The New Russian Jew. Joanna's Page 73

Yulia Ivanova

The New Russian Jew. Joanna's Page 73

* * *

"Here you can translate your time in eternity!" that was the motto of Izan-bank.

Leo, the Manager, was one of the richest men in Russia. And can, and not only in Russia... Make money even from last year's snow, the third main player and workaholic Isania and the fan of the Case.
He also visited usually "dumplings" to iris, knowing that should appear Yegor. Ate a few of the dishes and went to the balcony to smoke.
Denis, who doctors Smoking is banned, leaving the track "breathe" and distress over about the collapse of the national cinema.
Joanna suspected that he let up a puff or two.

"New Russian Jew" was a tall, wiry, bald shaved under Mayakovsky.
He loved songs-Proverbs Yegor and sang with a guitar's pleasant baritone:

Warm and shining in the dark of the night
The flame long authorize candles...

Wanted to beat all the dirty sinner gold of the Earth in the Holy Gold Sky, which he will believe in the day of Judgment before God in the salvation of the souls of their depositors.
He was a romantic.
The perpetual Deposit, the eternal, the Bank...

With sorceries Leva have successfully passed all the crises of the horse racing course, landslides and pyramids, including the state.

Once on the balcony talking about Mavrodi.

In General the pyramid. Slightly sophisticated and long - term for another year and a half," said Leo.
Just imagine we sit with you on this, as it... Monte-Carlo poker. We play.

One is not excluded, he cheats. The other was also a map with marked. The third man in the map looks over his shoulder...
Maybe the owner Schuler, let...
But this is our game, Lord, our personal Affairs. "Privacy", says iris. We will investigate themselves among themselves.
If necessary chandelier on a beard!

But suddenly stumble "Lord Democrats with guns and say:
Hey guys, you're not under the rules of the game are. The host you schuler, and this, with a bald spot in the wrong card looks...
In General rejoice, we, the fighters for the truth. The game cancel your Bank take away yourself.

State gangsterism; that's what it is.
And advertising of this unbridled on the box. All these "Believe!", "We have partners"...
And then all the "partners" made a goat.
At the highest level.

The power cuts and cuts" peoples
Daggers Holy Freedom, as the poet said.

Freedom to play different games independence enrichment, where they are pulling all sorts of great uncle. Which crashed in the middle of the game, yelling:
And this in the hat plays against the rules!
And take the pot. A common thing.
Being bombed, enter troops, troops are planted - that "played by the rules."

And always take the pot.

Did they spit on your Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, whoever your map cringe?
They Bank serving.
You Levu listen. Leo is smart. Leo knows for Bank...

Yegor Leva met lyric-autobiographical song":

If it had a Golden mountains
And rivers full of wine...

Iris quickly moved his Yegor the plate of pelmeni, Leve put the guitar in his hands, to stop with "industrial Assembly", as she called that usually began in the room with the appearance of her husband.

"Where are you in a hurry, and the propagandist of proper nutrition!" angry iris, "Here in the monasteries your not allowed to talk. "Saints" them read aloud. Play until he eat", - okay, ordered it to Leo.

"In motu quiesco", "the quiet storm", was said in the address Yegor.

And obediently played a favorite Yegor's melodies.
Then iris ordered him his foriegn "country".

Yegor ate and relaxed, were cut off, it seemed, his head in his hands.
The company was alive. About Yegor forgot inevitably going on chatter so hated by Yegor.
Until he rose angrily:

And you find it funny?

Funny isn't it, is cleverly saved position Leva, Funny, that according to yesterday's reports I received presumably result...

And began production meeting".
Relax Yegor could not, though iris and said that sometimes makes him with her to do some sort of special exercise for relaxation.

But completely transformed Yegor on the stage, on the podium. Yegor has a leader-speaker.

Remembered Pushkin Peter:

His eyes Shine
His face is terrible,
Movement fast, it's beautiful
It all as God of rain...

It was rumored that statement Yegor's voice was engaged invited iris specialist. But to Iris singer Yegor Zlatov, star boy in his cloak, not the sixties, and singer burning like a candle, life, absolutely owned the audience.

Just missing horse.
White, because the Savior of Russia Yegor's, smashing many-headed snake-vampire, should be on a white horse.

Especially changed voice, filling in bell power and inspiration.
Causing the pain, the anger, tormented soul and called on feat.
Right in the battle, as the boys from the parade forty-first...

They were soldiers and their wives, these purple boys and girls, coming together only on one day a year from all sides tortured scolded the country.
So that's it, shoulder to shoulder, to gain strength and courage to look into the eyes of each other, throwing up to the sky woven hands.
And, receiving orders and blessing, each from his temple again get back into battle on the front line.
Scouts and organizers.

In the cities and villages, where stood the factories stopped machinery and harvesters, froze and burst pipes. Drunk men, desperate and calloused women, hungry and went astray the children. Disgraced girls drugged drugs guys.

Where people have forgotten favorite profession, about books, about Pushkin and about the rest.
Where are freezing and starving, knocking out power, for pennies working hard on "cool". Trading drink, cigarettes and anything.
Where, during the nights and days robbed, shot, raped on the TV set and sincere.
And not to distinguish reality from vampire, winking predatory red and green-eyes screen...
This is the reality was shot and were lathered the rope scientists and officers, rummaging in garbage cans pensioners and the unemployed.
When some rigid from unheard of villainy, refuse to believe in it, others have themselves become brutalized slowly...

To reach everyone, still alive, asking for help with this ad "We will solve all your problems."
Running sometimes unbelief, suspicion, ridicule and even insults. Direct hostility until the battering and shooting.

But to survive, to convince, to defend.
And carefully, step by step, "from the swamp to drag the Hippo"...
Under cargo excessive worries, despair, prejudice, anger to resurrect extinct was life.
Once in the teeth of the new masters-vampires, sometimes a bullet, knives and fists.
Falling and rising again.

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