The priests have the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 68
Dzerzhynsky tractor plant in Stalingrad. 1933

Stalin tractor plant in Chelyabinsk. 1933

Yulia Ivanova

The priests have the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 68

A. A Boroday and Rudakov, Priest George Titov, Father Dm. Dudko, Metropolitan Veniamin Fedchenkov, Patriarch Alexy 1, Metropolitan Nicodemus, Ivan Nikitin.


Free oligarchic media degenerated into caricature and Yeltsin pseudo long turned from the "fourth estate "in" just power "allowing himself to dictate ultimatums to government, parliament, army, political parties, etc.
This magnitude of the impact is not even dreamed of a major Western information magnates like a new friend Berezovsky Rupert Murdoch.

In an unprecedented construction boom cranes on their strength and evoke pure apocalyptic association information totalitarianism Yeltsin regime "overtook" not only America but the entire world.
Mumbling about "freedom of the press", and then coming from the mouth of the president, of course, has a profound relationship with Yeltsin intuitive premonition that came to light something extraordinary and monstrous.

Having a direct bearing on the final, eschatological era in the history of humanity, "the era of the end times."
The very notion of "oligarchs", originally meant only "the richest" and "aggressive" bankers, today turned into a purely informational plane and overgrown whole series of mystical meanings.
"Oligarchs", when viewed through the prism of traditional Russian consciousness, appear "princes of son of the morning star", "father of lies" of the devil.
And their power is based on the foundation of black magic openly trade and madness lies.

"Free media" as call themselves today from two drunken permissiveness information and feudal hordes turned into a kind of "super-state".
On the side of each of the "empires" heads of regional administrations, ministers, mayors. International officials, presidents of the superpowers, masters of secret lodges and hosts closed political clubs.
Country, the people, the Russian state is not taken into account. Not even involved in the dismantling of the feudal as independent subjects.

Oligarchs have been living in "post-Russian reality".
And today, frenzied ecstasy surrendering the decisive battle for dominance over one-seventh part of the land, they, like some kind of black participants diabolical mystery, burned in the furnace of his opposition still remaining resources bleeding country...

Who knows, if Russia has now become a "field experiments" to test the different models of the "new world order" that will not wait if eventually the whole world, "the division and redivision "between" information and feudal clans"?
Anyway, in our eyes through the slippery shell covered "the kingdom of lies" begins, like unexpectedly dismissed in a U.S. Botanic Gardens "dead flower" grow "the kingdom of the beast".
Operating on the Russian space media oligarchs - the monster of "another world", rather than a Hobbesian Leviathan.
Them indicates and describes the mysterious hints Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian".
(A. Boroday, Rudakov. 1999).


If a hungry man needs earned him and his stolen bread, did the priest, and indeed a Christian, should not give him sympathy and possible help?
I think the negative response may testify only to "fossilization insensitivity" of some pastors.

Yes, the main thing for us spiritual nourishment of people opening the kingdom of heaven and helps to take the path of salvation.
But the question is: will people listen to the words of priests, apathetic to their needs?
Does not seem they to our preaching of the kingdom of heaven lulling tale for the poor?

Alarming fact extremely small number of newly churched people in the last year or two confirms my fears.
Too many Russians, active, ardent devotion to moral values, still remain outside the Church.
Not our fault if left out of the ark save the people wholeheartedly those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and yet do not know what's true, it's Christ?
What lament the Communists if they require some vociferously that today is vital and what we have now in the homeland and there is no trace, social justice.
It seems to me that it is not necessary to counteract this and not even stand on the sidelines, and to maintain and cherish the people that spark of divine light.
For only the conscience and makes a person a Christian...

The current government, patronizing moral corruption of the people, not to make the state the guarantor of justice, and put it at the service unprecedented in the history of lies and deception (remember at least privatization) antichristian have power."
(Priest George Titov.1999).


The Holy Synod at its first meeting after the February Revolution unanimously dismissed all the faithful to take the oath to Nicholas II and canceled church prayer for "the most pious emperor".


"All is mine," said the gold, all mine, said damask steel".
And bicker until this day.
West puts the gold, Russia damask steel.
But what is actually better? Rather that salvation?
Christ says you cannot serve God and Mammon.
West wanted to join and this and that, and get the "abomination of desolation".

We in Russia are experiencing difficulty from "damask steel" envied the West: that's where life is so life. And what we have: the oppression and blood everywhere.
And remember Single oppression and blood first centuries of Christianity, when Christian truth only enters the human soul.
And what "gold"? Gold West there is lack of spirituality, corruption shower.
Open this brazen crime has been under the rule of "damask steel".
Which is better, the question arises, "gold" or "damask steel"?
Gold is a sham. Damask steel requires dedication, courage, and although a lot of blood.
History of the sinful world is not without blood.
Blood, on the one hand, a crime with another epiphany ("what are you doing, why you kill your brother?").

Communist revolutionaries in Russia saw the light, pulled to Christ, and the West only cheating: can we trust the communists, and maybe they want to adapt?
It is placed under suspicion.
"Oh, if you were cold or hot!"
Cold, for example, the Communists, the heat there are believers.
Lukewarm have terrible thing.
Neither faith nor disbelief there indifference to everything.
All confused now, do not understand that which is right and which is left, which lies where the truth of all hype.

"In the Apocalypse, plainly stated: spew thee!"
(father Dm. Dudko).


After the confusion is not accidental cooperation between the Church and the Soviet Union, and sincerely...
Religious spirit of the Church, regardless of the political system, and will follow along with socialism...
Soviet Russia has an extremely strong the strongest country in the world.
Because that came to power by the people through the Bolshevik Party...

Previous system collapsed because it is internally DEGENERATED in its ruling class (royal, noble and intelligentsia).
And it was straight happiness for Russia would otherwise rot and lasted longer and deeper. To the detriment of the people and the state and even to the whole world.
In place of the obsolete classes came by the people in their unused and still unspent strength, mental and physical one.

And although this alone was extremely important, but even more important was the fact that people supported the new ideology: CO WORKERS, union workers.
The idea of the brotherhood of workers.
Ideology of friendship of peoples, not only in the Soviet Union one, and then (if possible) and assistance to other nations in the same direction.
This was done only by the Bolshevik Party, which went towards the masses of the working people.
And the Russian people are not accidental, but wisely stayed on the choice is Soviet power, among other groups and parties.
This manifested itself again and fortitude of mind of the people (and peoples of the Union).
Only the Soviet government could restore order in the country and lead it on. And the people went for it."
(Metropolitan Veniamin Fedchenkov. 1945).


"Russian church raises fervent prayer for power, victory, peace, health and salvation... all the valiant leaders of our country, our country firmly on top
Since ancient times, the sacred path of power, majesty and glory."
Patriarch Alexy 1, 1947).


"In the new world of socialism embodied and get the real existence of ideals introduced into the world by Christ, the Word made flesh."
(Metropolitan Nicodemus, 1969).


Heavy cross we carry, brothers,
Thought killed, mouth clamped
Deep down curses
Tears heart simmer.

Russ is under oppression, Russia is sick;
A citizen in anguish dumb,
Obviously he does not dare to cry,
Son of a mother sick!

Not you kindness and peace,
Kingdom of sorrow and chains
Kingdom of bribes and uniform,
Kingdom of sticks and whips.
Ivan Nikitin, between 1857 and 1861).

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