The Dance of Salome. Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

The Dance of Salome. Yegor on the main things

"Be with him more often," said the attending physician", close person next; it is very important during the rehabilitation period. But everything else is our business.

When Denis was discharged from the hospital, they have settled in double room (in a separate room Goldenland relied on the person, since the age of 16).
He loved that he could himself on the computer to select the layout and style of furniture, wallpaper, interior.
He picked these pictures as a child, and video wall "Sea" and does it fascinated.
Denis clock buttons were: calm, whitecaps, the storm...

The toy was expensive, but he, "the patient during rehabilitation," was released a month for free, as a medicine.
They "listened to the sea". They recalled Gagra, the friends shooting.
They remembered only the good.
Her usband... With nearly forty years of experience.
Of course, she loved him. Increasingly grew strong feeling that she for him to answer before Heaven.

We are responsible for those who tamed and who we was married to...
Joanna was beginning to understand the meaning of the Christian word "love" in the sense of "regret". Help, support, take wing. Care, tolerate and forgive.

Before this new feeling jealous when "own" was replaced at first indifference, alienation, then the modern version of "The Odyssey" can come back tomorrow, and maybe ever before it all somehow tarnished, like combines them before.
Teamwork, friends, property, memories, Philip, grandchildren...
Denis now just needed her.

She knew nothing about it foreign boyfriends and girlfriends; surely it was.
Only now it also made no difference.
How and what he apparently has always been from another test.
Neither former coterie, nor in-law, nor Philip with their grandchildren, in general, it was not until he was doing. Is that Lisa and her sacrificial compassionate rushed to, but just did not have that opportunity.

Denis anyone but Joanna was not.
It seems, and he suddenly realized. Their relationship appeared something touching well just once popular cub Chandra and dog Toby.
Not too aesthetic slippers, robes, warm pants and entered the warmer attributes of their new life together. But this does not seem to matter.
Nothing mattered except the master:
"He has no one but me"...

And she knew that here, in this life, to part with him forever.
There, below, on the other side of the window flying to Moscow train, she set foot on the narrow path of the sunset. And after walk after Ignatius to meet Fire.

And if God does not forgive her if absconding ever Ignatius for glowing horizon, and it will remain one, and come eternal darkness, and only the spirit of Alma redhead whined, lies at the feet, it will still wait forever Ignatius in this pitch darkness.
As a mom of a letter from his murdered father.
In hot belief that Ignatius will beg the Lord to cross out, blot out of the book of life of its mortal sins.
And the children killed in the womb, and pride, and Anton, this demonic delusion, in which she often repented.
And repenting every once in disarray marveled that this cool erotic series of her life.




Executive the Law of Heaven. We call Izania "Union."
"Brotherhood" there too, "community" is not what.
It is the "Union". Heirs of the best in the destruction of the USSR.
Those who are still willing to go to the Call.

Beautiful but abstract.

Is truth comprehensible? She was to go to her call. Always.
Giving her life. Realizing that happiness is to give true life.
It is in this.

Dream a lovely, still unclear?

Uh-huh. Fairy tale come true.

Kingdom "within us" begins here on earth.
With gracious state embarked on the path of the soul. Freedom from bad material infinity and fear of death.

Education from childhood allergies to greed, selfishness, vanity, pride. And other consequences of original sin.

Let stinginess become thrifty.

Vanity leadership. The right to carry a boy and take on a very heavy burden.

Wealth, namely the right to serve the Cause of the Harvest...

Yes, we are humble and obedient to the Great Commander. But we are strong and proud as we are His soldiers.
And our strength "made perfect in weakness".


Our wealth is in the bank of Eternity.
Not a sin, not gold, but imperishable values will encourage the development of society.

Revolutionaries Spirit?
Exactly. No blood.

But what about your "a stake"?
It is a symbol. Nail, neutralize, denying the possibility of alien life to absorb potential predator sits in each bacillus original sin.
The same Cain out of jealousy kills his brother Abel.
And for that rejected the kingdom.

Still, the company does not tolerate light.
So let there be light!
Will plow windows, doors, showers.
Tear down the walls of spiritual cameras; let jailers run from condemning beam.

Those who are destined to burn, let burn.
Other will creep to their holes.
But there will be healed.

We strongly believe not only in convicting, but also on the power of Light.
In that He is stronger than darkness.
Fire In healing, transformative.
In absolute love. Lifesaving and life-giving.

So you 're saying that this is your "natural selection" of the historical process "test light "?

And is not it?
Vampires grazes sin, making money on it.
She cuts coupons from all that condemned and cursed heaven.
Pastures it's poisonous, and the harvest is Gehenna.

Cool. Here you wrote here:

"We are not only the heirs of Holy Russia, but also the Great October Revolution. Rus constructive and creative, its spiritual heritage."

Further - more
"Violence will destroy the Mir, heavy fetters fall "...
Again the same old story?

Our ultimate goal is beyond the empirical world.

And found. "Formation of the Incarnation, maturing in the womb of the world is doomed."

And so can be a good idea.
"A world of violence, heavy shackles" for us it is about Mammon. Taurus about idolatry.
About satanic chain.

Different civilizations:
Grab the whole world, lost mountain.
Giving all the mountain to acquire him.

Do you remember the last temptation of Christ?

Savior renounced all riches and wealth of the earth, from the power of the world; show us the way.
Carry his cross on his Calvary.

Understood. Still, Yegor, a few words about the problem of the Gentiles...
Very well. Personally, I recycle everything of value in the cultural and religious experience of mankind through its Creed.

And your attitude toward totalitarian regimes?

Some are like nuclear boiler, which boils constrained evil, finding no way out.
With the destruction of the boiler starts a chain reaction of evil.
But if about us, the current government diligently inculcates "stone insensitivity" to evil. Constantly raising the bar through the media of its affordability.

Validity of multiple parts horror turns solid.
So yes it is.

What distinguishes humanity from pleasing to man?

When someone voluntarily takes on the burden of another, whether near or far, ("neighbor who is currently in need of your outstretched hand"); this is humanity.

But there is a certain line when you strive to climb and ride.


Why even the church, when it comes to the show on TV profane blasphemous film speaks not with his tongue?
Knowledge of any "violation of the rights of believers"...

Why play by their rules rather than to remind those from whom the temptations:
"I wish you had never been born at all."
Recalled that when he goes Lord (Savior and Guardian), in an unprotected house break all the powers of hell.

And then start untold hardships.
Few of them survived our unfortunate homeland?


Serving own fallen nature kills primarily the very identity, its soul.

Gogol's "The Portrait," "The Picture of Dorian Gray," "Yes, Gentle Giant "...

Soviet society began to crumble when introduced principle of material incentive. It was impossible to play their game.

Constant false: try to get as much, but remember that it is self-seeking...

Izania's output: interest in earnings as an opportunity to fulfill Calling. Financing their own business and affairs associates working on idea.
Implementing creative plans, ideas, talents. Individual and collaborative projects.

That is not a material interest, and, one might say, spiritual.

Ban on the use of wealth for stupidity.

What would you say to the heroic visionaries, and not waiting for a "bright future "?

First of all, bowed to feet.

And would say, nothing went on, guys.
Your "good deeds" as the stars at night, will sail for the souls for centuries nothingness.
That on the Court before the Throne fill backpacks and shopping bags beggars precious diamonds "steamers, long lines and other things."

Cool. And finally I say?

"Manuscripts do not burn."
But the "bad smell dead words"...

Our so-called elite by volition king Herod performs the dance of Salome, eager to get on a platter the head of Russia.
But... the word immortal.

If you please, good gentlemen, to become creators of immortal evil?

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