The Power of the Dead. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 67
Stalin delivers a speech at the election meeting at Stalin's Electoral District, Moscow, 11 December 1937 at the Bolshoi Theatre

Yulia Ivanova

The Power of the Dead. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 67


The Threshold.
Witnesses: V. Polevanov, A. Solzhenitsyn, I. Nikitin, "World History", V. Lozovsky, Sergei Glazyev.


Clannishness today is a serious disease of the Russian nation.
Wars, revolutions, especially the Great Patriotic War, dislodged the best nation's gene pool. Because the best rise to the first attack and last to leave with defensible positions. Best silent during interrogation to the end and do not betray.
They ruthlessly shot and gray mass has a much better chance to adapt and survive.

As a result, it organized into clans that came to power.
You see, this parasitic non-national education, as viruses.
Their form people outside the nation, degraded people.
Incidentally, scientists think that viruses are formed in the process of biological degradation.
The Russian Chernomyrdin, Yeltsin in Russian as little Russian, like the American Clinton, Bush or the Jew Berezovsky.
And their main task to assign the vital resources of the country.

No other problem is just not worth because clans anything else cannot. Today, they are divided into mini- clans in every major region of Russia seized power local clan...

Clans captured TV, clans seized raw materials industries, clans seized political power in the country.
Clans have created hundreds of parties, movements, in order to divert people away from the true fight for their interests.
Clans have created numerous scarecrows bait and traps.
They created the myth of the "red- brown threat", they created a party Barkashov birth to the myth of the fascist threat.
Are infinite information war with Russia, with the Russian people.

Americans put in their time on the Yeltsin clan, contributed to the rise to power of the Ural clan. And keeps it in power, in fact, only with the support.
Clinton once said: "If Yeltsin curtail democratic reforms, we will cease to support it, as it is in America's interest"...

Under the leadership of the clans we lost in 1990 60 per cent of gross domestic product. Consequently, the clans living space reduced by 60 percent and began to destroy themselves.
All that can plunder even in this great country of ours, pilfered.
All that can eat through is eaten. Plants are stopped and new ones are being built.
Clans alive until there last factory, which can steal.

Therefore clans are destroying themselves. Clans are not able to create a new space, they can only prolong their power at the expense of information warfare...

Power clans is the power of the dead.

Their philosophy is the philosophy of flight, looting, robbery, philosophy despondency.
They do not believe in nothing, are bestial lifestyle.
They have an inferiority complex, and somehow to rise, they behold this bestial level through controlled media are trying to drive the other.

The sexual revolution, all these programs "About That" endless soap operas, game shows endless, endless" Name That Tune", the glorification of drugs.

They thus narrowed the living space and their own, and all of the active part of the nation.

Therefore, clans necessarily die in the Civil War.
Revolution is for this reason there are all over the world...

CLAN merchants and nobility who supported our curse, so-called intellectuals.
Nowhere is this division is not, as our intelligentsia, who destroyed the country and killed.
The Revolution of 1917 and just finished with klanovikami.
Enough, it is also a theory, one tenth of a percent of the nation, which will fight for living space revolution to become irreversible because clans protect nobody.
Their security, their mercenaries with pleasure begin to fight against them.
Clans are defenseless and will be destroyed, no other way.
(Vladimir Polevanov, 1999).


Fall despicable tyranny and chains will fall tillers,
And you, pampered gentry, reluctantly take for work.
Not us, different generations, hast thou scourged its century.
And you will be hated shadow spot in the history of his...

All your debauchery and treachery all expose the machinations of the time,
And enlightened posterity will amaze you curse.
Muzhik now is your support, your parish and nothing else.
With fame comes out of shame, and again you cannot buy it.

Already the sun rises farmer! Scored, it still is not fast;
But know this: to its owner, he had long been sharpening his ax...
(Ivan Nikitin, between 1857 and 1861).


"Flinging the United Nations, trampling its Charter, NATO proclaimed to the whole world and for the next century old law the law-Taiga: who is strong, he is completely right.
Condemned the violence of the enemy to beat at least a hundredfold, and if technically sophisticated.
And in this world, we offer live now.

EYES ON MANKIND destroy BEAUTIFUL European countries and brutes civilized government authorized applauded.
And desperate people leaving the bomb shelters, out alive goal to death for the salvation of the Danube bridges is not antiquity?
I do not see why tomorrow Clinton, Blair and Solana would not burn them and drown. "
(A. Solzhenitsyn).


"In the ideology of the Eastern Church, the community of believers played a much greater role than the role of the individual responsible only to God.
And with this tradition are not only Slavophiles 19th century, but also, indirectly, the Russian socialists and Marxists, stated the importance of teamwork."
"World History".


"Look, what figures elected governors! Yes, what a normal, developed country is that possible? Are you still harping on the greatness of the Russian people?

His greatness, in the Soviet past is connected only with fanatical, of course, in the best sense of the word, Leninist Guards, and then with iron Stalinist People's Commissars.
Great, austere political genius of Stalin; that force which achieved huge leap from the plow to the Russian nuclear weapons.
Thinking about the affairs of Stalin, I remember saying Napoleon:

"The army of sheep led by a lion is stronger than an army of lions led by a sheep..."

By the way, once again about the comparisons.
French honor Napoleon, despite the fact that he led France to complete military defeat, occupation of the country, large indemnity, in a word, to a complete fiasco.

Stalin led his country to the greatest victory made her the most powerful in the world.
And he received for it after death mud tubs and waterfall curses from the Russian people.
For EBN and his accomplices Russian people readily voted and votes."
(V. M. Lozovskiy, from mass media).


"I am ashamed of my generation before the war veterans who defended our country and the world in the fight against the most ferocious enemy. Borne the brunt of the restoration of the ruined economy and construction of the world's greatest power, began the conquest of space.
We made a power of political adventurers, who for seven years of his reign outright ruined Russia, taken abroad more than 100 billion dollars.
Assigning the most profitable objects of public property and resell them a significant part of foreigners.
They had recently left the richest state in the world's largest debt dragged people in civil strife.

Russian ruin her enemies under the guise of progressive reforms turned colossal destruction of scientific, industrial and intellectual potential, far superior Soviet losses from Nazi invasion.
Halving of production. Fivefold reduction in productive investment. Disappearance of entire sectors of high technology industries.
Impoverishment of more than half the population, mass unemployment; only the visible effects of the activities of the new revolutionaries.

For the production sector was the result of the policy pursued ruin half of companies in the country...

Russia imposed economic balance of pseudo reduced to a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars...

To this must be added the social victims: about 8 million people (unborn and prematurely dead).
About 20 million people descended on the "social bottom "due to the loss of life prospects...

As a result, the Russian economy has been transformed into a "cash cow" for international speculators, "gaining" tens of billions of dollars on "pyramid schemes" and speculation with state ownership.

And we, the current generation, who grew up on all ready, the state received free education, free to work and live with dignity, passively behold perpetrated today demonic coven.
It is our apathy and indifference allowed them to usurp power by two coups.
Use it to assign a public property, to draw the country into a debt trap.
To give up national sovereignty in key issues such as foreign and domestic policy, thereby preparing for orders of foreign patrons stage for the final colonization of Russian international capital."
(S. Glazyev, Doctor of Economics. 1999)


You do not heroic forces HISTORICAL holy loud feats?
To whom do you humiliate yourself? Who in the rainy day bow low?
(Ivan Nikitin, 1851).


Well you did for native edge, selfless sage citizen?
Indicate, where good things have you ever lost a single hair!

Your life, like ours, is barren, hypocritical, empty and gone...
You do not understand the people's sorrow, not mourned you bitter evil.

The poor in spirit and word rich, firsthand about everything you sing
And shamelessly praise expect as fees for its nationwide lie.

Damn you, idle word! Damn you, dead lazy!
Show yourself with your new life, banishes darkness day!
(Ivan Nikitin, 1860).


Shamefully killed our time! Inherited their fathers and grandfathers obediently is our tribe shackles serious slaves.
And we stand shameful share! We willingly tolerate evil:
As we have neither the courage nor the will... A curse on laid down on us...

Pro-life is not free singing sisters... we do not! Under the yoke of evil
Thought of freedom from the cradle was unknown to them!
And we are silent. And dies while... We are not afraid of shame chains.
And the chain is our tribe. And pray for the executioners.
(I. Nikitin, between 1857 and 1861).

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