Fifth column. Joseph Stalin Threshold 28
J.V. Stalin at the canal Moskva-Volga

Yulia Ivanova

Fifth Column. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 28

There were presented:
AG - Angel-Guardian
AG - Angel-Destroyer.

Vyshinskiy, Radek.Leon Feuchtwanger. A. Hitler. A. Sukov. A. Kareva. N. Lozhechnikova. V. Mayakovsky. B. Krymov. D. Dudko.

* * *

"So, the restoration of capitalism, which Trotsky called balancing of social system of the USSR with other capitalist countries, was conceived as an inevitable result of agreements with foreign states?"

"As an inevitable result of the defeat of the Soviet Union and its social consequences, and agreement on the basis of this defeat."

"What else?"

"The third condition was very new to us - to put in place of the Soviet authorities the thing he called the Bonapartist regime.
And for us it was clear that this was fascism without its own financial capital, which served someone else's financial capital."

"What was the fourth condition?"

"The fourth was the partition of the country.
It was decided to give Ukraine to Germany; Primorye and Amur region to Japan.

"Some other economic concessions mentioned then?"

- Yes, those decisions, which I have already spoken, have been deepened.
Payment of reparations in the form of supply of food, raw, and fats during many years.
Then, at first, he said that without figures, an more specifically, a certain percentage of countries-victors who would take part in Soviet imports.
All that meant complete subjugation of the country.

"Did you talk about Sakhalin oil?

"As for Japan we said we must not only give Sakhalin oil to it but provide it with oil in case of war with the United States of America.
We decided not to prevent Japanese imperialism from conquest of China.

* * *

"We should not forget about personal interest of the accused in coup.
Neither ambition, nor desire for power were not satisfied for those people.
They held high positions, but none of them took any of those top posts, which they believed they had rights for; none of them, for example, was a member of "the Political Bureau.

True, they again found favor, but in due time they were tried as Trotskyites, and they did not have any more chances to advance in first rows.
They were in some sense, demoted, and 'nobody can be more dangerous than an officer from whom shoulder straps were torn off,' said Radek, who knew that very well" (Leon Feuchtwanger).

"Incriminating material had been tested by us before and brought to the accused," Soviet people answered to Feuchtwanger. "At the trial we had enough confirmation of their confessions.
Let him who is confused, remember that this case was tried by the military court and that this trial was primarily a political trial.

We were interested in cleansing of political atmosphere.
We wanted the whole nation, from Minsk to Vladivostok, to realize what was happening.
Therefore, we tried to arrange the trial with maximum simplicity and clarity ...
We conducted this trial for foreign criminologists, we had it for our people."

"First of all, of course, by the most primitive assumption was put forward that the defendants had tortured and threatened with new tortures, even the worst ones, and were forced to confess.

However, this invention was undoubtedly denied by fresh view of defendants and their general physical and mental condition.

Thus, skeptics were forced to resort to other sources to explain their 'unbelievable' confession.
They said the defendants were given all sorts of poisons$ they were hypnotized and subjected to drugs.

However, no one in the world could keep another creature under so strong and lasting influence.

Nevertheless, opponents of the trial prefer to put most absurd hypotheses of tabloid nature instead of believing in the simplest things - the accused were exposed and their confessions were true."

"The Soviet people just shrug and laugh when they talk about these hypotheses.
They say that if we wanted to rig facts why did we need, , to resort to such difficult and dangerous way to extorting false confessions?
Would not it be easier to forge documents?
Don't you think that it would be much easier for us than making the Trotsky to say treasonable speeches by the mouths of Pyatakov and Radek and presenting to the world his treasonable letters and documents, which much more directly prove his connection with the ascists?

"You have seen and heard the accused, do you have an impression that their confessions were received by force?"

"I didn't have this impression."
People standing before the court could by no means be called tortured and despairing creatures who stood before their executioner.
No one should think that this trial was of any artificial or even solemn and pathetic character."

"The room where there the trial was held was small; it could accommodate about three hundred and fifty people.
Judges, prosecutors, defendants, advocated and experts were sitting on a low stage, which the stairs led to.
Nothing separated the court from those sitting in the hall.
There was nothing that would be like a dock: the barrier that separated the defendants looked more like frame of a lodge.

The defendants themselves were sleek, well-dressed men with slow and relaxed manners.
They drank tea, newspaper they were sticking out of the their pockets, and they often glanced at the audience.
The general view was more like a discussion than a criminal trial.

It was a discussion in the form of conversation when educated people tried to find out the truth and establish exactly what had happened and why it had happened.
It seemed that the defendants, prosecutors and judges were carried away by the same thing: to clear out everything that happened as accurately as possible.

If this court were committed to a producer to adapt it for stage, it probably would have taken him many years and a lot of rehearsals to get from defendants such teamwork: they didn't omit the slightest inaccuracy of each other, so conscientiously and diligently, and their excitement was manifested with such restraint.

In short, hypnotists, poisoners and court officials who prepared the defendants, in addition to all of its stunning qualities had to be prominent filmmakers and psychologists." (Leon Feuchtwanger)/

* * *

"We are finishing perpetual movement of Germans to the South and West Europe and look to the lands to the east.
We are finishing our colonial trade policies and move to a policy of conquest of new lands.
And when we speak today about the a land in Europe, we can think only of Russia and subservient outlying districts.
Fate itself pointed this way ..." (A. Hitler).

* * *

"Under the thunder of enthusiastic applause in honor of the creator of the Constitution of great Stalin the Extraordinary Eighth Congress of Soviets unanimously agreed to:
'Accept the basis of the draft of the Constitution'.

"It's hard to describe what was going on in the Kremlin hall. All rose from their seats and welcomed the Leader for a long time.
Stalin, standing on the tribune, raised his hand for silence.
Several times he invited us to sit down. Nothing helped.
We sang the "Internationale' and then again the ovation continued.
Stalin turned to the bureau, perhaps requiring to set order, pulled out his watch and showed them to us, but we did not acknowledged time" (A. Sukov, the worker)/

* * *

"I and Dusya were told that tomorrow comrade Stalin would talk to you.
I do not know what my face was, but Dusya flushed, lit up, her eyes really glowed." (The weaver A. Kareva).

"I hasten to share the greatest joy with you: in the Kremlin Palace, I saw very dear the dearest person on Earth.
I sat fascinated and could not tear my eyes from the face of Stalin." (the weaver N. Lozhechnikova)

* * *

"Why are plays of Bulgakov so often put on stage? Why only his plays are suitable for performances".
This play is not too bad, because it gives you more good than harm.
Do not forget that the main impression that remains at the spectator of this play is a favorable impression for Bolsheviks: even if there are people who are forced to lay down their arms and submit to will of the people, recognizing their cause as a finally lost one, therefore, hence, Bolsheviks are invincible. (J. Stalin).

* * *


The Creator came to earth and 'became a man so that we can becomr God-like people'.
He crucified earthly flesh and life to connect man with his divine nature.
'Take up your cross and follow me ...'.
That is you have to crucify your earthly life, sacrificially serving the Plan for upcoming God-manhood.

Die for service to Vampire or Mammon, killing a grasping lascivious beast in yourself: without this connection in the Father's house it is impossible, since nothing unclean will enter it'.

Once Leo Tolstoy drew a triangle on a sheet, on top of which was God, and at the two corners if its base there were people.
And he concluded that in the trial of closer relations among people they automatically become closer to God, because the height is shorter than sides.

It seems that Leo Tolstoy is not quite right because most people become closer together in sin: for example, fascists, Idolaters, sexual minorities, criminals of all stripes, monopolies, etc.

John Climacus wrote a book about spiritual journey of man to God, about gradual higher and higher ascent along inner spiritual staircase (ladder).

I think ascension to Heaven is possible not on the plane of the world lying in evil, not in joint sin, but in joint motion to the top.

This is a liberation from 'attraction of bad materiality' or infinity of passions and desires of a beast in itself.
It is ascension in mercy and kindness to others, rising around you. In conjunction with them and sharing.

Only in this way, ascending in different paths, we become closer to each other and to the HEIGHT.

I would argue that the Soviet Union was just climbing in tandem.
The idea of communism, consciously or intuitively been accepted by people precisely because it conformed with their depth perception of the Orthodox-Russian idea - the conciliar climbing with light luggage to the kingdom of love and freedom from worldly bondage ...

It is ascension with light luggage according to the Scriptures:

'Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for the workman is worthy of his meat' (Mathew 10:9-10).

The idea of communism attracted by its high principles for the sake of serving the great common cause.
Let it be for the sake of happiness of future generations, where there will be no place for you. That is, a victim at the behest of the heart, which is especially appreciated by the Creator.
It is an act of pure love ...

There is no doubt that the Lord and His Kingdom lived in hearts of those elected.
They were happy to serve the country, to their neighbors and strangers, for their lives conformed with the Plan and the Law inscribed in heart.

* * *

And when the sun like a fattened hog
Rises over the coming future free of beggars and cripples
I will decay being died in the gutter,
Next to a dozen of my colleagues.

V. Mayakovsky

"Ha-ha-ha! as Joseph would say," the AD began to swing by his black feet. "Vladimir Vladimirovich wanted to have too much!
The future became true 'out of' rather than 'without' the beggars and cripples!

The coming future of beggars and cripples ...

'Be careful of your desires, they are sometimes carried out', sages have warned.
OK, OK, go ahead, Positive.

"The grand powerful state, selfless creative work for a higher purpose.
Daily bread to everyone.
Schools, institutes, libraries, theaters.
Protection of traditional morality, development of national cultures, preservation and accessibility of the best in spiritual heritage of Russia.

However one had to use carrot and stick in order to 'save'.
But Joseph was a shepherd of the multinational unchurched (not to say the 'infidel') herd.
And God will judge him as shepherd-Caesar.
Bulgakov admitted it writing 'The Shepherd' about the young leader.

They were happy, because he put them on the Way, shielded them from spiritual destruction and from slavery to Mammon.

Can one prohibit faith?
The question itself is blasphemy against God and doubt of His divinity.
The laws and the Plan inscribed in heart are subject only to the Creator.
Of course, you can lure people, astray and intimidate them, last but you cannot prohibit faith, as evidenced by the entire history of Christianity.

God will still sprout in the heart of the man standing on the Way.

Yes, it was impossible for an active believer to make bureaucratic career, but is it possible to serve both God and Mammon simultaneously?
How many souls Joseph has saved from temptations of acquiring, envy, hatred, malice and fornication!

There were much blood, sin, violence and murder, but Shepherd Joseph took upon himself sins of the state, his flock, which were in obedience to him.
He did it in order to preserve Antivampirii.

By the way, the spiritual father said to St. Vladimir who was afraid to make a criminal penalty,
'Son, the Lord will make you answer, if you mercy on him, but he will tempt people.'

* * *

Once Joseph received a letter from V. Krymov who was a writer-emigrant from Russia:

"I am writing to you as to one of the greatest statesmen in modern Russia. I am a pacifist and internationalist but still I love Russia more than any other country. From here I can see something that is not so clear to you with all of your awareness from inside ...

You must at all costs keep the power in your hands and in the hand of leaders of the proletariat, not sparing anything.
Remember: 'Who is not capable of mischief, he cannot be a public person.'

First of all, the army. It should not fight, but it should exist.
Everyone should know exaggerated things about it. The more any military demonstrations are, the better ...

No funds should be spared in caring for increasing population of Russia and their complete education.
This is the most terrible weapon against capitalist world.
Today it is clear that contemporary Russia can give a new law of history ...

You need no lie but you need to have two truths, and you must be silent about the greater one and get then to believe in the smaller one and when necessary a small one will step back before the great one.

You don't need to oppress religion, it will STRENGTHEN it.

Attract private capital. While you have state power, it does not pose any threat ...

Manifestation of contemporary Russian art must be supported, not sparing costs. For example, literature or ballet.
You need to throw the bright crystals of modern Russia into the rest of the world: by this one can sometimes do more than by the most extensive propaganda ...

The revolution has done tremendously much. But the experiment is prolonged, some real results are needed. "

The author asked not to publish his letter. Joseph underlined almost every line in red and put the letter into a special folder.

* * *

"OK, I will continue my WORD:

On the earth the soul is in captivity of own fallen flesh, unruly desires, passions, racial necessity, world 'lying in evil' and evil raging materiality.

Besides it, man is in captivity of himself.
He was in a cage with a door open, where he is languishing, tossing, beating but does not want to go out.

While soul, spirit, God's image are longing for freedom, upwards, towards heaven.

They do not dream about freedom of golden cage, spacious, comfortable one, not about the freedom to carry food from other birds, take away their girlfriends and make small birds clean their feathers.
This freedom in general is NOT TO WANT to be in cage with all its privileges and benefits.

It is not freedom to play tricks and run riot in a comfortable cage but FREEDOM FROM CAGE.
It is freedom of Heaven, freedom to fly into a door, which is opened by the Savior Who paid with His blood for the opportunity of freedom.

This is holy freedom as opposed to 'bad' one.
And every living soul aspires to it, longing and dreaming about it secretly or openly.

'Though created us for thyself and our souls will not rest until they finds though ...'
It is eternal thirst for connection with the Creator and other true being.

External freedom often leads to internal one.
In exiles, camps, prisons under lock and key external miracles have often occurred to achieve peaks of free spirit.
That is non- freedom from 'bad' freedom led to HOLY freedom.
And those who tasted cannot be driven back.

That is why it is so hard to drive people with a Soviet upbringing in bad quantitative infinity of bourgeois paradise.

Image, the Spirit of God in man longs for qualitative infinity.

And also dream of Truth, Immortality, Love and Light.

In the heart of everyone there is a wonderful, almost, dry, forgotten and neglected spring, which comes alive and is filled with magical life-giving moisture only when you touch the Truth or the eternal Source by your deeds of kindness, compassion and high creativity? When you come to hard work and good deeds.

Soul comes to live and enjoys an unearthly joy.
It is the same 'Kingdom within us', the same invisible indicator of happiness, which is triggered every time we get on the path which is called life or genuine being.

No harassment, injunctions, decrees, and lectures on scientific atheism cannot kill a human image of God, secret knowledge of the Plan: Let everything be united in love, light and truth'.

It's not an issue of declarations, questionnaires, and not even an issue of going or not going in church, although church sacraments like confession, communion, anointing, baptism, congregational prayer, and so on are of great importance for believers in their healing life-giving force.

Simply no government, no power, earthly and unearthly ones, not to speak of the Soviet ones cannot 'separate us from the love of God ...'

'Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us... Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come' (Romans. 8:35, 37, 38).

A person can only deny by himself, consciously knowing what he is doing.
Nobody can interfere in the relationship of the Creator and man ' afterimage and likeness'.

Light or darkness?
This is a question of destiny in eternity, fitness for the next century, compliance with the Plan or selfless service to rising Whole, Godmanhood ripening in the historical trial of changing generations.

'It is a way from the worm to the sun...'

Both Caesar and the state who excommunicated their flock from knowledge about God and sacraments, take responsibility before Heaven for their subjects who are in obedience to them, and that's all.

One who listens to testimonies of the Law of conscience which inscribed in heart and who goes to the call must meet the 'unknown God ...'
'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you ...' (Matthew 7:7).

Internal compass in a person reacts to a deviation from the Path by longing or high states of rest or 'spiritual joy'.

Grace which cannot be confused with the earth's 'sincerity'.
Such states frequently occur during periods of great sacrifice and suffering, wars, prolonged imprisonment.
For example, Losev wrote that he had never thought so free and uninhibitedly like in the concentration camp.

Several armies are fighting a great battle between good and evil at the Door of the Kingdom.
Door is the Savior, Christ.
'I am the door ...'
Only He can decide who can enter the kingdom.
Armies are different religious denominations and single soldiers.
And also so-called 'atheists' who believe in the Law of Heaven without faith in their own immortality as a reward or punishment 'in that place'.

State of mind fit for life in the next century, free choice of a soul is a pass into the Kingdom.
It seems to me it may also be given to the unchurched by the grace of the Savior and for one reason or another to the righteous standing on the Way.

I choose the Way and try to go, and the Lord helps me, as he helps everyone elected. 'Many are called but few are chosen'.
In the original Gospels it is said not 'elected' but 'those who elected'.
That is those who 'chose the Way'.

Churching itself only means that I joined the army of Christ.
But if desert and do not intend to fight, am I who chose the Way?
Won't I receive even greater condemnation?

THE CHOSEN ONES are those who chose the Way - that is the main thing.
The church in this case, only a clinic, where everyone who realizes he is sick and infirm on the Way, apply for medical attention ordinances to the Savior, who took upon Himself the sins of the world.

Man can overcome his fallen nature only by a miraculous God's grace.
'Without me ye can do nothing'.
When a person of free will chooses the way and tries to go, and then the Lord stands near invisibly and helps.
Or a man who is aware of being lost calls out to Christ who puts him on the Way and gives us strength to go.

You can scream, like a drowning Peter, 'Lord, I'm dying!' and grasp the outstretched hand ...

You can go to the call, not knowing whose it is.
But it is the Way of state of heart Lord expects from us.
It is an eternal desire for going upwards to the Call. To beautiful and incomprehensible things.

The question of salvation is not a theoretical or legal; it is a matter of wonder or mystery of heavenly love and responsive free love of creature to its Creator and Savior.
it is love of revived and melted hearts defeated by sacrificial heroism of God Himself.

The first stage is the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (slaves).

The second stage is a reasonable calculation like Pascal's 'bet on God'.
What's more profitable: to believe or not to believe, a hope of reward in the Kingdom (these are hirelings).

Third and the highest level is sonship, a responsive love of children for the Creator of Heaven and his Plan.

When will you realize that every good idea you is sent to you by the Lord?

And when you built houses in taiga or desert, planted gardens, grew wheat, treated, taught, cultivated a 'reasonable, kindness and eternal things'.
Or when defended your fatherland opposing kingdom of Mammon, then you have a right to do all of that 'hard works and good things, but not chase the big money by sucking blood of your neighbor.
The Lord then was near you - His image in you and His Holy Spirit within you.

This is well known to of all those who have ever done selfless good for others.
Not because of their intrest, but simply at the behest of their hearts.
They are well aware of this special wonderful state of mind, the nearness of the Lord.
And his divine touch, when you do not need any other reward.
If only a moment stopped.

The Church according the Plan is a joint of God's and human things.
God's grace poured out on everyone, on good and evil ones, like sunlight, but sin hinders its penetration into souls and makes them dead and impenetrable.

Church helps to heal body and soul for their perception of grace.

If the state prevents a man in his sinful life; sometimes in the face of restraining Caesar it also helps to clear the ground for perception of grace.

This means it is an assistant and associate of the Church and the Plan/
A state pleased to God limits extent of fall of its subjects and vice versa.

The problem is in an extent of intervention in such areas in the means and in a historic setting conditions.
In a degree of involvement of Caesar in performing the Plan and understanding his role in it.
In a degree of the being led Creator, his own weakness, and God's power simultaneously which manifests itself in 'weakness' restraining pastor and Caesar from falling into spiritual deceptio.

Elders have a prayer:
'Lord, give me the strength to accomplish what I can change; patience to bear what I cannot change. And wisdom to distinguish one from another'.

A man who brings forth good fruit, to act on behalf of Satan, whatever faith he may profess.
Commander can not fight against their own army, for the kingdom divided in itself can not stand.
A man can sincerely serving Heaven, to bring the evil fruit.

Patriarch Sergius and Alexis first named Joseph Stalin God-given leader.
An eminent scientist and theologian Archbishop Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) who was imprisoned under Stalin, also thought hi to be God-given.

* * *

"Here I have documents of special importance, which will help to understand the events in relation to the Orthodox Church and to get better understanding of the personality of Joseph Stalin.

Here they are, these documents:


1. In the period from 20-30 years in Moscow and in the surrounding area more than 150 temples were completely destroyed.
300 of them (those left) were rebuilt to factory shops, clubs, dormitories, jails, detention centers for teenagers and homeless children.

Built-up architectural plans include demolition of more than 500 of remaining buildings of temples and churches.

Based on the above the Central Committee states it impossible to design built-up at the cost of destruction of temples and churches, which should be regarded as monuments of ancient Russian architecture.

Soviet authorities and the worker-peasant militia must take action up to disciplinary responsibility of the party for protection of architectural monuments of ancient Russian architecture (the Secretary of the Central Committee Stalin).

Religious issues

With respect to religion, ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodox believers the Central Committee decides:

1) it considers as inappropriate to continue the practice of the NKVD in the arrests of ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church, persecution of believers.

2) An instruction of Ulyanov (Lenin) from 1 May 1919 13666-2 'About struggle with priests and religion'," addressed to president of Cheka Comrade Dzerzhinsky, and all relevant instructions Cheka-OGPU-NKVD relating to the prosecution ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodox believers should be canceled.

3) The NKVD should perform an audit of arrested and convicted citizens who are related to religious activities.
Release from custody and replace punishment for non-custodial for those who were convicted on these grounds if activities of these citizens do not harmed the Soviet power.

4) The problem of fate of believers who are in custody and in prisons belonging to other faiths will be solved further.'
(the Secretary of the Central Committee Stalin)

After careful reading of these documents, it becomes clear who Stalin is.
and what is the role he played in saving the Orthodox churches from final destruction, and how he managed to save lives of important figures of the Orthodox Church.

Besides, it should take into account that at the initiative of Lenin (and Trotsky) the total destruction of churches and destruction of Russian Orthodox people was started.
Stalin canseled it: in the report of the meeting of the Politburo it was written 'TO BE CANCELLED'.

You should imagine what fight had this man who in order to 'build socialism in one country', to elevate Russia into a great power that defeated fascism, and now, after Stalin's death the country lies in ruins.

Stalin was not immediately realized as a Russian genius.
No accidently had he a modesty, selfishness and morals.

We, Orthodox people, who have experienced persecution for our faith must forget an insult, as it befits Christians, and with due care and love look at everything.

I will tell about myself. I do not understand Stalin and wrote in my youthful poems:
"And you seem to me a executioner who was the very first to destroy them'.

Now I am ready to ask his posthumous pardon.

No, it was not the executioner; he saved many lives, such as Sholokhov's.
He was about to be killed, and only the timely intervention of Stalin saved him.

He also saved Bulgakov, Pasternak and others.
This list can be long. Subsequently, impartial historian must examine it.
And I who was imprisoned under Stalin and Brezhnev is ready to exclaim as Bishop Luke'
'Stalin is a God-given leader of Russia'.

And I will say more, he was a believer.
As an Orthodox he maybe lost his faith for a while, but then in all his struggles became stronger in it.
It is no accident that during the war he applied to people like to clergy, 'Dear brothers and sisters'.
Not by chance the Church proclaimed 'Eternal Memory' to him.

After him burial services were read in the Church over next general secretaries.
And because he was Orthodox (he studied at the Theological Seminary), Georgians became Russian.
As Dostoevsky said, 'Orthodox means Russian'.

Stalin's heritage should be studied and studied for better understand of how we can save Russia.

Our enemies can understand it before us, so they poured filth on him, so that because of it we cannot see who he is.

Now, about the documents^
It is surprising but first attention was paid to the Orthodoxy. As for other denominations, as it is stated, the Central Committee will decide later.

Now additional decisions are made not by Central Committee but by opponents of the Central Committee.
What army of sectarians, even satanic one, is sent to our country.
It is more terrible than all godlessness.

Although Stalin's godlessness should not be blamed.
People come to faith from the godless.

As late Soloukhin liked to say, 'Faith is a nail. The more they hit it, the deeper it penetrates.

Sectarianism is not a nail. It is like midges, which stick up everythingand bites terribly. You must fight back against their bites and, God forbid, not weaken.

I am not a politician, not a scientist; I am, if you like, a writer-priest. And I felt it all by intuition.
I want to go further.

Communism, sticking to the materialist doctrine in Russia acquires a different meaning, and we do not need to write off.

Not by accident a communist can \now be a believer, and above all he must be a patriot of his country.
As the Apostle says: who doesn't care about his own people is worse than an unbeliever.

Communists have a Christian attitude to earthly benefits: they must belong to everyone. When they belong to someone, it's terrible.

To them the Apostle James said:

'Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. 3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days' (James 5:1-3).

Communism in Russia will remain as history, it is our Russian history.
In building up the God-bearing country, Holy Russia, he will play an important

Stalin played the first role in it.
According to Soloukhin, not by chance Stalin in the past five years signed not as the Secretary General but simply: Stalin.
We must also understand modern communists because they are close to us as believers.

It pains me to hear how some priests (though they do not experience persecution) burn them with hatred.
I think their jealousy is not Christian but fruits on their minds.

Christian should be compassionate to the lost and to his own enemies, especially if he considers them so, and treat them with love.
I wish prosperity to our Mother Russia, God with us.
That's why atheism serves for more manifestation of our faith.
It was published in the magazine 'Nash Sovremennik'
1999, 12. Pages 223-224.

* * *

"Stalin kept Russia and showed what it meant to the world.
So, as an Orthodox Christian and Russian patriot, I bow down to Stalin' (the priest Dmitry Dudko).

* * *


In 1940 in the Kremlin he receives participants of heroic drift by the icebreaker 'Sedov'.

He supervised the work of the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B), took part in the June session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 1st convocation, in the March session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR of the 1st convocation. He supervised the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B), and took part in the July session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 1st convocation.

In the Kremlin he received representatives of peoples from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, members of authorized commissions of Lithuania's and Latvia's Seimas and Estonia's State Duma.

In 1941 he supervised the work of the 18th All-Union Conference of CPSU(B), delivered a speech in the Kremlin at the ceremonial meeting devoted to the graduation day of officers who graduated from military academies.
On 6th of May he was assigned Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR.

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