Freedom to Maniacs! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 31
White Sea - Baltic canal in the name of Stalin. Dam '25'

Yulia Ivanova

Freedom to Maniacs! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 31

There were presented:
The AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).
A. Golovanov (an air marshal), Molotov, Winston Churchill, E. Gromov, the academician of architecture B. Iofan.

* * *

The chief air marshal A. Golovanov witnesses (recorded by F. Chuyev):

'I knew him well: he was not a bloodthirsty tyrant.
There was a struggle; there were different political tendencies and biases.
During the construction of socialism hardness was needed.
Stalin had more hardness than anyone else had.

Did fifth column exist? It did, and this is true!
And, of course, there were not scapegoats but specific figures.

I cannot imagine a situation in which I would have been arrested as Tukhachevsky, and tomorrow I would have given such testimony, that I am a German spy or a Polish resident!
Did they beat? Yes, to hell with it, let them beat, let them cripple!
People were hung on hooks but people would spit in faces of their torturers.

And if Tukhachevsky weren't such a person, he would say so.
If he had a will, I think the case would not be continued. All at once would be revealed.
And if a person acknowledged all at once and witnessed against so many people on the first day...
And then everything went on as usual.

Here is Rokossovsky; no matter how he was tortured, he denied everything. No one else was arrested.
He was imprisoned in the fort of Schlusselburg and was released.

There were such people that nobody forced them but they informed...

Why do Khrushchev behaved so?
He identifies enemies of the people.
Khrushchev came to the division commander in the Ukraine, to the garrison and gathered people:
'Comrades, enemies of the people surround you!
Then he spoke to the division commander,
'How many enemies have you exposed?
Then they were arrested and imprisoned. Here you have henchmen.

* * *

'Khrushchev brought lists of enemies of people to Stalin.
Stalin was questioned:
'Are there so many of them?'
'There are many more of them, comrade Stalin, you have no idea how many of them there are!
(V. Molotov in the record by F. Chuyev)

* * *

Winston Churchil witnessesl:

'In the autumn of 1936 President Benes received from a senior person in Germany a notice that if he wanted to use fuehrer's proposition, he should hurry. so in Russia very soon there will be events that will nullify all possible assistance of the Benes to Germany.

While Benes thought about this worrying letter, he became aware that through the Soviet embassy in Prague the connection existed between high-ranking officials in Russia and German government.

This was one of the elements of conspiracy of militaries and old guard communists who sought to overthrow Stalin and set up a new regime based on a pro-German orientation.

Wasting no time, President Benes told Stalin everything he could find out.
However, there is evidence that the information that was received by Benes was reported to Czech police by OGPU, which wanted Stalin to get this information from a friendly foreign power.
This information, however, does not belittle the services provided by Benes to Stalin, and therefore it has no value.

This was followed by a ruthless, but maybe not useless purge of military and political apparatus in Russia and a number of trials in January 1937.

Although it is highly unlikely that Communists of the old guard joined the military or vice versa, they were certainly full of envy to Stalin who drove them away.

Therefore, it could be useful to finish with them simultaneously, in accordance to customs of a totalitarian state.
Overall, not fewer than 5,000 officers and officers of the rank were 'liquidated'.
Russian army was purged from pro-German elements, although it caused heavy damage to its combat capability'.

* * *

'Stalin could not believe a letter of a bourgeois leader when he was far from confidence to everyone.
The fact is that we even without Benes knew about the plot. We even knew the date of the coup' (V. Molotov in the record by F. Chuyev).

* * *

'I myself am a man who was, so to speak, no aside from these attacks.
I was expelled from the party, I narrowly escaped arrest.
I was unemployed, all my family was starving, a loaf of bread was divided for the week.
My sister's husband, a known KGB officer, was shot - I have written about it in my book.

I thought that Stalin doeth was crushing everything.
But when he met with him, worked for many years, saw that it was something quite different - a man he was, as I'm writing about it.

And the fact that I or Rokossovsky also injured in the 37-meter (and how much he was injured!) have high opinions of Stalin is especially unpleasant to many people and does not allow them to completely trample him.

When Khrushchev asked Rokossovsky to write something nasty about Stalin, he replied:
'Comrade Stalin is a saint for me.'
The next day Konstantin Konstantinovich arrived at work to his office, he saw Moskalenko sitting on his placea nd handing him a decision of his removal' (Golovanov in the record by Chuyev).

* * *

'Who do you think Khrushchev? Is he right-winger, left-winger, Leninist or somebody else?
Khrushchev was in the Politburo under Stalin during all of the forties and early fifties. And Mikoyan too.
They purged and purged, but it turned out that right-wingers were in the Politburo!
That's how hard it is!

So I would say by such figures and in formal features you cannot understand it.
These were such profound changes in the country and the party, that it was impossible even with all vigilance of Stalin to rid of the Trotskyists and right-wingers.
In the Politburo all the time there were right-wingers, the most conformist, who knew how to behave in order not to be revealed.
They were so flexible, so connected with our peasant home, so tightly linked...

In many cases, they do not behave worse than real Leninists, but to a certain point. And Khrushchev was so.
(Molotov in the record of F. Chuyev).

* * *

'This time Molotov's companion was a man who, to put it mildly, did not sympathize neither Stalin, nor Molotov.
He asked me for a long time to arrange this meeting:

'You said that it could happen, that repression could get to you, if...'

'Yes, they could.'

'Moreover, your wife Paulina Semyonovna...'

'They undermined in a hard way,' Molotov agreed.

'Can you imagine your situation: a man who went a long way in the party, gave his health, life and all things to the Party and socialist construction, and suddenly he had to be behind the barbed wire!'

'Well, what of it?'
Oh, God! I look at this matter from a revolutionary point of view,', Molotov calmly answered. 'I could die not once for all these years: both before the revolution and after.

'But in this case there was nothing that...'

- So I say, it was my mistake and probably it was not single...

After the meeting on the way in train the companion said:
'To visit Molotov is the same as going abroad for the first time.
If a person was predisposed to be anti-Soviet, he will become even more anti-Soviet.
If he is pro-Soviet, he will become stronger in this belief of his.

"I don't begin to love him more, but I'm shocked by his mind and reaction.
Yes, these guys are not to be trifled with!'

What was the Stalin if he had such Molotov!
(In the record by F. Chuyev).

* * *

Gorky in his letter to Stalin:

'We need to organize propaganda of atheism more solidly.'

V. Gromov witnesses:
Gorky did not retreat from that thought. At the meeting, he proposed another theme that is bypassed by our literature. This is degeneration or erosion of religious emotions in people.
It is very important.

* * *

The academician of architecture B. Iofan:

'It was in 1931.
The Cathedral of the Christ the Savior was still standing in the middle of a huge square in front of the Moscow River.

It was big and weighty; it was shining with its gold head and at the same time was like a cake and a samovar; it pressed on surrounding homes and people's consciousness by its breech, dry and soulless architecture. It reflected the mediocre system of Russian autocracy and its 'high-ranking' constructors who created this landlord-merchant heathen temple...

The proletarian revolution boldly lifts its hand over this weighty architectural construction, symbolizing strength and taste of lords of old Moscow...'

* * *

E. Gromov witnesses:

'In 1936 in the libretto of the comic opera 'The Heroes' the poet Demian Bedny tohether with Tairov who put it on the stage in the Chamber Theater ridiculed the baptism of Russia. Obviously, Demian thought his position to be invulnerable.

Across the country churches were destroyed, Orthodox clergy and believers were persecuted.
Demian Bedny interpreted national history in the spirit of the famous book by M. Pokrovsky, 'Russian History in the most concise essay'.
According to Pokrovsky, 'The Word of Igor's Army' was a court poem.
The baptism of Russia was a purely external action in ancient history, which meaning was strongly fanned by Orthodox Church'.

On behalf of the Central Committee the Committee of Arts receives necessary instructions.
Its decision about Demian Bedny's play 'The Heroes' was published, which was commanded to be widely discussed in theater troupes.
Tairov was removed from the blow. From the standpoint of the authorities, the problem was not in staging but in ideological concept inherent to the libretto.

In fact, Bedny was accused of the same thing, of which he was previously accused by General Secretary: a slander against Russia's past.
In the play brigands of Kievan Rus were glorified, but its heroes, carriers of the heroic traits of Russian people, were blackened.
And humiliating picture of the Baptism of Russia is given.
in the decision it was stated that it represented a positive step in the history of Russian people'.

* * *

About Bukharin's article:
'It is unlikely that comrade Bukharin could explain in terms of his own concept how the nation of Oblomovs could historically develop within the huge state...

And it is not understandable how Russian people created such giants of artistic creativity and scientific thinking as Pushkin and Lermontov, Lomonosov and Mendeleev, Belinsky and Chernyshevsky, Dobroliubov and Herzen, Tolstoy and Gorky, Sechenov and Pavlov. (Pravda, 1936)

* * *


Soul knows that God exists. And he who obeys commands of the Law the inscribed in heart is pleased to God.
'My sheep know my voice'.

And the prince of darkness knows that knowledge of God cannot be killed in soul, and it is no use for him.
It is important for him that people should not listen to that voice in soul; he promises all goods of the earth, power and might for it.
It is important for him to deceive people, to make them consciously act in the direction determined by him.

Bolsheviks believed that there was no God, but Soviet people in the majority continued to live as if he existed, listening to his Voice in their minds.
And in other countries which hypocritically recognize the Creator they behave as if he does not exist.
Not for nothing it is written:
'The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God'.

Only one who ignores the inner Law and banishes God from his heart he is a prey of the prince of darkness.
Whose aim is to tempt, bribe, and by magic inspire man with direct disobedience to the Creator.
Or the idea that God is not the Onel, as evidenced by our hearts and our holy books. That one can live in spite of the inner Law and conscience.

And that 'you shall not surely die' from disobedience, but shall become 'like gods'.

Or he tempts to worship any false god, an idol or forces of darkness.

Or he deliberately distorts the Law of Heaven.
In this case, he think up various 'democratic freedoms', 'human rights' and constitutions in order to mislead, to lead to evil 'ways of men'.

Although it is said that 'My way are not your way'.
And Christ was sent to the penalty in a democratic way.

- Alfred Nobel called democracy ' dictatorship of the riff-raffs', sighed the AG. 'How can you call rights and freedom for sexual minorities, killers of children in the womb?
Or destruction by missiles those who doesn't fit into the world order?

By the wine of the wrath of her fornication the harlot of Babel who sits on the beast is ruining people," continued the AG. She suggest that a bearer of evil is power, which proclaims its censorship for temptations of the devil, but not the world, proclaiming 'freedom' for these temptations.

'The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies'.

According to this logic, a strict father who don't let their children to a brothel is a monster, but one who calls to this house is a democrat and a bearer of progress.

From the viewpoint of the harlot of Babel and the one, on whom she lies, it is certainly so.

But one who dare to break the Law people risks of his fate in eternity.

Under Soviet rule people were in obedience.

That is, if a mother who is bewildered by atheist state, kills her child in her womb, does not think about worldly universal evil, so-called 'free world', where the Bible are sold everywhere and at the same time there are discussions on rights of women to disobey the Bible, she already 'what she does'.

By the way, under Joseph's rule abortions were banned.

,But in general, you just have to remember your responsibility from the first moment to the last one. All is right; this is the formula for salvation.

And again: Die but and help your friend. Even bread crust share in two.

The commandments, in fact, been erected into a state ideology claiming to be an atheistic state.

'One who laid his soul for his friend and suffered until the end for him'.

These are not rights and obligations, but DUTY.

According to the Plan, any part of the living Whole serves the Whole because this is its calling and its mission.
By its service, it should return all it received as a gift from the Creator: strength, health, abilities.
I should give unselfishly, having only the most necessary thing - daily bread.

'Freely ye have received, freely give'.
Therefore, any part of the living Whole, receiving necessary things, should fulfill its destiny (it is Duty).

The priceless reward is Life.
Temporal and eternal one.

Soviet people were happy because their way of life, though sometimes it was under the lash, but corresponded to the Plan.
They were behind the wall opposing Mammon.
The shepherd, firing back at 'wolves', true and false ones, kept them in obedience, taking all the blame for the blood on himself.

Joseph delivered his people from power of Mammon and the yellow devil, gave education, magnified a worker to a 'creator of a new world', joined him the fundamentals of Russian Orthodox Christian culture, carefully, in a church way eliminated various rubbish.

He made average people remember their high origin and vocation and feel the joy of freedom from money-grabbing and evil passions.

It was a country of heroes, dreamers and scientists'.

'And now whatever I do I call it by a bright name'.

They say that people person with ingrained Soviet mentality worked under the lash.
I have already praised censorship, and now I will praise lash.

Yes, it was a MOBILIZATION under wartime emergency, which lasted all the reign of Josef.
Fight back, catch your breath and again go to a battle...
Away from Vampiria which clatters its teeth.

People were mobilized and called by revolution.
Some went voluntarily, according to the dictates of their hearts.
Others were mercenaries fighting for royalties, social status and fame.

But even within the church there are a lot of 'slaves' and 'mercenaries'.
Subsequently, some of them can become 'sons'; others can remain to be 'mercenaries'.
And we know that 'Where I will find you, there I will judge you'.

'War is war'.
In war, all means are good; success is never blamed.

Set watch to midnight.
Provoke werewolves to appear earlier, set some against others and destroy them.

'Be wise as serpents'.
In the world that 'lieth in wickedness', why not confront evil against evil, 'divided kingdom', weaken and defeat it?

Doesn't a shell, which is aptly shot by a slave, a mercenary or even an enemy, kill an enemy less effectively?

As for inspiration, it is from God and from the Spirit.
And since the image of God is in everyone, light moments, hours or even months of inspiration are available to everyone.
The same person can dream die at war. And then welcome mass execution of those 'commissars', together with member of no party in the middle of Moscow, just because that power prevented him from freely traveling abroad.

Inspiration, as we know, is not for sale, but 'you can sell a manuscript'.

Inspiration is a fruit of the Spirit; it is priceless because it bears everlasting fruits.

Everyone who is our friend and brother,
Stand in a single row!

* * *

We were born to make a fairy tale come true,
Overcome space and space...

* * *

Deadly and bloody battle is going,
The deadly battle is not for glory,
It is for life on earth.

Joseph was not personally responsible for himself.
He was a commander of the struggle; the shepherd before God who was responsible for millions not only bodies but also souls.
Did he work for his own benefit or power? He worked without making any compromise with mammon, nor he didn't use authority of the church in this fight?

If all the terror with Russia, which has happened now when it is torn into pieces, devoured alive, bleeds, is disgraced and raped 'in a particularly perverse form' (and all of that happened under the banner of 'democratic freedoms and human rights') if all of that had won and reigned all then in 1918, 1925, 1937 or 1941...

If all that reigned at that time, and in place of scientists Stakhanovites, Komsomol-athletes with paddles, delegates and soldiers-liberators, we would have had werewolves of all kinds who would have become mad of blood and bucks?
If we then had thieves and bandits, terrorists blowing up homes with hundreds of residents in the cities...
Voluntary and involuntary whores, beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts of all kinds and pensioners digging in trash?

Son of darkness, eternity is not enough for to store cassettes with sins since the destruction of the 'evil empire'!
It is freedom to drink deadly poison with home delivery - that is the thing 'reformers' can oppose to those generations that were saved for the kingdom of Heaven by Joseph.

'The gates of thy land shall be set wide open unto thine enemies: the fire shall devour thy bars' (Nahum 3:13).

'The living will envy the dead,' orated the AG. 'Books, songs, movies, plays in the time of Joseph still bring dividends of good to their authors.
They sprout through 'lead abomination' of post-Soviet Vampiria as flowers sprout through asphalt, which covered everything with gray icy insensibility, greed and depravity.

And what about this current intelligentsia, which finally reached to freedom to do what your heart desires?
Their souls has created they wanted, when censorship was abolished.
They opened Pandora's box, from where evil poured into the world in millions of copies.

All stagnant mud from the bottom of one's soul, along with snakes, toads and other filth, which the former government did not allow to show and to rise to the surface, now muddied the water around.
It poisoned all things, poured into eyes, noses, ears and souls of people.

Don't they not know that 'woe to that man by whom the offence cometh'."

"Rejoice, o Positive, all this works for your client.
What would happen if, though the history does not know subjunctive mood.
But now the history works only for Joseph.

If he would have penetrated into historical time about thirty years ago, caught all kinds of maniacs in advance and...
It would have been not necessary to kill them, but put tyhem to jail.
And people would have walked around and shouted, this damned intelligentsia:

'Freedom to maniacs! Give human rights!'

You would have banished back into eternity; locks would have been opened. May maniacs be free!

Don't they understand, miserable people, that Gehenna is not be compared with maniacs?
Why are you crying, Positive, you should be happy for your client. That everything is in his favor.
But you always have 'universal sorrows'.

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