We will solve all your problems. Joanna's Page 69

Yulia Ivanova

We will solve all your problems. Joanna's Page 69

"Why do they spoil in manors amiable to the heart of? Because there girls was raped and flogged.
Why do they knock parks? Because a hundred years ago, under the spreading linden their Lord shows his power: the nose poked beggar purse.
Why do they make holes in ancient cathedrals? Because a hundred years here grown fat pop took bribes and sold vodka."
(Alexander Blok).


Izania's activity expanded by leaps and bounds, reuniting and restoring torn body of the country.
"Blessed ones" came to idle plants and factories, where a lack of money wages gave the finished product. To strike, unemployed.
Work together in groups; we will provide you with everything you need: food, shelter and clothing. Household services, childcare, their education, they urged.

You will not need to wander in every major city to trade plates, shovels, drills and bras. This we will do much better, more profitable and in a centralized manner.
We take out and sell your products, where it is in demand. The money income less the cost of "daily bread" (they will be much lower than if you hosted alone), put on your account.

Of this money (with your consent) begin together to restore, save your sinking venture that will not only nominally, but it is for certain - to move in your hands.
You will become like "izansi for an hour", we will help you swim and dry.
Then everyone will be able to separate and live "cancer hermit "

But I'm sure many feel the thrill of free flight, no longer want to crawl.
We will help research institutes, doctors, ruining farmers and collective farms.

We will not share the Black Sea Fleet. Izans are Russian and Ukrainians, help to recreate a single fleet. Provide content joint naval forces will strengthen ties and friendship with Izans-Turks.
At the fallen and sinful ball should rule Satan - the world says.
Once fell from the mountain over and over again to Sky Climb - so we say.
This is a Plan our earthly life.
We are not talking about "kinship of souls"; those involved confessors churches brothers "creed."
We just combined hatred entangles us circuits.

Freedom is willing and have - the world says.
Freedom is not wanting and not have - say the monks.
We, bowing to their perfection - we say:
Freedom is willing and have the shipyards to build the Ark of Salvation!

Izanscollapsed country were drawn to each other, combining and merging with lightning speed, as the beads of mercury. Restoring communication, exchanging goods, products, "shuttle traders".

It was enough to cross the border newfound as you have already seen and delivered together with the goods to the place where everything was arranged with housing, food. At the right time you were driving up with a new item to the return train.

Those who want to go to Russia of one or another of the republic over national contacted local Izans. Those engaged in the implementation of their apartments, furniture and belongings are attached and the funds transferred to their accounts.

Painful process livelihoods no longer weighed upon personality.

Their energy was not only aimed at reviving the "small homeland". His village, city, republic: Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan.
But the great motherland, Holy Russia, USSR.

And also the whole planet Earth, which Heaven has granted people, regardless of their nationality or skin color. Willing to protect, store and farmed.

"All people are fellow brothers. Dame have one is Earth, Father-Heaven, said Izans.
And the general slavery, which must be overcome.

From each according to his talents, daily bread to everyone. i.e "to the essence."

We are your only intermediaries between the goal and the means.


If thousands of capillaries, they revived, restored circulation dying once single country.

And maybe the whole earth are torn by greed, violence, lust for power, selfishness.

Demons of nationalism, crushing hostility.

There have been setbacks. Izans do not despair; these catchers "our" in the rough, muddy and unforgiving sea of life.
Catchers same geezer who dream to overcome the shackles of being.
The same live, permeable, open to grace.


"Property is theft".
First of all, from himself, from his eternal destiny.
For sneaking time that you have to devote to the cause of the Creator.
Justified only on the use of property "multiplication of the Lord of the harvest" in the words of the Bible.
Or by Nikolai Ostrovsky to "fight for the liberation of mankind."

But getting rid of external slavery, we meet with even more terrible enemy - domestic slavery have you living in a vampire-werewolf.


Of great importance is the spiritual education, talent development, actively doing...
Another enemy lies in wait for us on the path to true freedom the pride of Satan. "Will you be as gods"...
We do not want to "be as gods." We want "with God."

And "Memento Mori."

Communists do not believe in the devil. And we very much believe. And we know with whom we are dealing.
"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."
(1 Pet. 5:8).


But seriously, having lived half a century,
In the past only to see the trail
Lost fruitless years.
(A. Pushkin).


So community Izans grew like mushrooms.
Were bought, rented for a long time in the abandoned villages of the earth...
And now repaired huts come trailers on wheels, trucks with building materials.
Mobilize men to build, women to light finishing work. And inclinations respectively to kindergartens and nurseries, schools and canteens.
Health care, public services, library, club...
Cook, to wash, to teach children to play with kids. Attach to culture, put seals...

Everyone did all that could and loved. Getting all that is needed from others.

Time work accounted for by a special technique in "zlats." The amount of transfer to individual accounts and less "daily bread", could be sent to your volition in any program Izans.
In any fund. Working there and multiplying owner capital.

Or for personal needs on the relevant application (example on rebuilding the house due to the increase of the family or the purchase of equipment for the dental office). All except "whim, foolishness."
Criterion was usually the same: a conscience.
"Imagine yourself in the Creator's face. He would bless it!"
It usually worked.
In complex cases something like a friendly court that meant the call: "called izans climb!"
Where "climb" is not specified.

"His ornari aut mori" " Death or take the crown." Or sink or swim.


First of all, to identify your talents, skills, aptitudes.
What else do you know how to love and, apart from the main profession?

And so the life of newly-organized mini-Izans to maximize the operating time of each.
All meals in the dining room. In the evening, there can also celebrate a birthday, wedding, dance.
"External" (word in the traveling too Izans), television and radio with their " kill time "programs here rejected; they watched only news with a possible neutral comment. Cognitive, specific and sports.

However, in his room one could look anything. Small TV with headphones and watch their sitcoms. Though porn, but incognito.
Because: "Nonsense is quarantined! "

And only up to 11, at eleven was a retreat across Izanami as in the pioneer. Some interesting nocturnal transmission could be put on the record on video recorder.
Everything was possible only "quarantined". Complete secrecy sins.
Iron rule for non-compliance, which excluded after the first warning.

The big problem in many families were alcoholics and drug addicts even. Hang down, not wanting or not having the strength to part with his destructive passion.
They freely accepted in special hospital not far from Goldenland. While only one where obecpechivali lechenie "daily bread" "and "hard work."

In the case of strong "breaking" could even take the dose prescribed by a doctor saving at prices far below market.
Without killing anyone, not looting, but in exchange for community service.
And again, the only unequivocal condition: "If you are sick, then sit in quarantine."

Were the first communication with the far abroad. Various charities, which are now able to not just thump money into a bottomless pit that is called CIS, a wound their accounts Izans bank.

Amounts grew, multiplied; it was, especially for enterprising Americans are accustomed to count money in a novelty. And they willingly became Izanami.
Iris called it "active charity."
And activity and enterprise, and charity in her homeland were quite popular.
Actually, the whole Izanami could be called by the "active charity."
Do not feed the fish soup, and give a fishing rod and teach fish (except, of course, the sick and the elderly).

Now that Izans foreign appeared personal accounts, they were paid and the road, and a hotel room.
Over time, and any special Offers for Izans-foreigners, where some lived for months, more and more immersed in the "fifth dream Vera."

Disappeared impersonality, dependency. Everything was new and exciting in a good gamble.
Peace with Heaven, with others and with yourself.

Some goes bust, not without it. But active charity and is not intended to directly benefit!
In any case, preclude the possibility of embezzlement hurtful; here Yegor was in order.
Voluntarily surrendered unlikely to steal.

A volunteer guards were guarding "from God" and knew his business is great.
Former military, police officers, veterans of Afghanistan. Even to "engage" the lads.
Defending Izans, they defended Antivampiriyu, himself, one and indivisible homeland, which remained in a memory.
Their children's future.
And the Law of Heaven.
"Thy will be done on earth as in heaven..."
And it's worth it!


"We will solve all your problems" Izans appealed to all needy families (and who is not poor now!).
Thousands of problems, thousands of unclaimed hand, opportunities, gifts, lives...
Conducted in-depth interviews, data were entered into the computer.
What do you want Izans and that she can give you?

The plant is idle, salaries are not paid, there is no heating in homes, water, broken refrigerator, etc...
You have to survive...
Freezing houses and flats first thing compacted, settled in an apartment on two families. Vacant put on guard. It was easier to provide heat, light, water. And cheaper.
In this mini-compact Izans organized bakery, dining, domestic service. Including bath, childcare and school activities, the first medical aid.
All on their own, given the profession and opportunities for new members.

Common needs for used cars, which provides for skilled nursing care by turns.
The plant, if possible, does not stop. Products implemented in a centralized manner, often through barter.

If you run the venture failed, highly qualified specialists the opportunity to work at another branch Izans.
Or built workshops to produce goods of high demand in places where they remained idle appropriate specialists.

Imported spawn and everything you need for growing mushrooms and oyster cellars, tulips to the 8th of March. Sewing and knitting machines for those who want to work at home.

Cproc studied on those or other essential goods, advice and practical assistance in establishing production and sales.

Only reasonable needs, "daily bread."
"Blessed," "foolishness" idle fantasies sophisticated Izans was not engaged.

Dry cleaning, laundry, minor repairs, hairdressing...
Special mobile trailers life, nurseries, kindergarten, clinic, school and sports classes.
Unique outlet stores where residents bring extra food, things (can be used), appliances...
All this is estimated to be repaired, tidied and redistributed to the needy.
Shoes, toys, books, books are gifts converts Izans, dispose of unwanted property.
Here you can choose everything you need and leave the application that would like to have. A week later, unclaimed goods are shipped to another point and replaced according to new applications.

Some Yegor's fans, having heard about the success of newly Izans, united on the spot in turn prepared at all, followed the children, grandmothers and combined disabilities.
Care for immobile, personal transport (delivered by one products for the whole staircase, were transported by school children and adults to work, doing all bargains).

Someone brought a truck of potatoes native village. Someone made money on side all in one taxi (very convenient - one patent, less taxes).
Entrusted to it, of course, professional, his working day and experience the most used.

Meanwhile, his friends are "fans" were taken his children to school, my wife to a job; they did for him and for all the necessary purchases.
Potatoes from the village unloaded in the basement, which is adapted to the needs of residents izan first floors.


Unchurched Izans, who believe in the soul, the law followed in life.
The law was "one for all", inscribed in the heart.
And Izans believing differently, guided them in everyday life.

Leo Tolstoy was not supposed to sew boots and repairing roofs, even widows, considered Izanami.
Let everyone does their job. Let it be from each - the maximum return. Any occupation than honorable and necessary.

And quite contrary to the Plan, when the professor or writer dresses and eats better than a roofer or a teacher.
Or treated by a more qualified doctors and puts a seal in the elite clinics...

Access to scientific information needed foreign trips, piano composer and studio for the artist; everything is clear.
But there is no inequality of wealth!


"To whom more is given, more demand," says the law.
In the strong and talented only one privilege to be in the first bunch, dragging the other.

If newly minted union did not disintegrate on the first differences and turmoil that often happened if it went wrong, it sends a request to establish a branch Izans.
Came a consultant conducted first general interview, familiarity with the program and statutes.
It became clear that the community needed, as it is better to help than it has in general and what her every potential member. To do this, individual interviews were conducted, filled with detailed computer profile.

This was followed by probation (at everyone).
And only then welcome reception, opening a bank Izans, the signing of the agreement, which were agreed terms of a possible way out of Izans in the interests of both sides.
Can cooperate with Izanami partially until become a full member.

Can you settle, for example, in Goldenland full board. Apartment for rent any of your company profitable. Money, less pension, arrive at your expense, and accumulated amount can be invested in any case.

Can you pass another 2-3 rooms Izans, you pick the best options for tenants.

You can also pass the cottage, land, car, garage and any property.

Izanami motto: things should work, nothing dusty, rot and idle. All excess, obsolete rent, recorded and redistributed in a centralized manner.

PROGRAMS: individual creativity, research, medical, agricultural, industrial, environmental, spiritual, religious, cultural and charitable.
Own security, his comrades' court, your bank with many branches, arteries, which unites all means Izanami.
Here you can get the necessary loan for any project, if approved by the Board of your application specialists.
Here there were sometimes huge profits from successful projects, slips carefully analyzed the whole team.
Eliminated the causes of errors, and was given a chance to loan money to fix.

Sometimes recommended to minimize business and make up for lost funds, to try his luck in another endeavor.


Private property, serving Mammon, causes a person to work on a bad quantitative infinity of personal enrichment and related unlimited opportunity to create sin.
That is encroaching on human likeness.

In turn, the so-called public, public property (what was in the USSR) exaggerates the bright side man, forgetting his fallen nature.
Generates laziness, inertia, negligence, neglect of themselves and their capabilities. Temptation to steal, take bribes, parasitize.
If private property is given talent Mammon, when public - buried in the ground.
I.e. DEBTS Heaven in both cases do not come back!

We are for private property, working on idea.
That is giving us a chance to pay off the Lord, do not go bankrupt at the time of the Court," said Izans.

"For every one that hath shall be given, and abundance, while those with no taken away even that which he has
And the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth "..
(Matthew 25:29-30).


Has the right to sustenance, to a decent life, ensuring the development and enhancement of the GIFT given by the Lord.
Poverty, destitution, the pursuit of a piece of bread as well belittle people as irrational, beyond measure consumption.

If someone wanted to Izans celebrate birthday with family or friends, order a celebratory dinner in the room or take a special banquet hall, or to accept the invitation from "over there" from the outside world - it is not forbidden.
But not encouraged. Simply "wait." On this basis, often some provocations, and had trouble to disentangle.

Sly was not asleep.


Barbarian artist brush carotid
Painting genius Blacks
And his drawing lawless
Above it is pointless features.
But the colors are alien, with years,
Subside oldness scales;
Creating a genius before us
Goes with the former beauty.
So delusions disappear
With my tortured soul,
And there in her vision
Original, clear days.
(A. Pushkin).


Not so much our war against vampires, vampirism as against; this deadly disease and its causes.
Original sin virus lives in each, but the conditions are needed for the disease i.e. vampire's bite.


Unlike the communists, we do not believe private property evil.
All dealing in used.
Communists: general and my means. The temptation is tied.
Izans: mine as yours for general, and thus for me.
Not division and addition.


Joanna managed to participate in the reconstruction of the village and within walking distance from churches Goldenland.
Exterior work is completed; the strong guys dismantled mountains of debris digging trenches for pipes.
And inside on Sundays and holidays was already service, resinous smell of incense burned incense, always reminding her of Ghana. Fluttering lights lamps have donated temple icons.
Two icons: Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Christmas and they gave Denis.

Rebuilt the altar and a small enclosed space in front of him seemed an island of the Lord.
And next howled woodworking machine sprinkling sawdust. Flops solution in a concrete mixer, banging hammers strike sharply on brick trowels.
Smoking is not allowed, but the workers violated the ban quietly, so as not to waste time on smoke breaks.
And this fragrant blend of incense, fresh sawdust and linseed oil mingled with exotic combination of the tobacco market from the "White Sea" to "Marlboro ".

Joanna with a co-worker-pensioner, too adept at repairing their own cottages, volunteered to paint just plastered wall where the plaster has dried.
Blue paint lay down smoothly, pleasure to watch, work go well, though, and then the head ache a little of the smell of solvent.
Painted everything what they could reach.

Then Joanna painted even higher, climbing on a wooden platform. Her workmate overawed; she was dizzy, and John did, fulfilled the norm.
Grandfather affected training. However, not allowed to climb above:
It has often called "Grandma." Old age has crept imperceptibly and somehow painless; it felt good, looked good. A little plumper, a little turned gray.
In the mirror at yourself to see it was not yet sick, except in bright light.

The idea that life goes, it is not ever scared, she was a very long time, and maybe even from the very beginning, I felt a guest here.
And if it was any rootedness, the former Soviet world.

In Russia today enjoy life was unbearable and immoral. There was only impotent hatred.
John went through all the moral flour was ready to jump on the first sound of the pipe which calls upon the battle - a nurse or a fighter on the barricades.

But the pipe was silent. People speechless.
Silence of the Lambs.
Worse are lambs of science, culture, miners, military servile begged vampires own salary.
And not received, a hunger strike or shoot.

You have to just food! She wanted to once again pomitingovat - This is from your blood they swell, mites, and then will burst with a bang...
When demons or angels of death, I do not know, will pressure them, and useless for anything not suitable. On the shore of the bloody flowing river into eternity.

And your blood shed not for God and for his neighbor, but for the sake of the womb of the vampire, will flow into this terrible flowing away from the kingdom of the river...
Well throw you a piece before slaughter, so I do not quite skin to the bone - is it that the point?

Great our country, and in the throes of the works collected, crushed for three, half-liter bottle as a penny...
And you just have trough swill before slaughter...

Sometimes it erupts. Hold a meeting somewhere in the store, on the train, at home among the flower.
Most listened silently. Lowered their eyes, turned away.
Some agreed, plant like it.
Others joined in the dispute, praised vampire for a decent retirement, the opportunity to make a speculative that upon this.
Like, now allowed that when the commies, no, no.

Her screams: "You are over the kiwi diapers sold Motherland!" were ridiculous and powerless, only added fuel to the fire. Because she no longer listened to the former "comrades."
Then somebody asked:
What to do? What can we do?

And she's annoyed, spoiled, jumped out of the car.
And he was still buzzing, carried away as disturbed beehive, not knowing who to bite.


The election 1996 and the subsequent events have finished it at all.

Werewolves, no longer hiding, walked everywhere. And the people and intellectuals, her fellow writers yesterday, the color of the nation, greedy and servile flocks shastali around. How remora fish, picking his teeth monster hoping to get some chips with a bloody feast.
Joanna had seemed that she was able to escape in their shells.
In Luzhino flower trade in spiritual literature, in my thoughts and write...
Seemed to have all the conditions to finish and life.
"Not for a heart excitement, not for battle"...

Nothing happened; they got her. It is understood by analyzing their current condition.

Yes, she believed in nothing but transfigured being "out there" for the fatal touch. In love and mercy of God to themselves, unworthy and sinful.
In what has to fulfill the Will, which she once opened:

"Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book."
(Jer. 30:2 ).

Then something happened. Everything "here" became loathsome to her was all strange and disgusting.

The very Luzhino now seemed certain phantom decoration. Like vision on foreign hostile planet Solaris.
She suddenly realized that the fears of death is not due to the Court; for some reason there was a children confidence in the Savior's love and mercy to her sinful.
And afraid of the pain, suffering though such thoughts she brushed aside as shameful.

But if she was told that neither hell nor pain will not, and offered a "last minute" to eternity, it is without regret until recently rushed to this possibility.

Only Goldenland she realized how hard it is sick soul.

Any ranting about honor, glory and greatness of Russia is now just called a terrible reign in association with Olympus Kremlin invincible vampires and hookers buttressed walls of the Kremlin.

With drunken presidential "Kalinka". With warmed drug den concert on Calvary. From Vanity Fair in GUM and buffoon dancing around St. Basil's Cathedral.

Memories of the glorious Russian past, about his childhood with victory salute altogether were unbearable.
But the people remained silent.
And she, like everyone else.
"Not for battle"...

But if the poet rights; why so sick and hurt?
These anguish, disgust, from which no escape. Is that on the barricades...
But where are these barricades?
Goldenland saved.
I wanted to live again and insatiable toothy not inspire terror.
No, they have not gone away from the womb, satiated foreign blood and gold, expensive cognac, grub and sperm, they continued their satanic feast of torn homeland.
Not believing in their upcoming ad.
Not at the Dante, darkly majestic and vulgar, with Balagan boiling cauldrons, pans and nimble Gogol devils with tassels on their tails...

But it turns out you can just walk to work, breathe, as if unaware, ignoring them.
All these shows, porn and drug.
Their banks, palaces, mansions, casinos, hacienda.
Wolves in their sable skins cubs in Cambridge.
Their catchy packaging, comfortable cars and habits of the wolf.

Yes, bad and sickening. Yes, they are in the way. Yes, they sell, rob and ravage the earth. Yes - infect everything and everyone around her lasciviousness...

But we, the ones that sick; see how we are many...
We walk and breathe on their own land, let the infected ghouls as cockroaches or bedbugs, but in fact everywhere.
In Kiev, Tashkent and Riga in Grozny and Baku, across our vast country...
And in Baghdad and London, Paris and New York, you can always find people that do not have a nationality, not partisanship, not social estates, not class, not skin color or degree of stuffed wallet have intrinsic value.
And some deep shooter, calling and leading through all temptations, potholes and bogs of being" in the distance light."
In the "realm of freedom."
By imaginary values in the ascending way" to the Sun from the worm."

Assertiveness does not matter so overgrown, and to get rid of it.
Do not get rid of, and overcome. Making the matter to serve man.
Build it from a ladder leading to Heaven.

The boundary between the vampires and Izanami held on people's hearts. Battlefields, as Dostoevsky wrote. Darkness and Light.
And our usual everyday twilight between them - lukewarmity.

A time less... Where to go?
Choosing, you choose your destiny in eternity...

Man is weak, inconsistent in their choice. He is still a hundred times howl and bared his teeth at the full moon.
Here important internal choice. Not even the determination and decision.
And praying for help to follow.
"What find you, and that will be judged "...

If Light and darkness coexist in the same heart, why cannot vampires and Izans coexist on the same land?
Suppose that in a continuous struggle, but without these "global violent revolutions." For history is a natural selection of Heaven.

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