Formula of salvation. Once again on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Formula of salvation. Once again on the main things

Man is being freed from slavery to STRANGE lust. That's a real revolution!

Just liberation from material needs can be dangerous and harmful.

This enormous energy should be directed not at the service of the forces of darkness, not in the sand, not unbridled satisfaction "growing needs".
Not just to any creation, for "build" can and the Tower of Babel, and brothels.

And the maximum: the implementation of the Plan to you.

The main question: "Why?" "Whose side are you on?"

From our point of view, everything has meaning only person with access to personal immortality. Satanic freedom from the Creator's Plan has led the world to disaster.


We help those who intend to use the newfound freedom to serve His Cause.

Under the slave system, serfdom, slaves, who had no other means of livelihood, were obedient to their masters. And for all the sins of unfulfilled lives fell to the slaveholder.
However, where a person has freedom of choice, for it in all its sharpness question: "Who and what you serve?"
For if we release the evil is sin for us.

We are known not always "given anticipate". Anything can happen, unexpected. But if we know and permit it, than a sin is on us.
It's like the commander to make a fatal mistake, substituting the bullets of their fighters.
Why we are so scrupulous when taken in Izania. So many steps and inspections.


The Lord speaks of the "daily bread" a necessary condition for the realization of freedom of talent returns for long. To serve the Cause of God on earth.
If we provide all the necessary human, he was not allowed to work for someone else's lust. When slavery was justified by the lack of freedom.

In the era of the Antichrist will be a question and cancellation of the bread.

So, we give a person a relative freedom for the sake of gaining external internal freedom.

Which implies, in turn, voluntary renunciation of external and internal lack of freedom from the chains of selfishness, greed, corruption, pride, etc.
That is the freedom we are fighting against unfreedom.

Unfreedom of freedom of foreign gives internal freedom.

Incidentally, these conversations that supposedly does not know "how to do" is cunning after divine revelation of the gospel.
Anyway, we know how to "HOW NOT TO DO!"


Can I volunteer soldiers called free in his choice? Yes, of course.
But if it is available in the need to overcome all the hardships and privations of camp life? Severe injuries, pain, fear, when you want the bullets to attack, etc.?
Give, finally, life for their choices?
In this case, it is subject to their own decision. But does not consider him bonded, for the ministry of higher truth and freedom.
"My yoke is easy and my burden is light there."
Feeling right path, climbing, close Heaven gives unforgettable fortune of being authenticity.


In the Lord's Prayer "Our Father" concluded RECOVERY FORMULA.

1. Recognize higher, spiritual, heavenly origin of man.
Here is all important.
Our Heavenly Father, Thy will be done...
Returns to the Will of the Father, for "the power of God made perfect in weakness."
Rejection of his sinful nature.
The word "Father" emphasizes the paternalistic relationship, loving family.
"OUR" conciliarism and unity.

Appeal to the Father to sanctify, to transform, to subordinate their own laws fallen world, dying in evil and darkness.
"Thy Kingdom come."


From Father's daily bread. Father is a return long.

How to return debts (Heaven talents given by Heaven) to the Lord?
Usually, it understands alms, charity, forgiveness of injuries.

"Debtors" in our understanding of those we have served their talents, inspiration, strength and time, skill and intelligence.
For those who built homes and airplanes, sewed clothes, wrote a good book or painting. Grown fruits, discovered a new star.
Or someone cured of blindness, physical or spiritual.
We have to charge for this service.
Work in our imperfect world should be encouraged and should be a measure of labor.

But apart from the forgiveness of personal grievances, we have no other way to return to the Creator "debts" as donated their talents to serve throughout his life to His Cause.
Fall of mankind and its fragmentation, disintegration akin to nuclear.

God commanded the man not to worry about their daily bread, like ensuring each of his daze.
We can make it a reality, providing each other must be sufficient.

The first thing (daily bread) we receive. The second is the "debt" talents we give to the Cause.

These concepts are vital to divide, to avoid capture Mammon.

Squander his talent remains an eternal debtor, the prodigal son, did not return to the Father.
We will not just squander "our debts." The last was taken away.
And such a slave "bit will be."
"Freely you have received freely give."
Here, again, the question is not in the wealth / it is also a talent /, and in his hand.
Cause or serve them with the help of wealth make others wait on you?

"Serve would be happy. Ministered sick!"
See the difference?

And finally, third, closely related to the first two.
"Lead us not into temptation."
That is, let us not into temptation. Stumble, fall.
Temptations necessary steps, testing, overcoming that we in the throes of " born again."
Temptations are the same God "cannot".
They are similar in all major religions, including the moral code of the builder of communism.
These "impossible" on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Lord has given us freedom.

For where there is no choice, there is no freedom.

Overcoming temptation, we find the right path.
Temptations are needed; this is our school.
Winning our fallen nature, we ask the Creator "not to give into temptation."
That is, to keep, to help overcome.

Note, not "get rid of temptation," and " do not let fall," "do not enter".


But "deliver us from evil."
Another aspect of the third rule of Heaven, which is rough and humanity globally penalized. The Heaven instructs us to avoid contact with the prince of darkness.

"Will God" as you know is the universal lie.

But the modern world with its obsessive blatant advertising, "Want as much sweeter Forbidden! Blue, pink! Sodom dope! There is only one God in the world is your desire! "World enthusiastically listens to the whisperings of Satan.
Serves him right, earnestly, turning into a hymn.

We can fight with temptations, but we cannot afford to enter into combat with the prince of darkness. These are different weight categories.
But just as the hands of his soldiers Lord can provide true sustenance is He our own hands "save them from the evil one".
Help us to protect them from direct satanic violence, ensuring modern parlance, the right "little ones".
Which the "good shepherd" (Caesar kind, kind state, kind comrades) Creator ordered to guard against wolves.
This is our bounden duty. Order over.

The Lord's Prayer gives us a direct blessing.

Especially because it's not just about saving the victims, but also the "seduction", what is "it would be better not to be born at all".

"Our Father in heaven, help us to fulfill your will on earth", is the essence of the Lord's Prayer.

We are not utopians, and perfectly understand that the enemy is strong and fundamentally alter "Mad World" is unrealistic.
But there is much we can.
Is this not what the prayer says elder:
Lord, give me strength to endure what I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to distinguish one from the other...


It is boiled, scrambled, poached.

Boiled bloated with blood, money, possessions and gastric evil raging triumph of matter over spirit.

Boiled crushed sucked stupefied Ostankino needle...
But they are still "in".
Afraid that will take away the buzz and make work...
With a broken shells and dumped the gut, which they flaunt, demanding their share, "social justice" in devouring the country.
Or envy, crave chop on salad those "hard-boiled."

Others "in the bag".
With bags, backpacks, giant bags. Making their way to market your Olympus hump.
And all together in dandruff, sweat, pimples, napkins and diapers...


In this Goldenland Bagged pitch was not.

With wheelbarrows untethered massives, debility offspring, hacienda, trash, bits, shooting.
With kneeling and weeping salary vote "heart."
With bloodthirsty clacking teeth. With exploding packages, suspicious boxes.
With bags stuffed with junk. With heart-rending shrieks showdown local and bags on ungreased wheels...
Nothing like that was not in Goldenland.

Here we spoke to each other "comrade". Joyfully and enthusiastically engaged, everyone finally reached his favorite thing. And everything else: food, facilities, sports and recreation were just pleasant to the main application.

Here, in general, were all workaholics.
And escape from the noisy families' scandalous technical and creative intelligentsia, without a divorce, peacefully, just as once the home of creativity.
And young couples of different professions. Child not only supervised, but also with medical, spiritual and educational side have nothing better to wish for.
And any household chores. Sport, and in general, any entertainment.

Many exhausted refugees from "hot spots" found here authentic house.
Izan-net found a suitable job for them in Moscow and Moscow region; most, of course, in the construction trades.
But for women, lovers cook, inducing purity, tinker with kids, not to mention the doctors, teachers, about all sorts of scarce specialties: there were no problems.

Izan-net received all the information: who require and who knows what. On labor, housing, training in various specialties.
On the creative associations and educational institutions, the presence of vacancies, on transportation, food, weather conditions, the construction materials necessary literature about everything drastically.
The request and the optimal solution.
System is suitable for work, housing, medical and domestic service, the placement of children and the elderly.
For this Goldenland inhabitants Moscow and Moscow region. Other staffs Izanami organized directly in the field using, primarily, internal reserves.
Sometimes turned for help to the nearby headquarters or, in extreme cases, to the Centre, the Supreme Headquarters.

Izania was the lifeblood of unearthly being. Whereas aliens lived by their own laws and values.

Here in the morning doing exercises, shrieking splashing kids in the pool.
Here, from the dining room smelled delicious specialties Goldenland's cabbage soup (fasting days could be ordered even with mushrooms).
There was not a disco and dance floor with a wonderful brass band.
Having fun, so that the earth shook, but no bullying and obscenities themselves to keep order.
Here whispering lovers on the benches. They played romantic weddings and birthdays.
And sometimes John became a pity that youth long gone. What cannot be here so recklessly, as once on construction of the five-enroll in a scout or an organizer of Izania.
And some jerk in the disaster area.
To revitalize, release and build a new life...

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