Revolution of consciousness is being born again. Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Revolution of consciousness is being born again. Yegor on the main things


In the prayer "Our Father" we ask Heavenly Father to deliver us from the bondage of poverty, giving the "daily bread". And from slavery wealth, learn to give gift to a gift for the gift.

That is, the consecrated wealth, show us the way how to use it for good.

"Impossible man is possible with God." (View a rich way to the Kingdom).

In the Lord's Prayer indicated that overcoming racial necessity, greed and slavery to evil the way to heaven.

Sin is disobedience to the will of Heaven. Rebellion against the Creator, pride.
These include the idolatry of all kinds. Nationalistic, political and simply line the pockets of the "game" that kill the mind and conscience.

All sorts of hobbies, passions and vices, goes astray...

If the ultimate purpose of the temporary historical process is the return of new Adam to the Heaven, if each of the sick soul It so despises, then we Izanami must remove from our lives all share wastefully hatred and envy. Enslaving, duped, corrupting.

Must fight for every person who came to us...

Life is a war where we are called to fight to the death on the side of Light.

That's what we believe in, regardless of religion, nationality or political opinion.
Leads us inscribed in the hearts of law. conscience


We all have, as the moon, bright and dark side.
Image of the Creator and printing of original sin. Animalsimilarity.
Giving Heart Light and death battle against the lies. Assures us that life whether cheerful carnival, or sleep.
Whether jaunt. Whether fuss - squabble for a place under the sun. Whether concert March cats...
Supreme Law is our armor and weapons.
We urge him to the ground, in our hearts.
We want to fulfill his order, "The kingdom of the next century", which will not enter anything dark.
Poisoned forbidden fruit of humanity should be possible to exempt from chains vampire Mammon.

Not with the people we are fighting, and for the people. Their true freedom in God.
No to everything that fosters vampirism.
Not deadly fight for eternal destiny declines to see you in the earthly way the prince of darkness, and a picnic in a few decades.
On its own grave mound.
Everyone is destined to be killed in this " piknichke "...
Is not it better to die in the Holy War, opening the gates of immortality?

Love conquers death.
Warm each other. Light the way. Resurrected in God light, heat, life...
Dead hearts burned with love for idols.
Political struggles, thirst for power to possess.
Things, money, women, crowd...
Such "freedom" is crazy dance to the tune of the prince of darkness fatal (the second death).

Most human laws do not have access to Eternity.
This, at best, more or less acceptable rules for dorm life on earth
In others, like the mad old woman of Pushkin's fairy tales, try to fit the Creator, Miracle, Mystery serve endless lust fallen world.

Sky elected all. Already in the very act of birth calling from obscurity to the ministry.
But not all elected sky.
Longing, fear, dissatisfaction are signals of despair and pain of a dying soul.
Threatened by the loss of the kingdom. Outer darkness forever. SPIRIT cry and protest.
Hence, the thirst for war purification, storm.
Unbearable flour immersion sucking swamp philistinism...
Protest Russian literature hated "being lead abomination".
"Pechorin yawns at the ball of life "in anticipation of the coach".
I feel in his heart immense strength... For something I still born...

Not because the miles are so happy warriors, heroes - creators in an emergency situation?

Blessed is he who has visited this world
In his fateful minutes.
He was called Commonweal,
As interlocutor to the feast.
(F. Tyutchev).

Internal indicator accurately shows the approach to the cleaning and makes a Fire.

"Omnis igne salietur". "Everyone will be salted with fire".


"The most precious thing a person; this is life and we must live it so as not to be excruciatingly painful for the wasted years.
To avoid burning shame for petty and petty past, and that, dying, could say, "All life and all the powers given to the most beautiful is struggle for the liberation of mankind."

Communard-martyr Nikolai Ostrovsky professes almost Christian credo:
Only pay the most expensive i.e. one's life for the liberation of humanity (here would have to add "from the power of Mammon") personality will take over predestined.

This "red", most likely did not believe in personal immortality. However, intuitively know what truth is out there.
He testified with the unfading contrary materialistic belief in eternal death.
Inscribed in the heart of the law won.
Give their lives for "the liberation of humanity", without waiting for this crown. Just at the behest of the heart...
Is not this feat?



"That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us..."
(Ioann.17 21).

Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

One who confesses the Christian way, the truth and the life, he confesses Christ with their lives.

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
"Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord!" enter the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father in heaven. "
(Matthew.7:20 -21).
"Being born Again", "The kingdom is within us" ia a state of grace voluntarily chosen souls in the Father's house.
Where "all for one, one for all".
This is the fire of love of Heaven.
Your transformation, new birth is a key that opens the gates of the kingdom.
It cannot ignite a arbitrarily. This is - a miracle giving tend to him who thirsts.


Is the silence of the church in the "fateful minutes" syndrome "resist not evil" when "God is betrayed by keeping silence "?
"The world lying in evil" proclaims loudly that "human rights" that we were able to contemplate in all its glory in Vietnam, the bombing of Iraq, House of Soviets and shooting mayhem in Yugoslavia are blessed by the Creator.
A new world order to resist Soviet Antivampiriya, accusing all mortal sins, common efforts destroyed by announcing an "evil empire".
False is the favorite weapon of the "father of lies".
World order, constantly mushrooming "food of hell" cannot be pleasing to God.
Avalanche vampire showdown before retaining walls the same "evil empire".

Christ kept the hand of Peter with his sword, knowing that He is coming suffering for the salvation of a fallen world.
But can we say that the suffering of the victims enslaved devilish lust world corrupting, violence, zombie in salvation?


TAKE right we replace the right to GIVE TO THE CASE.

What is in your soul: God, idol or emptiness?
Izania is a worry and a reproach to the world, wanting to live in the old way.

We sin like everyone else, sometimes more.
But we know that ingest poison bait. Dread and pray Heaven to heal us from the madness.


Vampires, trampling and distorting the law adapted goldfish serve "an errand" own unbridled lust.
Even on the dollar, which "traces of dirt and traces of blood," the name of God is commemorated in vain.

"Comrades" have become great and strong to win the right to reasonably is sufficient.
And right to the protection of the "rights and freedoms" flout the will of the Creator.


Serving oneself is vulgar. Serving "lords" is even more vulgar.
Serving the people depends on whom and how.
Serving the state is despite what.
Serving the Creator, do His work on earth is the only worthy purpose.


Lords privatizers! Taken away from the people; it's thirty pieces of silver for which you sold the soul.


Enjoyment of sexual intercourse in the deep mystical origins is the lure of death, destruction and fragmentation.
The sentence of God "surely die" essentially means to give life to other generations.
For the sake of survival and salvation of mankind as a whole.
So as scary and dangerous for its unpredictable consequences any sexual "freedom" to bypass the will of God. Prescriptive procreation only direct appointment intercourse.
The more "partners", as they say, the finer crushing. Irreversible decomposition personality.


Paternalistic society, the family of nations.
Prince, the ruler should be on a plan "a father to" shepherd the people.
He is "for people" and not the people for the rulers.
"The bigger is a servant to the smaller."
Hence the conflict and vicious people power in Russia. Religious roots.

Replaces the leader in the hymn: "Stalin raised us, chosen people" to "Stalin brought us up on loyalty to the people."


Christ's death. "The veil was torn in two".
The world is split in two. And, according to the poet", crack went through people's hearts"...


Give or take "on the matter, not crap"?

"I will have mercy, and not sacrifice".

Mutual aid and competition - two worlds, two ways.

IN TANDEM, and not a BATTLE!


The Lord has laid on Stalin the mission to collect and preserve Russia, its paternalistic civilization without giving approve vampire world domination.
Save us from ourselves.
After disarming there is rampant sin, grubbing, selfishness, separation.

Lord calls people "sheep", "herd".
Obedience to "The Good Shepherd" is people's virtue
It is saving a herd.

American democracy is permissiveness, limited the scope of public opinion.
"The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God."


"I understand the idea of communism as a dream of being the peoples of the earth to the highest moral and spiritual and fraternal laws.
For God not only people, but also every nation is its intimate way.
Religious differences and rivalries sometimes seem irreconcilable.
Proclamation world inscribed in the hearts of the Act as a guide able to unite the people in the spiritual ascent.
Help "to the end of all patient" and not to sink to the bottom.


"Holy Russia" became a whore sleaze that sold their honor, purity and holiness for the Overseas trinkets. And severely punished.
But an even greater punishment awaits her shot down out of the way!


Prayer "Not to us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory" is taken by us into service as a means of vanity.


Belief in a supreme purpose of man is the basis of Izania.
With adherents monkey theory is useless to argue - we just speak different languages .
We know that through the two points you can spend countless lines. And they believe that the only one.
What is there to prove?


Consciousness Revolution Yegor's theses):

Resource mobilization.



The system of A SINGLE ORGANISM.

THE RISING WHOLE (The Kingdom of God is within us).

Held in images and ideas, giving service DEBT to the Creator, not MULTIPLY DEBT.

Everything that we have is tools, execution of the Plan, and not an end in itself.

"Not for Sale inspiration". A GIFT IS GIVEN FREE.

"The manuscript can be sold", giving fee for debt CREATOR. Multiplication of THE LORD HARVEST.
everything is for ministry.

Exemption from the bustle, passions and racial necessity.

Mobilization and pooling of resources (everyone's belongings) according to the system for each "single whole".

Transparency for the grace and Will of the Creator. Ball Life Whole life gets.

Maximum attention to each individual for the purpose of connecting it to the Whole in the image and design.

Preferable to the state that promotes the multiplication of the Harvest.

On the ground, we get from the Creator only TOOLS FOR SERVICE.

In the basis of CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION IS Pricelessness of EACH INDIVIDUAL as bearer of the image and the Creator's Plan in the earthly life and the next century.

Giving gift to a gift is fulfilling the will of Heaven.

Selling the GIFT and giving your royalty to Case is paying off debts to the HEAVEN.

Selling the GIFT and using your whim fee is INCREASING YOUR DEBT.


Everyone is born in a certain time, place, and is the world idea (idea) currently.
Do not carry it means to transgress Will of the Creator.
Purely offense is interfering with his exercise more.
The idea you can learn by the presence of gifts.

"Things I disassemble your guilt, puppy...
You have to blame the fact that I want to eat..."

Buffer zones, joined NATO, will be the first victims of the Third World.

They want to force us to bow to their values .
Secrets of the barrel instead. Scrambled instead of God's gift.

DEBT is doing something for which you sent to earth.
Person who fails to comply idea falls outside the place in life. Begins to suffer and rage.
SIN of AUTHORITY where it does not take a person's place in life, implement the PLAN.
The task of government is to help each individual to establish himself.

Izania is a company reasonably is necessary consumption.


Current civilization is "a place". Warm, profitable, durable one.
Fighting for a place under the sun and rooting it.
Fouling with fat. The illusion of stability and reliability. Heaviness.

But "our people" go, obeying an unknown call. "Dream a lovely, still unclear".
We are not rooted. If you stop, start and make a fool to miss.
We are at the feast of the extra flesh.
We seem crazy, but the "wisdom of this world is foolishness with God."
We, Onegin, Pechorin Oblomovs, Bazarovs, Rakhmetov Korchagins and Matrosovo...
Their descendants continued.


Assertiveness flesh we oppose affirmation of the spirit.

A proud godless self-affirmation of the spirit is his humble self-affirmation in the name of God in the execution of the Plan.

So drop contrasted herself Ocean, evaporates quickly dies.

A drop merged with the Ocean, finds infinite divine greatness in his obedience and humility. Glory and freedom Ocean.

Humility is not a renunciation of their vocation.
It is that every soldier, obedient to the will of the Creator, fully develops their talents to put them on the altar of the great common cause i.e. the coming Kingdom.


Social justice is not an end in itself, but a means.
This is and mutual peace. The ease of luggage that allow walking in tandem to overcome the ascent.
Here the strong help the weak, stumbling helping hand and a buried avalanche (earthly vanity, property) the dig out .

"Wear weakness, one another's burdens". That is "rescue neighbor as yourself"; this is our interpretation of the second commandment of Christ.
Save, pull to the top. Well, the word "love" in relation to itself often means in the world contrary to Heaven" pleasing to oneself."
Transferred to another will mean "pleasing to man". That, unlike the brotherhood and charity, is also a sin.
"We who are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves"...
(Romans. 15:1).

We are prodigal children returning to the Father.
Patients, bare, robbed, beggars, all squandered. But going home.


"... freely ye have received, freely give.
Do not take any gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses,
Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves. For the laborer is worthy of his food."
(Matthew. 10:8-10).


On the Church.
Imagine a raging sea, full of lonely swimmers swimming in different directions.
And the same wandering ships colliding and arguing with each other about the truth of course.
Each must itself determine for himself the ship.
Blessed is he who has chosen the ship sailing in the right direction.
For the Church is the mystical body, the Gathering of faithful souls. Starting and a pledge of future kingdom.
And the sacraments for the sinking of the soul is the same as a blood transfusion to a dying body.
I am an Orthodox; I mean, first of all, confession and communion.
I believe in the truth of Orthodoxy. But forcibly impose their faith have no right to anyone. Force tugging on his ship.
Just Izania is some flotilla SWIMMERS. In ships, boats, singles.
All floating on Call.

And our movement is "total Rescue on the waters".
OSVOD. Certain rules of conduct that sail toward a common goal.
They are not designed for sunbathing on the beach.
There are sea and ships under the black flags and crossbones death. Satanists.
"But deliver us from evil"...

"Father of his people" took to his ship passengers different ships, lone swimmers and even random "bathers" from the shore, was not going anywhere to swim.
Sail, and firing, swam to a bright future.
Only the Creator has the right to judge the captain who rescues drowning pirate methods.

"And ye shall be hated of all men for my name endures to the end shall be saved."
(Matthew 10:22).

"Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest."
(Matthew 9:37-38).
"And fear not them which kill the body, the soul cannot kill but rather fear Him who is able both soul and body to destroy in Gehenna".
(Matthew 10:28).
After the death of Captain Mammon slaves rebelled and seized the ship and smashed against the rocks.
We repair the vessel and form a new team of volunteers to continue the voyage.


There was a collective suicide of the people, like mass ejection whale standings.
Emission in "the world lying in evil", the deadly world.


Work and "make money" is a fundamental difference.

The crux of the matter:
Does life have meaning and purpose beyond earthly existence?
Or is it an end in itself and is self-sufficient that is (live to live?).

How to win the lottery voucher for "Titanic."


Man creates its own problems, and then struggles with their permission.
Problems are objective (bread) and subjective; everyone has their own.
Life is spent on solving problems that should not be at all.
Therefore choose life, Izania solves all your problems, to free you to do list.

Harvest of serving the Lord, growing spirit, going on Ladder, people are on the path, finding the soul in the kingdom.

Sunrise in humility overcomes his fallen, sinful nature step by step.
Work of the same curse and punishment for disobedience to the Creator becomes inspirational inspired creativity.
Joyful communion to light, goodness, Eternity. For higher values of life.

"After the enemy" to Mammon is greater punishment than the work on generic need.

We have to get rid of foreign bondage (need to make "daily bread").


That you may have found the complete and final freedom and greatness of each small droplet merged with the Divine Ocean eternally free.


"Ne te quaesiveris extra". "Do not look outside yourself".


So we, like them, everywhere.
We, like they were united. And we are stronger.
Heaven not only support, but also the fact that in the whole unite to help each other in opposing them.
While they are at war not only with us, but also among themselves.
Not allow us to use the vampires.
Do not play their bloody lustful games.

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