The smaller of the legion of evil. Yegor on the the main things

Yulia Ivanova

The smaller of the legion of evil. Yegor on the the main things

* * *
After long discussions we found it necessary to divide the provision among izans "daily bread" (daily bread) from "our debts". That is the reward for your work here and outside Izania.
I'm talking about personal projects or participate in initiatives of each other. They have gained an impressive data base, according to the orders of our entrepreneurs, inventors and other creators.

Now. First, the problem of the "daily bread," we solved out of touch with the social status of the individual.
The column "social position" we have changed "profession, type of occupation".

Professional benefits, of course, inevitable. Well, there is a laboratory, a Cabinet for a writer, a workshop for the sculptor, the chair of the dentist...
However, no privileges for special food, clothing, housing. On the upbringing and education of children. To rest some kind of special comfort, entertainment and service with all kinds of suites, etc.
Must-sufficient simply allocated on a scientific basis, taking into account specific features and applications. And know problems, says iris.
The finger should be provided with all necessary, as the head, though its function is immeasurably more difficult.
But if the gout finger sick, and head, and the body is unable to function normally.
Need your head should be just OTHER than the correct finger or eye.

But not a "stronger and better". They say, Suite you, and you total the car.
So, welcome to Vampire!

Really and academician in the General car?
Calm down, copyname place on the bottom shelf.
Of course, if there is no help that you have a right to separate compartment for medical reasons.
But on the top you have much to suffer shoemaker. And then if he is not disabled.

You can withdraw from your account at Izan Bank at least for the equipment for the dental practice, though on an expedition into the Sahara, but not on a mink coat. At least for the wife, even for not the wife.
And the carpenter can't, and combine operator, plumber extra class, sometimes receiving more professors. Established in the Constitution.

Really sign?
Uh-huh. By Golden Parker.

* * *

Well, sly binding labor activity to the need to earn to "life" comes the global effect of "overeating".
To live like the birds of heaven?
And you wondered why such an extreme about the birds in the gospel? If the item of Izan statutes. This is a call to join her.
Because alone it is impossible, except that the manna from heaven...

Because otherwise it overeating throughout. Until it is possible to buy the unlimited power at zero spiritual and moral level.
Attempts everyone to pull the blanket over himself.
The cult closed on itself vain pride .
Endless appetites of some lead to a chronic hunger of others.
Infect response blood lust.
So again, welcome to Vampire!

Earth's resources are limited.
They are not designed for unreasonable consumption, harmful, moreover, body and soul.
ORGIES (kerf: what izan word?) destroy not only "vampire" but acting and potential. Donors.

How envious, gripping his fists, waiting in the wings, so indifferent, and suffering. Any, by their silence and patience evil permanent him nourish, nurture. Throw black balls in the urn's lives.
Goodbye to his health personal enemies, but what right have indifferently look at the abuse of the elderly, women, children?
"Silence betrayed God"...
Did the events of recent years, people's "non-resistance to evil" has not led to disaster?
Aren't pity girls on the panel and boys "on the needle"? Of Fatherland defenders of homeless people or killers?
Especially those who do not know what he is doing. The death eaters permissiveness?

"Fear of their desires, they are sometimes".
Shit and empty "will" we feature from a DREAM. Breakthrough to the "Unknown God".
"To overcome space and space"...
The dream of a child of the spirit.
And "daydreaming" cock flapping wings.

* * *

Temptation: someone found a wallet and varies: return - not to return?

The evil one: It is not stealing, but good luck. It is gift of fate. There are a million? Grab rather, look how God loves you! You are the cream of the crop. These are objects of admiration and imitation.

Temptation: to change or not to change his wife, let's say, in the resort?

The evil one: Sexual freedom is a revolution, progress. Exemption from dark prejudice and shackles.
Benefits sophisticated sex, fighting for the rights of sexual minorities is your tasked in the 21st century.

Temptation: Do sin, God will forgive. Give in to sin...

The evil one: Yes no it is not a sin, and granted over freedom, protected by the "human rights". Live to the fullest"
What virtue is? Do not make laugh people! Don't be old fashioned fool.
Live once...

In other words:

Temptation: "the Creator warned: "do not drink, the kid will be," But you still try, what wine is delicious"...

The evil one, "will Not become a kid, lied to God.
Drink! He will be like God".

* * *

"Harmful" habits and various deviations.

If we are such a person will reject, he shall bear his sin into the world, tempting and infecting others already exponentially.
Very adopted by Izania will kill their own and other souls in taverns and brothels, in different corners of the earth, supporting and paying for evil in the world.
Therefore, the only criterion is voluntary came to us with the intention to heal.

Vampire shall not prosper at their expense!
To destroy the taverns, casinos, brothels, brothels!
To fight deed and word "too weapons", gradually constructing a new reality.
For voluntary treatment in the "quarantine" there is close cooperation with the clergy, psychologists and other medical specialists. Using the latest computer achievements.

I repeat. The life of an izan in a fallen world, it is a continuous lesser of two evils.
And because the worst thing is to serve as a temptation, a child molester for others let virtual sex and other dark virtual fantasy relate only to you, your relationship with darkness.

* * *

Doubters here are a few excerpts from the magazine "Leisure":

Advertising club "Chance" for homosexuals /students entrance free/.

"Two halls: big with house-music, where erotic shows on stage /Striptease, air erotica on belts/and the most famous "fish" with large aquariums.

"Highlight" of the club: Nude boys, floating among the fish next to the aquarium with piranha Club... replete with dark passages.

But the most song "Chance" has a toilet.
"Male" and "female" are a single whole with swing open doors without any unnecessary valves.
Visitors "W" not surprised, if they are in the cabin looks unfamiliar cute boy with a request to lend him lipstick".

Club "Barracks":

"It would be correct to call the club "Catacombs", because even sober to find a way hard.
And in a drunken altogether hopeless undertaking, given minimum illumination and a large number of visitors.
At the entrance there is a main hall with a triangular bar, a stage for shestogo Striptease, wooden plank beds and shower, in which washed strippers after the speech.
If you dare to go further, you will find yourself in the maze, where the background black walls Shine red lights.
In some corners of sofas and beds of various configuration and TVs see it.
All rooms are prudently equipped with slots for those who want to watch from the sidelines for the people in the rooms.

The most visited place there is another branch of the labyrinth: a hall with booths, each with a urinal and a sink. In the walls on different levels drilled holes of different sizes.

According to the regulars, cabins enjoy high popularity".

"Chameleon" (login students is 15 rubles. Plus they give you a coupon for vodka, soda and a sandwich for twenty roubles).

"Noisy and crowded on weekends stuffed up to 1000 people.
The club is very similar large discos "decaying" of the West, where two minutes joint dance begin kissing him firmly on the lips with a strong embrace.

In the club there is complete sexual emancipation.
You can do anything, even to love onstage (not to mention the labyrinth).
Undressing and primitive movements are welcome.
There are a variety of erotic contests and lotteries with different prizes: TV, stereo, etc.

If you brought here, do not strain when rear perfect stranger (or the stranger) and (regardless of your gender) starts to snuggle all parts of the body: here it is".

* * *

Drunks and drug addicts give us a subscription about the desire to experience our soft methods of treatment: computer-virtual dream.
Where the patient himself deciding to take or not to take alcohol or a drug, like programs the positive or negative result of their choices. Scrolls in his own mind with the help of virtual reality.

All this while on the verge of development, requires fresh ideas programmers, physicians, clergy. Religious-moral and public understanding.

We invite everybody to cooperation and we will together choose the lesser of the Legion of evil.
But we understand the main thing: of Course, when someone in virtual reality meets lust with a minor girl is sin.
But far worse is when the maniac out to do this on a real street of this city.

Where, by the way, walk and your children, gentlemen, comrades.

* * *

Spiritual heritage is the capital of eternity. Heavenly Bank, from which humanity derives strength for the climb, living water.
Not awaken do you his word of power, pushing together into the abyss?

* * *

Generosity, humility, "poor in spirit" are good only in the aspect of the spiritual state of a person. Her rejection of his fallen nature, obedience to the Will of the Creator.

As for the rest: long live the adventure. Resistance and offensive!

We mobilized and are called" his Heavenly homeland.
Death is the first demobilization, liberation. The long-awaited vacation to new battles.
Perhaps in other worlds as we would like to believe me.

"Now you are letting Your servant, Lord"...

"Not the world I have come to bring to the earth, but a sword"...

Notice, the red martyr Nikolai Ostrovsky says not "die" and "perish".

Not only Orthodox saints, not only Blaise Pascal, but this seems to be far from the Church of the Bolshevik remember me "in difficult moments of life". When is necessary to strengthen spirit.

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