawn to him, but hands - feet tangled passions.
So need help sacraments. Lifeblood of grace.

6. Slaves Act.
Intention and obey the will of Heaven fear of higher punishment.
So we must pray for the "new birth." About sonship transformation, without which there is no kingdom.
7. Mercenaries.
Obey by calculation, in anticipation of reward in the kingdom.
They must also "born again." Pray for sonship.
For "the servant abideth not in the house forever, but a son abides forever ".

8. Sons. Heirs. Above all, a loving Father and His Cause.
With pleasure, the free choice of the heart are the Creator, His will.
Already on the ground are in the kingdom, which " is within us."

True liberation in God is the inheritance of the saints.
Usually the "sons" humbly call themselves "slaves."


We are children of one of Heaven, but different churches are not going to change the laws of Caesar, or attach it to the kingdom of our churches, giving" holy to the dogs."
Reasonably paying Caesar's to Caesar, we just do not want to "howl like a wolf ", sometimes living with wolves.
We extend our hands to each other over the heads of the princes and governments.


Whoever of "the powers that be "trying to dominate me, takes me responsibility before the Creator.
As the state to use its power over me? The Court will give the answer.
We have Izania's government under the Civil Code. Conflict between internal and external freedom practically resolved.
On the one hand is the Creator, Heaven (Church).
On the other are "lying in evil " world, where " Satan reigns."
We cannot change the laws of the world, but shall have the right to live in the "evil" the world according to the laws of Heaven.
Respecting the laws of the world, which do not contradict the Plan. Without giving away the gods Caesar.

Sprouting in the world like other vascular network being and giving it new life.
Let them "lies in evil if he wants to. But we have the right to choose.

In addition, there are "power of evil" that dictate to us relating to this or that state.
We indicate who will not save, and no one will be saved.

Our way is the government. Through the improvement and expansion of Izans.


To love our enemies (in the sense of "regret") does not mean allowing them to do evil.
Releases murderer kill, I complicit in his sin.

Capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy... Call me a pot, just do not ruin their own and others souls - so we say.

And if evil in the world need protection in the form of government, let it be a fence of the reserve, not butchery.
And that is not bred around hourly wolves.

Of two evils, we choose the lesser.

We are for those outside world changes that will give a person the opportunity to administer INSIDE THE REVOLUTION. ASCEND descends.

Each individual is a microcosm in a potential state.

Great Russian culture, condemning evil in the world, has produced a kind of selection by means of moral censorship. Forming a right-minded attitude in layers of Russian society.


In an era of great change cannot show the enemy its internal contradictions, weaknesses and shortcomings.
It is the enemy's army, which immediately tries to take advantage of your openness.
In a hostile environment, and the fifth column inside the country even speak of a "freedom of speech " stupid and criminal.


Not Declaration of Human Rights and Declaration of society in relation to the duties of each individual.
Help her to fulfill purpose and exempting authorities bad matter.

This, above all, freedom from evil.


Everyone is a slave himself. Superstition, passion, fear, complexes, patient self.
Enslavement of another is as enslavement itself.
For a vampire is a slave to his donors.

Consciousness Revolution: I should stop being a vampire for passing, changing their fallen nature.

Worst of all is a werewolf from the revolution. The victim, who became a vampire, bloodthirsty and his former master.
Slave, who became lord of lord.


Our task is molding the new man.

Spiritual and moral purification, penance and mercy to the near and far; these are the basics of all religions, even the so-called "cosmic religion" in our arsenal.
The difference is only ways to achieve the goal.
Socialism, for example, involves a more or less equitable distribution of wealth, but does not contain secrets or Revelation.
Socialism is a "well-fed" the future for all.

"Anti-bourgeois" is like, good. However, Stories know many devotees from the bourgeoisie.

Socialist revolution suit, demanding equal to themselves and others share wealth.

Communist will donate his share in the name of "Bright Future."
Even life (not believing in another, in the immortality of).
This it is the closest to God. He was "chosen" as "hot" seeker.

For us, every "ism" is interesting; to what extent it contributes to the implementation of the Plan.
"Change" is a means, like everything else in life on earth.
Goal is the same Multiplication Harvest.


Our struggle is for the right to give away. With the use, for its intended purpose.
Free, and give place to the Middle debts Creator. Working on the kingdom, where all "will be united."
Collective salvation is climbing in the bunch.
Necessary, sufficient for infinitely large.
Being genuine, in which we believe.


Serving the people and homeland should not be idolatry. Without access to all eternity is idolatry.

Suppose the cult of personality cult was replaced cash. So which is better?

Our immediate goals:
Exemption from bad infinite "Want".
Revival of the Fatherland as Antivampiria.
Free creativity as the search for truth.
Ecological land salvation.

All this is the training field for future sowers.

But the prince of darkness is given the right to scatter tares hands of his soldiers.
And only the Lord of the harvest will be possible to separate the wheat from the weeds.


Living in the world, we assume a profit for the Cause through the sale of our talents and works of the world.

But among themselves Izans are other calculations.


Couple of quotes:

K. Lorenz of Western civilization:
"This is a civilization that knows the price of everything, but not knowing the value of nothing."

"The economic vulnerability of millions of American families creates distrust between the citizens of our state and disrespect for government.
Insecurity tearing us apart as a nation and blurs law and order.
It undermines the family and community life, threatens the very nature of American society as opportunities and justice for all."
(Edward Kennedy).

Life on a plan is a drama. Where the benefit of the yoke and the burden easily. In the beginning it's hard, then - easily.
At the Prince of Darkness is on the contrary.
Are particularly easy for the people "yoke and burden" in the holy heroic minutes.
Patriotic War. Saucy breakthrough "from the plow to the missiles." Sacrificial service to the lofty idea "Bright Future."



At the word "freedom" are beginning to seize, fornicate, bickering over property and territory.
They grow fangs, claws, fur, giant genitals and they turn into beasts, losing not only God, but also the human image.
There's only salvation is a fence of barbed wire, chain and whip.

But these necessary attributes taming "brutish " declared a vampire infringement of "human rights".
Considering the possibility of a fundamental human right place in the Thought, we call stubborn fight for the privileges of some citizens remain "biting and gnawing" that is illegal Satanism.
Or so declare publicly that Scripture you cannot decree:

"But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
(Matt. 15:9).

"And the house of Israel, says, "The way of the Lord! "
Does my way wrong, O house of Israel? not your ways are wrong?
Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord GOD;
Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed, and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel ?
For I desire not the death of the dying, says the Lord God: wherefore turn and live! "
(Eze. 18:29-32).
This, folks, is not only the house of Israel.
We also do not want the death of werewolves, no spiritual or physical.

So, the right to live and the right to die.
This, of course, and on the death of the second final. About eternal excommunication from the Creator.
It turns out that those who want to "live" forced not only to fend off the willing "cannot live", but also to save themselves generously werewolves.
Soviet Antivampiria tough, but to solve this problem.

Izans gathers under its wing, anyone who wants to " live."
Protecting from those who " live at the expense of other lives."
That is, by the verdict of Heaven - "not live ".


REVOLUTION OF THE SPIRIT, MIND is the gradual replacement of old furs for new ones.
"And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."
(Matt. 4:19)
Men who will no longer expose their neck vampires.
We will fight for everyone. Let wishing "not live" devour each other.
Crucify a beast.


Disorganized element of sex is also slavery, destruction of the individual.

Social organization of sex is a form of slavery to racial necessity.

Joint economic and personal ties (and sometimes chain) family, we gradually replace the creative and spiritual closeness of parents and children. General ascent.
Joint life and childcare at the level of animal instincts and emotional contact, replace the proximity of spirituality.


"The Russian people, on his eternal idea, this device does not like the earthly city, and looks forward to the City to Come, the New Jerusalem,
But the New Jerusalem is not cut off from the vast Russian land, he connected with it and it will go into it.
New Jerusalem community need, fellowship of man, and for this it is necessary to have survived the era of the Holy Spirit, which will be a new revelation about society.
In Russia it been preparing."


Work should be released not only from the power of capital, but also from the power of sin and pointless.
Soviet slogan" A matter of honor, fame thing, matter of valor and heroism "the attempt to pour new wine into old wineskins vanity and pride involved in the so-called self.

Inconsistencies are immediately visible: that desire of glory, but not conceited.
Or the principle of material interest: desire to earn more money, but remember that it is your desire is bad. Shame on him.

Hence all sorts of obstacles hindering the ceilings and the earnings. And hence to productivity.


Who is not a vampire; he was already half the world.
We are in such a state, which opens into the image of the person of the Creator, and not mask the beast!


Pride, self are affirmation is Intention.
Self-esteem is defending and protecting the image of God, highly targeted.
But I despise myself for everything that interferes with it.
Meaning a feat of foolishness in Russia is in the name of self-violation of self in God.


"What is conceived? Transform all.
Arrange it so that everything was new. To lying, dirty, boring, ugly, our lives have become fair, clean, fun and a wonderful life."
(Alexander Blok).


Culture properly worked, even in wartime.
Now it deliberately destroys a vampire.


BELIEVERS are those who believe in the sense of history of human existence.

Supergoals to feeling the WHOLE always lived in a man to save them from utter loneliness.

THE MEANING OF LIFE is in the victory over the second death. THIS thirst, which in no time.

"Stop the Moment."


Couple quotes.

"Historical time is the illusion of conservatism / past / and the illusion of progress (future)".

"Between the two phenomena Metahistorical Christ lays stress historical time in which a person goes through all kinds of slavery and temptations. "


So, the story goes into the realm of freedom of spirit.

The greatest test of human experience and downs displays elected to thirst for freedom in God.

Progress is an illusion, for entirely in the power of deadly historical time.

Everyone has its historical time. Which must be converted into eternity, putting Heavenly Bank through the ministry of the Plan of you

End of story is the end of historical time.

End of the world - this is the end of "bad, old world."

Apocalyptic revolutionary consciousness actively and creatively drawn to the realization of human personality.
Revolution of the Spirit will still in historical time.
Outpouring of the Spirit is intended to change the world, and in this revolution will be involved and the human spirit.

End of story is the existential victory over historical time.

Winning Conciliarism (personalities together) over self and "anthill ".


"Intellectuals destroy Russia" is the prediction of the "Landmarks".


Tolstoy about vampirism:

"We, the wealthy classes, ruining workers, keep them in the rough incessant labor, using leisure and luxury.
We do not give them crushed labor possible to produce spiritual fruit color and life: no poetry, neither science nor religion.
We all undertake to give them and give false poetry.
What a terrible sin.
If only we had not sucked them to the bottom, they would have shown both poetry and science, and the doctrine of life."

"The strength of the government that is in their hands self-powered circle of power:
False doctrine produces power, and power gives one the opportunity to spread false doctrine, eliminating all repugnant to him, reprove him."

"You cannot invent for violent acts more favorable terms, such as clutch officials that exists in the state."

"Life is our master's is so ugly that we cannot even enjoy the birth of our children.
People are not born servants, and their enemies, parasites. All the likelihood that they will be."

"Our art is fun with the setting for the wealthy classes not only similar to prostitution, but is nothing like prostitution."
(From the "Diary").


We are Warriors of Heaven.
We win His children vampires.
At a false system of values, destructive lifestyle.
At the Prince of Darkness.


"You have made us for yourself and our hearts will not rest until he finds you."
(Saint Augustine).


One look at the world with a bird's-eye view, others are "bird droppings."


Fallen human mind refuses to acknowledge the incredible miracle. So our vision perceives stubbornly concave face as usual, convex.


Society has no right to judge long crime; a man, as a rule, is quite another.
The human soul is as a common child of two parents parted. Two conflicting principles.


"And he who reaps receives wages, and fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth, and he who reaps may rejoice together ;
For in this the saying is true, 'One sows and another reaps."
I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labor : other men labored, and ye are entered into their labor. "
(John. 4:36-38)/


VAMPIRISM is infective.
All life due to another cause this "other" foreign blood thirst response.
The essence of the vampire:
Eat other. Assert itself, to expand their cannibalistic menu indefinitely.
Modern civilization is a slaughterhouse. The Lord of the sheep to "cut and cut." Let on skewers and coats.


Our debts... If you can talk about some "human rights", then only the right to "carry debt."


Pushkin's fairy tale "The Fisherman and the Fish" is about the current civilization.
Wishing all the greater benefits brought to the madness. To Providence itself was an evil world "an errand".
And the ending, of course, the collapse of the "left with nothing."


Who is better; you secretly serving soldiers of the hostile army, or your soldiers recruited by the enemy?


Can we call exploitation steering rowers in the boat get away from the basking shark? (about the Stalin era).


Usually the soul itself responds to such understanding, albeit tough, but cleaning, storm periods of history (citizen enthusiasm, the first five, a great feat of World).

Werewolf "Germany above all"; raging fascism came along. Inside "fifth column" whimpers sympathetically.

War to drink blood. And war is not to let it do.


Competition, as a rule is a victory and domination over others. Less fit, less fortunate, less arrogant.
Strong right is a right to brutalize. Use of the gifts of the Creator against the plan.

Socialist competition.
Was intended to reveal the strongest. Them to help the weak, hauled himself up.

Vice is competition show-off element of the game, "dilapidated incentives.
But it was definitely a step forward compared to the competition. Especially practice transition "to lagging brigades."


Two deep in man is a thirst for freedom and thirst for obedience.
Contradictory, mutually exclusive in the life of "this world" that anarchy, then dictatorship inexplicably reconciled to God.
Free obedience absolutely free creator, stay in Him makes a person free.
But not free from the Creator, and the Creator of the SB.

The purpose of earthly life is the connection of Liberty and Obedience in the Way of the Cross of Christ.

"For the Father loves me is that I lay down my life to take it again;
No man taketh it from Me, but I lay it down of myself: I have power to lay it down and authority to take it up again this commandment have I received of my Father."
(John 10 :17 -18).

Holy Trinity is free subordination each incarnation in the name of staying in the absolute freedom of Love.

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