The Fifth Dream of Vyera Pavlovna. Joanna's Page 68

Yulia Ivanova

The Fifth Dream of Vyera Pavlovna. Joanna's Page 68

A few days after the first visit to the Goldenland Joanna prepared, releasing part of the house to receive tenants.
Furniture left them all, mattresses, pillows, curtains, dishes.
Previously she met with two middle-aged couples: from Grozny Russian and Russified Germans from Kazakhstan.
The Germans daughter studied at the Moscow State University, lived in a dormitory, in Grozny two children were in boarding.
The men worked on the construction of the prestigious "tough" village twenty minutes by bus from Luzhino. Decently paid and there was hope in time to buy an apartment.

Not necessarily in the Goldland, but in the system Izans, they just raved after the hell that survived.

Told that there, on the construction site, their whole brigade "our."
Provided clothing, put on apartments. Children attach the mornings coming vehicle, feeding breakfast, lunch thermoses reserves.
And something like a pizza dinner, only to warm up, and yogurt on Mechnikov...

Take on the necessary clothing to wash, repair, replace linens twice a month, other household need...
In general, their money they do not spend, give to Izan- bank.
Wife immediately handymen, garbage removal and gradually master "finish."

Nasty, of course, work on the "fat". But they are confident that everything will soon start to change.

Now and for housing, thank God, will not pay. And here, Joanna, is much better than in the house that they filmed before. There the master's son-alcoholic kicks up at night, does not sleep.
And let it not worry, the house will be in order. Morning and evening they will walk with the dog Anchar and fence corrected.
And in general, where they repair, carry little to mind, including the garden, a vegetable garden.
Their hands, thank God, we must grow from...

The came for the car Zhiguli.
Joanna gave the keys to the garage in Moscow, calling in-law that passed for bucks.

Took bales with old and simply unnecessary belongings, toys and books from the closet of a Moscow apartment. And in general with any difference with mezzanines, balconies and garages.

Joanna felt like a sinner before the vows. God, how much she had too much and how hard to part with everything!
Just tear off from the heart, some "memories of days gone by", events, bygone paint smells...
Here Lisa, how she easily parted with all unnecessary as fun presents, distributes!
Or maybe Lisa since changed these "market relations"?

So Joanna opened a bank account in the Izan-bank, received a computer card. And she thought that she, meanie, it is easier than ever departing from the world of monks and Tolstoyans to distribute the estate is not known what the poor, who could all drink the cat and pull the drain.
After all, now on to her house, and Zhiguli and garage, and extra stuff will work not only at Denis' healing and their "daily bread", but honestly and continue to serve others.

By the way, under the "poor" in Izania meant everything now needs your help.

Then came the time of receipt at the airport Denis.
That "get" because he was motionless, silent and elegant on a stretcher under the rug as ferrying luggage mannequin.
Haggard, handsome some otherworldly deathly pallor and unusual enormity fixed- puppet, once and frightened eyes, he was never sick, immutable, like an iceberg in the ocean, was suddenly turned upside down once, defeated his entire submarine and surface part.

Unsinkable began to sink and break up, break apart and melt.
And it turned out that all before only important simply disappears with personal apocalypse.
That there is only pain and icy fear in the face of nothingness.
Not nothingness rest, and some absurdities disaster antibeing so he tried to explain to her then its state when finally decided to speak about his experiences.

Plea... To God? Yes, of course, to God, because no one else could help.
To this intolerable wreck finally stopped and did not stay at the same time, since the end was worse than the pain.
Terrible that, like, nothing.

They moved Denis, or rather, what 's left of it, first in Moscow Cardiology, where he stayed for ten days and then allowed to complete his cure in the Goldenland under close supervision renowned cardiologist, one of the first members of Izanami.
The cardiologist lived in the Goldenland almost constantly with his wife as a neurologist, fleeing from the fast life of offspring.

"The whole flat on the ears, and in fact were normal children," he lamented. "The possessed ones. Some shaven, others are not. Those and others are unwashed...

Something they have always thumps, the music of this torture only.
The computer monsters jumping on vidak collectively copulating.
Mobiles squeak - all any disassembly. Between a high-rise izyasnyayutsya as janitor Kuzma from a joke.
Girls skinny, half-naked, with nails to the knees.
Sabbath, in a word.

Possible, and Joanna had to meet very soon strangers scandalously hysterical, uncontrollable grandchildren.
That's something to sniff, swallow, and smokers. With them unintelligible catchwords, computer games.
Two antsy grimacing mask under which hides knows what...

In the meantime, she stroked at the ramp waxen face Denis, overcoming wrenching cry shame cheerful smile - nothing, everything would be fine. You're home, muddle...

He politely and courageously played the game, allowing you to do with myself, whatever.
As skin, from which took flesh and soul - sew hat, collar, only that was not too painful...

He was still in another dimension.
Pushkin Stingy swinger workaholic, which threw the keys to suddenly become unnecessary chest.
Later, in the Golden Land, he believes in his recovery.
Not as if the disease was absurd anomaly, and it's all okay. Denis believe, as a temporary anomaly, it is in recovery, in some time allotted to him by Heaven.
It returns to its chest, its contents, and meticulously, in desperation begin to dig it.
Realizing that his only value may be just something that you cannot pull apart and squander when feeble fingers fall out of the keys.

Not on the mountain and near tears fleeced exchanged life, not on chocolate wrappers and empty champagne bottles and worn "salamander", and something that Pushkin...

When he began to recover, they often recalled this pagan: "No, all I do not die... until in the sublunary world will live at least one poet"...

And then quite a Soviet-style: "For a long time I 'll be the kind people that I have good feelings lyre awakening that my cruel age I extolled freedom and mercy for the fallen."

A poet and people.. That is, "in memory of the people" as a Soviet-style!..

And finally, the final. That's it. Of Christian ethics:

"Command of God, to muse, be obedient "...

That have been thrown out of school textbooks. Trunk filled with incorruptible.

"Fulfill my wish!".

Recovering from the shock and realized the banal truth that genuine our stay; there, on the other side, keenly feeling hanging on a thin thread over the abyss, threads, which sooner or later inevitably breaks off, he is in an unusual position and again listened to currently.
Do not blow up again in as fragile as it turned out, not a perpetual motion machine of his life, breaking into dozens of fragments, mercilessly injuring writhing in the throes of the flesh?

Later, getting to his feet and walking with her along the paths Goldenland, stepping cautiously, with a stick, not to stumble, he will again not remember his last foreign tape, in which the fate of Iris nobly took an active part.
Taking on the advertising necessary formalities, documentation, presentations and contracts, pushing the right buttons, the right people in his home foreign countries.

Almost freeing the patient from all the hassle of the fate of the last tape, which Denis had persistent allergy.
Presumably, the PIS, in which he was forced into a deadly race to finish it.

No, Denis recalled, as a result, their joint tape, especially shovels series with Anton Kolchugin...
Who is he still was created by their Soviet superman, a fighter against the virus decay, emerging in the bowels of the system?
After all, he was the first izan! A communist-izan.
Bread for himself, only what is needed.
All superpowers and supertanents "the struggle for the liberation of humanity," as told to "red martyr" Nikolai Ostrovsky.
For the right to live for the salvation of others, and not at the expense of others.

To encourage Denis, Joanna held a kind of psychotherapy.

On the box as shown once again their show, and it's hot on the trail organized a meeting with the audience in Goldenland club, inviting residents of the surrounding villages.
Meeting with Denis and more besides her with some of the crew who managed to dig.

Anton was not in Moscow: he was wound around like everyone else, do your business.

Maybe it's for the best that there was. Let it remain in people's memory forever young Pavel Kolchugin on a spirited horse-motorcycle.
Thunderstorm Ghouls "fighter for the liberation" of their teeth and claws.
Warrior with inspirational angel face robber.

They gave me an ovation.
Oddly enough, there were many young people.
Denis, still quite weak, sitting in a chair on stage in an old fashioned factory club room, reminiscent of the concerts of their childhood.

He was visibly excited. Joanna anxious glances in his direction, but hoping in my heart that it is a psychological jolt will benefit.

Mystical energy of people's love, not madness, fanaticism is not idolatry, but something quite different, awakened by the very "feel good".

That unyielding precise definition "shovels" forced the hearts of people of all ages and social groups to tremble and comes delighted when fearless knight fought with a Monster Immortal who "languishes over with gold," and found, finally Monster's death.
And Vasilisa the Beautiful, the symbol of the soul of God's people, handed him a hand. Together they went out of the gate Monster's crumbling kingdom.

And not carried out with a personal ghostly treasure of Monster's are powerless to force Vasilisa cleave to his kingdom.

"It gives me strength to live and to fight when there is so much dirt, meanness, deceit and money decides everything." the teacher read out an excerpt from the writings ninth former Nadia Popova on the series "In black trail."
"In difficult times, I put the videotape when Kolchugin turns one against the whole gang.
But when he shouted:
"All you cover, we've got the darkness!" He replies:

And we are light!.
And it wins.

Nadia wrote that now, having become an izan always repeats these remarkable words.

"In the fight, when the dark forces so viciously oppressed and bump that seems to transcend not survive. Darkness you and we are light is repeat myself and friends, it is for us as a prayer," wrote Nadia Popova.

Denis really, not a wry smile, for the first days of illness.

If he himself was Nadia Popova, who praised the teacher...

It all began as a child was afraid to be alone, afraid of the dark.

All the while listening to him, felt his pulse stealthily. And when he was in this incriminating lie that "nothing like this," and annoyed.

He went into the disease, as in a cocoon, looking "there" and frightened to death.

He had a sort of alone with old trinkets, suddenly lost all its value.
He felt helpless elder of unnecessary toys.

Most likely, he did not believe in God, though very much like to believe.
But then for some reason believed in court.
If not God, History, Conscience. The final court of his life.
And scared as a child, turned suddenly elder in playpen of rattles...

No coincidence that the question from the audience about new films, he kept silent about his foriegn tapes. Incidentally, the "level" and cash.
And about his latest film, which during his illness successfully promoted Iris.

He could not admit to this audience that entertained, tickled the nerves played needful the same "darkness".
Blood, fighting, shooting, car chases, "strawberry".
In general, everybody made a career, money, asserted himself; nothing that he did not dare to say.
Just complained that Russia was working very hard.

Hall was glad that Dennis is still "our".
Received a note about Anton Kolchugin; where and what?
Joanna helped out, saying that the last time I saw Kolchugin during the confrontation on Vasilevsky descent. With people.
Hall erupted into applause.

And Denis smiled again. He came to life in the eyes of the forgotten, nostalgic "scoop" the atmosphere of the hall, and all who believes grateful.

"And that's what crushes: the court I'm not ready."

Pushkin's "Wanderer" is also coming Scarecrow Court...

"What I'm feeling good lyre awakening "...

The doctor said that Denis is necessary to restore internal communication, "general circulation" with her and other family members. With friends, familiar things.
Adapt and re-root.

And said:
Once again take root.

The first time, in a Moscow clinic, visit Denis was limited.
He slept almost all the time, sometimes open his eyes and tried to joke:
Do you? So, I'm not in hell.

Hand gratefully clutched her hand, and she prayed to himself and felt the life-giving energy of the hot poured into it.
Somewhere in the crown of the head, through the neck, shoulders, palms to the fingertips.
Dripped from them invisible threads, and Denis tepleli hands, cheeks pinker, leveled pulse...
He took her as a psychic. Instinctively, like a sunflower, drawn to its power.
But Joanna knew where it came from, this energy.
Now often turned to her when it was necessary to remove someone a headache, reduce the pressure to stop the bleeding.
She knew that He hears her and always helps whenever happily amazed at this miracle.

Sometimes wake up in her other force. Furiously-destructive, ready to sweep everything.

Nadir also heard it and waited only some sign, agreeing with her hand to intervene in the action.

Joanna could cite many examples of eerie own aggression, and only recently realized why we must forgive and even love to try his personal enemies and offenders in the cast of the enemies of the fatherland and of God.
In the end, love your enemies, or enemies of the Fatherland Savior you just do not have the right.

For, standing on the side of the predators, you automatically join the army of darkness. Under "the Fatherland", by itself implies not just a place of your birth, and the country opposes the coming Kingdom of Antichrist.
Meant to defuse hate, sawed off predators claws and fangs.

And shun the enemies of the Savior: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay."

For even the apostle Paul was originally Saul, the persecutor of Christ...


When doctors found it possible to carry Denis Goldenland, without hesitation she moved there, leaving the house and the dog Anchar in safe hands.
This too was a miracle; usually it is so hard to find the right people, and here and the house under supervision, and all sorts of problems, minor repairs as if by magic is decided by itself.

And the bigger problems can be resolved by Izans.

In short, it is a hit the mark.

In her first Goldenland given a room in the main building of the former dispensary. Hotel type, with a balcony. Room and bathroom with shower with toilet.
In the hallway, there were three gas stoves if you need something warm, boil the kettle or make coffee. Dishwasher and trash.
And generally ate in the dining room. Everything is as in Soviet homes creativity.

Menu been ordered for three days, the food was simple and tasty, including diet. Buffet cabbage, garlic, fresh vegetables, herbs from Goldenland's greenhouse.
Running away from Goldenland prepared, if necessary, a special Goldenland's lunch lightweight compact Izan-thermos on return dinner.
So that the principle of "daily bread" is strictly observed...

The room with a double bed, built-in wardrobe. Secretary desk - hinged shutter, Swedish type.
Also built into the wall a small refrigerator and a bit of TV.

On which, however, apart from the usual TV, you can order and watch any film, art and cognitive training.
Hence, too, the connection with all Goldenland and any points of Izan-net.

Could not go to the dining room and asked to bring a lunch or breakfast in your room.
Or order a delicacy (surcharge) receive guests.
For the big celebration is a special room to rent.

If the amount exceeds the limits of a reasonable rate, you called in for an interview. Warned about breaking the law, and could then be excluded from the Union for non-compliance of its principles.
In general, you can afford all that allowed the average Soviet citizen, except for drinking.
Plus were permitted even some "weakness" associated with recreational trips, individual appliances, branded cosmetics, or even the acquisition of exotic breed dog.

But all this was no exception. Because they lived in the Golden Land, mostly ascetic fans workaholics.
Who greedily finally laid out on opportunities to the fullest, without being distracted by life and other annoying little things in life selflessly did.

It was they who were the bulk of the first Izanas with romantic youth who are Yegor's fans.
Most believers of various faiths.
Thirsty business Komsomol and the party all stripes and colors.
It all got along well as religious, national and political disputes were strictly prohibited.

Holy observe what unites us, and run everything that can be separated.
Remembering that the relationship between man and God a purely private matter.
"We are at war, and we have a common enemy - not individuals, and vampires, and feeding sin and generating sin," said Yegor.
If only your party or religious activity does not conflict with the principles of Izania.

When the village arrives multicipital bloodthirsty dragon demanding daily sacrifices, willing to save it must unite to confront the dragon.
For debate and controversy exists another time and place.

It was very important for Izania the state of the earth, caring attitude towards it.

Motherland is entrusted to you by Heaven ecological niche.
Protection of children and the infirm.
Active part in the various progressive initiatives, movements, protests.
And in general, it is a tactic of repression predators vampire consciousness of life. Including your own life, your consciousness.
Therefore, it was understood that fight surpluses and low desire an izan must itself, if already took this path.
By the way, is much more liberal than Tolstoyan.
Not to mention about monasticism, implying withdrawal from the world.

Cleaning and linen are cleaned regularl
y, as in a hotel. Wallpaper, curtains, lights, the whole interior could easily be replaced by a tenant at will. A small set of dishes.

On the balcony was a rocking chair that Joanna immediately dragged into the room.
Behind the desk she never worked, but in the old chair with a stack of paper in a folder and a ballpoint pen.
As in the days of service in the newspaper.
Works wonderfully here press the button, you order, and, please, any book, any information.
She was interested in communism and religion, and the divergence point of contact.

Could be ordered, and any curriculum.
She sometimes managed to carve out an hour or two for the English. Computer talking to her, asking questions, and fixed the bug fixes and even sighed when she was wrong.
And she listened to music: old jazz and classical music, especially when Dennis canceled sick mode.
Music in their room, in fact, did not cease; their total idol Vladimir Horowitz, the other top artists and orchestras of the world, spiritual music...

Both did not get tired and annoyed amazed that this magical side of life in their old vanity avoided.

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