Freedom from Vampiria! Joanna's Page 74

Yulia Ivanova

Freedom from Vampiria! Joanna's Page 74

* * *
It was spring already. The air smelled thawed and re-frozen snow, cutting wood fire and the stars, all the more clearly seen through the milky carats in turning blue abyss.

It so happened that on the Day of Liberation was up to their Philip with Katya, who came from Greece for a few days.
Secretly from his father Philip told what had happened they had emergency: Artem with his video camera hooked up to some of the local mafia. His beat, but most were detained for eleven days in the basement.
The camera naturally selected.
The police it, in the end, he calculated that he is alive, could be much worse. But don't be fool to stick their nose everywhere...
In General she recovered, and bought a new camera, swaggers.
But Lisa nearly went mad. Mentally he was buried, drew himself all sorts of passions: dismembered, put the needle, "blue" in the harem sold...

"Around him always some shady types hovering," told Philip, believing that Artem, as grandfather, a lover "underground" pulls in a pigsty at the bottom, "I've doryssa."
Liza sat on the couch, legs grasshopper, swallow pills and howl howling.
When they found him, decided that she was dreaming.
Didn't want to Wake up, rattling at the clinic.

Now like better, was discharged. But with Artem eyes watching. Slightly delayed then hysteria.
At the first opportunity to break out of here, yearns for Moscow.
Already forgot how people came here. Ordered to clarify the situation.

Joanna replied that the situation in Russia, as always. Steal.
And, of course, water, Rob. Rape, trudge, fucking. Trade, hang out, lying, fighting. Shoot and you are shooting.
But, in General, can live...

"You only father speak about Artem."

Philip nodded. Asked about the people.

"What people? He keeps silence. Drunkard, the series looks. Wakes up, mostly from hunger and cold. The rest is up to the lantern."

"That's grandma on the people complain," said Philip about mother-in-law.

"Philip, We have no another people. Or maybe they do it anymore. Cuckoo people. So, there are still some populations for the red book.
Ebbs at reservation and will be shown for the bucks on market day."

"What are you, mother, cool... and forecast? What will be?"

"As always in Russia. Anything, anytime, anywhere.
Country of unlimited possibilities.
Cannot understand it, you know...

Rather, "the limited impossibilities"."

Philip left Katya in Gold Mount and immediately rushed Affairs, promised by the evening for her to call.
About local foreign life girl told reluctantly, escaped brief:
Kindred feelings to my grandma its not too overwhelmed, take a walk with them on Gold Mount or to go with Joanna in the pool she refused:
"I spit on these puddles."

But video decorations it seemed to her "cool", but to the computer, and does it remained tightly, even lunch, she had served in the room.
Interested Katya information associated with rare animals, saying that she needs it for school report.
And then, finally, it became clear that their Katya "green" against natural furs. Actively participated in ecological actions, pickets and even clashes with police at some military base.

The troubles in front of the balcony, plenty of young people hooked.
She decided to watch the holiday, and Philip also had to stay in Gold Mount.
Apparently, his spoiled favorite Katya twirling them as wanted.

* * *

It was the only common holiday in Izania when going its leaders from all over Russia.

Remembered, was secretly recorded their sins for the year: faults, flaws, weaknesses, dark thoughts.
Then ritual to burn the papers, and whole books in the fire.
YYegor repeatedly stressed that the ritual in no case should not replace the confession and other Church sacraments. The next day the believers were usually in their temples, to the spiritual fathers.
Varya asserted that "with every fiber" feels like coming down with this flame at the guys, "the Holy Ghost".

In the direst the blue Joanna was visible from the balcony of the entire area.
High fireplace in front of him; it was just tribune.
A little farther three semicircles, one after another, closed shoulder to shoulder delegates leaders, age from sixteen to thirty.
Purple jacket with stripes on the sleeves or three pairs woven, rising up to the sky hands.
The same purple skirts or trousers. The assorted shoes: shoes, boots, dark shoes.
The same caps-caps on bobbed hair; such was the statement about the haircut. Everywhere else they had been feared insects.
And shaped wool turtleneck with the full range of colors.
Anyone that goes.

Well, the color purple is an alloy of red, blue and white.
The blood is the sacrifice, the willingness to give his life for the cause.
The sky is soaring, climbing.
White is the vow of purity, chastity.

YYegor in the same as all, form, jumped on the platform. Flew up to the sky hands.

"Freedom from Vampiria!"

The area exploded ovation.

"Wow, the new Joseph smacks, said, too, was on the balcony Philip, We were waiting for it."

"Dad, what are you, the fans have not seen?" grunted Kate."
"Very likely, with sudden earnestness said Denis."

* * *

"Again turned now to the Sky our hearts." broadcasting Yegor, We Confessors of Its Law and Purpose, gathered on our common holiday, once again together to renounce dark, evil, insatiable beast that devours us from the inside...
Inspired by the decay and death...

"You, sir, about the bright future remember. It is enough to milk the Soviet cow.
All have ended jelly.
And udder withered, and the horns came off."

"The trouble is that of sacred cows made milking," said Denis.

"You mean that "darkness low truths me more"... Huh?
Your tales of deceit is a drug, the whole world over us laughing.
While we're dreaming, he listens and eats. From our trough.
Russia needs hosts."
"Yes, these purple already blessed plants are buying up until you laugh. And not only in Russia.
Here's a couple of years..."

"Shut up!" eyes flashed the Katya.

* * *

The old world hated any attempt of ascent long before the crucifixion of Christ.
Since the time of Cain and Abel, the first of the shed blood.
Our inner beast rejects the Law and the Plan.
Signatories to the beast death sentence, bound his permissiveness was heard from the square.
Earthly life is war.
Not for property or various "rights", not for territory.
Not national, political or civil...
Not Patriotic, not the world and not even a star.
Fight Light with Darkness.
The truth and the Lie.
Life with Death.
And we are called from obscurity to this war.
The soldiers, captains, colonels marshals...
With the right to be ahead in the attack.

The battlefield is the human heart. Where at stake is life.

Divine immortality is the crown won in this war.
With its deserters, cowardly staff logisticians. With the guests and players.

Lethal in front of the gate of Heaven, for the right to enter.
Eternal life or eternal death immortal soul.
Immortal dead soul; what could be worse?

Freedom from Vampiria!

The area again replied gleefully.
He waited patiently. If their love is adoration, Zlatov's cult?
"You must not make for yourself an idol..."
But he knew even sin to get to work on the Idea.

* * *

"The owners have already been said Joanna were smashed in the restaurant mirrors, were shot from depression, then themselves overthrew...
Gorky would you, Phillip.
Because deep down knew; no we are not the owners, speaking in a lofty style.
Tenants, tenants. The Caliph for an hour. Slaves of this illusion of possession.
Run until you die, as in Tolstoy parable...
Reread Ecclesiastes..."

"Go into the room to talk!" he stamped his foot Katya.

* * *

So we need one victory...
We shall pay any price... We are called to be stewards and the main media in the spiritual heritage of Russia and not only Russia knowledge of the law and the Intent of the Sky.

The whore of Babylon, symbolically embraces all evil, sentenced to a terrible death in the end times...
Her blood ever ruined her greed and malice...

Freedom from Babylon!

We give a helping hand to anyone who is willing to go with us.
Many trails and roads, but the top, like a victory, one at all...
For all the way up inevitably lead to the top. Away from remaining at the bottom of the dragon...

* * *

"Well, what would I be in your 'bright past'?" grinned the profile.

"You'd drank less, would be a good operator. You would shoot good movies...
"Why is it good?"

"Because of the evil censorship banned...
Would have lived all around Losinovka. Or the cooperative would imagine with Lisa bought; it was quite accessible.
And no drugs, mafia, Chechnya, clans...

Artem would be in the all-Union state Institute of cinematography studied, Katya learns in school. Even in the special school...
Although these special schools and special stores and so on.
Special conditions must be for the most gifted, not the offspring of money bags."

* * *

Many centuries dreamed of mankind about life without predators, which condemned the Sky. Antivampiria lasted 70 years is not such as we would like. Sometimes funny, or ugly, sometimes frightening.
Behind the iron curtain and behind barbed wire.
But seventy years withstood the great opposition...
Eternal glory to heroes!

"Glory!" replied the area.

But the time came when patchwork-pereletnye old wineskins not retained young wine of a new life...
Eat outside and inside sin, struck by the betrayal...
All poured out, torn, stinketh sour odour and blood...

But, if it was not the night.. if not the end, and the Lord will have mercy we will grow new harvest.
Sanctified and warmed the Heaven.
You play again wine; it would be much pour...
Freedom from Vampiria!

* * *

"Nothing in Singapore, no good," said Denis, breathe."
Indeed: two Russians this is the rally.

"The queue for vodka, Joanna sighed, you, Phil, I want to Singapore at the expense of others.
But these "others" may feed the children, cook."

"Well, guys, this is already the Komsomol meeting!"

"The rich man of the gospel only for its luxury among the poor in hell rattled!
Didn't you read in childhood, but in vain..."

"Just you, mother, went crazy. The apartment red brown, here purple..."

"We are in a class full of blue," commented Katya.

Everyone laughed, although was a little funny.
He hadn't laughed.

* * *

The new wine we will poor into vessels of our hearts.
Not only our, but also everyone who accepts with fear and faith is a divine gift.
And we will keep up its share.
We won't let sour fizzle out, keep on spilling...
Let us this wine near and far. Going off over vanity. We will inspire by the grace of Heaven.

And then stocks divine wines will be constantly updated over.
For "will not diminish the hand of the giver...

Let everyone deliver it to the Throne of the Creator.
Let them keep living, strong and clean.
And then we will win.
And we'll drink him in the Kingdom of...

Began to ring, causing Philip, cell phone.
Katya pushed father "to speak" for the door.
Joanna was afraid that she would fall down from the balcony, he held for sex jacket.

* * *

We accept your baton" makers, ascetics and the sowers...
Comrades and brothers of all times and peoples.
We ask the Heavens to give us the strength to be weaved roots. To grow, to break through the concrete fallen Babylon...
The world will, as in all times, trample us, trample, blackening. Try to pull in powerless rage...
But no winter not cope with the vernal grass. With a thrust to the sun.

We will win. Children of different Nations, but one Sky.
We will grow in any Vampiria, whichever skin she wears.

You are darkness, and we are light!

Freedom from Vampiria! Izania of all countries unite!

It is liberty!

"Look, mother, again Kolchugin quote, " smiled Denis

* * *

And Joanna was annoyed that Philip had not penetrated Izania.
Phil was found with someone. Financial and business and does not seem too business.
Poor Liza with her gifts.
Here, in Gold Mount, she would Affairs has been busier than ever.

But Katya was delighted.
Listened to Him with bated breath and the expression on the faces of her soon was no different from frozen at the bottom of violets.
Again Joanna wondered YYegor's ability to charge the audience.
Young people rejoiced.

* * *

The dragged the tribune. Suddenly began to fire crackled logs.
The ranks of purple mixed. White bullets flew into the fire tightly curled papers with the secret recording unworthy, nasty, low errors during the year.
All that prevent Conception. And distorting in you the image of the Creator.

Then they all withdrew from the fire, creating a huge circle. The fire was in the center of the closed chain of hands.

"I also want! Katya said, I want to go!"

Denis tried in vain to hold on:

- You need them! They have orders of magnitude worse monastic.

"Right, I'm green!" have escaped the Katya, I want to establish contacts!"

And she sped away.
Joanna nervously watched as her bright the jacket flew to strict service "purple". She entangled in it like a butterfly flapping his hands, something excitedly proving.
And the circle is opened.

Denis in his rocking chair I was sorry that there is no camera is so beautiful from the top locked purple chain, lit by the flames of the fire.
Such a nice young faces, and excitement solemn.
And among them all kutkina face in shining halo hood.

Freedom from Vampiria! again sounded from somewhere from the sky gorkinym voice, Isania unite!

"Freedom!" replied the area.

The unofficial anthem of Izania, favorite Yegor's melody "Time, forward!", rapidly gaining speed, whirled as spiral, broke into crisp, clear frosty the March air.
Brighter ignited a fire sparks mixed with the stars...
And time flew up to the sky dozens woven pairs of hands.
Turned out like jagged wall around the fire.
Bursting in the sky hand, sparks, the stars, the flames.
And bright butterfly, two colored wing their Katya.
The Katya Green.

* * *

Philip barely managed to catch the end of the holiday and stuff in the car.
She met with many, "established contacts". And even honored to be present at a closed reception ceremony in Isani new members.

The Katya said, choking that since entering believe in God differently or do not believe, from all mandatory to the renunciation of Satan and his works.
And then pierce finger and fasten the oath of blood.

"And who is Satan does not believe?" He asked her.

Katya told that there are three forms of renunciation.

For believers:
- Renounce Satan and his works.

For the doubters:
- If Satan is, renounce him and his Affairs.

For unbelievers:
If Satan existed, I would have denied him and his Affairs.

All three forms was held together by blood.

At that time they did not believe Katya.

But Joanna, when asked Varya, and Varya said, Yes, all right.
That there was no other way, because Isania: representatives of different faiths and atheists; they had to find some unifying religious basis.
And some of the elders advised Yegor: renunciation of Satan, real and valid.
As the Holy baptism.

But Katya was purring Serenade YYegor, which taught her violets:

No, we do not need mountains of gold,
Rivers of milk and full of wine,"
Lead us the path of the saints
In the country where no death, no evil...

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