e are broadcasting the morning exercises. Joanna's Page 75

Yulia Ivanova

We are broadcasting the morning exercises. Joanna's Page 75

* * *
By late spring Denis finally got better and left for abroad for its old and new business projects.
But, "falling ill" with Izania, he intended to be quick to untie with previous agreements and obligations, to collect the necessary funds and cast them in spiritual and educational and therapeutic virtual movies. With the help of which they dreamed Iris implement a bold:
"Deliver us from evil!"

If they fall with Izania, it was for a long time.
Soon John and could not imagine what had worked all day endlessly villa and Moscow tech.
In the Goldenland was wonderful, but she decided to go along with Denis as decent people around, literally choking in overcrowded apartments.
Squabbles, vanity, screaming spoiled children, scandals kin and so on.
"Ours" which, like the air, it was necessary Goldenland. To break "from the work of the enemy" and to realize our plans. Sometimes a lifelong dream.

And Joanna is perfectly able to work and Luzhino by which missed. Even shed a few tears, hugging her dog Anchr screaming with happiness.
At the cottage lived a good quiet people. Already other growers from the North, master of the greenhouses.
Of cucumbers, tomatoes and flowers John had never happened. Northerners held in greenhouse heating, water, something endlessly sprayed and hoed.
John gave them complete freedom of action, but sometimes helped make beautiful bouquets.

Twice a week, a car came, took away the harvest, flowers for sale. Climb the necessary linen and clothes to the cleaners and wash them with money and Izan-flasks with lunch, fast food for two or three days, and everything you need.
John contacted the nearest headquarters Izania on the mobile phone and make an order.
With breakfast and dinner are manageable for yourself.

She spend days working on a book. It was ordered by Izan-net with access to the Internet the literature.
Actually a lot of reading - Iris sent her computer, and you could get access to almost any rarities.

They Varya still harbored plans to open own publishing house of Izania.

Joanna was chosen only in the temple.
She walked with Anchar in the woods, thinking about Ignatius and sometimes clearly feeling his warm hand, breathing. And knowing that he is at this moment, too, unexpectedly, through the days and miles, sees a bright girl's face in the darkness outside the window of the car, intercepted plastic ringlet hair flying in the starry eternity.
And smiling vision.

"Joanna... "

Only the car, she asked to return until October to go to Moscow to visit sometimes in-law, which has recently been feared Masons.
If the Masons and the only cases was that the climb at night to steal ninety-grandmother and flyers for the next rally.
Now it is often called, falling il with Izania "green" Katya, seriously set itself the aim of dragging ancestors from foreign countries in Moscow and start a new life.

And around "marasmus was intense and horror deepened..."

What is happening on the other side Izans seemed more and more disgusting, criminal and vulgar.
Masks gradually subsided; there was no longer needed. It has openly decided fangs, claws and money.
She felt endless humiliation from happening - not so much for himself as for the country, and was amazed - does the world to which she once belonged to, once and for all sold out?

Unlike many, she never lies "permissiveness" under the guise of "freedom." Do not flatter yourself sweet cooing foriegn foxes, waiting for when the Russian crow open mouth and drop the cheese.
So she did not have to go back to the Soviet and Izanian "comrades" and she did not go anywhere.
It is increasingly understood that it is not a moral choice. It was generally not a choice, but an axiom.
Just hand her inner compass pointing imperiously to the "Off!" Taboo.

John and before did not go to elite techniques, because the feeling of who is behind the waiter - a person pours into the glass, it was unbearable.
It was her paternally INSTALLATION with which she could not, and did not want to fight.

Yes, Izania saved.
Their words: "Union", "comrade."
Soviet songs, which always passed on their radio station, and John listened eagerly for any work as a partisan in the enemy rear callsigns of Moscow, nourishing and resurrecting.

"It's Radio Union of Izania... Good morning, comrades. Peace be with you.
We are broadcasting a morning exercises..."

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