In the photo: "This thing is stronger than Goethe's Faust. Love conquers death." (Stalin's autograph on Gorky's poem "The Maiden and the Death")

Yulia Ivanova

Stalin and I made Matsuoka drunk. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 32

In the photo: 'This thing is stronger than Goethe's Faust. Love conquers death.'
(Autograph Stalin poem Gorky "Girl and Death").

* * *

The AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer.

Monk Philotheus, Catherine the Great, F. Raskolnikov, G. Dimitrov, G. Fedotov, M. Svanidze, Theodore Dreiser, Leon Trotsky, V. Molotov, A. Chaadayev, Winston Churchill.

* * *

'You, lover of God and lover of Christ, know that all Christian kingdoms came to an end and converged into a single kingdom of our sovereign, according to the prophetic books, and it is the Russian kingdom:
For two Romes have fallen, while the third stands, and the fourth will not happen.'
(A fragment from a letter by monk Philotheus from Pskov to Great Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily)

* * *

'Russia - not a country but the universe.'
(Catherine the Great)

* * *

'One of the mistakes of Ivan the Terrible was that he did not kill five big feudal families.
If he had destroyed those five families of boyars, then there would have been no Time of Troubles.

When Ivan the Terrible executed someone, he then long repented and prayed. God prevented him from doing that...
He had to be more decisive.'
(J. Stalin)

* * *

Stalin to Vladimir Martyshin:

'June 8, 1938 To the teacher Martyshin.

I've got your letter about tricks of Vasily Stalin. Thank you for your letter.

The answer is very late due to pressure of work. I apologize.

Vasily is a spoiled young man of average ability, a barbarian of Scythian kind!
He is not always truthful, loves to blackmail weak 'leaders'.
He is often insolent with weak or rather unorganized will.

He was spoiled by all sorts of godmothers who kept emphasizing that he was 'Stalin's son'.

I'm glad that in your face was I have found at least one self-respecting teacher who treats Basil as everyone and requires an insolent fellow to be subordinated to common regime in the school.

Vasily is being spoiled by directors, like one you have mentioned, people-rags for whom there is no place in school.
And if the insolent fellow Basil had not yet managed to kill himself, it is because in our country there are some teachers who give no quarter to the capricious young master.

My advice: be stricter toward Vasily and not be afraid to fake, blackmail threats of the capricious fellow to 'commit suicide'.
You will have my support in this.

Unfortunately, I have jo possibility to bother with Basil.
But I promise to take him by the collar from time to time.

J. Stalin.'

* * *

'In domestic life, Stalin is a man with a need of an exiled settler.
He lives very modestly and simply because with the fanaticism of an ascetic he despises life goods.
He is not interested neither in life comforts, nor in food."
(F Raskolnikov)

* * *

From the diary of M. Svanidze:
'11/20/1936 Radek and other people whom I knew and to whom I always spoke and trusted were arrested...
But what became to happen exceeded all my expectations of human meanness.
Everyone, including terrorism, intervention, Gestapo, theft, sabotage, expansion ...

And all of that happened because of careerism, greed and the desire to live, have mistresses, travel abroad, hazy prospects of coup d'?tats.
Where is an elementary sense of patriotism, love of country?
These moral monsters deserved their fate.

Poor Kirov was a key to open the doors to this den.
How could we miss everything and so blindly trust this gang of scoundrels? I it sis inconceivable! My soul is burning with anger and hatred.
Their punishment will not satisfy me. I would like them to torture, break them on the wheel and burn for all the abominations committed by them "...

* * *

'The inspection of the entire apparatus was conducted by the Leadership of the Comintern, and eventually about 100 people were fired as people who don't have enough political confidence...
Several sections of the Comintern were entirely in the hands of the enemy.'
(From a letter to the Central Committee G. Dimitrov)

* * *

"This is a real counter-revolution, carried out at the top... Marxist symbolism has not been abolished yet, and it obscures the facts: Stalin is red king.'
(G. Fedotov)

* * *

"These small fries have forgotten that the host country is Soviet people. And gentlemen Rykov, Bukharin, Zinoviev, Kamenev are only temporarily in the service of the state.

Worthless lackeys of fascists have forgotten that the Soviet authorities should lift a finger to have them disappear.'
(A brief course of the history of the CPSU)

* * *

'I ponder seriously as if I prayed about the matter relating to Trotsky.
I am very sorry for his supporters but here there is a problem of choice.
Whatever nature of the current dictatorship in Russia can be, Russia's victory is most important ... "
(Theodore Dreiser)

* * *

'Tomorrow Stalin may become burdensome for the ruling stratum.
Stalin is on the eve of the completion of his tragic mission.
The stronger it seems that he no longer needs anybody, the closer the hour is when no one will need him.
In this case, Stalin wil hardly hear the words of gratitude for his performed job.
Stalin will get away from the scene, being burdened with all crimes he committed.'
(L. Trotsky)

* * *


The instruction or the Law was applied to man by the Creator.
What can and cannot do, in order not deprave and corrupt. Or, as incorrectly used mechanism, not stop forever.
Joseph used this instruction to his people - what's wrong?

Of course, we are given freedom to violate the law. But if you're not filled up with wrong fuel, don't poor it into others!

He locked you from yourself to save you.

Fallen humanity, especially now fiercely tempted by the devil who was released according to the Scriptures after the thousand-year stay in the abyss, desperately needs to have a KEEPER.

By virtue of his fallen nature man who is not born again and not enlightened by beneficial power of the true Church and faith cannot save.

This so-called crowd going by broad way to destruction.

Flock or majority that God's chosen ones are called to save.
in order this flock no rush down the cliff and not trampled each other, by God's grace itis given a 'keeper' in the face of the state with all attributes of power.

Every state is violence; it also applies to those who, in the words of Nietzsche, 'cannot obey himself'.

But violence is lack of freedom and evil.
God only allows it to be realized the world that 'lieth in wickedness'; a lash of a whip is sometimes salvational for foolish flock.

In this sense 'there is no power but of God'.
But it is of God while it performs its functions - protection of the flock.

Masses, people yearned for a 'fair and strict king'. Joseph had power over them.

Not violence but power.

His power was identical to their millennial code - a strong and united government to deal with internal and external enemies.

And now, after the 'first death' Joseph is still alive in people's memory, continues to have "force." For he is - a scourge of God for the salvation of the flock.

He had opponents, ideological werewolves, secret and overt servants of the prince of darkness.
Joseph did not have strength over them and physically destroyed wolves.

He believed only in power and fear.

But there was another idea inherent in people's hearts by the Creator - the sacrificial impulse to light. It was instinctive, and unconscious desire for the kingdom, the memory of the lost paradise.

That is what aroused unprecedented enthusiasm among people and made people out of crowd.
It helped to move mountains, raise the country from the ruins and win Civil and the Second World wars.

Party - companions and guards of the flock led it to the Promised Land.
They also had faith; to them peo[le applied for protection from wolves. And they all together suffered deprivation, believing in the right way.

'Come out of her, my people'.

Power is a huge responsibility before God.
it is not a privilege but a burden.
Joseph took over that burden, depriving people of outside freedom and giving him inside one.

* * *

Molotov witnesses in the record of F. Chuyev:

'If we had not come to Germans in 1939, they would have occupied the whole of Poland to its borders. Therefore, we agreed with them. They had to agree to.
It wa theirinitiative - Non-Aggression Pact.

We were not able to defend Poland because it did not want to deal with us.
So far as Poland did not want to deal with us and the war was at hand, let us have at least that part of Poland, which, we believe, certainly belongs to the Soviet Union.'

'Finland was spared. We wisely did when did not annexed it. We would have had a permanent injury.
Not because of Finland but this wound would give a reason to have something against the Soviet regime power'/

'In the West they persistently write that in 1939 with the Non-Aggression agreement there was signed a secret agreement'.

'There were no one.'

'It is now, perhaps we could talk about it.'

'Of course, there are no secrets here.
On my opinion, they deliberately spread rumors to discredit us.
On my opinion, everything was very clean and there could be nothing resembling such an agreement.
I was very closely occupied with this case, in fact, dealt with it.
I can firmly say that this is, of course, a fiction.'

'I think' I said to Molotov, 'sometimes Stalin was forced to expose your neck out.

"Sometimes it happened. He held an important place and should, so to speak, find the case to move it forward.
This is inevitable, there iss nothing special there.

* * *

'You should have an access to warm seas. Iran, India - here is your perspective.'
I said to him:
' Well, it's an interesting idea but how do you see it?
I drew him into a conversation to give him the opportunity to speak his mind.

For me this was not a serious conversation, and he with emotion showed how to eliminate England and pushed us to India via Iran.

It was low understanding of Soviet policy.
Not being a too clever person, he wanted to drag us into an adventure. And when we would had stuck there, in the south, it would have become easier for him.
There we have from him will depend on when England will fight with us.'

'Do not be callous, but there is a separation between the capitalist and socialist countries, if they want to negotiate, it is your sphere of influence, and this is ours.

We had an agreement with Ribbentrop that the border with Poland would be so and so in Finland and Romania there would be no foreign troops.

When we parted, he escorted me to the very front of the hall to the rack and then went out of his room.
He told me when I wore,
'I am confident that history will remember Stalin forever!'
'I do not doubt it, I replied.
'But I hope it will remember me too,' Hitler said.'
'I do not doubt it.'

It was felt that he was not only afraid of our country, but also felt fear of Stalin's personality.

* * *

'Stalin was the greatest tactician.
Hitler signed a nonaggression agreement with us without consulting with Japan!
Stalin forced him to do it.
Japan then took strong offence at Germany and their union failed.

The negotiations with Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka were of great importance.
At the end of his visit Stalin made a gesture to which the whole world paid attention: he came to the station to see off the Japanese minister.

Nobody expected it because Stalin had never met and seen off anyone. Japanese and Germans were shocked.

The train was late for an hour.
Stalin and I made Matsuoka very drunk and almost brought him into the carriage.
Because of these episodes Japan did not fight with us.

Later Matsuoka paid for this visit to us in his place.'

* * *

Winston Churchill:

'In favor of the Soviets one can say that for the Soviet Union it was essential to push starting positions German forces in the West as far as possible.
In order that the Russian got time and could gather strength from all parts of their vast country.
If their policy was coldly calculating, it was at the same time highly realistic.'

* * *

'We are reproached that we did not pay attention to the intelligence.
They really warned us.
But if we had obeyed the intelligence and given the slightest reason, it would have attacked earlier.

We knew that the war was at hand that we were weaker than Germany, we would have to retreat. The whole question was in how far we would have to retreat: to Smolensk or to Moscow; before the war we discussed it.

We did everything to delay the war.
And we succeeded to do it for a year and ten months.
Of course, we wanted to have even more time.

Stalin before the war believed that only by 1943 we will be able to meet the Germans on equal terms.
The Air Chief Marshal Alexander Golovanov told me that after the defeat of the Germans outside Moscow, Stalin said, 'May God grant us this war would end in 1946'.'

'Now they write that Stalin believed Hitler,' I say 'that by the Pact in 1939 Hitler betrayed Stalin and lulled his vigilance.
Stalin believed him ...'

'Naive such Stalin,' said Molotov. 'No, Stalin very good and properly understood the matter.

Did Stalin believe Hitler?
He di not trust even his own people! And there were good reason for it.

Did Hitler deceive Stalin? But as a result of this deception he was forced to take poison, and Stalin became leader of half the globe!

We had to delay German attack, so we tried to have business with them: export-import.

Nobody believed, Stalin was so gullible!
Great was desire to delay the war for at least six months, more and more ...

There could be no mistakes at those who was close to the problems of that time.
There could be no mistakes at nobody, no matter who was in a situation Stalin was in.

But the fact was that there was a man who managed to get out of this situation and not just get out but win!

* * *


An affirmative answer to the question: 'Do you believe in God?' is not a litmus test of salvation.
Adam and Eve knew that God existed but were expelled from paradise.

it is overcoming of temptations and obstacles and movement to the call.

For most people it is a spontaneous and unconscious process but it is the most important.

'Give me, son, your heart'.
For it is submissive true heart, calling to 'troubled distance', 'beautiful far', where thre are the narrow way of salvation and narrow gates, that can enter the kingdom.
The heart that freely all his own way of life chose the Light.

One who is going to Call for Light elect of Christ and His teachings, sometimes do it even without knowing it.

Orthodoxy is a direction or an instruction on the path.
That is one who is going 'right way'" automatically becomes an Orthodox Christian.
Because there is a feat (movement) and freedom.

it is the Orthodoxy that was selected by free of the dictates of the heart.

Bolsheviks accused of atheism. But how many are there bearers of the true faith? Are there many people who ere full of divine grace and 'born again'?

This miracle is a rare and great; it is given by God's grace. <
br>It is promised from above that true faith and 'a pure mouth will be given to the world after 'the end of times'.

'Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God', that is those who obey their conscience and bringing 'good fruit'.
But not those who repeat 'Lord, Lord' to justify their own lewdness.

* * *

In 1918 the law of separation of church from state were passed.
Those parishioners who had attended churches to show their 'trustworthiness' and make a career, were freed from the oppression of conscience.

Repression are for the Judgment of Heaven. Without the will of God, nothing happens because 'there shall not an hair of your head perish'.
But 'the gates of hell shall not prevail against it' - it is said about the true Church.
The Orthodox Church resisted.
After the beginning of the war churches were reopened; the patriarchate was introduced.

* * *

'It's good to live' by the rules of this world but it is bad for salvation of peoples' souls for God.

* * *

'Not through your homeland but through the truth lies the path to heaven,' said Chaadayev.

I think, Chaadaev not quite right, if 'homeland' means Joseph's kingdom opposing Vampiria and sheltering people from the Babylonian harlot, but not just a national state'.

'Come out of her, my people'�

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