Mikhail Gorbachev. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 9

Yulia Ivanova

Mikhail Gorbachev. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 69


The Witnesses:
Metropolitan Alexy, Manager of the Moscow Patriarchate (the future Patriarch).
Alexis 1 - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
Valery Legostaev, Aleksandr Zinoviev, Alexander Dugin.


"General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev

Dear Mikhail Sergeyevich!

In the development of our short conversation on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, let me make a few observations on the relationship between state and church.
The law on the separation of church and state the fundamental principle on which to build our relationship does not mean that the church is out of the state, citizens and believers outside of Soviet society.

On the contrary, thousands of visible and invisible threads associated with the state church and the believers of our country engaged in virtually all spheres of economic and social life.
In short, the separation of church and state does not exclude cooperation between them and even more than that, only the separation and possibly genuine cooperation.

In this connection it is interesting to recall the position on the issue of the first Soviet government.
March 14, 1918 on behalf of Lenin Commissar of Justice Gursky, Commissar Yelizarov insurance and business manager of the Soviet of the People's Commissars Bonch-Bruyevich a deputation to the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.

During the meeting, they said that by publishing a decree of 23 January, the Council of People's Commissars has not sought to harm the church or something inconveniencing its activities, but meant only to separate it from the state.
That is to eliminate what the abnormal situation in which the church was a government agency.
On behalf of the government was even stated its readiness to consider the application, in accordance with the wishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, changes in the decree provided that they are not contrary to the principle of separation.

Unfortunately, too tough stance church representatives of that period did not allow to continue the dialogue begun with the Soviet government.
But if the latter is occupied as a constructive attitude towards the church, led by people who were not able to properly assess the historical events of 1917, I am convinced that at the present time, firmly respecting the principle of separation of church and state, there is a much more fruitful grounds for cooperation between them.

Dear Mikhail Sergeyevich!
Russian Orthodox Church has always lived in the aspirations and interests of its people. With him she was in joy and in times of trials.
In the past, she has contributed to the establishment and the unity of our country.
Her patriotic service in the harsh years of the Great Patriotic War does not require proof...

With regard to draft the new Party Program, which is provided for discussion not only party members, but also the entire Soviet people, let me ask you a specific proposal.
Why in this document, which for many years will determine the forward movement of our society, do not reflect the CPSU readiness to cooperate with believers of various religions in promoting international peace, averting the threat of a nuclear catastrophe, as it was said in the appeal, adopted by the communist and workers' parties of several years ago, as well as addressing the challenges of economic and social development?

This, being a reflection of real-life situation, would give a strong incentive for more active participation of believers in various countries in the universal task of preserving international peace. And the faithful of our country would encourage greater participation in general and also creative work.

There is no doubt that the inclusion of such provisions in the Program would produce extremely favorable impression abroad, showing that freedom of conscience really exists in our country, is recognized state and party leadership. Would strike a heavy blow attempts a hostile propaganda in a distorted light the situation of believers in the Soviet Union.
This would help, and many Communist parties, for which the problem of relations with the faithful is very urgent nature..."

Sincerely Alexy, Metropolitan of Tallinn and Estonia, Manager of the Moscow Patriarchate.


"Enjoying obvious favor from patriarch "supporters of perestroika" and "reformers" broke centuries-long ties between Russia and Ukraine, thus inflicting a severe, if not fatal, damage to the vital interests of the ROC.

Because in fact for the outward signs of the current boom in the Russian Orthodox hidden deep gaping wound whose name rejection of Ukraine with the rest of its territory by an absolute majority of the largest parishes and major shrines of the Russian Orthodox Church.
(Valery Legostaev).


SPEECH Alexy (Simansky), Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, BEFORE requiem for Josef Stalin, said Cathedral on day of his funeral (03.09.1953)

"Great Leader of our people, Joseph Stalin, was gone.
Abolish great strength, moral, social.
Power, in which our people feel their own strength. Which he directed in his creative works and enterprises. Wherewith he was comforted for years.

No area where it had not penetrated deep look great Leader.
On his intense worries and exploits during World War II, about his multifaceted works everyday vast administrative, management of public affairs spoke at length and convincingly and in print, and especially during the last farewell today, the day of his funeral, his closest employees.
His name, as an advocate of world peace, and his glorious deeds will live forever.

We gathered to pray about it, we cannot pass over in silence its always benevolent, sympathetic attitude to our church needs.
No question with which we treated him no, it was not rejected; it met all our requests.
And a lot of good and useful thanks to his high authority, made for our Church by our government.
The memory of him for us unforgettable.
And our Russian Orthodox Church, mourning his departure from us, accompanies him on his last journey, "the way of all the earth", fervent prayer.

In these sad days for us on all sides of our homeland from the bishops, clergy and laity, and from abroad, and representatives of the Heads of Churches, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox, I get a lot of telegrams, which report on the prayers for him and expressed our condolences for this sad loss for us.

We prayed about it, when the news about his serious illness. And now that he is gone, we pray for the world of his immortal soul.

Yesterday our special delegation consisting of His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas; Representative of the episcopate, clergy and faithful of Siberia Archbishop Palladius; Representative of the episcopate, clergy and faithful of Ukraine Archbishop Nikon and father Nicholas, laid a wreath at his tomb and bowed from the face of the Russian Orthodox Church of his dear ashes.

Prayer Determined Christian love, comes to God.
We believe that our prayer will be heard of the late Lord.

And our beloved and unforgettable Joseph Vissarionovich we prayerfully, with a deep, passionate love proclaim eternal memory."
(The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate. 1953, №4).


"The attitude of the Western world has changed a long time. Events in Kosovo just added new material.
Only for a small part of the people was the discovery that the Western world, led by "global super", which has developed over the western countries; it includes more than 50 million people, controls more than 50 percent of the world's resources; the Western world completely, cynically, without any cover found their true intentions:
World domination and complete destruction of all attempts at resistance.

Than "successful" we are moving in this direction, the farther we are from the truth.
The more superficial success now existing social order, the worse for Russia, the closer to the full Russian historical destruction."
(Alexander Zinoviev).


"Russian patriotism is the great mystic, geopolitical, historical, soteriological PROJECT chosen people trusted the Great.
As a special covenant that formed for that special ethnicity, characterized features and properties, unmatched anywhere else...

In multidimensional physical and HYPERPHYSICAL worlds, there are regions where the structure of straying into unforeseen side: such being chosen Russian.
Unpredictable and unexpected that struck without warning of the most taboo and bizarre spheres.

Russian patriotism begins with unprecedented demands and ends dictatorship impossible.
So it does not last but discloses...

Russian is the only nation in which you can enter (but from which you cannot go out without deep and irreversible injury). Every decent person in the world is a Russian...

Russian does not obey the laws of physics, biology and psychology. All instruments are in the measurement of the Russian people to break. Russians use their own measure, which is infinite...

Russians embody The Last Judgment. Those who live close to them, exposed metaphysical test: their wildly repels and attracts wildly.

It is foolish to try to formalize our secret. We can stay themselves, and far away from themselves for thousands of kilometers....

Everything is never final for Russians.
It infuriates everyone, but it is an absolute interrogative spiritual truth."
(Alexander Dugin).

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