Qu ocumque ferar. Joanna's Page 72

Yulia Ivanova

Qu ocumque ferar. Joanna's Page 72

"Qu ocumque ferar". "Direct from everywhere - Latin.

* * *

Denis immediately made friends with iris.
They chatted for hours, easily moving from English into Russian to back to their inaccessible Joanna computer themes; she knew only a few words.

Denis and were fascinated by the virtual nature for his projects incredible opportunities and much cheaper!
And now Iris has infected his new idea - medical-educational design of the patient's own life.
For drug addicts, for example, alcoholics, for those who want to be cured from any addictions.

It was accompanied by many as a curse - almost every day the same sometimes tragic or just mishaps.
Conflicts, scandals, dismissal from work, fatal mistakes and consequences of such accidents and fires...

Thus, sitting in a chair in front of the monitor with sensors on the head, the patient (voluntarily, of course) were placed in virtual reality.
Here is his house, wife, relatives, familiar surroundings and friends.
A favorite thing, a familiar street, bar, where he is a regular face - everything is normal.

But he drinks or prickly, or gets a chance acquaintance with "blue" or confusing, or something forbidden...
The usual buzz.

But suddenly everything changes - trouble on the service, the gap with his wife. She leaves, taking children.
Poor desperate rushes in order to find it, click on the button POPs out on the street. And begin horror films - accidents, bandits...
In the end, hospital beds - pain, nausea, terrible headache...

Or nightmares, demons, terrible vision - Dennis was an expert of any kind of thrillers and shock therapy, the patient is sometimes had to turn off and give calming.
"Sinner" in shock.

There is only one way to get rid of them - after passing through ordeals and tests, to find a time machine and go back into the recent past.
When things were good wife at home, the children of the whole on the work order.
And he is not infected with AIDS and is not sick of a cancer of lungs after immoderate area...

The patient presses a button, and finally, about happiness! That the very moment when he'd drink from that damn bottle or collapse in a fatal lane.
Bottle back on the shelf of the bar, the money is in place, it in the family by the sea.
Children frolic, they rejuvenated with a beautiful wife are gentle warm wave.
The same one that splashes on the wall Denisova room.

The sea calm... Sounds great music, cry of a gull, white sail on the horizon...
And then there is a noisy company, offers to drink...
And over.

"How about modeling of hell?" once suggested that Joanna, with a shiver own audacity, - a Few minutes in the outer darkness?
And remembered "thick doors.

But in any modeling natural and mystical horror Denis was the master himself.
King of the underground!

Joanna could not see his latest project, but Iris assured that, compared with it, all together American and non-American thrillers seem "Fun".

"Is it all so slowly," said iris, here is a photo on the wall, like, nothing.
Luggage to the wall is coming, everything is so slow, and I'm scared already.
On the photo... the voice Iris died down to a whisper, her eyes wide.
"Oh", cried suddenly Denis, as in children's horror stories.
Iris was a squeak, Joanna, too.
Denis laughed, pleased.

Fear is a great feeling! Said Iris, is a Man in this state can jump over the fence, not that through sin.
The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. After all, right?

"Right," said Joanna. "Point, Lord, the fear on them. The Nations may know themselves that people they are."

"I think, and the Church will support us. Develop special religious educational programs for schools and kindergartens...
Because the child is often not the consequences... And we will have to lose a few options. Prohibitions - payday.
Yes this is for all ages relevant.
For example, crossed the street on a red light...

"And put in the casino of the red," said Joanna.

Stabbed the red woman-percent-counter, is connected Denis. The Communist, ingrown in the market.

The idea he liked. He began almost something to sell, working in defiance of the doctors.

What happiness when between us are not worth the money, he said something about doctors.
And said, "When between people are not worth the money."
"What low cunning - amusing half-dead..."

"Low cunning"...
"Sigh and think to yourself: "When the devil take you?"
It's all about money.
"Uncle's dream", remember?

* * *

They now have often been at Iris. Them with YYegor room was no different from standard - except that the corridor was walking protection.
We ordered dinner favorite dumplings (not purchased in packs, as hidden fighters, and real homemade).
They were fashioned in the evenings two refugee-teacher, mainly for additional earnings - contract with one of Moscow cafe.
But something was supposed to get and Zlatograd.

The teacher, together with other Izans, collecting funds for the restoration of schools, destroyed because of some ethnic conflicts in their native village, where she intended to return.

So dumplings. Beer with a roach. For Denis soft and unsalted crackers, rubbed with garlic.
Iris with Denis went into another room to work and scream there's something in English, then in Russian. And Joanna was discussed with the other guests of the fate of Russia.

Come yet familiar cine couple, who settled here for a month, as in the house of creativity for a fee.
Her husband wrote the script. His wife-ballerina retired, day went to work at some tourist Agency and led here dancing circle.

To leave her husband alone in Gold Mount wife hesitated, fearing discreet charm" violets.
Iris tried to persuade them to rent an apartment reliable company (arrange it Isania undertook) and settle in Gold mount.
The more that former ballet dancer and even in the movie worked for several years in the Assembly, and they mounted needed desperately.

There's always something hotly discussed. Iris instilled Gold Mount elite taste to the method of brainstorming. And, unlike non-binding Russian conversations "for the life" and asking "damned eternal questions", in apartment iris all the discussions it was more like "the Council in filly".
Followed by immediate orders and military action.

Joanna did not get tired to admire the ability of American boldly to invade the most risky topics. Discussing in detail any "virtual sex", and at the same time holding the strictest distance with the opposite sex.
Not allowing any liberties and remain, however, "her boyfriend", "comrade". Recalling the KP-impassioned advocate of "flaming years."
She even worn over jeans fashion in those days blouse broad stripes. Pale violet band alternated with ink.

Virtual flock of rock doves perched headed iris flew on Izan-Net and the Internet, bustling tirelessly on the earthly and transcendental cases Isani.
Searching the world "our", providing assistance, requiring assistance. Passing the bills around the world Yegor's ideas and sermons, revealing another wiles of Vampiria...
Hurry, while the Internet has become the mouthpiece of the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, to have time to foul Beast.

And rejoice this great invention that allows you without leaving your home to talk "from heart to heart" with any "citizen of the universe".
Enlighten, to protect, to comfort, to help, to inspire...

Iris rejoiced that we can finally get to shoot at Vampiria at least from the virtual space Because in the real field to it now not be reached neither in CIS, nor, especially, in their States.

Supposedly, this is only in words there "freedom of speech", and try sunisa in solid editors or publishers with any fundamentally subversive ideas...

Muffled, as in the tank, as they say in Russia.

Separate facts - castigate on health. But no conclusions and generalizations, no tunnel under the FOUNDATIONS.
All the criticism should be directed at the improvement of capitalism.
Well, for example, some dream of a return to "good old times", they are for free enterprise and against monopoly.
Their motto is "the Love of God, country and family." "Relying on themselves, refined sense of community", says Bob Dole.

Many believe that the current market is the deadly enemy of society, which he is supposed to serve. Michael Pusey, for example.
Others just say that man turned in the calculator...

But try to shake "the basics" any "revolution of consciousness"!..
If and grabbed some not frightened publishing house, or will publish at its own expense... No relevant ads are still not moving.
In States without advertising, as it...Either the amplitude or sudi.

Meanwhile, as said iris, there is very strong community-the community. In them one in eight Americans.
Communities organize something like our squads to protect against criminals, criticize the government, which doesn't care about ordinary Americans, and complain about the absence in the society of traditional spiritual values.
Communities often clash with religious currents, where Iris has been particularly successful to join the ranks izans and "sympathizers".

Well, and as part of the "revolutionary", according to Joanna, the current American films did not concede our classics.
Iris showed a couple of such undermining Vampire ideological minutes
In one city homeless people under the leadership of some Superman made such a crushing disassembly with corrupt mafia authority, under such steep slogans denounced the "damned imperialists" that the tape seemed downright luxurious shot in Hollywood cranberries-to-order Lubyanka Soviet times.

In another high society literally gobbled up the eyes of the shocked viewers two got to his feet boys to the last bone.
The symbolism of social vampirism in its purest form.
"Society" So, it seems, was called the film.

In short, Isania fundamentally prepared to confront the coming Antichrist is already promoting its ideology, establishing relations and shot back "computer bullets through the Internet.

Speaking of "computer pool".
Discussed here once in strict secrecy, what to do with one
eccentric kind inventor, which together with the application for membership in Isani brought a project of such bullets.

Looking on the genetic characteristics and affecting any "ordered enemy of the people", /he said/ in any point of the globe via the Internet.
Setting such "enemy of the people", the computer is suddenly BAM!
A sudden stroke and all over.

"Of course, nobody believed the craftsman.

Then taken offense inventor told that piece stuck to the couch wool cat makes this cat's bullet. So it's best cat now to stay away from your favorite couch in front of the computer.
They laughed.

As soon the cat actually found dead. Not on the sofa, and the dumpster without traces of violent death.
Although there was no evidence that the Internet accident killed the cat, it became somehow uneasy.

The inventor, who was on the account still a lot less steep patents in Isania adopted after a long and heated debate.
What if a "bullet-no-fool" will intercept vampire? It can mess things up!
Only decided to set him strictest care, taking pre-oath - no Amateur.
The inventor has assured, that if he will create all conditions for work, it outside Zlatogorie not a step until you put forward feet.

As tried to persuade Joanna iris show her even from afar this craftsman, she only laughed off. That he de wears a cap of invisibility.

This kind of problem ethical plan occurred in Isania all the time.
For example, the degree of cooperation with Vampiria, especially foreign one.
Whether "our" scientists to accept offers of NATO countries to participate in dubious religious-moral perspective projects?
Especially with even indirectly related to the military industry?

The answer was usually negative.

In order to not incur in the Supreme Court responsibility for the slain of the NATO missiles.
For the perverted any Hollywood "lolita"
For dumbed-down and brainwashed latest psycho.

* * *

Yet sometimes came Leo Livshits.
"New Russian Jew" wife, "new Russian ukrainian", as they themselves were called. Also a banker.
They immediately launched into foreign exchange their conversations. Calculated balance-buldo", debit-credit. Argued with stuffed dumplings mouths.

Love in Gold Mount and balls stuffed with meat and onions that unites all at the table.

And at eleven, if not was out, was himself Yegor.
Whipcord, impenetrable, mysterious boy-Sphinx (for Joanna he was still Luzhino's boy/.

It was amazing how you can sleep four or five hours to do everything, so serious about life, really do not transferring anything mocking, ironic. Especially about the notorious "damned".

The Fate of Russia, Isania, The Universe...
And in General did not like Yegor's humorous frivolous chatter about anything. Immediately circumcised glance or angry: "well enough"!

"Semper adamas" - ("always unbroken") proclaimed then left to the beloved Yegork's Latin, in order to defuse the situation.

Or: "Qu ocumque ferar" ("Direct from everywhere ").

And then Yegor permitted himself barely smile.

"Yegor allows to love," said iris, "He would never I not married, if the marriage would not go for the benefit of Isania...
"And you?
Similar to red-haired kid, she always tanned iris, if only just come down from Gagra beach, with freckles on a little Western Union nose and sensual guttural laugh resembled Helge.
Denisov passion of the Soviet past, which Joanna now recalled with nostalgia.
And Denis was clearly concerned about Iris - he was drawn to this type of women.
With Iris he flirted, aging backwards. And Joanna was glad so obvious symptoms of recovery.

Well, iris, such business, emancipated, bright, talented, relaxed American...
Iris with golden-brown leather and apricot, in tone, hair - admitted that he fell in love at the same time in Yegor and his Project (she called Isania when Yegor just bought the collapsed preventive clinic.
And she came to Moscow in a long-awaited trip to his company.

They sent her of the good of Russian - it was her babysitter Vologda origin, published once married to a Jew, and then moved to the States.
But neither Hebrew nor in English nurse Lyuba not know how to speak.
Only Ocala Russian, and followed her Ocala and iris.
And it turned out she's charming.

The club at Yegor's concert iris came quite by accident /or by the will of God should be sent to the administrator of the club gift from the American aunt.

Inside the club, she barely made it and, intrigued, I went into the hall to hear the culprit of such hype.
Stayed to the end on the steps in the passage, frantically with all clapped and when happy with the present, the administrator presented iris Yegor, she immediately said that they are soul mates.
Immediately fell in love with his songs, ideas, and in himself.
For America, this is also an incredibly true - to help each person not only with the most necessary, of housing, for example, because the problem of the homeless is very serious, but also with the problem of employment...
To put a man on foot, to reveal his creative potential, or how well it is written by Yegor: "the thought of Heaven."

This so-called "active charity" in America has always had priority, responding to the spirit of the country and now extremely important.
And she, iris, supports it, Yegor's, slogans, as they say in Russia.
And hands it to him across the ocean hand.

Yegor, being tired, still in makeup and purple cloak with sequins-stars listened enthusiastically the American without much enthusiasm.

"It is absolutely false impressions about America," lamented iris.

But when Yegor learned that his overseas fan - programmer, then, in turn, literally grabbed her and immediately offered cooperation.
The next day they met to discuss the details.
Several days later iris tried to seduce him, but failed.

Iris felt like a woman that he loves, and has hinted that he is afraid of the KGB.
But Yegor explained that no KGB already applying it. Yet sex between them is sanctified by the Church of marriage, should not be.
But it may, for that matter, to make an offer.
If it is, of course, agree to accept Orthodoxy.

Stunned by such strict morals in atheistic, as she believed, the country, iris very seriously (she did everything very seriously) stuck for Orthodox proceedings recommended not less stunned Varya.

Cooking did not know whether to rejoice or to panic.
On the one hand, Yegor was often said that for the Case, which he designed, requires dedication and family to start he has no right.
Knowing ascetic Yegor, that he will never random, it is understood that the son himself has prepared an ordeal.
Yegor waved:

Not harder monasticism, mother. I wish I had your cares...

And that's iris. An unexpected bride from the country of the yellow Devil.
But still related to computers, Internet World Bank data.
With this, as feared that some of the elders, and the Antichrist will begin, each inhabitant of the earth's sequence number and the seal on the hand and the forehead...

Clever, independent and suddenly spiritually savvy iris, even when they had heard about the great schism of 1054-th ("something from purgatory") made, however, a favorable impression.

"Super-woman", summed up Cooking, although Yegor and threw at her angry.

For Catholicism iris be held, saying that if the Lord wants from now on she walked to Him the other way sent together with her lover, then so be it.

And she said that the Truth is one, however, ways to it a lot.
What people get a confession as if inherited from birth, from father and mother.
But if life is so happened that she is ready to understand, to study Orthodoxy.
And, if you do not find in their conscience obstacles, willing to receive him.

Obstacles iris did not find, on the contrary, was read by father Paul Florensky, Sergius Bulgakov, Khomyakov. And Cooking hoped that soon the American will grow and to the Holy fathers.
Easily consent was obtained from parents and iris, which it daily in a phone conversation praised Yegor and Isani.
On the wedding they come failed, the mother iris was terrified to fly. But he sent the newlyweds account for a round sum, which later was all spent creating Izan of the Internet.

So Iris, receiving baptism, became Irina. They married, and already it was hard to imagine them apart.
And the Thing without iris, tanned arms which lasted computer threads from all staffs of Isania.

Even Varya admitted Joanna in a secret admiration for the American women:
Here and in their movies, I'm American films don't like, don't watch the primitive, stamping... But weaker sex!
What's "weak" a head taller than men. Fighters, one word!

The mafia will seize, robots, aliens, Satanists, some evil creatures...
They fought for for justice, high ideals. For mankind...

Sin, I guess, but I think sometimes is here to our aunts to their tears and patience. A kind of American go-getter. Male will to win...

Maybe not then say... All the virtues women humility, family center...

All ended eternal dispute about the role of foreigners in the Russian history.

* * *

In peaceful and relaxed condition, which fell very rarely, Yegor was very similar to the Varya.

Being red like her hair that he Varya's slight movement was wiped from his forehead. The line of the lips, face features, seemed like a woman like her, "edited".
Even a "brand" Varya's a half smile "Monna-Varya" appeared on Yegorkina lips.

But where has all this happened when Yegor someone scold and angry!
Cheeks suddenly covered, catch fire glowing cheeks, nose were pointed. Clenched mouth became evil and as thin as a blade. Dark eyes lit up, flashed some wolf phosphorescent glitter and stuck together all around.

It was impossible at the time Yegork's anger to do something "wrong", so as not to get something similar to the discharge of the slope.

Especially Joanna struck it Yegor's "clairvoyance". When it seemed to have been shut off, his head in his hands.
And around, relax, have started to do or put anything with Yegor's point of view, "not so".
But he suddenly raised his head and gave them a gift guilty /he correctly identified/ a glare that he wanted to sink into the earth.

Yegor absolutely not tolerate fashionable in the last two centuries mocking, ironic attitude to the principal and not the basic problems of life. All kinds of jokes and anecdotes sometimes led him into a rage.

He could among the General laughter suddenly maknuti ground some fork-spoon-cover /beating-ware Yegor not used/. In the sudden silence when to ask almost with tears:
- And you find it funny?
- Would you laugh at?..

It was not that he never had a sense of humor is strange English jokes type "banana in your ear, "the head by bike or elusive cowboy" plus some of life's tales amused him.
Yegor was just deigned to smile marinoy smile.

But it was enough to cross the line; the mood at him hopelessly spoiled and he Burkov something known:
God, how sad our Russia!", he slammed the door.
Iris ran after him to calm down.

She admitted that it is still in love with him by the ears.
As female fans violets and ink-stands, as rock doves perched. As in all Gold Mount.
As Joanna, although he was sometimes quite a pest this maximalism, the spirit is not making a normal conversation with him skepticism and vulgar ambiguity.

He's right, sometimes thought of Joanna, It's not so innocuous. We all have loughed...
When it started? A long time ago, from the beginning...
When creepy in Eden the Serpent retorted, laughing:
Nonsense all these prohibitions, just pop. Lied To God...

"I am the spirit that denies ever", is about Mephistopheles in Goethe.

And the demon:

He did not believe the love, freedom;
Life looked mockingly
And nothing in the whole of nature
Bless it is not wanted.

"Life mockingly watched"...

But we can't do otherwise. Say and think in that language.
Mocking irony is our protection, mask. It is as if we shut out the seriousness and tragedy of life - from the Kingdom through the Cross.
Preferred desertion and laughter.
Laughter is protected from death. Not noticing that run away from Life.

Nekrasov, Dostoyevsky, wept over imperfection of the world. Cried and laughed Gogol.
Tolstoy was trying to change the world by changing yourself.
Then many also tried to change it, change...

Now Yegor with his wonderful deeds and fascinating speeches about the Idea of giving immortality.

"I will bless the Golden road to the sun from the worm...
Yegor, helping worm crawling towards the sun.
Probably, funny, but to laugh at it unacceptable. Otherwise not to crawl.
Otherwise we won't crawl.

* * *

All life Yegor belonged to the Case.

Yegor allowed himself to love iris, violets and other comrades, because it so.
In this he was too similar to Joseph's terrible, all running on the Matter, it was good.
Yegor father's good will to all, devoted to the cause. Forgive mistakes, but would not forgive betrayal.
Not him personally, treason Case.

So he said amiably reasoned the programmer in love with aerith:
Got work to do, and you on her staring...
And just relocated from Gold Mount in other headquarters. Exclusively for Business use".

"Though jealous," complained iris.

Probably, the language would not have turned to state that Yegor loves iris "for convenience". Either Varya, or closest friends-companions.
But Joanna also was the head to be cut off, he would have never married and do not have friends, if this damaged Isania.
Option "Romeo-Juliet here would not passed.
First were the "planes".

So thought Joanna, again and again I catch myself so hated by Yegor "irony".
She, like everyone else, were afraid of Yegor and preferred him to be silent so as not to blurt out unlawful.
She was admiring how it works. Some Abraham with the bursting of the cold pipes, y monitor next to iris, on stage. At the meeting on pressing issues such full responsibility for him and the secret purpose of life on earth...

He wanted to know everything to know him And it seems to be managed.

"Throughout walk to the bottom".

And if it was not possible under the hand certainly got someone who knew, knew, or was mined in the shortest period necessary information.

Brilliant leader, organizer, Yegor was able to get everyone to work on the Case.
He fought, recruited, took warriors of Heaven in all kinds of passions, idols, bustle and domestic squabbles.
Pulled from their throats, blood, swallowed the bait of the Golden fishing rod, lit a fiery speeches and songs, fall in love with (or in Case), - what's the difference?

Yegor was the Case. Anything but the Case.
He lived travelling, furiously cleansing ourselves from all unnecessary, time-consuming.
Not then, to become better. Simply unnecessary distract from Business.
And from the Saviour, in Which from childhood he believed passionately.

Believed that it was he, Yegor Zletovo, entrusted with "the struggle for the liberation of mankind".

"Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"...

Multiply the harvest.

For the coming Kingdom Yegor selflessly erected Isani, burning themselves and others, at the risk of personal salvation, as he once confessed Joanna.

Because it would be much safer for him to become a priest, as dreamed of Varya. Or even a monk, as dreamed of Gleb.
And somewhere in a lonely cell with a pitcher of water and a slice of bread ardently and tearfully pray for the salvation of crucifying Russia.
He chose to be a pioneer, knowing that in case of error will respond to the Court not only for himself but for all those who have believed that he is "the chosen one".

Father Kiprian after long hesitation still blessed "Case".

Is stronger than me, I cannot and do not want to resist, " said Yegor somehow vare, " Lord, if Isania is a mirage, "charm", " give me a sign.
Stop, destroy me, eventually. Make the fruits of our bitter...

"Please, understand that we cannot afford to be careless stew Yegor, is Our main capital.
Even health, there is a healthy and die in accidents and catastrophes.
Let infirmity, but strong in spirit.
Blaise Pascal, for example was a dystrophic....
Seraphim of Sarov was crippled, and the tremendous strength of the kind!

No one knows how many who released, and we throw handfuls.
I think rich, slipped his hand familiarly in his pocket, and there is emptiness. All.
We must have time until the ticking clock.

"What he says in thirty," thought Joanna, I'm twice as old.
How much is left to ten? Twenty at most?
Maybe a few months, even days?

Thanks stirring speeches Yegor she felt this ominous ticking of the ear.
Mina, which inevitably destined to explode.
Today? Tomorrow? When?
Sooner or later explode.

Why we, like the believers, do not think about it? So uselessly waste the days, knowing that for every idle and evil minute will have to answer?
And he, Yegor, it is like a whole life ahead...

But Lermontov thirty never fulfilled. Pushkin will kill bit older...
These star boys go so early...

She was suddenly scared for Yegor.

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