Problems below the belt. Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Problems below the belt. Yegor on the main things

We do not idealize the person.
Consider its weaknesses, deviations from the norm.
Foodies, drinkers or catch a buzz have this right.
However, contrary to the charter service sin Izania. Proclaimed our freedom from the beast in you. From the beast and from the demons of violence.

People come to us are not saints. But conscious of himself and wants to heal the sick.
Or at least not to infect others.

Sex problems.
They relate to the lonely, the elderly. In something defective with disabilities. With sexual orientation, exaggerated sexual need and so on.
Just have not found a mate.
I'm not talking about deviations, dangerous to society. About all kinds of child molesters, maniacs...
A society is not only not trying to rein in this element, but has struggled to develop, encourage thoughts turning into sin.
Sin turns into passion.
Passion that passes into crime.
Do business, profiting on human weaknesses and diseases of the fallen nature.

That is, in spirit godless modern vampire civilization grazes and nurtures a mortal sin to cut it with coupons.
Graze all condemned and cursed heaven.
Her pasture deadly poisonous. Its harvest is the underworld.

The eternal question: what to do?
The problem of "basic instinct" for many exists objectively. People are suffering mentally and physically forced to "buy" a partner.
Destroyed families, children are orphaned.
Some go on and direct the offense, seducing youngsters and young.

Seduction work on entire industries, industry. Shaw, media, fashion, advertising...
But the problem is solved very simply at the level of individual computer- physiological program of virtual sex.
"Concern" should be left alone with the erogenous attributes and computer. Respecting patient confidentiality and patient gradually trying to instill a desire to recover from his departure.
Aversion to it, as a kind of degrading vice, flaws, or from which it is necessary to get rid as soon as possible or to drive him deep underground.

Yes, instead of entire neighborhoods, cities and countries wantonly criminal business, instead of syphilis, AIDS, tragedies and suicides requires only climb into a virtual bag.
Which, according to a preset program will simulate lovemaking, whispering words or shout obscenities (as who loves) voice Sylvester Stallone, Marilyn Monroe or humanoid with Tau Ceti.
You can simulate any voice, text and visuals.
You do not have any "moths", bohemian family scandals, insane spending, bad and deadly diseases.
And most importantly, engaging in his sin other purely grave sin against Heaven.
According to statistics, a drug addict, "puts the needle" forty people.

In your hand as a remote blower. Pressed and the picture stopped weakened and another appeared. That's all.
Sessions once or twice a week, with a doctor's permission.
Then can this my personal sin to confess to the priest, to consult with a psychiatrist, sexologist this business master.
But the problem of global concomitant with alcoholism, drug addiction, embezzlement, and other venereal contagion becomes "privacy" says Iris.
The patient lies in quarantine, is ill at his pleasure and an infection does not spread.
In short, to some extent, "get rid of the evil one".

Is it a sin? Certainly, it is.
Perhaps some priests would forbid her children to this kind of "exit", referring to the requirement of Heaven about the cleanliness of an eye and the mind.
We dare not argue with them and are willing to again and again to discuss the global problem of "getting rid of the evil one."
Still choosing lesser of two evils is a voluntary quarantine of sin.
Here, not only sexual problems.
But alcohol, drugs, all kinds of destructive passions...

Yes, only regulated proximity legitimate spouses (crowning) days allowed by law for the purpose of procreation is not considered, for example, the Orthodox Church sin.
But in all other cases (and they are legion) have to choose between a legion of evil.
And we decided that our "virtual partner" (or partner) as we have them in a modern way, without any romance call the much safer army of prostitutes, seduced wives and children. Or something worse.
Huge thrown into the jaws of the evil one moral and material resources of mankind... The tragic fate, the ocean of lost time.Broken soul and killings. Despair and suicide.

Sin is usually very difficult to heal, but to drive a virtual underground, as shown by our practice, it is possible.
If you find a better solution there welcome to the club of brainstorming.

Izania admires feat chastity.
Well rest of humanity recommend paraphrase Oscar Wilde:
The best way to get rid of temptation there to give him unscathed for themselves and society.
Our program is a "partner" until safest, invented in this regard.
Once again I repeat: it applies only to "nervous".
No nightingale nights or serenades under the balcony, or a quiet family happiness we, God forbid, do not touch.
Where marks Act and harmony reins pleasing Heaven sexes is fine.
We help where the problem is solved or not, enslaving the human pile under that new problems solved or Lucifer.
That is, bodily and spiritual catastrophe not only the patient, but also many related people.


Since we sponsored agreement on a voluntary basis.
If we see that someone tries to become a "predator", to profit at the expense of others (not by the other, namely, "by"), then terminate the contract.
With unwilling to give something in return. It is from "unwilling", rather than "do not have opportunities".
If you need more than you can give at the moment - underpaid in any form : cash, clothing or services. There is a de jure credit.
If you give more than you receive. Izania surcharges in any form.
Lots of options and levels of relationships.
We have our own court, their own security. Its supporters and patrons of all walks of life.

Our headquarters is the locomotive, pulling out of the tunnel to light the entire composition.


A leader must tread lightly. Be strong, sturdy. With a cool head and a warm heart.
But most importantly there is drag the other, rather than forcing yourself to serve.

The leader has the word "lead".
Determine the right path and lead.
Leader does not incite his bad example of perverse instincts, does not allow strife and bickering.
And the main thing is that he is up. To The Heaven and Light, and not in the pit or neighboring sheepfold.
And he is not cluttered with fat property.
We they are called " leaders" . From the word "lead". To emphasize the movement and not stagnation.
Squad leader. Council leaders squads. Leader squads.
All this is the executive Izania.


Scout leader.
Finds "their" as a geologist valuable ore.
Advocates, campaigning is sponsored listings and detailed profiles.

Then there is the leader of the organizer.
It creates the necessary conditions for the implementation of the program, which is the responsibility and in which the specialist.
Food, household services, housing. Children, health care, employment. Internal reserves aggregated material and creative. Financial settlements.
Then connect the leaders executing.
Transporters, suppliers, builders, doctors. Pastoralists, farmers, educators, teachers, experts in various fields.
Security. Lawyer and accountant.

Leaders, organizers are looking for these frames, primarily in the field. If necessary, they shall appoint their own, from near or Izania Center.

Sponsored and leaders receive from Izania services under the contract in conventional prices. If the services exceed the returns, the sponsored offer to take on any additional charges or costs, or give up any services.
There is, as already mentioned, and limited system of credits for future commitments and guarantees.
If the amount exceeds the return service, or the remaining amount is handed the sponsored if it is a particularly valuable specialist, while not wishing to join the Izania, or the account is opened in the bank Izania.


Religious, political, nationalist debate and controversy in Izania imposed strict taboo up to exclusion.
Religious issues should be addressed with your spiritual fathers of the church.
And active members of political parties and nationalist movements can only be sponsored.
They do not take into Izania to avoid its use in political or nationalistic purposes.


Administrative division has targeted territorial.

Each mini-Izania responsible for a defined territory has its headquarters and leadership staff.
Every country, city, area, the village has its code by which through Izania no established contacts with the center and with each other.
Leadership is organized on the principle of nesting dolls have larger includes, takes care of and is responsible for a smaller...
House street-village-city district region-country.
Or city-state-country.

Accordingly, the headquarters of the leader and organizer of Izania township, city, district, Republican.
Not so much on the principle of subordination, how much help in solving problems.
Local, national or global, central.
So in the future all of the mini-Izania each large area or country, going into one another, will have to form a rather impressive army "matryoshka", covering the entire globe under the Gold Mount Supreme Staff.
Mother hen, wings stretched out over all their warriors or chicks, as you like.
Wherever those lands are located.


Yegor Zlatov is a leader and organizer of the Supreme Headquarters, heart of Izania.
His deputies:
Iris is a brain and nervous system.
Leo is banking system on life support.
Another was a deputy for Emergencies.

All leaders, organizers of large associations of Izans included in the Supreme Council headquarters along with several spiritual leaders.
It solved the basic organizational and ideological issues, sometimes resorting to the polls or election of the ordinary members.


Three forms of renunciation for entering into Izania:

1. Renounce Satan and his works (believers).

2. Renounce Satan and his works, if it is (for the doubters).

3. Renounce Satan and his works, if he was (to unbelievers ).

That is renunciation of works of darkness.

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