Not at grips but in union. Yegor on the main things

Yulia Ivanova

Not at grips but in union. Yegor on the main things

* * *
It is better to live in a clean fenced and secure the aquarium, than in a stagnant swamp full of snakes and alligators.

* * *


The transformation of the consumer society in a society of CREATION, ASCENT and TRANSFORMATION.
Killing time is killing yourself. Stealing from their own destiny in eternity.

Isania recognizes human rights and civil code,as they are not inconsistent with the law and the Intent of the Heaven.

The Purpose of Isania.
To reveal in ourselves and in others the Image and thought of the Creator.
To develop and submit to the Case is multiplication of the Harvest of the Lord.

"Come out of her My people"...
The direction in the right direction huge released forces of society.
Release time, talents, spirit are all to the work plan.
The purpose is formation of MANHOOD. CO-CREATORS of the CREATOR, suitable for life in the Kingdom of the next Century.
Infinite freedom in the HOUSE of the FATHER but of the FATHER.

This question should be solved in historical time "of this world".
Only in the father's HOUSE Freedom of the tool becomes SELF-SUFFICIENT OBJECTIVE, ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.
Only CREATIVITY and absolutely self-sufficient freely through the sense in himself (BEAUTY, PERFECTION, wisdom and TRUTH).

* * *

That's a MYSTERY that prompted the Creator of Heaven to create the world. And man in the world is a co-Creator HIMSELF. Favorite HEIR TO his father's HOUSE.

On earth we must pass three forms of LIBERATION by a government, because the so-called earth's "freedom" is nothing more than SLAVERY, hindering the attainment of GENUINE FREEDOM.
Only freed from the false freedom, we will find FREEDOM IN GOD.

Through three stages subordination:

1. Body subordinate to reason.
2. The mind can subdue the spirit.
3. The spirit is to surrender to God.

To take, to win children of the Heaven in Vampiria. To set them on the path to the Father's House.

* * *

Personality zealous serves A while believes in the Sense of the Holiness and ultimate destiny of this Whole. She is even willing to sacrifice the idea of personal immortality in the name of the high status of "the Kingdom is within us". Proximity to "the unknown God".

It serves as a zealous and content must have a sufficient as long as the Entire match inscribed in the heart of the Law.

When the Whole is stopped, when separate parts begin to serve themselves, to serve, to pretend that serve begins disorder, death, decay of the Whole.

And everything collapses. In the heart, emptiness and anguish.
You also want to take his place "at the feast during the plague".
To lose yourself in the dope.
And if earlier could be reconciled with personal oblivion, even to sacrifice himself, now begin to rebel, to lie, to be lazy.
To pull the blanket over himself.
And to administer is not and cringe.
And then to work on the destruction of the Whole.

Was so dear to heart the faith in the Supreme Truth and immortality Ideas.
Then there were flaws and went on her corpse spots.

The Soviet regime lasted for seventy years.

* * *

"I am not a magician, I am just learning, but friendship helps us to work real wonders!"
(From the film "the Cinderella").

* * *

We confess some common credo - regardless of which religious faith, party or social orientation belong to our supporters.

This credo (way of life) can be formulated as OVERCOMING BOND of GRAVITY.

All-helping, all-performing and all-penetrating LINK.

Our goal is to accumulate, to carry the genetic memory. "The steamers, lines and other long deeds..."

So it formed a single spiritual body of the future of MANHOOD.

* * *

Tolstoy wrote that two vertices of a triangle Foundation, two men approaching among themselves, as if approaching the top of (God).
But first, not every rapprochement between people wants the Heaven.
Most often it is the convergence of sin.
Take the tower of Babel or the Third Reich.

No, not a plane, and volume mount, PYRAMID symbolizes our ASCENT to the Creator.

Going hand-in-hand, from the Foundation up, in different ways, but in the same direction, at the same time we draw near to each other and with the Highest Point at the APEX.

Here is the meeting place of all ASCENDING.

Further, only the Heaven.

Well, the proud, the self will be cast, no matter how high or ascended.

We believe that the seekers of TRUTH, by your life is sure It will meet.
And will include Its Door to the father's House, where the single Heaven and One Shepherd".

Because in climbing on the way up, invisibly present the Truth.
Here "there is neither Jew nor Greek". Here is "who moaned but held".
They are few, but their "light".
And there are those who immediately limp and down...

He who endures to the end shall be saved.

* * *

In any creative FULLNESS there is an element of the TRINITY:

The idea, an embodiment of time, fullness of time existential.
So Eugene Onegin, before becoming the imperishable spiritual values, passed the way of a plan and write in time.

The word makes history. Energy of old books, movies, songs helps to survive and stand in battle with Vampiria.

* * *

The country first of all ruined FIFTH COLUMN, rotten power.

The nomenclature have received great privileges, there was torn potential vampires who want to "seem to get".
In Isania on the first positions are leaders-enthusiasts, fans of our movement.

Our leader does not give absolutely no material privileges, except those that are required for successful work (office transport, communication, etc.).

The leader is in the team, which has assumed an increased load and correction and the right direction.
If the leader is tired, wire way or begins to stray around, it replaces the other.

* * *

Overcoming evil, sin, man comes sometimes to catharsis, a cleansing.

All true, but how much costs!
Unlikely in the tasks of the Heaven to save one soul the cost of the lives of many others.
Shouldn't we, His soldiers to find another way?

* * *

Overcoming evil "Want it!" we make a step to Freedom.

Greed, avarice should not stand between people.
When we understand that TALENT BELONGS to GOD?
And say, "This is from God." Multiply and return to Mr....
Through the people, the release of which you will serve your talent positive work of God on earth.

"What they gave, I gave".

* * *

In prayer for the bread today; please about freedom from the power of MATTER OVER SPIRIT.
Daily BREAD is a means to maintain the forces necessary to serve the Heaven, the Harvest of the Lord.

So the talent is God. The man is the bread. And The Kingdom.

* * *

A person has the right not to obey God and sin. But there is a right of protection from someone else's sin.
This is the same right as the ban on Smoking in public places or quarantine for cholera patients.
Unless, for example, corrupting teenagers prostitution, drug abuse, followed sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, mental disorders are causing society the less harmful than Smoking in public places?

* * *

Warriors of Light unit, and SONS and less.
Therefore it is said about "narrow is the way of salvation", which are few.

And everyone will fall in this war. To whom is the death of the brave, who disgraceful and shameful.
But no one will survive.
And on whose side will be in the moment "first death" - darkness or Light, is the power and recognizes you as HIS own.
It will be so forever.

The result is given by the Creator of the freedom of man can become GOD-MAN, or forever remain one and a half, unfit for the Kingdom.

* * *

Izania is not get caught up in the monastery is the path of Holiness.
But we have a few fundamental principles:

The abolition of the principle of material interest, the principle of COMPETITION, COMPETITION (except, of course, sport or creative contests).
Progress is not based on the suppression of some others, but on the basis of providing EACH with everything necessary for the free development.

Man must do what he likes as long as it gives him satisfaction, as it is necessary for Business and does not harm the physical and spiritual health. Of course, except in extreme situations.

In this regard, we argue, mainly for the abolition of cash, stimulating the infinite possibility of "desires" harm own destiny in eternity.

You cannot do sin stimulus so-called "progress".
Money every minute begets sin, "people die for metal".
Our "zlatics" give the opportunity to buy all necessary for the implementation of the Plan and prohibit all interfering with it.

* * *

"Mankind has not clearly divided into wolves and sheep.
Werewolf is a beast of original sin, dormant in everyone.
Need a push, the temptation and the cell grows, it becomes cancerous.
Alien one universal organism, conceived by the Creator on the principle of the TRINITY.
Knit love in one in essence AND UNDIVIDED.

* * *

Any attempt, having united in evil, to climb up the Heaven, convicted and condemned (the tower of Babel).
The Heaven is the Father's House. EMLA is an exile, "the thick doors.
Where we passed numerous seduction and temptation, must turn to the heavenly light side.
Not to go there proud sinful unity, and humbly to do the Will of the Creator.
And then, through inner transformation each/, "the Kingdom of God is in your midst"/ come true oneness in God.

* * *

The Soviet government has United the people on earth according to the Plan of the Creator, not recognizing the Creator, will poor out with the bathwater.
It was not world Antichrist religion; it distanced itself from religion, declaring its internal affair of each /freedom of conscience/ denying active religious activities.
In a way, it was the prohibition to commemorate the name of God in vain.
Execution on earth the will of God without expectation of reward.

* * *

Private property is not and cannot be, because man is mortal, and nothing on earth does not belong to him.
There is only the RENT, "our debts" before God.
To whom much is given, more will have to answer.

* * *
If I am in Truth looking for personal, his own profit, I'm a stranger to the Truth, for she could not share. It is for all.
The seeker in his Truth must seek the TRUTH.
The truth is engaged me when I owned the Truth.
The truth is Life given to each part of the Whole, giving life.

* * *

In prayer "our father", the first three verses is the GOAL. subsequent FUNDS.

* * *

Scoops took away the excess, wrote a devastating feuilletons, discussed at the meetings of unfaithful husbands and wives, naively struggled with selfishness and vanity, not calling it a "self".

* * *

You cannot serve God and Mammon. Isania this contradiction takes.
For us wealth, capital is the means of serving the Harvest of the Lord, the work of the Creator on earth.

To make the most mammon to serve the Heaven!

* * *

The principle of Isania not to reject possible, "doubtful", and to fight for them, attracting even the enemy soldiers to their side.

* * *

The question of the sale of land: "the Land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me."
(Leviticus 25:23).

* * *

What low objectives are geniuses? It takes the best forces of mankind?

To discover and to implement the Plan of Heaven who nowadays thinks these categories?

The Lord Is The Truth. Try to live according to the Truth and will know who is. Try to say what I think and feel and horrified him.
But on the Court, in whom some of us believe, will have to be turned inside out and see his terrible vampire inside.
Everything, by the way, when the "evil Empire" was also condemned and eradicated.
And now hung out for show and replicated.

What you Soviet power made me do so, which does not allow the Church?
And the present is all the time.

* * *

Ways of inhabitants:

1. Live to survive.
2. In order to live.
3. To eat and generally consume.
4. To enjoy.
5. To rule.

to survive, to live, eat, to have and to have authority to take PLACE, make a place on earth, and to take THEIR PLACE in the Future life.

Freedom from everything but is inscribed in the heart of the Law.
* * *

OUR GOAL is to conquer death.
To escape from the captivity of the evil, which nourishes death.
Evil and death are on the other side of Life; so commanded the Heaven.
For there is nothing worse immortal evil!

To manage to transform the will to Freedom, time is Eternity, the many faces of the shifting of the earth the truth is the Truth. To transfer earthly capital into an eternal account...

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