Are we humbly will take a step into the abyss? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 74

Yulia Ivanova

Are we humbly will take a step into the abyss? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 74

* * *

WITNESSES: Eliezer, Voronel-Dacewicz, A. Dugin, B. Pasternak.

The main thesis of all these publications is simple.
Europe is entering an era of post-Christianity and ceases to be a Christian society.
What does it mean? That the interest to the traditional forms of religion is constantly decreasing.
It would seem! That's died communism, people got access to the normal capabilities of confession of their faith - and what we see as a result?

In West Germany from 1991 to 1999 the number of people who regularly visit the temples decreased /just fell!/ more than twice: from 14, 7% to 7%.
Less seriously, but steadily, this process was in Italy /reduction of almost one third/.
Not to mention France, where on the Church and the priest remembered only during the registration of marriages and confirmation. Notre Dame has turned into a large Museum-restaurant, where people come crowd, eating hamburgers and Stimorol to catch a glimpse of the ancient rituals.

It seems that for these people the Sunday service is in line with cartomancy and exemplary performance of the hoodoo.
And this is confirmed by the surveys, the experience of the authors ' communication with representatives of the Catholic Church.
One priest of Notre Dame believes that his Church was turned into a gas station where ever trampled the people who came refuel.
The Swedes go to Church on inertia, they say, this is the only place where you can relax from everyday life.
The British Methodist seriously discussing the question: is it possible to accept to their community of those who are in God do not believe.
And come to the conclusion possible.
We are all humanists. The main thing is the proximity to person, and not some outrageous "the work of the Lord".
The Church in Western Europe, more and more resemble the post office: a person came, was fought from the cash to the cashier, a little note wrote the Creator of the universe - and ran away.

This is a business. Conduct in the Church a significant part of their free time? How can you say that!


* * *

Institute EMNID, according to the same Newsweek, conducted a survey among Germans:

What institutions do you trust most?
The Germans put the Church on the fifth place.
And who is to come?
The places were distributed this way: "Amnesty international", the court, police and Greenpeace.

This is great. On the background of two thousand years of European Christianity - especially.

Moreover, according to today's Europeans, traditional churches "hypocritical". This weapon national hatred...

In other words, European Christianity is going through the biggest crisis in its history.
K. Armstrong writes:
"Faith is undergoing constant transformation, trying to find a language that is suitable for our time... We all further and further away from the Jewish pietism of the first Christians"...

So faith current European: 1) personal; 2) the eclectic; 3) it does not contain any elements still religious faith. Except, perhaps, purely ritual, and it is very distorted.

* * *

Is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
And even not the God of the philosophers and scientists.
It is God roaring and the evil of the flesh... we have the era of the triumph of paganism.
Yes, this paganism.

In fact, as God every European planting on his altar own image, and not just yourself.
It grants to its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, praising him.
His God is ambivalent and amorphous.
It is not something that will not save - nothing.
It is a fiction, phantom, bluff drunken poker player...
The Cult of Himself, The Cult Of His Success.

Man, this is the pig with the most narrow minded.

Pig and Acorns is the sad story of our existence.

This what Jesus thought, whoever he was?
What dreamed prophets Scriptures?

Today the European world wants to fall into the abyss.
Christ leaves it.
The last communication with the truth goes out rotten old fur.

* * *

With Christianity ends the history of Europe. The history of the beast, desired to become man.
The Arians do NOT PASS the EXAM on the person.

THERE SENT THEM RUNNING. Quietly, sliding on streamline of being, to the land, to the grass, in the soft stall.
In the barn, in the wet straw, back to the lower forms of spiritual existence.
In the ashes, the stench in the manure.

They need to cut or cut, as saying the best of the goyim Pushkin...

* * *

Dr. Arbuthnot who wrote to me that we, Jews, have to believe in the great Messiah of the Aryans and fall in love with the American style of life, wrong.
America, in fact, is the vanguard of the Aryan decomposition.
Miserable race, miserable history, miserable perspective...

One English pastor recently wrote a book called "After God."
This characteristic and strange name does not frighten him.
It seems to him that century Europe is still a long. Just from God the Almighty current Western man goes to the God of the hearth, the idol of his own "ego".

It's a lie. In place of the Almighty only the Great Emptiness can come.

* * *

Saw you wonderful people:
Their name is "Dead Desert".
Ancient, powerful people, bearers of God's Holiness,

But they rebelliously proud, as the ranges of the Arabian gorges
Went to the leader of his, and God wanted to fight;
And imprisoned in their Lord, and condemned them to their sleep without Exodus
The terrible, a great lesson, and the memory for a kind and kind...

In this case you, intellectuals must remember another best of the goyim Nietzsche.
He says: "the Desert is growing every day"...
Now Aryan desert reached the limits of its existence...

Quiet. Desert froze in his lonely alone...

The main secret of European culture, culture presumptuous godless away from the Truth.

(Eliezer, Voronel-Dacewicz).

* * *

- ...Fragmentation finally wins integrity.
Atomic individual - all forms of public, material cash equivalent finally supersedes all other forms of value.
The Nations no more choice. They are doomed only on a voluntary or forced entry into a new system of life - in "the end of history".

"New world order" - no joke and not empty words.
Starts at a specific time and space. Time and space of "post-history".

The time in the "new world order" in the same computer time, "timing".
The specific rhythm of electronic trading, daily cycle exchanges, rhythm gaming, completely subordinated to itself the real economy.

This time nothing happens.
No achievements, no discovery, no sufferings and joy.
There's only stock exchange game, the movement of virtual Finance, optimization of resources, infinite series provoked life of the screen.
Computer time is the time of the society of the spectacle.

The new system of colonialism, even scarier historical precedents.
Previously, the colony had been plundered, and their population is intensively used.
But now it comes to the ultimate elimination of identity.
The exploiting class of former political and economic elites of the West becomes an impersonal System. Direct and terrible embodiment of his Majesty's Capital.
This is the "New world order".

Quality time in which the past has being and weight in the present. It coexists in the present. Memory and fidelity, the force of the Covenant converts, transforms the present.

Quality time in the beginning was the Word.
Not a monkey, aliens or amoebae, not the wild population of the caves.
And that Word is still keenly felt in the current of our history. Piercing invitingly speaks from the depth of centuries, renew priceless gift in the Holy Eucharist.
The word of God to all Nations, but especially for us, Russians.
That carried Him and kept His light.
And that has not lost in the dark days when the son of perdition will reveal their mondialisee fangs.
Today it is obvious how fought desperately we sacred space and time against the stranglehold of the snare of the present.
Quantitative crushing, dead apriori, cold grave laws "commodity-money-commodity".

Yes, we compromised. Yes, we tried to combine our true will and true path with borrowed from the outside elements.
But we only pretended to, cheated, distracting.
We have always been (and remain in) the depth of the Russian soul, mysterious people, who entrusted to the great commandment.

We are going our own way, insisted on his truth.
And when he was baptized in the river. And when did blissful and bright Moscow Kingdom. And when I served the king.
And when they built the new Soviet world.
We carry the light and sorrow, suffering and exalted, hard paradox, embodied in our history, in our land, in our souls.

"New world order" wants to force us to pay the bills.
Force us to repent for his sins, to scatter, to dissolve, to disappear, to recognize their mistake.
And not only in the field of power, but in the region of the spirit (hence the desire to re-educate us on textbooks Soros and humiliating recipes new atlantist policemen from the "Union of the right forces".
They say, "move your body", trade, enjoy and forget about your past, about your "I" - it is bloody, cruel, lazy and corrupt. "Move your body".

Not that for a victory over the "new world order", but even so, just to challenge him, we must realize the seriousness of the situation.
But this time will not help us either "General winter" or "itself was falling" or "spring offensive of the working people".
An effort is necessary enormous. First and foremost, spiritual and intellectual.

We have taken such depth that only we can in full measure could hardly recognize.
It is very very seriously.
We are tested with nothingness, sentence antichristos "new world order".
By the end of OUR HISTORY.
Do humbly will take a step into the abyss? Do not woke up at last? Do not say the last word in world drama?

Then what all this is for? Why was the Russian city garden, to create a great Kingdom, to put to great purpose millions of souls?
After all, what was only a prologue to the last hour, which struck today?

Two thousand years ago gave us the sweetest - toughest test, handed saving unbearable Cross.

But chains that held Satan fell, and his dark face risen because of the salty ocean in our TV.
The Antichrist is here. He lifted his strange shape of the fingers.

On his shield "novo ordoseculi" green bill of nothingness.

(Alexander Dugin).

* * *

I realized that everything is alive.
Centuries not abyss,
And life without profit
Enviable part.

Thank you, thank you
Two thousand years
In the works without straight oneself up
Left the light.

I understood everything in force,
In color and juice,
And in the new Genesis
I drop a current.

And the eternal collapse
Bursting outside
The great in the small
Surrender to me.

And laughter at benches
And the thought from the plow,
And Lenin and Stalin
And this poem.

(Boris Pasternak).

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