What I have told, write in a book. Joanna's Page 76

Yulia Ivanova

What I have told, write in a book. Joanna's Page 76


Along the church fence right on the pavement sat beggars, among which stand out whether Uzbek or Tajik, whether in a striped purple-green quilted robe and galoshes, despite the heat.

On his lap lay a skullcap and change. One eye was bandaged with a transparent scarf, chiffon women.

When she handed it to him, the old man squinted at her other eye-sighted watery jellyfish. Nodded, smiled, revealing rare rotten teeth and muttered in his own something unintelligible.


- Well, Joanna, your movie ends? - Black children in white mask with glasses approached close to her, and she saw that their windows sealed with either plaster, or white paper.

- The last time offer - wait out here to the Court.
Tired of Joseph - to present-day leaders dossier piping heat-ripened - that's where the movie! ..

They, guardian angels, can only shed tears - all eternity.

And on the ground due to the rains, umbrellas and now the road. No compassion for the passers-by, and even the angels!

Sit and Shake, Joanna, until we good until our room.

And it is now up to the end of our time. Diskettes with the sin for eternity evil deeds overwhelmed. Fly anywhere.

Here's your ticket to all sessions. Third row in eighth place. Present.

The ticket was pale blue with handwritten numbers 3 and 8.

- Yegor?

- No, you just listen to nonhumans unkind, she at it again! - Called hypertension.


It turned out that the hall was crammed with Agami as black persons and blind white glasses.

AGI nonhumans in a friendly indignation waved black handles with white cat claws, letting go of the black lips clubs orange sulfur.
Joanna horror crossed.

- Out! - howled the AD.

Fear whirlwind - incandescent destructional mixture of sulfur and ash - suddenly turned hot fixed Moscow smog.

Melting asphalt, gasoline fume and even some creaking on the teeth stuff.

Joanna closed the car window and cleared her throat. She was going to Varya.


Then everything began to turn, though if fast.

Cooking, cake, finger to his lips Yegor.

Goose back. Rounded Iris. Vigil at the entrance.

"World News." And do not need a mobile phone. Feast.

Again secret waiting in the car.

"Hair of the head will not fall" - convinces, she told herself. And yet for some reason cannot leave.

Usually they shoot at the entrance, where the victim sits in the car. Or in the porch. Or enclose a bomb. Or optical sight with loft house next door.

Entrance guys probably checked.

No, she still waits quietly and go to the country. And will laugh at your fears.
If only Zlatovs not noticed that she fool here sticks.

Well, it gets dark.


Suddenly in the cabin itself parted side window. Smell of sulfur.

- Oh, Joanna, daughter Sophia and Arcadiy, two elected representatives, but, alas, fallen, peoples! - Ornately squeaky voice cried, - listen here by ears.

- What do you want, devil? Again Page Stories stole?

- Yes, Comrade Sinegina. Top Secret and for internal use only.

White leaf fluttered, swirled through the cabin. Joanna reached out.

- No, first splyashem about detonating explosive mixture of genes.
Well, not crazy, I know what you rocking.

Will live your Yegor their daughter was born. Call Mary, Mary.

Lounge also two peoples - business child succeed, but with Russian wings.

More about this Joseph dreamed of - that would connect American efficiency but with Russian wings!
If the sense of what these "wings" - nose down from the bell tower.

The main thing to jump, but we'll see. That jumped.

It's all written - and about domestic disaster, and about external.

Third Millennium "near, even at the doors."

From the south again "evil Chechen crawls ashore, sharpening his knife."

In Moscow, houses exploding, and not only in Moscow.

In the ford shit from no mudslinging campaign.

Wolves fright eat each other. Sheepskins thrown off - the open bite. That look, people will wake up with a hangover.

And it will better than "Herzen".

There again, "upper classes cannot, and the lower classes do not want to." Third World reeks.

"People languages bite from fear in anticipation of future disasters"!

"Popularly elected" who separated from Kiev Orthodox Russia, will receive the Order of the Holy Land of Merit to Christianity.

Incidentally, the same was awarded the Order and Churchill, after communism declared a "threat to the entire Christian world".


And these black magic elections.

Today "Ghoul family." Then bear in the bag.

And tomorrow, look, and the very elect of the Beast. Ours that "out of the abyss".

You need it, Joanna? Your genes, though fallen, but it's not stupid!
What did you forget to "end times"?

Well, you do not want to the country. I know what you mean. Let him live Egor, multiplies, let Mary, let Mary - all one way.

- Come out! - Joanna tightly clutched the steering wheel, staring at the door.

- Shorter. Our offer still stands. Third row, eighth place. Subscribe to all the "last times."
Gray face promise not to smoke.


- Something's wrong here - Joanna thought they not Yegor, it seems, for some reason I need. Dead or alive? Why?

- Yes, you read a page or something - hair getting cold in my veins, bones stand on end. read it.

White sheet obediently dropped in front of her on the steering wheel.
It stood out Big fiery one single phrase from the Gospel of "Revelation":


- What is it, do not understand?

- Treason! Substitution. - squealed devil - It's all he leader of Caucasian nationality!
And got here - as Trotsky said, getting an ice pick in the head.

Here you message to Siberia! ..


- After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great power; the earth was lightened with his glory, - she read the fiery words stood out -

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying:

- Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great. Become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

For the maddening wine of her fornication all the nations have drunk of it.


- Well, your time is over, and sleep well, as prescribed by the regulations.

No, I cannot sleep. Comrade Supreme Commander

Here is another one, "A word to the people."


- And the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying:

Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins and receive of her plagues;


- Where is he, the people then? - grimacing devil. Halloo! People!

- No more people. Came out on deck and deck nuts!


- For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Reward her even as she rewarded you, and give her double for her deeds. In the cup which she mixed, mix to her double.

How much she hath glorified herself and lived luxuriously, so much give her of torment and mourning. For she says in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow!

Therefore in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine.
And she shall be burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judges her. "


- Tear! - Shivered features. Treason! Changeling!

- Prophecy of the last revolution, which would execute the Creator of the vampires in the end times as it hands tempted peoples - Joanna learned voice AHP,

- Supreme Commander just reminded elect order Savior:

- "Come out of her, my people."

Vauchert snatched Joanna leaf dohnuv hot club sulfur.

Page Stories flared and burned and covered with ashes knees.

- That's what I told her - Come, - he squealed, - And after serving as settled down. Third row, eighth.


Finally, they appeared. Yegor, Iris and Varya.

Iris and Varya kissed goodbye.

Iris sat in front with the driver. Yegor bodyguard behind.

- Well, you'll play in Matrosov or Gastello - what next? features Joanna waved before his eyes brush tail, making it difficult to look in the mirror, in eternity "heroes" do not give posthumously.

Goer noise machine.
Varya slammed for entrance door.
Who will.


Joanna crossed stinking sulphurous air as a sword. And hell, yelp, melted.

Different-eyed unknown from grafted Mercedes crawled out of the black abyss arches, turning right.

There, at the pharmacy, he will turn around and will rush right past on the road under the embankment.

Then pop up on the avenue and fly black demon differend-eyed for rushing to the airfield Yegor's machine.

In fulminant insight she saw a Mercedes overtakes them. Fires on wheels.

Sews machine gun chauffeur Yegor and Iris with the future baby two peoples.

A girl named Maria. Most honored name on both sides of the ocean.

Fetid roar motor different-eyed sparkle lights.

And he unpunished, elusive, not under the jurisdiction, will rush night. As always, winning.

And there will be no Yegor nor Iris nor Mary. Izania also never will be.

Again, only the night. This gloomy apocalypse.

Well, no you do not!


No fear, no hesitation was not. Only rapture, rapture in anticipation of happiness finally stop them.

Fatal gag fly into fetid voracious throat and spread apart.


Machine into a gallop on the mound.

Twitching in the hands of the steering wheel, the engine roared.

Heart-rending howl right horn. Sweeps out lights, brakes squeal.

All guys come!

The monster, huge, mischievous, and one hundred-headed and barking.

Eat, snake! whether shouted, whether she thought with delight in throwing impending gaping maw that his fire-breathing triumphantly victorious cry.

Frantically unwinding as sling rage with flesh, mind, soul, iron around and scary apocalyptic crunch.

Screeching, fire and the collapse of everything.

His teeth sank into her. But the pain subsided stunning impossible, barely begun.

And world began rolling.

Something broke, crashed. Swept up in the world tumbles fiery gleams.

It is they, they are! The corner of her consciousness she realized, now they do not get to Yegor.

It is finished! in victorious glee singing, plowshare destroy all its blunt, somersault with the machine nature.
And untold unearthly pleasure was in the death agony.

So, probably, dies grain germinates into another dimension.

Wins destroyed.

- I did it. Really do?


Voices, touch, echo the same "not her" pain.

Spots concerned, but more curious faces. Stretcher, dazzling light above your head.

As stuffy, breathe harder.

Boards creak under her steps, though his feet she does not feel.

And all this reminds something very terrible and long-standing.

This brown wooden box to which it inevitably approaching.

Four rhombus with peeling paint, crooked nailed door handle. Thick.

She gasps, no more strength to fight.

The door opened slowly.

Joanna draws it as a slate funnel.

Black water mixed with black clay glues eyes, nose, lips..


The door slams loudly.

There are only a last thought Joan. Stop, as a still picture.

Desperate: "That's all." Forever jammed plate.

Eternal Joanna thought-called "That's all."
End of the movie, where she played her life.

The lights go out, the audience goes home.

All except her.

Forever closed themselves abandoned by God consciousness. Exists only for its own sake.

That's what the hell.

No hot pans or nonexistence. Only immortal pitch the idea that nothing is ever will.

And that somewhere is the Eternal and the Beautiful "ALL" from which you forever excommunicated.


- Joanna.

Not even a voice, but also thought.

But not her, but it sounded like a code signal, turn the key.

From what seemed to be forever captivated her darkness suddenly began to dawn, to dissipate. Wins some new state, whose name Joanna does not know, but that is rapidly growing.


Throbbing, pulsating like a heart, hot flashes snow-shine.

Pristine clean, dazzling white, impassive, while fiery sizzling
Fire. What does not happen on the ground.

Cleansing all refiners.

Not static, and perpetual motion.

Heart quickening heartbeat invisible.

The cornerstone, the starting point, the alpha and omega.


She knew why He had eluded Ghana, Light of Tabor.
Converting bearing life everything and everyone.

It was not a light in the earthly sense, and the mysterious and wonderful flow of otherworldly energy.
Resurrection and living.

"Where is the archetypal simmer, creative forces are trembling".

Here officiated, converting all fiery and sacrificial love, the Divine itself. Truth itself.

Being genuine crucible barely lift the veil, shining loose constellations melody won from chaos harmonies, overcome space ideal designs.

Darkness, perishing in the fire unseen colors.

And light conjoint tread inseparable indivisible Dyad strolling among the luxury of cooling the tropics newborn worlds.

Love forever and eternally young.


Oh, how rushed there soul! At that time, all the dark in her evil and evil fleeing in panic, it seemed, tearing it in half sick of this division "I".

Joanna the semi-darkness, while the thirsty and horrifying.

Fire rescues and the Resurrection; she suddenly saw the light, that it is only for the terrible darkness.

"Each work will become manifest, for the Day will declare it, because it is revealed in fire. And the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is."

Joanna thought, remembering the words of the Apostle Paul, and snow-quickening fire raced past the stream flowing around it.

There, where "everything is good, always and everywhere."

Tabor Light is the divine way of being.
Inspirational Creativity, transforming death into life.

He revealed to her secrets.


The fact that people are scattered on the ground seeds of eternity, which must be rooted in the heavenly.

Die in corruption, in time to germinate in immortality.

What people are capillaries, nerves, blood vessels, which flows Divine flow, creating life.

That they are conductors Her. Partners of this great sacrament burn forever in the holy snow-moving fire, carrying, and building life.

Every heartbeat, every deed and word to carry and create authentic being.

All dead, thrown into darkness impenetrable.

That is the law of life in the name of Life.


The life-giving stream rushing flowing around her - from Himself, and through Himself.

Joanna thought-saw, seemed mysteriously deep beating of his heart.
Sacrificial love, eternity and voluntarily devoted entirely to this zhivotvoreniyu. Salvation, transformation, resurrection of everything.

All dying creatures, calling out for help.

And suddenly felt faint, barely audible sound of his own heart. And I realized that's still alive.

And that is, in its subtle pulse wonderful inexplicably linked to eternity overcoming chaos Coessentiality rhythm and indivisible.

And the more it contained, recognizing not only thought, but hardly a beating heart, brave heart rate, rhythm and beat of the life-giving Word in heavenly symphony Eternal Creation - rainbows, chords, ideas and achievements. The more trembled, torn soul in there raging thirst for death and birth at the same time - the more clearly conscious of it terrified her restraint, Plugged.

The smallest, but unique in the Plan of the capillary is not justified its mission. Filled the twilight.

Accept enrich carry as baton through earthly life, passing on.

A conductor, not partakers, not a co-creator.

She is an obstacle.

Life-giving stream, met with impermeability, wraps it and carried on, by.
Hurdle, ballast clot.


She did not fulfill his destiny!

There, in historical time, remained a blank sheet of paper and once opened a line from the prophet Jeremiah:

" Write all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book."

The idea of pristine clean sheet of paper for the first time did not cause disgust.

She should be back! Joanna-thought-will become Joan, Joan-prayer:

- Lord, let your will fulfill.
Calling match. Do not allow the flow of life in the gift you thicken clot.
Do not break the chain, pass the baton.

Fulfill debt bequeathed by God.


What was first? Whether she heard about this Higher Will himself or herself asked for volunteers, armed with Will?

Or whole life waiting for this order? Waiting initially, because the laws of both terrestrial and celestial drama hanging on the wall should shoot a gun?

And enlisted - or a warrior or a deserter.

"Write what I told you in the book".

Give me to do thy will.
Will fulfill the Will.


- Stand up, Joanna.

Tambour was now vibrantly colored with flashes of-living that same with the unfading. "Impossible Dream" by Darenova.

Thrown into the old porch was green broom May adhesive foliage. Alive and fragrant bouquet of dried peonies last year.

Revived a long time ago in a web gnawed butterfly, solar-squared red wings and began to beat in dusty purblind little window above the front door with the diamonds for which hid to escape the darkness.

It was there, in the dark future, longed to return sitting on the dusty wooden floor of the demolished houses revived long as this butterfly, Joanna.

Though waiting for her outside the door opposite and saving my mother's hands, and my father is still alive, and grandmother Xenia. And happy postwar childhood.

- Stand up, Joanna - again quietly and powerfully sounded in her.

From someone, or from her own - did not matter.

Will do Will.

- Get up and go.


She straightened up.

Pushed to the wall, took a step, another.

Back pain with every movement more acute and intolerable. Pain named Joanna.

But even more unbearable was the fear of not walking.


Dark Future met her pitch darkness. Stuffy and smelled of drugs.

Joanna turned on fading behind him and saw the flashes in the doorway with rhombus fiery bright blessing hand.

The door slammed shut.


Before Joanna towered barely visible mountain that she had to scramble.

To where flickered over the head of a small point of light - either a star, or a lighthouse. Whether operating lamp.

She crawled, although it was quite impossible. And tearing the heart and lungs of stale, full of drug darkness air. And the body of pain.

And light - a beacon star is approaching, then again, hiding in piles on the pitch darkness lightheadedness.


Joanna crawled, knowing her place there.

Her Calvary, her height, her "Everything."

Its link in the chain that cannot be broken

Begins to see around it, and others, rising to her, each to his own Calvary.

Their sealed into the rock body facing the sky person.

Very young. In the fullness of years. Elderly.

But there is always aspiring, up where it gleamed bright spot.

Whether a star, or a lighthouse, or lamp operating.

Caught in the way awards death.

And when the bright point clouds again performed nausea and pain darkness meteor zipped up fiery redhead the alarm. Looks like it is on the spirit of Alma, then Katya's jacket, then resurrected butterfly childhood.

Also programmed to boldly-perpetual flight to Light.

(The End of the Mystery)
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