I'm fed up with your atheism! Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

I'm fed up with your atheism! Yegor on the main things

About what this objective world are you talking about?
Where is this objective world? What do you personally know about him?
You know only their subjective world. Which began when you started, and die with your death.
In your world is only what you see, hear, feel, you think - or yourself, or from others of your world.
Only the cities, the people. Only the music book. The history of mankind. That somehow touched your ego.
And if you do not know at the time that he was Napoleon, Julius Caesar and Ivan the Terrible, they would be for you and was not.

Someone occupies half the world chess, someone women...
You, probably, tens distinguish shades of yellow, and someone that the sun that turnips - all one color.
But he knows how and when this plant turnips, and how many yards and cows in his village, and who climbs out the window to a neighbor when the neighbor goes to market with cucumbers.

Where is he, your objective world?
There is only what includes your subjective consciousness, and not an ounce more.
For you and for me there is a history of mankind, and some janitor Kuzma wanted to spit on it.
And fine without it costing.

Some poor old man, wreck, clinging to life. And this, blood and milk, the walls are covered with bucks but another one puts a bullet in his forehead.
Where is the objectivity? Objective reality I mean?

You are here with us sitting there and do not know whether there is now your home objectively. Or, God forbid, already burned. His wife had gone to another. Because it has its objective world.

You only know what you tell your senses and your mind processes, but objectively it or not objectively...
And so each if these "every" do not dream... Gods of their own worlds, alpha and the omega, the beginning and end.
These worlds interact, intersect, collide, feuding, converge - this is life.
If it exists at all.

And this is your "objective world" inevitably devour their gods.
But think about what happens...
Destroying you, god, the world is dying himself.

Here he took your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands, feet and disappeared paint, sounds, smells, space...
You have no heart, lungs, kidneys. Cardiopulmonary bypass; now science at all capable.
There was only a brain. Rather, the brain slice. The one which is associated with the repository ego with memory.

Although the memory, in my opinion, is not the repository of individuality.
When I first saw on a red rattle and knew I wanted it, I realized his "I" as a will, and not as a memory. Memory was not.
Well, let the memory.
So in this same memory, a few cubes of the brain, you are now placed. Yes plus to the whole world.
With Napoleon, Caesar, New York and the Eiffel Tower. With all the sciences, museums, symphonies, Tolstoy and the cosmos.
Because, sorry, it is no place more fit, this space.
Because killing those same few cubic centimeters of the brain, the world is killing him.
There comes the very end of the world, which is so afraid of humanity.

And the whole thing is that everyone has it. Personal one.

Birth si the beginning of the world. Death is the end.

And since you cannot show me the most that neither is a supergene that could prove that there is something objectively outside its microcosm, the existence of the objective world and after your death - only from assumptions.

That is, that's where it is placed, this your objective world, he slapped on the head. A brick on one's head and the end to objective world.

You object, of course, that millions of people throughout history have gone to the grave, and the world is yourself.
But this only proves that millions of objective worlds died during this time, if they were at all.
And if we assume that the soul does not fit here - he again slapped on the head - and all intangible origin, the individual human "I" that is, a god with a small letter outlive your objective world.

"I said, you are gods."

Yes, we seem to know that people are gods inevitably disappear from the face of the earth, dumping the body like a snakeskin.
But what does it mean, you will have the right to say only himself by doing a similar metamorphosis.
Anyway, if you hit a brick on the head is destroyed not only your earthly world, but also your microcosm that this world holds, then there is a full cover for evermore, the vaunted your universe perish with you.
Because if you do not know and do not feel there is nothing and no.
And try to prove otherwise. Yes, and no one will argue. And it is not worth the fuss.

But if, as we believe the soul is immortal, and each with its own microcosm appear before the Creator, then about your real world you can talk to.
Only this will summarize the microcosms that ever lived, and see what happens.
And such a force of only himself to God.


Russian are children. They spent as children, but also to throw something awful they can now, as angry vengeful children.

We are fighting for the spiritual ecology, not only natural. Monstrous satanic society pollution surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah - cities that God destroyed as hotbeds of sin.

But as far as I know, the temptation needed. Only overcoming them, we know the truth.

We are therefore instructed to not ask for deliverance from temptation, and for help in overcoming them over.

I exist and my temptations, to paraphrase the philosopher. In this life.

She constantly offers us a dilemma: with God or you dissemble?

This is normal: freedom where there is a choice.

On a mountain road inevitable fissures, precipices, slope, glaciers, wild beasts.
But if allowed poisonous gases false pointers robbers?
This is not a fight between good and evil. This is unlawful practices. Who do not feel, do not forge man, and poison and kill.


Some of us find receivers Communists.

But we have the secretary general the Lord God.

We take as a basis common to all major religions ethics Heaven. It is the Plan of the Creator.

Our principles are:
Ban on religious strife to the exclusion.
When you join it is the renunciation of Satan and his works.

And for atheists?

Many atheists call their god of conscience and consider it the highest moral law of being.

That is, part of the ethics we have no contradictions. Other well is the mystery of the Creator and the relationship of each individual.

Theomachists for us are not denying the existence of God, and opponents to his plan of eternal creative ascent of humanity.

Not fight with each other, and in the bunch.

God does not accidentally sentenced Snake forever crawl on their bellies. Do not be like reptiles.


Are there soviet songs? Let's sing.

"The whole world of violence we destroy..."

That is the "world lying in evil."
We do not deny that we want to blow it up from the inside. At least weaken.

"Who was nothing will become everything."
For us it is not a social, political or legal revolution, a revolution of spirit. Road to the Sun from the worm.
The transformation beastly man in the Godman.

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