We have been very long and cruelly deceived. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 72
God with us

Yulia Ivanova

We have been very long and cruelly deceived. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 72

* * *
Sergey Kara-Murza, Vladimir Solovyov, Denis Tukmakov, Alexander Dugin, Marina Strukova.

* * *
Of Stalin's speech at the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU:

Say, for which we have greatly expanded the Central Committee?
But is it not clear that the Central Committee took infuse new strength? We, the elderly, all die, but you need to think about who, in whose hands will hand the baton to our great cause. Who will bear it forward?
To do this, we need younger, dedicated people, politicians. What does it mean to grow a political, public figure?
This requires a lot of effort. Need ten, no, fifteen years to educate the public figure.
But one wishes for this little.
Educate ideological persistent public figures can only be on practical matters. On the daily work on the implementation of the general line of the Party, to overcome the resistance of all kinds of opportunistic hostile elements seeking to slow down and frustrate the work of the construction of socialism.

Molotov is devoted to our cause people. Hither, and, no doubt, he did not hesitate to lay down his life for the party.
But we cannot ignore his unworthy acts.
Comrade Molotov, our Foreign Minister, under "chartreuse" in the diplomatic reception, agreed to publish the English ambassador in our country bourgeois newspapers and magazines.

Why? On what basis was required to give such consent?
Is it not clear that the bourgeoisie - our class enemy, the bourgeois press and distribute among the Soviet people - it is but harm, nothing will bring.
Such a misstep, if it is assumed to have adverse, negative impact on the minds of the Soviet people and the world. Lead to a weakening of our communist ideology and strengthen bourgeois ideology.
This is the first political mistake Comrade Molotov.

We have Jewish autonomy.
Is not this enough? Let develops this republic.
A comrade Molotov should not be an advocate of illegal Jewish claims on our Soviet Crimea.
This is the second political mistake Comrade Molotov.

Comrade Molotov so much respect for his wife, that we do not have time to make a decision on a particular important political issue as it is fast becoming known to someone gem.
So, if some invisible thread connects the Politburo with his wife Pearl of Molotov and her friends.
And it is surrounded by friends who can not be trusted. It is clear that such behavior is unacceptable member of the Politburo.

At the plenum of the Central Committee does not need applause. Need to resolve issues without emotion, business-like.

I beg you to release me from the responsibilities of the Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers.
I am already old. Do not read the papers. Choose you another secretary.

S. K. Timoshenko:
Comrade Stalin, people will not understand this. We are all as one, you elect their leader - the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee.
Other solutions cannot be.

(All standing warmly applauded by supporting Tymoshenko).

Stalin stood a long time and looked into the hall. Then he waved his hand and sat down.
(16 October 1952)

* *

Yeltsinism is a political regime, which has absolutely no legitimacy.
He breaks down all around, wreaking death and malformation, clearly leads the society and the country to catastrophe, but shows no evidence of its own destruction.
Like a cancer that eats the body.

The fact that the Yeltsin regime has no grace, and does not deserve anyone's respect is obvious.
You should listen mass media that supports TV and read newspapers - all aspects of life on the verge of death is as a result of actions of the regime.
Press the West, which of cynical considerations support the Yeltsin regime, performed to the regime of the disgust of our souls and cannot work out.

The situation is so unusual and crazy, because no one was struck by an unprecedented in the history of state and law fact: President accused of genocide of their own people.
This monstrous accusation voted in parliament vote for him most in him, if we speak frankly, believe almost all citizens.

On the real legitimacy of such a regime is not out of the question - he is hated and despised by even the few who selfishly associated with it and will defend it to the last.

What's going on?
Apparently, we are entering a new period of history.
There are modes of power that hold on some, not yet fully studied props. They reject the ordinary, secular norms and standards and defiantly refuse to respect citizens.
Their power so you can not undermine by exposing the sins and crimes of the regime; he does not hide.
He rallies his supporters not to high ideals and values, and mutual responsibility - outrages and vices.
There are many indications that it is - the process of the world.
Case Clinton - Lewinsky insignificance Solana or Kofi Annan set standards for the cultural environment in which the majority of viewers of the world without any emotion take the bombing of Serbia.
There disappears important phenomenon in the past - public opinion.
Furthermore, in fact, disappear society itself as moral and logical norms of different people become so incompatible that the lost opportunity for dialogue.

Increasingly, from a variety of people to hear a labored and strange conclusion: The world today is a war between good and evil."
(Sergey Kara-Murza).

* *

Although we forever invisible chains
Glued to the otherworldly shores
But also in the circuit should accomplish ourselves
The circle of the gods we have outlined.

All that is in accordance with the will of the highest,
His mind creates an alien,
And under the guise of dispassionate substance
Everywhere divine fire burns.
(Vladimir Solovyov).

* * *

Why this man lives forty years building the same endless BAM tunnel cutting through miles of it in the Amur basalt?
For myself and for everyone else, for the construction of this and all the other tunnels in Russia - this glorious, unprecedented, saving construction of the future kingdom of God.

For great things requires a great unity of the people, embodied in the Russian collectivism - not to be confused with a military drill or order of the camp stages.
Why become rushing unit, if still not cooled down, tossing and turning, making its way into masterpieces of literature and cosmic discoveries, religious visions and global turmoil burning hot lava total Russian affairs?
In heaven we go together, united by the Russian people.
White inchurched collegiality and red "million-finger hand party." Fyodorov's general resurrection of the dead, and Russian Leninist communist construction merge in all its breadth, dissolving into each other.

Today marks such planetary profiles, with which Russian factor for each position is opposed to it completely hostile factor "new world order".
Its highest point of development reached it now.
Conquered almost the entire world, almost everywhere that planted their ideals, the scale of values and rules of conduct, to be dispersed to the speed limit it at the end of the XX century will inevitably hit the whole edifice into its opposite young and single Russian vector of development.

Collision could not be avoided: so two of cavalry in the open field is rapidly rushing towards each other.
And the collision of them was terrible: more overclocked as follows Russian squad crushed, violated orders, loss awful.
Survivors under the onslaught of the enemy pushed back into the darkness of history, to its final destruction.
But the battle does not cease. Troop yet resists, does not give a surround. And the time to remember about our ambush regiment about Russian unclaimed resources about our enormous potential benefit.

In Russian thinking, we must first look for the source and meaning of the celebration of the future of Russia.

Being Russian thinking is going out of limits. This breakout dilapidated arches. This transformation in the world has never seen hypostasis.
So this is the victory of the new, young, energetic truth of the old, decayed, order exhausted.
(Denis Tukmakov).

* *

We have a very long and very cruel trick.

Such a world, a reality of a country, such humanity that we describe the authority of science, culture and politics, not existed and does not exist.

All things in our apocalyptic world tampered with, if we look at everything through a hypnotic haze arranged by malicious conspirators' scoundrels-skilled hypnotist in the service of the prince of this world.

We come to the brink of the millennium, but think about the trousers, broads, toothpaste and pay for the phone.
It seems vague, due to the fog of indifference we feel that somewhere near Motherland Russia.
After all, the coordinate system knocked down structure distorted outlook. A croaking red-faced priest's degeneration scraps narcissistic maxims and morals completely spoil it.

Russian Soul in the bullpen, in the drunk tank, in a cast.

Those who claim, if there is only an ephemeral moment, only elusive moment here and now, and the rest is just an idea - a puppet of the Antichrist.

We live close to the end. From the divine original of the world we move out.

The sacred ancient civilization slowly went all the way to the world of degradation (from the Golden Age - Babylonian dust and sands of oblivion) measured tread millennia.
On the last line of the abyss wheezing hell humanity antiquity was supported by a victim of the merciful Son.
The Son of God opened the true path of the last sons of the last century.

Russia lived. Silver Age of Orthodoxy in the periphery, although sunny and dignity.
Anticipating together with Metropolitan Hilarion great future.
Outside of Russia there was no escape, ran to us spiritual energy centuries rays eternity slashed homeland.

But fell Muscovy. And iron Antichrist come, now here to stay, now everywhere.

Slowly we crawled (in Romanoff with Frenchman headed) in the historical nothing.
A place amputated subjective measurement ached.
Old Believers, Russian sectarians and charmed strangers of all kinds and types of howling mad bronze pain.
Because Russian soul aches as crackle in the fire voluntary body.

Iron Age as crazy pain, that was the last Russian covenant of Habakkuk to Stalin.

In October of great suffering came from under a bushel, blood cut our vast land.
They tried to design of absence and longing optimistic shaft. Transform the pain and misery of the Iron Age in the triumph of the solar creation. They are in their own interpreted the cross the mystery of Nicky.

We probably never understand truly the Soviet stage of the sacred history of mankind.
Through the antics of the Soviet idiocy stood out the amazing features of some other thoughts express themselves.
Make youself felt, were thrust out of the icy reservoir dumbness, but constantly tearing, slips, falls into a stupor.

It was a difficult, difficult idea of the end.
But also about the beginning.
The idea of pain and sorrow. On the impossibility of joy and anguish inevitable.

They want and shoot, and hug at the same time.
How they internal, although tend to seem entirely external.
We were the last phase of the Bronze subjects of sacred history of Christianity.
We kept in a certain sense and often paradoxical fidelity of this idea in the next century, in the iron.
Vulgarity liberal degeneracy we opposed the bloody drama of Bolshevism.
Poem "12".

End for us, the Orthodox have a much, much larger than the total restoration.
This Marriage. Marriage on the other side of the borders.
Promised, constantly postponed. Which IZNURYoNNYJ, wounded, exhausted and bruising others, we are tired of waiting.
Our Marriage. Wedding without measure.

The groom-fire. A burning fire.
Now something and decide how maidens sleep, how to stay awake. How to light candle, how to snore in slumber.

That finally happened! That did not come! To break the gut of heaven!
To a crash on the winepress of wrath mongrel generation of the apocalypse!
To devour us and them! All!
To chariot whom the wheel.
Burn clear, clear burn!

Ahead is the end. But what could be more bitter and sweeter this meeting.

At each point in space have its own laws and regulations, its constants and their processes.
Modern physics - the science of the dead, just do not know it.
This Iron Age physics, physics spiritual Antichrist.
She / like the rest of purely modern science / dealing with dead quantitative world that does not exist.
It contributes to the killing of a living sacred world, arguing about its nature ominous primitive fables.
Not a man and the space come from monkeys, and people of the Light.

World history in the space-symbolic sense was from North to South and from East to West.
She walked away from the source. Was "off" and not "to".
It squanders eternity, extending the plane of time.
It is wasting the life-giving heavenly quality, referring to the amount of dark mechanisms. Until finally disappeared in the mass of heaving capital.
By chance if the current hegemonic rulers and finance matters and huddled in the West? Dug in there?
We sacrificed to slaughter it as a burnt offering "new world order". But this redemptive suffering.
Fighting with the West, we are at war with his own death.
(Alexander Dugin).

* *

Not waiting for us and the river valleys,
Come on, like prairie thunderstorm,
Vosled us curse cripples
Radiance of his eyes burned out.

I know they would prefer
Die, make prayers.
Court them as dead fish,
Went down the wrong beach.

In their eyes there is a longing repentance,
Shame on the conquered country.
Take the enemies of alms,
A daring they are offended.

Why encourage them to fight?
Slaves easier to drive than the drive,
They are born to surrender.
But we are born to save them.

(Marina Strukova, 1999).
"Perish, prayers, is not this the Lord their demands? Remember," chuckled the AD.
"I came not to send peace on earth to bring, but a sword" - this is what we must remember, "shook the AG by his head in white panama.

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