She finally went insane. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 71
The texts on the picture:
Domain shop of the Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant, built in the years of the Patriotic war
Altai tractor plant, built in the years of world war II. Ready tractors leaving the production line
High-speed construction of a plant of heavy engineering industry in Siberia during the great Patriotic war

Yulia Ivanova

She finally went insane. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 71

* * *

THE WITNESSES: Eliezer Voronel-Dacewicz, Denis Tukmakov, Nikolai Ostrovsky, A. Harriman, Lord Beaverbrook, Charles de Gaulle, prof. Myasnikov, poet Ivan Nikitin.

Far to the North lies my lovely homeland, which I left, because one day she finally went insane...

Today, many believe that Russia is ruled by the Jews. I do not think so. Russia is ruled by the most ordinary scum, nationality which in this case is not important. Unfortunately, surfaced strange shapes have the corresponding names...

We will talk about something else: about the ship, which they seized...

The future of Russia, oddly enough, is the strengthening of forces, lifting, survival and overcoming. This young nation, a nation of people without a king in my head, but with great energy...

Long ago, sitting in a rotten Tambov underground, in the foggy, rainy and drunk years medium-brezhnevism I asked myself:

What is Russia? Trivial, silly question, which are defined clinical idiots.

And gradually before me was in all its glory to shape the image of two different Russian "Northern" Rus Rus Viking and coast-dwellers. Rus warriors and merchants.

Great power, keeping in fear the whole world. Russia, proudly bearing the "white man's burden". Russia, countries of true monotheism.

And next image decrepit and depraved Russia-India. With smeared dirty tears, dumb and drunk bezdolniy, sprawled on Brokeback back in the middle of the squelching of wetlands.
Russia beggars and parasites and hysterical men.
Histamine, oblomovshchina and Tolstovsky, populists and the people-devil bearer.

These are "white" Rus and "black" Rus.

The combination of these two Russes, completely unnatural, and have an idea of Eurasia.

But such cohabitation impossible.

One something must inevitably win and conquer more.
(Eliezer, Voronel-Dacewicz).

* * *

Russianness is beyond.
As the Russian space is spiraling out of earth's gravity, just the Russian way of thinking is excessive, uncontrollable and transcendent.
Russian idea, Russian logic, Russian mentality has long overcome obstacles dialectic laws Greek areal disputes. Originality, paradox, the asymmetry; here are the indispensable ingredients of our thinking...

We cannot spend money on useless things, so we still have enough on metaphysics, sacrifice and love. We raging their gene pool, settled on an unimaginable space of the Russian space using belong to us by the subsoil law, language and insights spent world energy flowing through us.

Not on silly little things, without which can equally worthy to live and die, but on a global transformation of the given world.
To exploit a common cause, for the promotion of the cosmic wheel, to world war or revolution. For the construction of Paradise on earth...

And the truth is impossible to establish Paradise on earth?
But we from century to century are building our New Jerusalem, our City-Garden. And gradually the domes of its towers and ornaments areas are clearly visible strokes are not embodied nowhere more miraculous divine plans.
(Denis Tukmakov).

* * *

Want you to feel that we no wonder revolted. Workers had the right to overthrow their oppressors, to destroy slavery to build a great, free life.
And now they want to overthrow and prepare a world war...

Only we, like me, so crazy loving life, the struggle, the work on the construction of a new lot better world, can't get away until there's any chance...
(Nikolai Ostrovsky).

* * *

Deep knowledge, a fantastic ability to understand the details, mental alertness and amazingly subtle understanding of human nature:
I found that Stalin better informed than Roosevelt. More realistic than Churchill.
And, in a sense, the most effective of military leaders."
(A. Harriman).

* * *

Communism under Stalin won applause and admiration of all Nations.
Communism under Stalin gave us the example of patriotism, which is hard to find analogies in history.
Communism under Stalin gave the world the best generals.
The persecution of Christians? No. There is no religious persecution. The doors of the churches are open.
The persecution of nationalities? Not at all. Jews have lived there in the same way as everyone else.

Political repression. Yes, of course. But now it is clear that those who were shot would have betrayed Russia to Germans."
(Lord Beaverbrook).

* * *

Stalin had enormous prestige, and not only in Russia. He knew how to tame your enemies, not to panic when you lose and not to enjoy his victories. And the victories he had more than defeats.

Stalin's Russia is not the former Russia, murdered together with the monarchy. But the Stalinist state without decent Stalin's successors doomed".
(Charles de Gaulle).

* * *

It should be noted that before his illness last, apparently, three years, Stalin turned to doctors for medical aid. Anyway, so said the head of the Medical sanitary Department of the Kremlin.
In Moscow he apparently escaped the medicine. A large country house in Kuntsevo did not even have a first aid kit with the first necessary means. Was not, incidentally, even nitroglycerin. And if he suffered an attack of angina pectoris, he could die from spasm, which eliminates two drops of a medicine.
Since when has he hypertension - nobody knew, and he never treated".
(Professor Myasnikov.

* * *

Sown the seed for centuries, is rooted in the land of deep;
You will cut down forests axes, is evil to snatch it is not easy:
It to us in childhood to plant, grandfathers made related with him...
Dead in the world rested, the case has come alive.

The loose soil is ready, plant until spring:
Good deeds and words will not disappear seeds.
Where are we and how they got - we will give our answer to grandchildren...
The dead rested with peace, the case has come to the alive.

(Ivan Nikitin. 1857).

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